45 Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs For All Occasions

Introduction : The Origin Of Pakistani Mehndi Designs

The art of applying mehndi has been practiced in Pakistan for about 5000 years now. Henna is very popular for it has natural cooling properties and other medicinal properties . But the most famous of all is the use of henna mehndi to decorate the skin. The best part about henna is super cheap and not just the rich but even the poor could afford this popular adornment. The henna paste is great for decorating various body parts and holds a special place in the Pakistani culture. 
Henna is not only popular in Pakistan but it actually originated from India and is quite a favorite among Africans and people in the Middle east.

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What Is Pakistani Mehndi Design ?

The form of mehndi art which has a mix of arabic mehndi designs and indian mehndi styles. Pakistani Mehndi Designs has beautiful small detailing and has elements of  florals , leaves and shading. The uniqueness of Pakistani Mehndi Designs have made it a popular among the young girls. The Pakistani Mehndi design has a technique of thick borders in black henna with detailed complicated inner detailing for the bride and other voguish mehndi patterns to cater the needs of the contemporary minimalist women.
pakistani Mehndi designs has only evolved and become even more beautiful with passing time and the latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs of 2017 are much more creatively designed and well polished.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs has been developed by incorporating two cultures and thus is very different from many other styles of henna mehndi. It also has a lot of Morrocan mehndi elements in it.

Pakistani Culture And Importance Of Henna Mehndi In Their Culture:

A wedding is incomplete without Henna mehndi in Muslim Culture. Period.

Henna mehndi holds a significant and traditional place in the Pakistani culture . It is extensively used to decorate hands and feet of a woman at wedding celebrations and rejoicing functions. Pakistani weddings have a devoted whole day to celebrate the staining of henna mehndi on the bride's hands. Not just the bride but the guests in attendance adorn their hands with henna.

Pakistan constituents of muslims and the muslim's believe henna mehndi to be a sunnah. It is considered very auspicious , various mehndi patterns cover the hands of a girl almost throughout the year. Not just the hands but even the nails are painted with mehndi for the stain is lovely as nail polish is considered haram in muslim culture.

Mehndi Ceremony In Pakistani Weddings:

Apart from staining hands on happy occasions and festivals henna is most popular in the wedding tradition of the Pakistani Muslim weddings where a whole day is devoted for mehndi. On the mehndi day or Mehndi Night the bride along with her friends & family get together to celebrate the wedding to come. The day/night is filled with the bride's hands and feet being decorated with highly exclusive and elaborate Pakistani Mehndi designs , mostly done by a henna artist. The friends and relatives of the bride also decorate the hands but the designs are much simpler and do not cover the full hands and feet unlike the bride. The bridal Pakistani Mehndi Designs might take hours and the application can become tedious which is why the bride has her family and friend to accompany her while she gets her body decorated with henna.
The bride has mostly extensive Pakistani mehndi patterns drawn on her feet that extends upto her knees and beautiful Pakistani mehndi Designs on both the sides of her hands that extend till her elbows or much higher. Multiple henna artists are summoned and paid to get the task done to perfection. 

The Henna Rasam :

Many brides today prefer the mehndi application part to be done a few days prior to the main wedding event for they like a deeper stain. It is also believed that the stain of a mehndi is actually considered to define the depth of love between the groom and the bride. the deep the stain the better , a dark stain of mehndi is a sign of infinite love between the husband and wife to be!
The Henna Rasam is followed in some of the Pakistani families , who believe the bride must not indulge in any housework until the mehndi stain has faded away completely! Now with dark stains being considered a sign of better matrimonial life , its no surprise why a bride wouldn't want her mehndi to be as dark as it could be and last as long as possible.

Adorning And Celebrating The Henna Pakistani Mehndi designs:

With the demand for Pakistani Mehndi Designs going high you will find a lot of henna mehndi patterns circulating the market but a beautiful Pakistani mehndi Pattern would mean a little creativity with the presence of Pakistani culture in it. 2017 has seen the flourishing of many henna artists who came up with numerous latest mehndi designs that would look beautiful on young women.
there is something feminine about the Arabic mehndi designs and when Arabic mehndi designs are amalgamated with elaborate Indian mehndi patterns , a beautiful pakistani mehndi pattern takes birth. We also love the elements of Morrocon mehndi in the Pakistani mehndi styles. 

