45+ Striking Khafif mehndi designs collection for hands to try in 2019

Permanent tattoos aren't a part of Islamic traditions in the Gulf countries so, they indulged in the temporary henna tattoos as an art form to enhance the beauty of various body parts like hands, feet, nails, etc. The mehndi patterns have evolved with time to suit the changing fashion styles and tastes of people. In the middle east, Arabic mehndi designs are the most popular free-flowing style henna patterns and Khafif mehndi designs are a more intricate variation of this style of henna.  

Khafif is an arabic word which literally translates to 'intricate' and as the name suggests khafeef mehndi designs are more delicately detailed and have finer strokes. These designs also require a skilled hand and a lot of patience as they are more complicated to apply but the whole effort is worth it because the output is just drop-dead gorgeous. 

45 Striking Khafif mehndi designs for hands with Images to try in 2019

If you like arabic mehndi designs with detailed attention to finer strokes and delicate lines then you will surely love khafif mehendi designs. These designs are ideal for joyful celebratory occasions like eid, parties, weddings and family functions. If you plan to apply khafif designs yourself then make sure you have a good practice of normal patterns beforehand because the intricacies of a khafif henna design is a little bit more complicated for beginners. Now lets straight dive into our well-curated list of new khafif mehandi designs, so that you have a ready lookbook of latest and trendy kahfif designs to choose from.

#1 Thick and thin floral khafif mehndi pattern

A beautiful mix of thick strokes and thin strokes are used together in this backhand khafif mehndi pattern. The florals are kept thick and bold along with leaves while circular strokes and some lines use bareek aka fine lines to bring about eye-pleasing visual imagery. This diagonal style henna pattern doesn't leave fingers bare making for a more covered appeal. This khafif mehndi image design here is on back of hands but there is no harm in trying it even for front hands as this pattern is suitable for both sides.

#2 Bare finger bands khafif mehndi designs for fingers

Concentrating design details on fingers leaving rest of the hand empty is a very modern approach in arabic henna patterns which is preferred by the younger generation who have an intense attraction to all things minimal and subtle. The empty finger bands on all fingers in this intricate khafeef mehndi design makes it very unique and unusual. On both sides of the bare bands are traditional floral motifs with leaves and a bit of jaali. This mehndi design is ideal for occasions like dinner parties but make sure to avoid any finger rings to let the design shine on its own. 

#3 Latest khafif mehendi designs for backhand

Another floral pattern which takes detailing to a whole new level with its elaborate side placement giving it a modish vibe. Most khafif mehandi designs are complicated and should only be attempted by skilled henna professionals but this pattern is actually pretty simple and with basic application skills anyone can apply it with ease. 

#4 New leafy swirl and circular curve khafif mehndi design

This truly exceptional mehndi design for hands has a swirl leafy pattern which intersects amazingly with a more delicate semicircular floral pattern. Khafif mehndi patterns like these give a chic and urbane look ideal for youngsters to apply at family weddings. 

#5 Jaali detailed khafif mehndi pattern

Two different styles of henna with jaali on one side and florals and dotted pattern on other side of hands with bangle style henna pattern at the base makes it aesthetically appealing without going overboard.  The jaali isnt your normal boring mesh but these new age modern decorative jaal with florals stringed into it and there is also a shaded swirl design at the wrist area and a leafy line running vertically to it giving this design a geometric touch. For the upcoming eid festivities, you can opt for this design and grab all attention and eyeballs to your hands. 

#6 Beautiful khafif mehndi design for palms

If you love designs which concentrate on the palm area of the hand then this khafif mehndi pattern is totally for you. Here an intricate circular curve swirls from the wrist area onto the palms and has traditional mehndi motifs like dots, paisleys and flowers in smaller versions. The fingers are where the most detailing happens in this design stealing the spotlight with needle-like precision used to apply mesh patterns and a mix of florals and paisleys again. You can apply this design on both hands for a symmetrical half and half mehndi pattern helping you stand out in a wedding party. 

#7 Delicate mesh detailed khafif henna  

Different styles of mesh patterns form the highlight of this khafif mehandi design which are decorated with tiny dots in distinct ways. Shaded florals and leaves also are present prettifying this design which is visually appealing. Want to fetch compliments with your look hand design? Then this surely an apt choice. 

