75+ Latest arabic mehndi designs for hands || Henna patterns for all occasions

Arabic mehndi designs are the most popular type of henna patterns in the present era and a majority of women prefer these gorgeous designs because of its perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Infact mehendi designs can be classified broadly into two categories namely Indian mehendi designs and Arabic mehendi designs. the Indian mehendi designs have more maximal and elaborate look with almost entire hands filled with design details while the arabic patterns are more minimal and subtle with lots of spaces on hands left empty. Indian mehendi designs are mostly preferred by brides for their big day but for us, regular folks at events like festivals or parties arabic henna designs are a better option.

Latest Arabic mehndi designs for all occasions || Trending and unique henna patterns

If you are looking for arabic style mehendi design ideas then you have landed on the right page as here I have curated a list of new and trendy arabic mehendi designs 2019 that is sure to bring you loads of inspiration. These latest mehndi patterns are sure to make you grab all the attention at any event you attend so, be ready to stay in the spotlight.

#1 Playful rings - Latest circular style arabic mehendi designs for hands

Bored of the usual henna patterns for hands? then try this arabic mehandi design with semi-circular patterns which have traditional henna strokes inside them. The fingers have a simple shaded three leaf design which gives a playful and fun look . This mehndi pattern is drawn on the back hands but you can also give it a try on front hands I bet it is going to look equally stunning.
Suitable Occasion:  Perfect for occasions like your anniversary party or karwachauth.

#2  Classy curve- Trendy intricate decorative swirl pattern arabic henna

Similar to the semi-circular pattern is this swirl style arabic design which is a tad bit more easier to apply. If you are a beginner who is just getting started off with henna designs but would shy away from trying some creative designs then give this a try. 
Suitable Occasion: This design is a perfect pick for low key occasions like a dinner party at home or at a relatives place.

#3 Bold checks - Gorgeous arabic henna pattern with shaded details

In the mood to try something bold and striking? This mehendi design with its checkered circular pattern stands out and how! This design gives a very fuller look to hands and will come out pretty dark because of abundant thick strokes used. You definitely need to cut your henna cone a little bit more than normal for thick strokes to flow freely. This mehndi design looks best on front hands as the contrast of dark reddish brown mehndi colour will look magical over the lighter tone of palms.
Suitable Occasion: This design will look amazing for any occasion you desire and it is quite versatile fitting into both low key and special occasions nicely.

#4 Delicate gloss - Intricate arabic mehendi design for backhands

This design is as intricate and delicate a pattern can get and is strictly for skilled professionals to try. If you like this design but are not confident with your mehndi application skills I definitely suggest you to approach a mehndi artist in your area with the design image and he should be able to do a good job at it. The motifs used here are a distinct type of floral figurines with thick leaves and really fine strokes of circular curve details. The fingers have leaf and mesh details which are a pretty common sight. 
Suitable Occasion: Your brother is getting married? The sister of groom deserves a unique and catchy pattern like this to make a style statement.

#5 Lustruous lotus - Trending arabic mehandi designs with floral lotus motifs

Lotus motifs is one of the hottest trends in henna mehndi in recent times. Florals have always been an integral part of arabic mehndi designs but to replace rose and other mandala type flowers with lotus adds an interesting element to the design. This particular design has a semi-circular mandala style half flower which is then bordered with a  shaded lotus swirl. The mandala pattern is simple and easy to apply even for beginners but to get the lotus part right you need serious mehndi application skills. Practice the lotus motifs well in advance for a neat and clear design pattern or just get it applied from a skilled professional. 
Suitable Occasion: Going to attend a birthday party? Get this design applied.

#6 Simple and unique arabic mehandi designs for left hand

If you are looking for a very distinct henna pattern which grabs all attention at an event then opt for a design like this. This latest arabic mehendi design uses normal arabic strokes like paisley, swirls, and florals in a very unique setting to create a criss-cross like geometric pattern on hands. The fingertips are left bare with just a four dotted pattern lining them. 
Suitable Occasion: New brides can give this design a try to attend all those post-wedding dinner parties at friends or relatives place.

#7 Beautiful jaali detailed floral mehendi design

This one is a really pretty and new mehndi design with an old world Victorian-era charm. Thin and thick strokes are used in combination to bring this design to like. The base of this pattern has multiple different kind of florals and a leafy branch, the design is then extended to just one finger using criss-cross lines to resemble a net. Rest of the hand is kept empty which gives it a very modish appeal and will suit minimalistic design lovers beautifully. You may have to use two different cones one cut thin and one cut thick for proper application of this design. 
Suitable Occasion: This latest arabic mehndi design works best with fusion outfits for occasions like diwali or eid.

#8 Ethnic saas - Traditonal arabic mehendi pattern for palms

Another very traditional and gorgeous mehndi design with very little empty skin area gives an Indian mehndi design vibe but is actually a heavier version of the arabic henna. Here a single line arabic pattern begins from the wrist area and runs to the entire length of one finger. Again the thumb and other fingers also have a matching pattern drawn completing the look. Most mehndi designs have the fingertips totally coloured dark in henna but in this pattern netted mesh is used to give a new dimension to the fingertips.
Suitable Occasion: For an exclusively religious function, a very ethnic pattern like this works well.

#9 Netted mania-  Indo-arabic bands style henna design

Bands style henna is getting popular these days and here in this design, multiple bands with mesh detail are arranged for a visually appealing exquisite look. there are also dotted lines running across the hands serving as a break from intricate netted strips.  This is a new mehndi design you can apply yourself or ask someone in your family to apply on your hands for smaller occasions as it is pretty simple to draw and wont take much time either. 
Suitable Occasion: This design will blend well with Indo-western outfits at parties or any special occasion for that matter!

