55 Beautiful Gold jhumka earring designs || Tips on Jhumka shopping

If there one accessory which transform your look into wedding ready it has got to be the Indian jhumka earrings. These bell type earrings suit all kinds of traditional attire, be it salwar suits, sarees, lehengas or anarkalis. Not just traditional gold jhumka earring complement even the new age indo western outfits well too. Infact Sonam Kapoor flaunted a pair of jhumkas with a western style gown at Cannes International Film Festival and looked drop dead gorgeous in it. 

Now you can see how versatile jhumka earrings are but if you thought jhumkas are for festive or wedding wear alone, then you are gravely mistaken. Jhumkas can actually be worn on an everyday basis by stay at home moms, working women and even college going girls but you need to choose more simple and smaller designs. If you are looking to wear jhumka earrings daily gold jhumka earrings which are not too heavy and of smaller size. Most young women these days ditch gold and wear silver for everyday chic look. You too could opt for the new age oxidized silver jhumkas which give a very contemporary vibe especially suited for college going girls. Today in this post though I am going to solely focus on traditional range of gold jhumka earrings designs. 

51 Stunning Gold jhumka earrings designs

Gold jhumka earrings these days are available in a variety of  styles and lengths with stunning new motifs like peacock, paisleys, florals etc. The work also varies vastly with jhumkas available with kundan, gemstones, pearls, polki, meenakari and more. You can pick a design which best suits your budget, and personal style. Since buying gold jewellery is a huge investment it is important to be well informed of the different designs and style before making the final purchase. Here I bring to you a collection of 55 gold jhumka earrings designs from you which you can take reference.

#1 Stunning 3 tier chand bali gold jhumka earrings

Do you have a fetish for long dangler earring? Then try this 3 tiered design with a jhumka on the base. I love to pair both chand balis and jhumkas with my ethnic outfits and this gorgeous studded pair looks like a beautiful amalgamation of both. I totally love it and would it in a heart beat. 

#2 Traditional yellow gold earrings

If a traditional yellow gold jhumkas are what you are looking for then try this tiered design which looks great and is going to be a fabulous investment too as making charges and resale value of designs like this supposed to be very good. These kind of jhumkas are more shiny in nature and work well with bright coloured outfits for a wedding day look. 

#3 Contemporary pearl jhumkas with a pop of pink

A relatively smaller sized jhumka designs with pearl details and a pop of colour could be an ideal choice for women when it comes for everyday wear or for simpler occasion wear. Pair these with a simle saree look or punjabi suit for a dinner party and you are good to go. 

#4 Traditional hoop jhumka designs in gold

If you have a thing for hoops then consider investing in hoop style pearl jhumkas. The whole festive vibe of this pair is amazing and works well with both lehengas and salwar suits. 

#5 Architecture inspired floral gold jhumka designs

for your silk sarees antique matte finish jhumkas work best and this pair is oh so gorgeous and unique with the whole monument as inspiration.  These jhumkas are sure to stand out in a crowd but they can be way too heavy for your ears so buy them only if your ear lobes can handle the weight.

#6 Simple gold jhumki earrings for young girls

If you are a jhumka crazy gal then you could wear them everyday. For daily use hunt for plain gold jhumkas which small sized, light in weight and pretty in look. This dainty pair here gives a  lovely look without breaking the bank. 

#7 Designer studded gold jhumki earrings

These peacock inspired gold jhumkas with diamonds and rubies make for an alluring picture. when you want to make a statement with your tradition outfit then opt for a design like this which steals the show. You may consider skipping other forms of jewellery likes kadas and necklace to keep attention on these jhumkas  which have a charming appeal. You can pair these with heavy silk sarees, lehengas and even indo western gowns for a delightful fusion look. 

#8 Jaali work yellow gold jhumkas

Intricate jaali aka mesh work gold jhumkas are also a gorgeous choice for south Indian brides who are looking to experiment and try new styles. These will look stunning with any colour combination saree making you look exceptional on your big day. 

#9 Floral design pearl gold jhumkas

Delicate jhumkas designs with floral stud and pearl details make for a striking picture. This is a simple clean cut design which should be very heavy making it ideal for women for simpler occasions like festivals and parties. the best thing abut this gold jhumka design is that it has a very fresh and contemporary appeal making it an ideal pairing with new age indo western outfits.

#10 Alluring peacock motif floral long gold jhumka designs

A classic traditional gold jhumka design with addition of double circles helping elongate the length makes a must have for millennial brides. The rubies add colour and the matte finish gives it an antique vibe which is ideal for south brides who opt for silk sarees. Adding to the beauty of this pair is a pearl drop which is graceful and the tiny peacock motif which emanates fine craftsmanship and class. 

#11 Simple yellow gold jhumka design

Here are a really simple daily wear kind of jhumka pattern that look traditional and have a touch of pink colour. These are beautiful pair anyone can add to their stash, especially office going women as they make for good work wear jhumkas to pair with kurtis and salwars.