#8 Floral and circular leaf motifs patterned khafif henna mehndi designs

The minimal approach of this mehndi design is classy and elegant giving a simple yet graceful look to hands. Florals are spread across the hands connected by leafy patterns which for a change take a circular form instead of your normal swirls and curves. The fingers are where the most delicate and intricate details are etched in this khafif henna design making it perfect for any age group women.  If you are looking for a matching henna pattern for both hands then choose this. Suitable occasions for this design is parties or festivals like eid .

#9 Diamond patterned bangle style kahfeef mehendi design 

Using geometric patterns as decorative in henna gives it a unique and catchy appeal. Here in this design rhombus shapes jaal like pattern is made on the wrist area looking like a bangle. another diamond in the middle of the hand with fine floral stroke detailing in and around it adds to the magic of the pattern. Completing this pattern is the really intricate and fully covered up finers which give this design a more Indo western touch. This is a good mehndi design for the bridesmaid to flaunt at weddings. You can go for this elaborate look on back hands and opt for a simpler pattern for front hands. 

#10 Contrasting dual patterned khafif henna design

When it comes jaali it doesnt have to necessarily be delicate and fine. It can also be bolder like the shaded floral jaal here in this khafeef mehndi design. Here the jaal detail takes centre stage while traditional henna strokes and some leafy details rest at the side of the hand giving an illusion of wearing a lace glove. This design is apt for festive occasions like anniversary celebrations, engagement parties, and eid.

#11 Contemporary khafif henna design for backhands

If you want a modish design which isnt too complicated to apply then start with this arabic style khafif mehndi pattern which has florals and curves in plenty. Dots also are used creatively in this pattern which gives a simple yet stunning look to hands! This pattern will look great on hands of college girls or even younger women attending wedding-related events.

# 12 Full hand khafif mehandi designs for brides

 Mesh and florals makes for a pretty visual output when done in combination on full hands. This design you may have already noticed has a thicker version of strokes used to etch all the common henna elements beautifully looking all complex and  heavy. This design isnt for everyone as it requires a bold and experimental persona to carry it off. If you are wearing something really ethnic and exquisite like an embellished lehenga or salwar suit for wedding of a close family member, this could be an appropriate design pick. 

#13 Thick shaded new khafif mehendi designs 2019

This full backhand henna looks so breathtaking and the bold strokes give it a very significant appeal. This design like most other khafif henna patterns is heavily detailed but with thicker strokes and if you love all things maximal you sure should give this pattern a shot. On the front hands opt for a simpler mandala style of a single line henna pattern for a balanced approach. For an engagement or reception party, this design is a perfect match with ethnic and traditional outfits. 

#14 Dome inspired matching khafeef mehndi designs for both hands

This kahfif mehndi design gives an illusion of hathphool and uses really bareek, fine strokes for a delicate and pretty look. Perfect for the millennial brides who want something fresh and minimal at the same time. 

#15 Catchy and intricate khafif mehandi designs for full back hands

Having fine delicate strokes covering full hands this khafif mehendi pattern is distinct and ornate fit for brides for their special wedding day. Even if it isnt your wedding you can opt for this henna pattern if you are newlywed attending the wedding of a close relative or friend.  You can show this design to your mehndi artist for reference and get the design applied by a skilled professional for more clean and neat body henna art. This design has a more grown up and wedded appeal to it so it isnt ideal for younger girls. 

#16 Simple and easy khafif mehandi designs

 An amazing blend of shaded flowers and lined leaves makes this khafeef mehndi design an instant hit with the youth. Common to most mehndi patterns this design runs diagonally and also has dainty strokes and shaded elements covering the fingers area giving an exquisite overall appeal ideal for the sister of the bride or groom to apply paired indo-western or traditional ethnic clothes. 

#17 Lotus inspired khafif mehendi for front hands with lots of empty spaces

Circular florals and bold lotus motifs are the only two details used repeatedly in this artistic khafif mehandi design which is a perfect fit for young fashionistas. If you plan to wear contemporary outfit ensembles like indo-western or western clothes then this henna design will suit you beautifully. 

#18 Offbeat hathphool style khafif mehendi design

Jewellery inspired henna is in trend but this khafif mehendi design is more of shaded florals and leaves scattered on the hand and given a hathphool style look with the use of tiny dotted and zigzag lines. This design is ideal for backhand to resemble a hand harness suited for occasions and functions equally. 

#19 Multi band style full hand khafif henna pattern

A stunning khafif full hand henna pattern ideal for brides to add to the celebrations and joy on their big day. I love how the designs are intricate and heavy but etched in the form of bands giving it a bit of breathing space in between adding to the drama. Peacocks are auspicious symbols and it is placed admirably on the palm of one hand giving a sort of cultural significance to this khafif Mehendi design.