#10 Cathy henna design with bird figurine

A perfect combination of shaded and netted details with a bird figurine forming the prime focus, this arabic mehendi design is all things amazing. Not everyone can apply this design as it is more complicated in nature and requires a lot of practice and a deft hand. If you are not confident of your application skills then proceed with caution or just practice a bit on a little girls hand or even on paper will work fine.
Suitable Occasion: Opt for this standout pattern for your own engagement. You can replace the flower motif with initials of your would-be groom for a personal touch.

#11 Mismatched beauty - Arabic mehndi without symmetry

For all you millennials who hate matchy-matchy stuff, you can try mismatched designs on both hands for a jazzy and quirky appeal. Choose two different patterns of your liking and get it applied on your hands without caring about symmetry. Here one hand has a traditional sort of arabic pattern while the other hand has a more modish design with swirl stroke. This kind of design works best with indo-western outfits.
Suitable Occasion: This arabic pattern on both hands works nicely as a mehndi design for Eid celebrations with islamic women.

#12 Mesh madness - Jaali detailed floral henna design with lots of empty spaces

Lace glove for mehndi inspiration? I say why not! Here floral patterns are connected with a long netted area while the palm area is left almost bare. The fingers also have simple designs on them completing this henna pattern which is all things classy and contemporary.
Suitable Occasion: This design will look stunning on more westernized occasions like a new years eve party or church wedding of a friend. 

#13 Classy chic-  Attractive arabic mehendi design for full hands

Most popular arabic mehndi patterns run in a single line with lots of floral, paisleys and dotted details. This design here is one of those regular arabic henna patterns which are loved by women of all ages. This is an evergreen classic sort of a design which never goes out of style and if you are hunting for a failproof and elegant mehndi pattern pick this.
Suitable Occasion: After your bridal henna has faded off apply a fresh henna pattern like this on your hands to retain the newlywed glow for a bit longer.

#14  Shady magic - Captivating shaded arabic henna pattern

Shaded mehndi is a raging hot trend but this particular arabic mehandi design uses lighter shading instead of the regular thick shading giving it a totally new look. Here the lighter shading will bring you a more orangish-red color while the darker outlines will bring about a brownish-black hue looking like a two-toned henna pattern when removed. If you want something really experimental yet easy to apply, choose this right away as even novices can apply this arabic pattern on hands.
Suitable Occasion:  Sister of groom can select this pattern for the wedding reception party. 

#15  Flirty florals- Merzmerizing floral motifs arabic henna design

If you love floral mehndi design then this pattern with a floral line running the entire length of will surely have you captivated. Though this design uses floral figures which are a regular in henna, it has a distinct feel to it all thanks to the side vertical placement of the same sized flowers. The flowers are all shaded beautifully and surrounded by delicate swirls and leaves. The fingers are mostly left bare with a flower on one finger to add of matching touch. this henna design has a contemporary vibe to it suiting younger women best. 
Suitable Occasion: This kind of designs can work on women of all ages for any kinds of occasions like parties and ethnic functions.

#16 Enthralling and bold front hands mehndi with lotus stencil motif

Lotus motifs are the super smashing trend but if you want to play safe you can mix up lotus with other flowers and design details like jaali, leafy ranch and shaded squares for fusion arabic design which is totally drool-worthy. This design focuses on the palm area and has darker shaded details which is very bold and eye-catching while the thumb with its mesh detail adds some breezy feel. 
Suitable Occasion:This design is suitable for wedding-related events and similar occasions like roka, engagement or sangeet.

#17 Edgy elegance - Thick floral arabic mehndi designs for left hand

This thick stroked floral arabic henna pattern looks bold and breathtakingly gorgeous.. these kind of patterns you should opt for if you are just starting off with henna art as there is very low chances of mistakes. Even if you do make a mistake you an over up by thicking a stroke furthermore. 
Suitable Occasion: This design will be loved by college goers and younger girls to flaunt at the wedding of close relatives. 

#18  Striking rose new mehndi design for back hand

If you have a deft hand and are very skilled with the henna cone it is more sensible to take your art to a higher level by trying new and trending patterns. One such pattern is this full hand rose mehndi with decorative mesh details. Here the fingers are all covered with dissimilar strokes and a rose forms base for one finger from where multiple roses swirl out across the hand. This design is something beginners should stay far away from as only experienced mehndi artist can properly do justice to the beauty of this pattern. 
Suitable Occasion:  This rose mehndi design is nice fit for minimalistic brides and will work well for young girls for an occasion like Eid or party.

#19 Alluring arabic henna with a shaded floral twist

Want a  new mehndi design which not only looks gorgeous on hands but is applied quickly too? give this shade style henna pattern a try and you are sure to become a fan. This arabic mehndi pattern uses a thicker one to draw huger florals and a bracelet cuff style florals also cover the wrist area. WHole thick strokes can get a tad bit too overpowering so fine curves are used on the fingers to bring about stability.
Suitable Occasion: Looking for a unique design which turns heads for Ramdhan eid? Try this and you are sure to fetch compliments.

#20 Subtle glam- Bold and beautiful full hand rose henna tattoo

Who doesnt love floral motifs but this design is florals with a whole new level of awesomeness. the shaded details with abundant circular motifs give it a prominent look which works well for back hands. This design is definitely not for beginners as it is heavily detailed yet so intricate, so make sure the person applying has considerable experience henna art.
Suitable Occasion: For a wedding reception party opt for this design on both your hands and make heads turn in a jiff!

