61 Trendy churidar neck designs to try in 2019 || Salwar Suit neck patterns

Kurtis have taken the ethnic fashion by storm but there are still lots of us women who prefer the good old churidar and salwar suits. Churidhar suits are custom made so you get perfect fit and you can personalize the design details as per your requirement. Churidars are versatile, modest and comfortable and with a few design tweaks you can even give it a trendy touch. Play with kameez lengths, sleeves styles and of course the neck designs of churidars to stand out from the rest in an effortlessly charming way.

An interesting churidar neck design is all you need to add a contemporary appeal to your outfit. Are you bored of the same old salwar suit neckline patterns? Worry not as Iam here to help, I bring to you this exclusive collection – brimming with a variety churidar neck designs with images. These neck patterns are stylish and fresh making it ideal  to try in 2019. Take a look for some serious neckline inspiration which you can try not just with punjabi salwar suits but also for kurtis.

Trendy churidar neck designs to try in 2019 || Salwar Suit neck patterns

You can get churidar neck design stitched in a variety of different styles as there are a plenty of  patterns available to choose from. Ditch those regular V, U or even squares and try something fun and innovative this year and give your chudidaar suits a full on glam appeal. Even if you like the regular necklines this post has some striking designs which can help elevate your normal necklines with slight design tweaks and variations. Whether you prefer an open neck or a fully covered neck, the right pattern can elevate your look and here  are some of the latest churidar neck designs with images for inspiration.

#1 Short V with tie ups neck design - Triangle cut with doris

I remember front dori tie ups used to be a rage during my college days but the trend faded quiet quickly but guess what it is back in fashion. You can opt for tie ups with a  V like neckline fr a triangle hole look on party wear suits. This neckline also works well for daily wear outfits if you dont go for colour contrasting your doris giving a simple and elegant appeal.  For more festive salwar suits opt for this neckline and add tie ups in contrasting colour and finish off with fancy latkans. The size of the V cut can be varied as per your personal style and comfort and you can go for a short v for a traditional approach or opt for a wider or deeper V for a more glam look.

#2 Half collar neck design for churidaars - Neck design with piping

Half collar necklines with a V front pattern work well for a variety of different churidaar suit patterns. You can try this with daily wear suits, office wear salwars or even party wear outfits too. This neck design works best when your salwar suit is devoid of any work or embroidery on the neck part. You can go for this neck pattern with contrasting piping details for more designer feel. 

#3  Triangle cut out churidaar neck designs for an elegant look

If you are looking for a more contemporary neck design for your chudidaars then choose a triangle cut out detail. You can opt for boat neck or high and add a triangle cut into it for a n interesting twist to your traditional attire. This neck pattern is more festive in nature and is best suited for special occasion salwar kameez dresses. With a neckline like this avoid neck jewellery and opt for dangler earrings and dupatta on one side for a elegant appeal.  

#4 Potli buttons with round neckline for churidaar kameez

Give your round neck a fresh lease of life by adding a border like strip in the middle and further enhance it with button details . You can go for fancy buttons or normal buttons in contrast colour for a trendy look. You can keep an opening on the button slit if you are a  new mom who breast feeds as this can make feeding easier. 

#5 Short collar V neck style for salwar suits

A 'V' neckline is pretty popular with women as it suits both petite women and women of heavier bust. The depth can be varied to suit your personal taste , you can opt for a plunging V style for a sensuous look or go for a more conservative short V like in the photo above for a work appropriate outfit. Adding a printed patch of fabric or lace enhances the neckline and you can get a bit more fancy and add some buttons  too. If you have a small neck then this pattern is perfect for you as it gives a slimming elongated effect.

#6 Deep scoop with high back neckline design

This pattern has a scoop neck pattern but instead of going for a complementing deep back neck, there is a twist and a collar is added. The high back collar with deep front scoop adds a spark to even simple outfits. You can also add piping details or even for a  glam cut out at the back of suit if it blends with your personal style. 

#7 Boat neck pattern with pom pom details

Boat necks are in vogue and they are actually really gorgeous neck pattern suiting women of all sizes especially if you have a slender long neck. To add a sassy twist add a contrasting patch to your boat neck design and finish off with fun pom pom details. You can skip the pom pom details and go for fringe detail or leave it as is for a work appropriate neck design. 

#8 Sort slit v neck design for churidar with piping details

If a wide style deep V isnt your cup of tea then opt for a simple slit round neck which looks like a short V. This style is very popular with work wear kurtis and suits for a simple casual look. You can ofcourse further add embroidery, sequins or even piping details to enhance the beauty of this neckline.