#12 Striking elephant design jhumkas

Want to hit it out of the park with a unique design? Then this elephant motif jhumkas is your answer. These antique jhumka earrings in gold are perfect match for south Indian silk sarees and will look eye catching and beautiful. 

#13 Pretty traditional jhumka designs in gold

Simple classic designs work as a long term style option. These yellow gold jhumkas will stay in trend forever and can be teamed with any ethnic outfit be it lehengas, punjabi suits, sarees or even anarkalis. You can get them made from your local jewellery in 18k or 22k gold as per your budget and you have a winner on hand. 

#14 Gorgeous kundan bridal gold jhumka earrings

Kundan jhumka design with an over sized stud part are the new trend surfacing in jhumka earrings. These are easy to carry off and an instant crowd stunner too.  I love this design and they ,make a great pairing with kundan chokers  and tika for a dazzling wedding look. Try it. 

#15 New jhumka design with peacock motif

#16 Matt finish gold jhumka earrings

What I love about these ruby and pearl jhumka earrings is the asymmetric design detail. It gives a contemporary edge to the otherwise very traditional and antique craft making it an exceptional choice. Brides or not this pair is a must have. 

#17 Beautiful bird inspired south Indian jhumkas

Adding a pop of green with jewellery is what women prefer these days so why not opt for jhumkas with a bit of green in them? These make for gorgeous jewellery for young brides and they can be treasured for generations and passed of as heirloom pieces too. so ethereal and pretty. 

#18  Muslim design three tier jhumkas in yellow gold

I have seen many muslim brides in north India opt for the three tier jhumkas. If you prefer layered pieces then this is a good gold jhumka earring style to pick. 

#19 Striking gold jhumka designs

#20 Latest gold jhumka designs - floral inspired

Florals are chic and these floral motif inspired dual jhumka earrings are an absolute gorgeousness. I love these pair of earring make a statement yet have a that elegant charm to it. You can opt for this kind of a design if you are a bride to be and also wear them without neck jewellery after your wedding. 

#21 Contemporary gold jhumka design

#22 Traditional jhumka designs in gold

If a good 22k gold jhumkas are what you are hunting for then this dramatic mesh detailed pair is a nice pick. These are good investment option and will suit any special occasion for a stylish look. You need to skip neck jewellery with a design like this or it can look cluttered and trying too hard.

#23 Matte finish peacock motif jhumkas for south Indian brides

These antique finish jhumkas are a fabulous option for south Indian women. the craftsmanship here is top notch with jhumkas having a double peacock motif and the gold pearl bead details add to the grace. Any occasion, grab a saree and this jhumkas and you are good to go. 

#24 New style asymmetric jhumka designs in gold

#25 Designer jhumkas with pearl details

#26 Three tier gold jhumka designs

#27 Antique jhumka designs with a touch of colour

A small bali with pink and green stones is attached to a matte gold jhumka to give a rich look. The addition of gold beads add to the beauty of this pair which isnt exactly for brides. For young girls having half saree ceremony, this pair would be ideal pick. 

#28  Latest kundan gold jhumka designs 

Turn attention towards yourself at the next festive occasion with this type of studded gold jhumkas with pearl beads. These give a truly royal look and the gold white combination allows is to be paired with any outfit of your choice. You an also pair this with kasavu saree.

#29 Contemporary gold jhumka earrings for young women

Get a sleek pair of floral jhumkas for occasion wear. This jhumka has a floral 3d motif with a long rod which holds the bell earring part a bit away from the stud part making for a very striking pattern which isnt too heavy on the ears. This is a good option for working women to flaunt at office parties or events.

#30 Antique style ruby and gold jhumki earrings 

#31 Artistic jhumki designs for weddings

#32 Classic design gold jhumkas

#33 New age square style jhumka earrings

#34 Dazzling jhumkas with a touch of green

#35 Festive pearl jhumkas

#36 Layered stone work jhumka design

#37 Modern huge stud jhumkas

#38  Triple delight - Square and bell hanging earrings

#39 Traditional jhumka designs for north Indian women

#40 Fine work detailing jhumkas for a dazzling shaadi look

Here is an ultimate statement earrings which are sure to make you the talk of town. Pink enamel work gives a unique twist while the kundan and pearl work add to the awesomeness of this pair which is to be reserved for really big occasion like weddings. 

#41 Ruby jhumkas with matt finish for traditional events

#42 Asymmetric fringe detailed jhumka designs for trendy girls

#43 Beautiful work jhumkas for festive season

#44 Multicolored beaded jhumka earrings to steal the spotlight

Pearl and bead details are used to beautify this pair of jhumkas which are ideal for muted or one toned outfits. this pair of earrings are a nice way to add colour without putting in much effort. i suggest this pair for younger brigade to experiment and get creative with styling. 

#45 Short jhumka floral earrings for a statement look

Not everyone wants to wear silk sarees all the time. If you are one of those women who  likes to mix things up for a new look every time then these floral jhumkas are made for you. These pair well with all those designer net, chiffon or Georgette sarees which look stylish and fancy. 