#21 Indo-arabic fusion symmetrical mehndi design 

Mixing different designs, motifs and figurines to form a mehndi pattern is also a  hot trend in the present times. This design has an arabic approach in an Indian mehndi design like placement concentrating on palm area. The arabic pattern on the side has chain like dotted extensions running into the finger area for a more elaborate look. The finger tips have a decorative net concluding the design leaving in ample amounts of breathing space.
Suitable Occasion: This pattern is best suited for dulhan ki sister or mom as it gives fuller look to hands appropriate for the wedding of a near and dear one.

#22 Swirl thrill - Leafy back hand gulf mehnd design

This minimal mehndi pattern is a beautiful amalgamation of leafy branch swirl and half mandala curve looking absolutely mesmerizing on first glance. This design is ideal for youngsters who shy away from loading their hands with heavy patterns.
Suitable Occasion: This is ideal for teenagers or tweenagers for smaller events like house parties.

#23 Exquisite matching mehendi designs for both hands

For bigger occasions mehndi on just one hand isnt going to be enough. When you plan to get henna applied on both hands it makes sense to plan properly and opt for matching patterns for hands to look synched and in symmetry. This arabic mehndi pattern is something you can give a try which will look nice on left and right hand too. 
Suitable Occasion: For weddings of near and dear ones opt for this design to be applied by a cousin or a friend on both hands and watch all eyes turn over to you.

#24 Rich beauty- Bold and dark flowers and leaves arabic mehndi pattern 

Floral mehndi designs are loved by women of all ages but this henna design with shaded flowers and leaves put together makes for allure of a different degree. This is quite a bold pattern to sport on hands  and who wats anything normal these days anyway? Lets try something fun and vivid, something striking like this design
Suitable Occasion:  This mehandi design is something new brides can select for their first karwa chauth after wedding.

#25 Catchy and quick floral henna pattern for beginners

A contemporary henna tattoo, this shaded half florals on two different sides of the hand makes for an interesting pattern. Beginners if you are just getting started on arabic patterns, start from this pattern as it is really easy to apply. Trust me on this.
Suitable Occasion: This design apt for intimate and smaller functions in a family like anniversaries.

#26 Circles and flowers mehndi pattern for back hands

Curves and florals with leaves form the main motif elements in this arabic design where the curves swirl in almost like a circle giving it a very lovely. This backhand mehndi pattern can also be applied on front hands if your heart desires and is quite beginner friendly so, don't get intimated by the thick strokes and perfect curves, give it a try and test your skills to the best using this pattern. 
Suitable Occasion: Apply this design a night before a dinner party at a relatives place and you will grab all eyeballs towards your hands.

#27 Vintage glam- lattice and roses mehendi design

Different kinds of netted details gracing the entire length of fingers give a very victorian inspired vibe and the rose motifs at the base of fingers add to its old-world glam feels. there is also a rose branch swirl giving this design a fuller and fascinating look. Here in this photo, this design is applied on backhands but it can also be used on the front portion of hand to prettify your palms. 
Suitable Occasion: This design is apt for eid-ul-adha and similar cultural festivities in muslim community.

#28 Mesh madness-  New age netted henna design

Another swirl style mehndi pattern with jaali details making for a pretty pattern on hands. This design all sophisticated glam with the flowers present in bunches and having a thick shading to stand out and take centre stage while the jaali details cover fingers and the left part of hand. The right part of hand is mostly left empty for a classy appeal.  
Suitable Occasion: At the mehndi ceremony of your best friend dont shy away from going bold and beautiful with this pattern etched on your hands with help of a professional artist.

#29 Contemporary floral mehndi design with dark and light shading details

This design is most suited for skilled professional or people who have a fair bit of experience with henna art. If you are one of those possessing moderate to high-level skill with mehandi application you could surely give this enthralling design a try. Here floral patterns have a light barely there shading while leaves are thickly filled to bring about an eye-catching contrast which will be more alluring when the henna is scraped off and removed.
Suitable Occasion: Wow all guests at your diwali party by opting to beautify your hands with this shaded pattern.

#30 Simple arabic henna designs for left hand with paisleys 

Florals, paisley with a mix of leaves, curves and dots are very common in arabic patterns and this mehndi design uses all of that for traditional charm. Get this applied by any starter in your family and it wont take much time or effort to add to the charm of your hands.
Suitable Occasion: For evening parties teens can select this simple arabic mehndi design for left hand and apply it themselves.

#31 Unique arabic mehendi design with lots of empty spaces

If a unique and trendy mehndi pattern is what you desire then try something like this delicate and chic design where more focus is laid on the finger tips. This mehndi requires a deft hand and has the ability to turn your back hands into a show stopper at an event because of the intricate appeal and the distinct pattern especially on the left hand. If you dont like going too experimental with non-matchy patterns you can pick just one design from these two hands and get it applied on both hands. 
Suitable Occasion: Girls you an totally get this design applied at happy occasions like cousins wedding.

#32  Exclusive rose swirl henna mehndi design

An extremely delicate rose with leaves mehndi design which curves beautifully to create a spiral sort of pattern on hands. This pretty design will look amazing on women with sleek hands and even pre-teens can get this applied on hands for wedding-related events.
Suitable Occasion: Surprise your husband on valentines day with a rose pattern like this as roses symbolize love and affection.

#33 Mughlai inspired arabic henna design

I love how this arabic mehandi design has a mix of florals and mesh with fingers covered in an intricate pattern in a sloping style. This design can be applied both on front and on the backhand and looks fascinating with a tasteful and attractive output. 
Suitable Occasion: This is an ideal fit for eid for younger women wanting a modern look at festivities.