#9 Collar neckline with potli button details

I personally love this flat collar style neckline which is further beautified with a row of potli buttons. This neckline is more suitable for festive kurtis but ofcourse it can easily work well with salwar suits giving a unique look with a modern vibe. The potli button row extends away from the neckline to give a angrakha feel so this is best suited for anarkali type salwar suits but if you want to adapt it for straight cut churidars then just end the potli button row on the flat collar part and it should fit in well. 

#10  Striking U neck pattern with printed fabric layer and button details 

This neckline which is a variation of wide U neck is very trendy and gives a stylish look. A wide U cut neck is attached with fabric patches on both sides in a shape forming a small triangular cut  Then a button trio is added to  complete this new model neck pattern. I have seen many churidar suits these days have a plain kameez and printed dupatta salwar, for suit sets like those this neckline is ideal. You can use fabric from the salwar part to stitch the patch and add some buttons in similar colour.

#11 Asymmetric neckline design with side border

Want something chic and fun? Try the all new asymmetric neck designs which is a good combination of modernity and tradition. Here a common slant U type neckline converges into a straight line and button and border details are placed in the side instead of the middle of the kameez. This makes for  an interesting churidar neck pattern especially if you are from the younger brigade.

#12 Leaf look neck pattern for churidaars with extended border

Leaf style necklines are very popular with churidar suits  as they are easy to stitch and gives an understated stylish look too. This style of neck pattern is also called the paan gala ka design but here this neckline is modified a bit to give a new look. The border pattern is extended  just a little in angrakha style and a tassel detail is added for fun yet trendy neckline which is suitable for casual as well as festive wear suits.

#13 Collar V neck design for anarkali salwar suits

A V neck is pretty popular neck pattern with churidars but this collar neck extended V neckline is quiet a stunner. If you cant deide on a neck pattern for your suits this festive season then just opt for this and you wont be disappointed at all.  Try this neckline with festive anarkali salwar suits with a pair of jhumkas, open hair and watch all heads turn to you. 

#14  Long keyhole neckline with button 

This playful neckline is more suited for kurtis but my friend gave it a try with salwar suit and it turned out quiet great. Decide the size and shape of the keyhole cut out as per your personal comfort and add a fancy button to finish off. This neckline suits all kinds of suits, be it festive, casual or work wear. Opt for a simple button for casual churidaars and go for bling studded button if you plan to wear this for a festival. 

#15  Standing collar neckline with  button details 

A standing collar neckline is modest and gives a contemporary fee. This neck pattern is most suited for work wear outfits but when you add trendy button details it can transition well in casual suit necklines too. 

#16 Angrakha style neck pattern for churidaar kurtas

If you have a thing for angrakha style then this new twist to the wrap neckline is something you should consider.  A standard leaf like neck design is extended a bit and a border detail is added for a fashionable spin. This border detail is further enhanced with dori and tassels giving a  very flattering look. Most churidars these days come with a border to add on the kameez hemline and neckline, you can use this border creatively to get a  simple yet catchy neck pattern. For office wear suits skip the dori detail and it would still look pretty.

#17 Mandrian collar neck design with deep V and buttons

This mandarin style collar neckline with a plunging V is pretty trendy and popular with wedding and festive suits. if you have a body to carry off the plunge then try this neckline at the next wedding you attend and you are sure to steal eyeballs. make sure the fit is perfect with a neckline like this and also avoid neck jewelery.

#18 Frill detailed closed neckline for festive churidar suits

A high neck boat style design with frill pleats looks uber gorgeous. Stay ahead on the fashion radar with this neckline on your salwar suits. You can opt for frill details even on sleeves for a more cohesive look. This neckline is for younger brigade for a very modern charm with churidar suits. Make sure to keep dupatta away from the neck pattern so that the frill detail doesnt get hidden.

#19 Simple  Deep U neckline 

They say old is gold and it is so true. The scoop u neckline has probably been around forever and it is till preferred by many women  wen they want to keep things simple and minimal. With this round neck style you can play around with the depth and width as per your comfort. For festive wear deeper necklines work well wih give ample space for display of neck jewellery while you can opt for higher round neck for office wear salwar sits to make it work appropriate. With round necklines you an experiment a bit and add border, lace frill or even patch details to give it a more fancy yet sober look. 

#20 Short V neck pattern with border and lace

A round neck pattern with a short V is pretty popular these days and this can be tried on all kinds of churidars. You can try this neck design with printed or plain suits and add borders if you wish to further beautify it. This particular pattern here uses not just plain border but also additional lace border which gives it a very glam and designer look. 