#20 Lovely shaded floral kahfif mehndi pattern in arabic style

This captivating khafif mehandi design with three big diagonally placed flowers is an absolute stunner. The flowers are then surrounded by a creeper and a circular stroke lined with tiny floral motifs. a leafy branch on fingers and floral elements on the index finish this design admirable. College-going girls can give this design a try at festivals like eid or diwali. This also is a nice design to try at cultural events at your college fest. 

#21 Elaborate and detailed traditional khafif henna style

This design has rich shaded details but the empty space in the middle of patterns which rest on two sides of the hands make it look neat and non-cluttery.  This pattern is ideal for new age brides or wedding guests for a graceful look which pops. 

#22 Fancy and new khafif mehndi designs for hands

Shaded designs are a rage these days and this back hand pattern is aesthetically appealing with a rose flower as its main focal point. The etching of rose may require some practice and patience but once that is dont you have some regular henna strokes blooming around with just swirls on fingertips. this is a total show stopper backhand khafif mehndi which can add zing to your entire party look.

#23 Amazing dots and leaves khafif finger mehndi designs

This khafif mehndi design for fingers uses dotted details and shaded leaves to bring out an intricate pattern. The dots are of different sizes giving the effect of fingers being shaded here and dotted swirl is etched out from the index finger completing this simple henna design. This mehndi pattern looks best on the back hands so dont try switching things up and apply it on front hands at all. 

#24 Semi-circular khafif henna mehndi designs 

Known for their authentic and signature use of fine lines to come up with intricate patterns khafif mehandi designs are nothing less than artwork. Here this semi-circular pattern stands testimony of this with its delicate detailing around a shaded circle base. The circular curve with no design pattern on fingers or lower arm area has a fresh and special appeal.

#25 Mesh and florals - khafif mehndi designs for younger girls

If you are a fan mesh-like me then this total mesh and florals mehndi pattern will interest you. Here florals are placed in a circular form on the palm and filled with a fine net. The fingers also have a netted detail with a flower at their base. This makes for quite a striking matching mehndi pattern for smaller functions and cultural events. This design also looks great on little hands of kids, so try it on your little girl for her mamu or chacha ki shaadi.

#26 New age khafif mehndi ke designs 

How about going all out and opting for a heavy and elaborate hand pattern to celebrate a joyous occasion with total splendor. This attractive mehndi pattern uses spaces all over the hands with the minimal empty area to give a fully covered illusion. This ornate design will look amazing for bigger occasions like a wedding of your sister or bestie but make note you need expert hands to master this artistic pattern. 

#27 Beautiful and graceful khafif mehendi designs for front hands

This design has a quirk to it and isnt your ordinary mehndi pattern everyone will fall head over heels in love with. The pattern has a lined band on wrist area with zigzag thicker stroke over the band and then you have some florals bits and plenty of leafy strokes and dotted curves. A wrist-type similar smaller band also is etched on the middle finger completing this jewelry style khafif mehndi design. This pattern is sure going to grab peoples attention if you dare to pick it over other traditional patterns which everyone applies these days. 

#28 Modern and trendy henna tattoo art - Khafif mehndi ke design for full hands images 

This khafif mehndi design exudes magnificence with beautiful use of spaces to create cluster like patterns on the entire length of hands. Certainly not for beginners, this pattern requires a lot of patience and needle-like precision to bring to life. I suggest you opt for this pattern on front hands and keep your backhands bare or go for a minimal mehndi design so that it doesnt look too crowded and overboard. Weddings in the family are the most suitable occasion to flaunt a rich and royal henna pattern like this. 

#29 Mesh madness- New khafif designs images

Loosely taking inspiration from hand jewellery this mehndi design here with its mesh and florals is all things feminine, chic and stylish suiting the modern day youngsters. You can try this pattern with black stain henna for a more dramatic look which stands out.

#30 Bold floral and mesh patterned khafif mehndi designs

Shaded dark bits in a mehndi pattern actually look more prettier as the colour pay off after henna removal is considerably better. This is the reason why women in my family always prefer designs which are abundant in thicker strokes or have heavy-handed shaded details like this pattern here. Just paisleys, flowers and leaves are drawn here and completely filled with henna and some fine lines are used on the finger to give a chic appeal via netted form. This design also is easier and quicker to apply as it has very few delicate strokes. If you haven't tried a fully shaded design on hands yet, try one today and watch how you become a big fan of such patterns. 