#34 Banded bangle style arabic mehendi for hands

Bracelet style mehndi patterns are a nice option for young fashionistas who want a bit of quirk in their designs. You can choose a design like this with double florals bands one on the wrist are looking like a bracelet and another looking like a palm cuff. Finers also have a delicate chi detailing completing this sophisticated pattern.
Suitable Occasion:  Festivals like eid demand something exciting and fun like this design, try this pattern for Eid-ul-zuha and get set to be complemented by all and sundry.

#35 Single line simple arabic mehndi pattern

Minimal patterns also looks mesmerizing when chosen well. This single flower motif with leafy creeper swirling and spiraling in unique ways screams freshness. For the younger brigade and teenagers who want to embrace elegant with henna patterns this is an ideal pick. If this design fills a tad bit too basic for you then opt for a more complicated pattern on front hands and you are sorted. 
Suitable Occasion:  This is ideal design for kids and young girls at marriage events of distant relatives.

#36 Delicate and chic arabic mehndi pattern for millennials

Have a thing for delicate and intricate designs which are totally chic and girly? This design is your answer as it has an overload of fine details mastered only by a skilled hand. the fingers all have banded details while a leaf-like thing curves out which again has intricate details surrounding it. The wrist area hand a bangle inspired geometric pattern. The attention to minute detail is awe-worthy here and the empty spaces overload doesnt let the design veer into an overpowering zone.
Suitable Occasion:Occasions of great significance like engagement or wedding of your siblings calls for a khafif design like this.

#37 Stylish back hand mehndi design with netted and floral details

This one is a simple yet modish pattern with beautiful jaali and branched detailing on the fingers with multiple florals on the hand part. This is a very basic design with a sober yet rich look!
Suitable Occasion:  For nuptial ceremonies like roka or engagement in your family you can try this pattern

#38 Full hand arabic henna for left hand

Unconventional types of flowers in a vertical line across the hand form this design which is also pretty quick to apply. All fingers except one is kept bare but you can try getting the fingertips shaded dark for more drama.
Suitable Occasion:  Ideal for bridesmaids who want some quick patterns to stay free as you have to help with wedding duties

#39 Fully shaded mehndi design for both hands

Not everyone is comfortable with new model henna patterns and if you are one of them then you can try giving the common arabic patterns a little twist and have it applied. This shaded full hand pattern is a normal arabic with a slightly different shaded floral details.
Suitable Occasion: Mehndi also looks great for a baby shower event. Try this design at a baby shower party.

#40 Graceful arabic mehendi design for the front hands

This design is a beautiful placement of common arabic strokes into the palm of hands. Fingers mostly have bold checks here but the real detail giving it a distinct touch is the flower motifs scattered around instead of leaving the hands empty. If you like your henna designs to have a fuller look without being too elaborate then this is a pattern to attempt. You can use this floral scattering trick even with any other arabic mehandi design of your choice and give it a more filled up vibe.
Suitable Occasion: This is a basic henna design which should suit all functions especially traditional ones like karva chauth.

#41 Bold flowers arabic henna design

Shaded floral motifs are a huge thing this season and this mehndi design with thick flowers put here and there with no connecting stokes makes for an intriguing choice. the fingertips with its traditional strokes bring about a balance grounding this pattern. This may look very complicated to apply but is actually really easy once you get a hang of the flower figures.
Suitable Occasion: Ideal for birthday parties and family functions.

#42 Modern swirl Khafif mehendi design

Symmetric mehndi designs like this circular floral pattern are perfect when you want to apply minimal designs on both hands.  This contemporary pattern with an overload of empty space on hands is both striking and beautiful. You can apply this on both sides of hands as per your personal preference. 
Suitable Occasion: Do you celebrate the smaller festivals like bhai-dooj, rakhi and teej with equal fervor? Adorn your hands with this pattern to add to the joy of the occasion. 

#43 Elaborate rose arabic mehndi deisgn

Rose mehndi is ideal for women who want a blend of traditional and modernity in their mehndi designs. This rose mehndi pattern is actually pretty striking as it uses multiple rose motifs with leaf details and nothing else to cover the entire length of hands. Not everyone can carry off this kind of a new age pattern so proceed with caution, and only if you are sure about getting such a bold design drawn on hands. 
Suitable Occasion: Have a special first Valentines day dinner after marriage planned? Opt for this pattern and get your better half drooling.

#44 New model four flower arabic mehandi design with finger tips details

Florals are evergreen mehndi motifs and they come in so many variations giving a new look with slight tweaks and placement changes. Here a chekered circle is surrounded by four florals forming a huge flower-like pattern . Four such checkered flowers are present on the full of hands with a dotted swirl line connecting them all for an elegant look . The fingers have a more filled up soft detailing with a heart motif added forming a riveting design. This design isnt for all you starters as it is pretty heavily detailed with lots of intricate elements present.
Suitable Occasion: Are you the sister in law who wants all eyes o rest on you on the wedding day of your devar, get this pattern applied without a second thought!.

#45 Fascinating florals - arabic mehndi design for left hand

Looking for an attractive yet simple mehndi design which can be applied in a jiffy. Well, take a look at this pattern where three flowers with light shading are placed together with leafy patterns surrounding it. A matching single flower with leaves is drawn on the finger to conclude this design which is perfect for starters to try their hand at.
Suitable Occasion: Young girls, give this pattern a try for parties or mehndi ceremony and you wont have to sit all day to get henna applied. Spend time bonding with your family instead. Epic win, right?