#46 Triple jhumka bells - simple yet stylish designs

For your little girls look for breezy yet trendy designs which are not too heavy on ears. These triple tine jhumka earring with pink stud details is a fancy pair which all girls would love to wear. These can work for school and college too so your investment is not going to waste at all. 

#47 Traditional touch jhumkas

Add a touch of elegance to your wedding attire with these mesh jhumkas with a pink pop. These dull gold jhumka earrings are a cross between antique and modern design fitting right into the signature profile of a modern Indian women who wants a blend of tradition and contemporary style. This jhumka style is a nice pair up with both lehengas and sarees. 

#48 Bell style asymmetric yellow gold jhumkas

#49 Kemp stone studded small jhumki designs 

If you like your jewellery to add splashes of colour to your look then these kemp stone jhumkas is all you need. These jhumka earrings can be paired with your pink outfit for a matching look or contrasted with green, blue and purple outfits for a striking look. Muted outfit colours like beige, off white and dull gold also will look great with a jhumka pair like these giving a pop of colour.

#50 Geometric patterned  jhumka designs for muslim brides

Another option for women looking to buy jhumkas from both investment and design point of view.  these yellow gold jhumkas come with a geometric stud style and an added layer of mini jhumki inside the big jhumka make for a great touch. This design is perfect for women on a budget and will look good on indo western fusion attire too.

#51 Striking peacock jhumka designs to strike a trend

If you want a simple jhumka bell part then experiment with the stud part which is easier to handle on the ear lobes. Go for a full blown peacock design with kundan details for a gold jhumka style which is full on traditional yet has a modern vibe to it. Since peacock motifs are a classic and never go out of style this pair can be treasured like forever for real!

#52 Embellished jhumka earrings

Consider these floral coloured jhumka pattern which give a very grand and regal look. If your personal style is minimalism then adding a pair like this to your stash help you dress up in a jiffy. All you need is a festive anarkali or saree and a pair of jhumkas a bright lip and you are ready to rock any event. This pair makes sure you are never under dressed yet look very elegant and stunning. 

#53 Fancy round and circle patterned jhumkas

With modern women opting for minimalism this circular jhumka style with pearl hanging beads make for a fresh look. These earrings can be worn with ethnic, western and indo western outfits for any event of your choice. For more grander events complement these earrings with heavy neck and hand jewellery and you are good to go.

#54 Simple only gold stone less jhumkas with unique design 

A yellow gold jhumka earring design which has a unique craftsmanship. If you love super long earrings then these are perfect choice especially when paired with salwar suits or anarkalis.

#55 Trendy and edgy jhumka designs

These geometric shaped stud jhumkas are sure to give you a fashionista tag wherever you flaunt them. these designs can work well with any ethnic outfit have a gold toned work like zari or maggam work. They also work well with silk sarees for dinner parties giving an effortless vibe. 

Tips on shopping for your Gold jhumka earrings

  • Invest wisely: When shopping for jhumkas earrings from an investment point of view look for designs which dont come with pearl or precious stones. These kind of diamond, pearl or kundan jhumkas can shoot up the price of earrings, have more making charges and dont have very good resale value either. For investment purpose yellow gold 22k hall marked jhumka earrings without stones are best.
  • If you are not looking at your gold earrings as an investment then please do splurge. The addition of pearls and rubies can really add to the charm, making a glam statement. You can even choose matte finish antique jhumkas which make for amazing heirloom pieces you can pass on to next generation. 
  • Add atleast one pair to your bridal trousseau : Jhumka earrings are a must have for all brides. Even if you dont wear them on your big day I suggest you shop for a pair because all you need is a pair of jhumkas to dress of for a event. These earrings have the power to transform any normal ethnic look into party or wedding look and they pair well with all kinds of outfits, be it sarees, lehengas or even punjabi suits
  • If you are buying two or three necklace sets which come with earrings then chances are you will not be adding any pair of jhumka earrings to your bridal trousseau. This is a big mistake. i know of friends who ditched a necklace set for jhumkas and they dont regret the choice at all. You wont be wearing the necklaces much but jhumkas you will wear over and over again. 
  • Weight matters : Also make sure your ear lobes can handle the weight of jhumka earrings as most jhumkas are heavy and can weight around 20 grams each. I personally cant handle such heavy earrings so I always opt for 18k yellow gold jhumkas which more comfortable and easy to handle. Ideally 10 grams per ear should be a good weight to start off with. please try the jhumkas on your ear for atleast 5 minutes before making the final payment. Another option is to buy heavy earrings chain support which help handle the earrings weight. Shop for pretty pearl chain support if you really want huge and heavy jhumkas.
  • When you dont have a budget for heavy gold jhumkas consider 18k jhumkas in yellow gold. Even silver jhumkas with gold plating is an option you can consider for wedding jewellery which is pretty,  and has a precious metal tag which can last a lifetime without you having to spend a chunk of money. Tribe by amrapalli offers many gold plated silver designs.

Which of these gold jhumka designs are you considering to buy for your wedding? 

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