#31 Intricate khafif mehendi designs for both hands

Known for their extremely intricate aesthetics khafif mehndi designs are sure to win anyone's heart. This mehndi design on both hands takes the intricacies to a whole new level but keep in mind this pattern isnt ideal for beginners. You definitely need a skilled hand to apply this design on hands or you can just hire a professional henna artist if the event is of great importance like a wedding.

#32 Trending khafif mehndi patterns with bracelet style decorative jaali

Using thick significant strokes, this full hand mehndi design is distinctive and uses empty spaces beautifully to give a very contemporary appeal to the age-old henna art. The base has a kada style netted band bordering which is a flower on one side and leaves on other side. Circular strokes branch out from the band joinging a huge floral on the fingers are. The fingers also are etched with needle like precision with common mehndi strokes. You can pair this design with western clothes or fusion outfits as per your personal style at any upcoming occasion of your life.  

#33 Alluring bridal khafif henna mehndi designs 

Bridal mehndi designs need to be more extensively detailed covering the entire length of arms on both hands for a royal look which makes a style statement. This khafif mehndi pattern is fit for brides with all its delicate and ornate strokes and dense design cover. Newly wedded women also can this pattern a try for festivals and family functions.

#34 Regal leaf detailed khafif mehndi pattern

This one will be loved by millennials as it is a fairly new mehndi design with a modish vibe. Florals on lower and upper hand area are connected with leafy curve making the real focus of this design while the fingers also have gorgeous detailing. Dainty delicate details make this design undeniable enchanting. Dont resist this, just get it applied from an expert for a party or festival. 

#35 Moroccan mania - Latest geometric khafeef mehndi designs 

Moroccan mehndi designs have some geometric elements in it giving it an offbeat touch. This khafif mehndi pattern has a bit of Moroccan inspiration in with angular strokes on fingers and diamond spacings on the palm area. The florals and leafy strokes provide the traditional blend required to complete this quirky and fun mehndi pattern for hands. This pattern can make for a fabulous eid mehndi design for women who love fuller and covered hand designs. 

#36  Simple and easy khafif mehndi patterns for beginners

Looking for something simple, neat and classy? This khafif mehandi pattern for back hands with a mix of thick and fine strokes is an ideal pick. The beauty of this pattern lies in the ease of its application as even someone with moderate to beginner skills can apply this without difficulty. You may need to use two different cones one cut thinly and one with a bigger hole to get this design etched quickly. This pattern is also pretty versatile and can be applied on both sides of hands and you can also give it a try on feet too with a slight bit of tweaks.

#37 Stencil style khafif mehndi art for hands

A mesmerizing artistic khafif mehendi design, this matching pattern on both hands is sure to blow your mind away. The whole thick and thin strokes and swirls give a more permanent tattoo type of western appeal which astonishes with its sheer beauty. All you minimal lovers, this design here is waiting to be discovered, loved and applied on your hands. Try this with Indo-western outfits and also with western inspired modern silhouettes for a glam party look which steals the spotlight. 

#38 Ethnic khafif mehndi patterns - Mismatched beauty 

A combination of different kinds of flower elements is used to achieve this gorgeous henna look which runs slightly below the wrist area. the fingers also arent left bare and are etched with dainty leafy and mesh patterns. The tips are left empty instead of going for a dark shading giving this fuller design a bit of a balance. This khafif mehndi design is a bit complicated to apply and will require a deft hand. It will look best on front hands as brown mehndi colour will contrast nicely on the palm area.

#39 Rich and dense new khafif henna designs 2019

Thick bold strokes are used in this full hand henna pattern which is sheer awesomeness. Different kind of floral motifs are etched on both hands which is connected by branched leaves and surrounded by checks. You need to work with a thicker cut henna cone to properly apply this khafif design with precision.

#40 Latest khafif mehendi designs with paisleys

While most mehndi patterns run across the hand area diagonally this kahfif mehndi design is concentrated on the edges of palm which is sure to make heads turn just for its unique placement. Jaali, paisleys, and florals all come together gracefully enhancing the beauty of hands. This design will look great on all kinds of special occasions and if you get a symmetric pattern drawn on both hands it is just going to make sure you are the talk of the party.