#46 Semi-circular arabic mehndi design with jaali details

How deliciously delicate, intricate and chic is this half circle style Arabic mehndi design on front hands? This is a modern twist to the common mandala mehndi pattern which gives an Indo-Arabic feel. The design starts off from a shaded circle which then is bordered with various styles on thing strokes like mesh, lines, leaves, dots etc. Use definitely need a real sleek cut cone to get the wispy thin strokes right and once applied fully this one is going to turn out into a total show stealer. If you ask me my one favourite latest arabic mehndi design which I want to try this festive season, then my answer surely is going to be this. It is that fabulous yet understated 
Suitable Occasion: A very light and ethereal eid type of design this one is. I would recommend this for festive occasions like eid, diwali or dusara especially with fusion style outfits having minimal styling.

#47 Diamond patterned latest arabic mehndi design 2019

Slay them all with a unique and experimental henna pattern which is an awesome blend of indian mehndi art and arabic henna figures. Dont get bogged down by the distinctive and eccentric appeal of this diamond-shaped cut-work inspired mehndi design. With some patience and lots of practicing, you can totally master this design which is actually just normal henna motifs like, dots and swirls arranged in an unusual manner. You can even show this pattern to a professional artist and get it done before important events to let your hands make a statement of their own. 
Suitable Occasion: This design has a maximal written all over it and is ideal for bridesmaids to flaunt at a reception party.

#48 Amazing arabic mehndi design for full hands

Use a cone with a thick hole to apply this design is quick strokes for filled full hand henna pattern. This design runs almost up till the elbow area but can be applied quicker than most full mehndi designs because of its spiral style form. if you are a beginner who has a bit of practice and want to transition from simple patterns to more moderate level design this could be your design to help progress smoothly. This pattern may look pretty complicated on screen but trust me, it is easier than it looks and can be mastered by anyone with a little bit of patience.
Suitable Occasion: An amazingly pretty full hand pattern to flaunt at weddings of close relatives or friends

#49 Easy and simple arabic mehndi design with shaded details

If you are looking for mehndi pattern you can yourself apply then this shaded pattern is an amazing discovery. It really is easy to etch this design up on hands as just basic strokes are used here with no intricate detailing whatsoever. You can just outline the floral and mango patterns with swirls in one quick go and later go about lightly shading them for a two-toned effect when you remove the henna paste off. 
Suitable Occasion: For all those weddings of distant relatives try this pattern. 

#50 Intricate arabic mehndi design for hands

For back hands simpler designs are more practical especially if have elaborate complex patterns done on the front side. This conventional arabic pattern with a dotted connection to ring finger looks pretty and is also very easy to apply. You can try a design like even on palms if you dont like henna artwork on back hands.
Suitable Occasion: For low key occasions like house warming or birthday parties this design is a perfect match as you can just apply it on back hands and leave the palms bare. 

#51 Criss cross arabic mehndi henna design

Yet another criss-cross style arabic mehndi design with dotted nets grace the full hand area for a drop-dead gorgeous appearance of hands.  The finger tips have the normal florals figures and all of them are covered in design giving this pattern a heavier look.
Suitable Occasion: You can get this design applied for the wedding of close relatives or best friend. This design also is a good option to wear for festivities. 

#52 Tulip flower arabic mehndi design with netted details

Lotus and rose motifs are almost everywhere in henna tattoos these days and if you want something really hatke why not try tulips? Jaali work with florals intersections cover the finger area and circular mesh is drawn at the base of fingers from which a branch balloons out for tulip motif to take center stage. One finger here is empty while other fingers have thick leafy bits completing the pattern.
Suitable Occasion: Intimate special occasions like aniversary party calls for an enchanting pattern on hands like this.

#53 Netted arabic mehndi design for left hand

If you love jaali details then this popular style arabic mehndi design is a must try. This design looks like a normal arabic pattern but uses netted filling instead of going for shadings. This is a full hand mehndi design with a mesh twist which works well for left hand. Most women dont have anyone around to apply henna before smaller events so they apply it themselves from right hand to left hand. Patterns like these will be ideal to draw yourself.
Suitable Occasion: For your godh bharai rasam aka a baby shower, this traditional type of pattern is a fabulous fit.

#54 Traditional mesh inspired arabic mehandi designs

Contemporary with a traditional twist is what this arabic mehndi pattern is all about and taking its allure notches high is the mesh detailing present in criss-cross style. The fingertips are most simple or empty in arabic patterns but it isnt the case here. The fingers have lots linear strokes and mini jaalis which strike a trend of their own. Instant love.
Suitable Occasion: Is your intimate roka finalized in a jiffy? Try this pattern which ca be applied even by an artist with modern skill level.

#55 Bangle inspired arabic mehndi design

Ornamental mehndi designs inspired by real jewellery is also getting very popular. This bangle style mehndi design has multiple bands with intricate arabic henna detailing inside it. These bands start off from the elbow region and continue until it reaches the finger tips. If you are looking for a bangle style mehndi pattern for both hands then this is a good pick but make sure the occasion is appropriate as this design will look very out of place for simpler occasions. 
Suitable Occasion: This design is appropriate for festive occasions and parties where you want to really grab all the limelight. 

#56 Bridal arabic mehndi design with mango motifs and jaali details

Even brides these days are preferring arabic mehndi designs for their hands as it gives a more trendy and effortless look to hands which works not just for the big but even after the wedding as a newlywed bride. Bridal arabic mehndi designs are obviously more elaborate and heavier in nature than normal ones and this design here is a perfet example of a bridal pattern which in combination with appropriate full bach hand can give a wedding-ready look.
Suitable Occasion: This design is ideal for millennial brides for their minimalistic wedding day look. You can also opt for this pattern for events of special importance like your engagement or a godh bharai rasam.