#21 V shape with collar flap design

If you want a break from all the normal neck patterns yet dont want to experiment crazy then this flat collar neck pattern is ideal for you. The flat collar makes for an alluring design element and the V it creates adds spunk which helps show off your collar bones. 

#22 Pleated halter neck design with triangle cut for contemporary churidar suits

Most of the youngsters these days stay away from churidar suits and prefer jeans and tops for daily wear. But for occasions and events which demand traditional attire you need to be prepared with appropriate ethnic wear which suits your modern style sensibilities yet fits into the conservative setup. This suit which Alia bhat wore is elegant, charming yet have contemporary touch thanks to the neckline. Rock any dinner party, festival or even a pre wedding function in a churidar suit with this halter style neck design which features a cut out. This is perfect for day time wear in summers. 

#23 Shirt style closed collar neck design for indo western churidaars 

A shirt style collar neckline became a rage with kurtis last year and now this trend has caught up with salwar suits too. If you are going for a full length suit then this neckline could be a nice contemporary twist away from the usual. Pair a kameez like this with palazzo pants and done, formal saas. 

#24 Single flap collar neckline with side buttons

Iam one of those people who hates collars especially with ethnic wear but everything changed when single flap collar trend surfaced. This exciting neck pattern is  ideal for you if you are aiming to stand out in something new age yet not too bold. An instant hit with college girls this style suits kurtis and printed suits best and addition of  buttons adds a contrast pop of colour which gives a sassy vibe. A must try this season for young women who want a new model neck design.

#25 Short frill detailed high neckline for churidars  - Pinched neck pattern

A pleated neck detail gives a very chic and  sophisticated vibe. This pinched neckline works best if your kameez is plain. You can go for a contrasting coloured pleat for added drama and pair with frill detail on sleeve hemline.

# 26 Closed neckline for kurtis and suits

A high neck pattern gives a very packed elegant look ideal for winters. This is work wear approriate suit neck pattern which can transition into festive neckline too with addition of statement neck pieces over your kameez. This neck style has a contemporary vibe to it so it is best to try it with suits having a palazzo style bottom. 

#27 Layered neck pattern 

#28 Half standing collar  queen anne style neck pattern for punjabi suits

This neck style roughly follows the sweetheart neckline with a half collar back. If you have a thing for collar style necklines then this is a good neck pattern to try out with your chudidaar salwar suits. You can further make this design interesting by going for contrast piping from the salwar fabric and adding a button detail. This neckline work well for festive salwars and even can make for fabulous formal wear attire as it has a modest covered output. Finish this look with silver jewellery like danglers or kadas and opt for a muted lip colour. 

#29 Contemporary Boat neck pattern with double keyholes on two sides

If you are hunting for a really chic and fun vibe neck pattern for your festive wear churidars then try this naira neckline which is a boat neck with addition of double oval cut outs making for a contemporary appeal. This neckline works only if you have a plain upper half on your suit. Even subtle prints can work well with this neck design but make sure to add contrast piping to help your cut outs stand out and make a statement of their own. Also keep your dupatta away from the neck area and knot your hair into a bun to enhance the elegance. 

#30  Cross style neck design 

A stylish neck idea with a touch of modernity is what best describes this step style neck design which has crossed doris for aesthetic appeal. This can work for both casual and formal kurtis or suits and is actually really easy to make and even your local tailor can bring this to life. 

#31 Yoke neckline for churidhar suit

#32 Closed standing collar neck pattern

A winter favorite, this high collar neckline allows you to stay stylish yet warm in the colder months. If your salwar suits come with an extra long border then this is a neckline you should definitely consider. Even if your suit doesnt have border add ons you can try this neck design by shopping for a complementing borer detail of your choice. 

#33 High neck Chinese collar neckline with button row 

This neckline with standing collar and long button row I have spotted a lot off late. It is actually a very classic style as i remember even my mom wore similar neck patterns years back when I was still very small. If you are getting work wear churidar suits stitched then this is a fail proof neckline which has a sophisticated harm. 

#34 Collar with curved V neck 

#35 Flap collar v neck pattern for kurtis and indo western suits

Flap type collar with a button opening makes for another interesting formal churidar suit neck pattern. this pattern works best with plain suits and the V  Shape gives an illusion of longer  and slender neck. If you have a long face you should skip this kind of v neck patterns which make ur face look longer.

#36 Side button slope neck design for chudidaar suits

Another modest and closed type neck pattern which works for office wear salwars. Instead adding buttons in the middle part of front neck this design opts for a sliding cut and buttons are attached along the slope line. You can opt for tiny buttons of any kind like normal buttons or potli buttons in contrast colour and it should work well both ways.

#37  Criss cross tie up detailed neck design

If you like neck patterns with doris then do give this criss cross style a try. It looks packed and high yet has some subtle skin show making it all season appropriate. 