#41 Captivating Checks - new khafif mehndi designs 2019

This khafif mehndi design has abundant details starting right from fingertips and ending at the wrist area. We have a flower at the base of the wrist which is surrounded by a checkered pattern in the corner and then there is a beautiful floral band running across the palm giving a very feminine and chic look. the fingers of course are completely filled with multiple patterns like leaves, branches, mesh and the shaded tips also have outlines of heart and footprints giving an interesting twist to this design.  The whole palm area is filled by the band style floral with spacing doesn't make it look too crowded. You can try this design on romantic occasions like engagement parties or anniversary function and surprise your loved one with a heart hidden on the tip of a finger. Heart an also be replaced by your or your special ones initials for a more personalized touch. 

#42 Wrist Glam - Check khafif henna designs for wrist with bare palms

This really distinct khafif mehndi pattern focussing on the wrist area is a mesmerizing design with checks and jaali detailed around a floral slope. I love how the rest of the hand is kept empty to make the wrist the highlight here but make sure to avoid hand jewellery like bangles, bracelets and watched which can cover up the gorgeous design details of this henna. Instead, you can opt for jewellery like huge rings which can give your fingers a more decorated look.

#43 Netted charm - Kahfif design images with plenty of florals

Three clusters of floral motifs from the base of this khafif henna pattern which is connected by dotted curves. The ring finger also has a floral motif while the rest of the fingers are covered in net giving a western to touch to this admirable and intricate pattern.  For more intimate and low key events like roka or family functions younger brigade can opt for a design like this. 

#44 Single flower on palm - khafif mehendi designs for hands

Mandala on palm of hands is a common pattern in Indian mehndi designs but mandalas arent a motif you will find anywhere in khafif or arabic pattern. If you want a simple pattern for palms which is a nontraditional motif try a huge flower with fine detailing of lines, curves and dots. This design looking pretty amazing purely because of its distinct and equally unusual pattern and is also so very easy to apply even by beginners. If you have a bit more patience and time on hand you can add some leafy details on the fingertips also to give a more finished and elegant look.  
Are you the mother of bride or groom who is super busy with wedding-related chores to apply henna on hands. Dont skip on the auspicious henna colour on hands at such a big celebratory occasion, get someone to apply this design in a jiff and you are all free to go about your tasks as soon as henna dries up. 

#45  Tulip khafif mehandi designs for fingers

A pretty looking finger mehndi pattern which flows to the hand part without looking dramatic. The forefinger has a mix of florals and net which branches downwards into an intricate circular pattern. A tulip flower also is added for an interesting twist which will work nicely for teens and women in their twenties. This khafif henna pattern is most suited for the younger brigade for events like dinner parties and engagements of close relatives.

#46 Dotted jaal khafif henna pattern

This design is as simple and easy as it can get and if you are just getting started with the art of henna application you can give this a try. This design uses tiny dots to draw lines in a netted form with florals patterns in between. The base is again a dotted line with a half flower in the wrist area. This mehndi design for the left hand is best for you if you have to apply henna yourselves or if you are short of time. 

Tips for easy and proper application of khafif mehndi patterns

  • Khafif henna designs are more delicate and detailed so make sure you use thinly cut cones which ensure dispensing of fine strokes. If your mehndi design has a combination of thick and thin strokes use two different cones one cut small and one cut a bit bigger. 
  • If you want bright henna stain then choose a henna pattern which is concentrated on the palm area where the stains show up beautifully and contrast nicely with paler skin on palms. BAck hands and wrist area dont stain that well comparatively s you may consider scrubbing of henna from these areas a little later too, which help proper color development.
  • Most women apply henna mehndi one day before an occasion or big event but it takes two whole days for henna to develop its rich colour after removal so it is ideal to plan in advance and apply it two days prior to the actual event. Brides should schedule their mehndi ceremony also accordingly 2 days before their nikaah or pheras. 
  • Proper aftercare helps henna develop into a darker shade and also makes it last longer. 
  • Avoid putting your hands in water for at least 12 hours after henna removal and rub some clove oil, coconut oil or Vicks vapor rub on hands. 
  • Manicure and pedicure should be done before henna application especially if you plan to apply mehndi on fingertips and nails. 
  • To add a special touch to your mehndi you can also use body glitter which gives it a unique appeal. 


Khafif mehndi designs are a great amalgamation of modernity and traditional design details making it a huge with young women. These designs suit all kinds of occasions and hevaier versions can also be applied by brides for their big day. Choose your pattern wisely keeping both the scale of the event and your outfit in mind and you will sure make all eye roll to yourself.
I hope you loved these 45 striking khafif henna mehndi designs which you can try at the next wedding you attend.

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