#57 S-style arabic mehndi design with multiple tiny flowers border

Single line arabic mehndi designs are very common and done to death, but if you want something different yet not too bold pattern, try an S style swirl which has dotted line border on one side and floral edging on the other side. the side of the hand has a half circle pattern with similar edging to conclude this simple and easy arabic mehandi pattern. Beginners will love it as you cant really go wrong with this. 
Suitable Occasion: For simpler traditional events you can opt for this pattern.

#58 Indo arabic palm henna design with branched leafy details on fingers

One of those timeless and evergreen patterns this mehendi design gives a graceful look. A basic arabic pattern runs diagonally while linear strokes and branched strokes cover the fingers looking striking yet simple.
Suitable Occasion: Have a dinner party hosted at your home? You need to not just feed your guests well but also look stylish and well put together. Try this mehndi pattern which wont be hurdle in your party preparation work as it takes just minutes to apply and you are not kept busy with mehndi smeared hands for long.

#59 Fusion filigree henna design for front hands

This is palm focussed mehndi design and will be loved by women who want mehndi to cover their front hands and fingertips area more than backhands and below wrists.  Mehndi gives a reddish brown colour after the removal which pops best against the pristine white skin of the palms so letting most part of your designs rest there is a more feasible idea. 
Here the arabic mehndi design is divided into two parts and one part graces the fingers area while a bit of space is left empty before the next part begins from the lower wrist area. Lots of netted details with florals and swirls gives a pleasing look to eyes. 
Suitable Occasion: This design is nice choice for the friends of bride as you deserve to look trendy and sharp at your bestie's wedding.

#60 Three part arabic floral mehndi design for palms

Etched in bold strokes of thick florals and net this mehndi has a distinct appeal making for a wonderful palm mehndi design. This three-part design has chic mesh detailing placed strategically in bits like on fingers, upper wrist area etc giving a regal and avant-garde look. 
Suitable Occasion: This elaborate pattern is a stunner and a great pick for both weddings and festive occasions

#61 Victorian style linear mehndi design for backhands

If you are looking for an exclusive new model mehndi design which is simple yet catchy then this is your best option. This design rests on the upper backhand area with fingers having simple banded stripes. Sleek lines merge into a scalloped border which is edged with tiny dotted flowers giving fusion appeal ideal for the younger brigade. 
Suitable Occasion: Ideal for experimental women who want nothing but the latest mehndi designs to grace their hands. This is perfect for occasions where you will flaunt indo-western or fusion outfits. If you plan to wear western dresses also, this design blends in well.

#62 Multiple diamond patterned lace inspired arabic mehndi design

This multiple diamond-shaped arabic mehendi design is a show stopper in itself. Looking like it is inspired by cutwork this design gives a lace glove like an illusion with floral bands finishing it off in the bottom area. The diamond shaped beauties are strategically placed and filled with common mehndi strokes while the fingers have a concentration of Indian style mehndi giving a very fusion look to hands.
Suitable Occasion: This design is pretty complicated in nature so it could be ideal for a bride at their roka ceremony. Even sister of brides can consider this as an option.

#63 Contrasting arabic mehndi design with finger ring pattern in between

This neatly done mehndi design uses contrasting dual patterns approach. Here one side of hands ahs a decorative checkered pattern and the other side has floral details which both are held together by two henna ring bands on the middle finger. I have always maintained that henna isnt a difficult art to learn and when you take inspiration from designs like this which are easy to apply but look like a million bucks your half work is done.
Suitable Occasion: This design is a perfetc canvas to show off your smashing engagement ring so try this pattern for your engagement ceremony if elaborate henna designs aren't your style.

#64 Pretty fusion gulf mehndi pattern

Another aesthetical Arabic mehndi pattern which is delicate work of art. Get this pattern applied and you are sure to win endless compliments. This design has a keen eye to fine detailing and crisp lean finish with a side positioning of florals, leaves, and crisscrossed net.
Suitable Occasion: Have a cultural fest in your college, then apply this design. This deisgn looks good for parties on Christmas or valentines day etc.

#65 Netting and florals - Gorgeous arabic mehendi design

For a fusion look with henna art this jaali mehndi design with floral borders is an ideal choice. This design again gives a lace glove illusion and is surely going to turn heads over to you if you finalize on this pattern. 
Suitable Occasion: Is it your first eid post-wedding then opt for a classy and striking patternlike this

#66 Regal and elegant arabic henna design

This design is ethnic and traditional design is having all details a person wishes for in an arabic pattern. even a little to moderate experience with mehndi application is enough for a person to apply this kind of a design which doesnt match on both hands for a more fusion appeal. This design has one part of hand left plain as is the latest mehndi design trend of empty spaces. 
Suitable Occasion: You can attempt this design for an engagement party of your friends or a festive occasion.

#67 Stunning matching arabic mehendi design for both hands 

Have a fetish for all things elaborate and maximal then this Arabic mehndi pattern is a good match for you. A lot of netted details combined in a zig-zag way with common arabic motifs finish this henna design running the entire length of arms. Even brides can try this mehndi design if they want minimalism for their big day.
Suitable Occasion:You can try this design for the wedding of your sister or your own engagement on the backhands.