#38 Wrap style neckline with fancy border 

An angrakaha design variation, this neck pattern runs higher than a normal angrakha neckline and used gorgeous cut work lace to define the edges. If you have some real pretty lace then try this neckline to make the border a highlight while everything else complements for a smashing occasion wear churidar suit. 

#39 Closed neckline with shoulder cut outs

If you think closed necklines give a stuffy look then you havent tried this style yet. Here a choker style neck pattern has two shoulder cut outs which make for a fancy design element ideal for casual brunches or shopping trips. 

#40  Designer  button and cut out neckline for contemporary salwars

Keyhole necklines have been done to death but have you tried this stunning cut out style neck pattern which is a round neck with a button detail closuring on the eye shapes cut. If are ok with deep necklines this  is a must try. 

#41 Half border U neck design wide side button row

Asymmetric is the way to go in 2019. instead of adding a border around your churidar neck design just add the border for 3/4th  of the neckline and then add a long side button row. This makes for a gorgeous fusion look which can work for many different suit styles. 

#42  Closed neck design with rich border details

A closed neckline is something Iam so looking to try with festive suits this year. These closed neckline which have an ornate border make for a gorgeous sophisticated look and can be owrn as roka outfits and for other smaller wedding and festival events.

#43 Closed neck pattern with potli button row

The closed boat neck is what I call this neck pattern which runs high and yet has a oval type of cut. This kind of neckline when used with a fancy buttoon row makes striking impact giving an ethereal classic look. 

#44 Extended beetle leaf style churidar neck patterns

#45 Mandrian collar neckline with sleek keyhole

#46 Wrap style neck design with cut out

This is one of my absolute favourite neck patterns to try in 2019. I actually want to try this with a custom made kurti but you can easily try it even with churidaar suits too. A wrap style design is given with a high neckline but there is breathing space with a tactfully placed elongated cut out. I love how this neck pattern works for all seasons and is going to be a huge party favourite. For elaborate designer touch take it notches up by adding a row of fancy buttons and some tie up doris.

#47 New model square neck pattern with lace work

I love how this neck pattern gives an illusion of  a koti with its design detailing. Sleek and broad laces are used to form this gorgeous neck pattern which will work amazingly on all printed salwar suits. Opt for a broad contrasting coloured lace as base and then use slim lace bands to form a curve on both sides to resemble a short coat.

#48 Shirt style collar neck design for work wear suits

Another relaxed collar neck pattern which is very contemporary in its appeal. While shirt style collars work great for office wear this collar style has a V depth which makes it kind of casual and laid back. For work wear I suggest you add some buttons and keep them closed as it can get too revealing for work environment. 

#49 Angrakha style wrap neckline for anarkali suits

An overlapping neck pattern which is also known as angrakha design works best for heavy busted women to give a balanced effect . When you opt for a neckline like this use borders to define the overlapping detail and finish off with dori tie ups for added glam. This neck pattern is a statement of its own and works best with minimal styling s go easy on the makeup and accessories. 

#50 Half collar with a V neck design

If you like collar neck patterns then try this half collar style  gala design which culminates into a V neck and further finished off with button details. This is best suited for college going girls for a young and contemporary charm. 

#51 Leaf cut outs neck design for young brigade

Latest churidar neck design popular these days are with cut outs. You can have keyholes, tiny cuts or even double cuts like this pattern which is very fancy and give a designer feel. Opt for a suit which contrasts your skin tone well  so that this neck pattern has a maximum impact. 

#52  Wide U - Round neck design

While most even experiment with neck styles there still are some who like to keep it simple and classy. The wide U neckline is definitely the ever popular neck pattern for women of all sizes and shapes simple because you can alter the depth and width on both sides to suit your body style. If you want something glam yet sober go for a deeper u while you an opt for simple mid length U for office wear churidars. 

#53 Keyhole collar neck design

An oval style slim hole forms the front kurti neck design with a slightly higher neck. This hole detail also known as keyhole neckline is held together by a button or even strings if you desire to give a  look which spells elegant charm. If you have broad shoulders this kind of neck pattern an give a slimming effect yet offers you modest coverage. For women with small bust area try going for a round type cut out instead of slim ones. 

#54 Collar with cut out and tassel neck pattern for party wear suits

A standing collar is associated with a stuffy feeling which works only for winter. But here is a collar neckline which suits all types of seasons. You just add a large cut out and a contrasting patch half way up for a trendy look. For added  spark attach some cute latkans and viola you are ready to rock a party or even visit a festive get together. 