#68 Wrist patterned hand cuff inspired arabic henna design 

Bangle style mehndi designs give a very trendy and flattering look to hands but if you something out of the box try this kangan aka hand cuff spin to jewellery mehndi designs. Common mehndi motifs like mango swirls and dots are arranged in a triangular style kada pattern which extends lightly to the hands area in a dotted detail. The fingers are all kept plain except one finger which again has very basic design. When you have this design applied make sure to wear clothes having shorted sleeves to avoid keeping this design hidden under the fabric. 
Suitable Occasion: For an engagement party of your sister, try this pattern and add statement rings into the mix avoiding all kinds of hand jewelry like a bracelet, hathphool, bangles and even a wristwatch to help design take center stage.

#69 Circular patterned flowers arabic mehandi design

Simple yet striking, this design with circular florals right in middle of the hand is a head turner. The pattern runs way below the wrist area from the tip of middle finger giving it a full hand look with lot of skin left bare. The other fingertips also have a small flower motif to complete this design which is easiest of them all. Catching a henna cone for the first time in your hands, you can get this design right even then, that simple and basic, give it a shot.
Suitable Occasion: You can apply this mehndi design on simpler occasions like rakhi, teej etc.

#70 Artistic half circle arabic mehndi design 2019

This half circle on either side of hands is an interesting gulf henna pattern and gives a modish look without much effort. You can totally get this design right even in the first few tries as it is pretty simple with the basic use of strokes. 
Suitable Occasion: Arabic mehndi patterns are a gorgeous match for eid festival. Try a pattern like this if your eid outfit has more of modish appeal.

#71 Simple and pretty arabic mehndi pattern for starters

A simple arabic mehendi design with circular strokes which women can apply randomly when there is no occasion in sight. Did you know that henna mehndi has cooling properties which help to calm the nerves and regulates the temperature of body to an extent? You can try to apply henna just randomly on hot summer months for some natural cooling. But make sure to use pure and oragnic henna paste for if cooling is your main objective and dont care much about adding stuff like peppermint oil for colour development. 
Suitable Occasion: Randomly apply on hands when you have time on hand and have an urge to apply mehndi on hands. This design is also suitable for kids to rock a family wedding.

#72 Decorated rose jaali mehndi designs with kangan pattern on wirts

A lace glove mehndi design with rose mesh pattern looks aesthetically appealing. The base of this design is a floral kada style band with lines and dotted line border. This design has a very modish vibe to it and can work well with indo-western or fusion outfits. For all you youngsters this design is ideal if your outfit choies are more modern and western than ethnic on a daily basis as henna isnt going fade away in a day or two. 
Suitable Occasion: This design works best for occasions where you will wear more contemporary silhouettes like a pant saree, sari gown, dhoti pants or  indo-western dresses like a gown etc.. If you have Christian wedding to attend then this design fits in effortlessly. 

#73 Classy mehndi design with a filled up look

Who doesnt love florals and a good dose leafy branches in their henna design? This design has all that in a unique positioning resembling a palm cuff. The finger area is another design marvel with each finger having a different and alluring pattern to distract art lovers. Stunning is the only word to use here.
Suitable Occasion: Get this design applied on back hands to steal the show at the wedding of your sister or best friend.

#74 Lovely finger arabic mehndi designs 2019

If your personal style is classy and minimalistic then you probably want basic designs which don't cover whole of the hand. Finger mehndi designs are a good choice for you where the design concentrated on the finger area and a bit of it may or may not extend to the hand area. This design is a good finger mehndi option to try with florals and peacock feather motif crowded on the little finger while all other fingers have relatively simpler patterns. the curve line at the base of the thumb is also an interesting addition here. 
Suitable Occasion: If you love henna art you can apply it for simpler occasions too just to get a practice and perfect your skills. Apply this pattern for shab-e-barat or simple occasions like house warming party.

#75 Edgy and unusual arabic mehndi pattern 

Florals are everywhere but when placed in a unique shape they can give a  distinguishable appeal. Here florals are arranged in a U style curve running into the small finger while the lower part of the pattern also has florals as decoration inside multiple diamond-shaped figures. I love the simplicity yet the sass of this design which gives an all-new getup to hands when applied properly.
Suitable Occasion: Engagement ceremony of your cousin coming up? Select this design. 

#76 Fancy arabic henna pattern for back of hands

Mesh is a gorgeous way to spruce up a henna pattern but here the mesh forms the real focal attraction of the design with a floral slope line running across the hand for an enthralling look which pops. the fingers have leafy strokes and some dotted swirls while the mesh itself also has dots inside them to add to its charm.
Suitable Occasion: For festivals or a cultural event this design is ideally suited

All you wanted to know about Henna Mehndi: 

About Henna?

Henna is a medicinal and fragrant flowering plant and its scientific name is Lawsonia genus. The word henna is derived from arabic word hinna. Henna is also referred to as mehndi especially when used with body art reference in Indian subcontinent. The leaves from henna plant is used as a natural dye for hair, nails and skin. Henna is also known to have cooling properties which is said to calm nerves and jitters when applied before big occasions like a wedding.

Mehndi and Eid Memories: 

Eid is an occasion of joyful celebrations which comes just two times a year. Everyone has their own eid traditions and memories like he chand dekhna, prayer meet, feast, eidi etc but what is most prominent thing connected with eid for me has always been mehndi art. I have many fond me childhood eid memories which begin with mehndi flashbacks. As soon as the eid ka chand was spotted after sunset in the sky we used to roam around with mehndi cones at home requesting the neighborhood ki didi or our elder cousin to apply mehndi design on our hands quickly. Since mehndi design develops better when kept applied for a longer time we had this urge to apply as soon as possible and remove only in the morning. Infact all us three sisters had a contest of sorts to see whose mehndi stain is darker or developed better in eid mornings.