#55 Wide V  Neck pattern

V is a commonly used neck pattern but this is a wider version and looks absolutely glam in an understated way. For suits like anarkalis which have a lot of work in the lower half you can a simpler neckline like this. You can ofcourse add borders and beautify it and even opt for a button row. For weddings women who want to showcase their huge necklaces can try this neck design as it fits any type of necklace beautifully.

#56 Packed neckline with keyhole window

Packed high style necklines are in trend these days and you can add your own stylish spin to them by going for a cut out . These kind of neck designs work best with printed suits and they stand out better when you dont add any frills like latkans or buttons to them. with a nekline like this drape dupatta on one side on your shoulders and avoid neck jewellery of any kind. Instead opt for kadas, jhumkas and statement rings.

#57 Simple High round churidaar neck design 

Round neck designs with churidars are pretty yet simple but how about a high round neck? This very elegant neck pattern is trending these days not just with salwars but also with saree blouses and lehengas. If you are using a rich fabric like silk or brocade then play sober and subtle by opting for a neck pattern like this . this design works best for winters and can transition into spring as well .

#58 Tear drop boat neckline

This is a trendy yet simple design to try with all kinds of churidar suits which have contrasting colour combinations.  the neckline is cut round with a drop style middle parting and contrast patch is added for more drama. This is especially suited for older women who dont want to experiment much but still want a stylish look. 

#58 Diamond cut neck design for churidhars

A fusion of round neck and diamond style neckline which is striking and pretty. Most suits come ready with these neck design but if you have a plain fabric you can add lace or even broad piping in contrast colour to make this design. Add a button and you are all set to rock any party.

#59  Semi sheer neckline 

semi sheer neck design
Most salwar suit designs these days come with an inner lining cloth while the outer part is a bit sheer. If you  have a salwar suit like this then try an interesting spin and go for a deeper neck pattern on the inner part while you opt for a higher neckline on the outer part which enhances the sheer layer of your dress giving a very feminine appeal. You can go for multiple variation with this semi sheer neck design and also opt for sheer sleeves for added glam.  

#60 Mirror work neck design for festive salwars

The mirror work neckline will suit your choice for a festive look. Mirror work is in vogue these days and they have a polished glam vibe which makes them an instant hit for party wears. You can shop for mirror work suits, or get mirror work done on a simple round neckline from your local karigar aka craftsman. If you dont have access to a karigar the easier way to flaunt this trend is to shop for mirror work lace borders and get it attached to a squae or boat neckline for a sassy and stylish churidaar neck pattern. even diy mirror work videos on youtube could be of help especially for college students who can try a new hobby this summer.

#61 Tie ups boat neck - Neck design with doris

tie ups dori neckline

If you are the simplistic person who prefers simple round neck shapes then try this little variation which gives a nice modern look and has a youthful appeal. Go for a dori inserted neck pattern which can pleat up when pulled to tighten a bit. This style of neckline can be done on both printed of plain suits for a college appropriate look.

Trending churidar neck designs for 2019: 

  • Cut outs are huge this year. Try giving your churidar suits a stylish and modern look by opting for front neck patterns with cut outs in various shapes and sizes. For office wear suits opt for sleek and small cut outs while you can go all crazy with festive suits.  (Refer design number 1, 3, 14, 46, 58, 51 ) 
  • Sheer madness: If you love sheer then this is the best time to try it. While sheer neckline details has always been popular with saree blouses and lehengas, it is only recently that churidaar suits have seen sheer details. Sheer and semi sheer necklines look glam yet modest as they have a covered up illusion. These  kind of neck patterns which use a strip of net or see through fabric like tissue work best with party wear salwars and you can complement hem with sheer sleeves for a more attractive output.   (Refer design 59)
  • Closed and packed necklines:  The high nek trend is a rage for a while now and it refuses to die down. This trend has a  number of variations and you are sure to find one which fits your personal taste. You can try collars, half collars, closed round, mandrian neck, standing collar etc which gives a very stylish and elegant vibe. If you feel closed necklines are stuffy then consider adding a small cut out detail which balances out things. (Refer design no 18, 15, 2, 56, 57). This works best for office wear suits but you can try it festive suits too and add long rani haars and pearl necklaces to accessorize them. 
  • Stick to basics with heavy suits: The heavy churidar suits come with a lot of work and embroidery so it is best to stick with basic necklines like, round, square, v neck, leaf neck patterns otherwise it can look crowded and trying too hard. If the top half of your kameez is plain or simple then you are free to experiment with neck designs. For office wear suits too basic neckline are best suited to give sober simple yet well put together look. 
Which of these churidar neck designs are you looking to try in 2019? Got a favourite? Tell us!

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