Henna in weddings tradition - Mehndi night: 

A temporary form of tattoo used to add joy to celebratory occasion mehndi soon began to gain prominence in weddings of south asia. Indian and pakistani brides infact have a separate henna night also known as the mehndi ceremony one or two days before the actual wedding ritual. For this wedding ritual which is mostly a women function , the bride is adorned with complicated full hand and feet mehndi designs by a professional artist or a skilled family member. Even other women relatives of the bride get mehndi applied on their hands at this ceremony which is then followed by dancing, singing and emotional bonding over fun games and yummy food. 
The mehndi applied on brides hand is supposed to be sent by the grooms side beforehand as it is considered an auspicious ritual. The bride mostly has fresh makeup and minimalistic outfit for mehndi ceremony. For jewelry real flower jewellery is a huge rage but many other types florals and jewellery ideas have emerged for mehndi these days which brides can experiment with. The elaborate mehndi patterns of bride have the initials of the groom hidden in  it and in some parts of India groom finding the initials on the bride's hand is a post-wedding ceremony only after which the wedding night commences. 
In some parts of India even the groom has to apply simlple dulha mehndi designs on hands as a part of shagun. 

Cooling properties of mehndi

Mehndi is a natural coolant and was used by people in the deserts of arabic countries to cool down their bodies. If your body has excess in summer months you an apply a natural henna paste on palms and legs to bring the body temperatures down. You can even apply henna paste to heal sunburns. If you have trouble with falling asleep, try a henna mask on your head and it should quickly relieve of stress, calming you into a good nights sleep. (Your hair will change colour though). Similarly, you should be cautious with the application of mehndi in cooler months as it can lead to a blocked nose and cool down your body further. 

Henna as natural hair dye 

Henna not just adds colour to hands but it can also be used to colour your hair. With pure natural henna paste you get an orangish red colour to your hair without the addition of chemicals. You can also colour your hair black or brown with addition of info or coffee powder. for complete details of how to use henna as hair dye visit my post here

Types of henna mehndi designs to choose from for hands: 

There are many types of henna designs you can choose from these days. From florals, geometrics to elaborate patterns there is something for every kind of women, you just need to find your style and opt for similar patterns at all festivities in your life.
  • Arabic mehndi designs: These patterns have their roots in persia but has rapidly spread its wings to south asian countries like India and Pakistan, not only these but women even in middle east and european countries adore Arabic patterns for hands. . These patterns have a with lots of free-flowing floral designs. What distinguishes arabic designs from others is that they cover almost full hands but there is a lot of empty spaces present proving for breathing space. These arabic patterns are most stylish and sought after patterns by younger women because they give a modish contemporary appeal
  • Moroccan mehndi designs: These designs find their origin is morocco like the name suggest and they are abundant in geometric strokes and calligraphy influence. These patterns look very non-girly and could be your ideal break from floral kind of designs which are done to death. Moroccan henna designs are also relatively simple and quicker to apply.
  • Khafif mehndi designs: Khafif in Arabic means intricate and these designs are just a version of Arabic henna patterns with finer and intricate strokes looking absolutely exceptional. Khafif designs are more difficult to apply and require a deft hand and a lot of patience so, make sure you have a skilled artist on hand. Brides will love these patterns for their big day and these designs are being prominently applied by the women in gulf countries.
  • Indian mehndi designs: Giving a more fuller, jam-packed and covered look, Indian mehndi designs have been preferred by brides here for their wedding day. These designs native to India have lots of traditional elements and motifs present like the paisleys, mandalas, swirls, leaves, mango, peacock, kalash etc. These kind of full hand cluttered patterns used to be popular some years back but with most women hit by the minimalism bug arabic designs have gained more importance. Majority of brides still opt for Indian mehndi patterns which extend to the elbow area especially if they want an elaborate and conventional pattern. You can find many region-specific variations even in the Indian mehndi designs like Rajasthani mehndi patterns,  gujrati designs and Mughlai designs which feature different ethnic motifs. 
  • Pakistani mehndi designs: Like in India, mehndi is of great cultural significance even in Pakistan and this area has its own design styles. Pakistani mehndi designs are a mix of arabic and Indian mehndi patterns and can be termed as Indo-arabic mehndi designs also. although most pakistani women have also been shifting to arabic patterns in recent times for occasions like eid, parties etc.
  • Western Henna tattoos: Not just in Asia and Arab countries, mehndi is gaining popularity in western countries as a natural and pain-free temporary tattoo option. These western inspired designs are very basic and resemble the tattoo body art. From quirky shapes to funky elements western world is applying it all and not just on hands and legs. western tattoos are being applied on the back neck, front neck, shoulder and even baby bump for a contemporary twist to age-old henna art.

Why pick an Arabic mehndi design over other options available?

  • These designs are easier to apply can be drawn at home without needing a skilled professional artist. Most arabic patterns are beginner friendly making is an ideal option for smaller events.
  • Arabic mehandi designs have a minimal and subtle look which is perfect for wedding guests who dont want to compete with the bride.
  • Since these designs are less complicated they dont require you sit for hours together to get it applied, so saves time too.
  • If you love trying new trends and creative patterns, arabic mehndi is your best bet as most design innovations happen in this category. 
  • The allure of arabic mehndi is so much that even modern brides are opting for these patterns instead of complicated and overblown designs. Millennial brides who love to keep things elegant and minimal will love arabic designs.


This long list of latest arabic mehndi design is sure to have you brim with utmost inspiration. You can try the regular arabic patterns with a modern twist or opt for a totally unconventional design to showcase your fierce fashion sense. These designs are the most trending arabic patterns at the moment. Whatever your choice just screenshot the pattern on your phone and get started by sharpening your henna application skills ASAP.

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