Here we list below 20 latest pakistani Mehndi Designs doing the rounds. they are not only beautiful but have a unique touch to them . The Pakistani Mehndi Designs below are not for the bride but minimalist mehndi designs for the back of the hands would look great on young women and small henna tattoos would look lovely on little girls.

Top 45 Pakistani mehndi Designs Of 2017

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #1 

This beautiful Pakistani Mehndi design has a square within a square pattern with minute detailing on the rings on the fingers and inside the squares. those who like sporting huge finger rings will love this design as it looks amazing when worn with huge round ethnic rings. This Pakistani mehndi design is not only great for the bride but will also look great on young girls for an occasion like Eid or party!
The other hand has a different pattern and the mismatched pattern on the back of the hands not only work but look fabulous on slim hands ! The pattern on the other hand has the signature Pakistani Mehndi filling of an orange henna color to distinct it from the other patterns on the same design. This is a very classy example of the trendy and latest Pakistani mehndi designs.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #2

Pakistani mhendi form of art mainly compromises of round circled mehndi patterns and dark thick borders with red inner shadings. This beautiful henna pattern The difficulty level of this design is medium and the tips of the fingers are painted and filled to enhance the beauty of the nails even more. This is a very popular Pakistani mehndi design among the Pakistani brides.  The mehndi used in this particular Pakistani mehndi design stains black which looks lovely on fair Pakistani women. The square pattern and the circle pattern are yet again found in this design which makes it even more unique!

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #3

Henna artists in Pakistan like to keep it free spaced and not crowded. They try a lot of delicate designs with interesting patterns. One such absolutely stunning Pakistani mehndi design of 2017 is this beautiful Hand Cuff style net design. It has the appearance of a single intricate circle in the middle of the back of the hand and a cuff like jewellery inspired design on the arm with matching jaali design on the fingers.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #4

This is a perfect example of Pakistani Mehndi design which has elements of Arabic and Indian motifs. Its beautiful as it has a lot of elements and yet looks chic. Paisleys and intricately filled semi circles dominate this design, this would look great on a bride to be's hand and works wonders for an engagement party!

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #5

this Pakistani Mehndi design is another favorite of mine , simply for the fact that it uses very little henna and yet beautifies the hand so easily! Apt for college going girls and young girls looking for coming-of-age patterns, this one's here to stay ! If you plan on wearing trendy hand jewellery like the hathphool , this Pakistani mehndi design is the thing for you!

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #6

Pakistani mehndi design though being temporary in nature leaves a great imprint for it has a very hatke touch to it. for eg this arabic mehndi design with hints of green glitter is so eccentric .This is done with a light hand and has an unpolished approach , those who like it rough and edgy can go for this particular Pakistani Mehndi design. The floral patterns along with paisleys look quirky when they are sprinkled with some green color. Great for sporting it at a youth event or a off beat party!

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #7

The love for minimal designs just gets better with pakistani women as they like to experiment quite a lot. Moving on from the mi imal round circle mehndi designs this oval intricate and pretty Pakistani mehndi design is sure very quirky and distinct. How many of you agree with me?

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #8

Bels, thick borders, flowers and jaali patterns are a favorite among Pakistani mehndi style of henna and when all of  this combine and come out in a form of mehndi design , you are bound to love it ! I am in awe of this pretty and creative Pakistani mehndi design !

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #9

It is easily noticeable from where this pakistani mehndi design gets its inspiration from. The inclusion of small roses and jaali like netted patterns is a mix of the Indian and Pakistani culture. The lovely bracelet like design along with leafy jaali pattern with roses in between makes this one gorgeous of a design ! If I were to get a pakistani mehndi design drawn on my hand from a Pakistani henna artist it would be this !

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #10

Not all our fortunate enough to hire a henna artist for they charge quite a huge sum of money ! If you are not a good artist and lack drawing abilities while holding a henna cone, fret not for this gorgeous henna mehndi does not require complex arcs!  All you have to do is draw a floral pattern with a thick holed black henna cone and fill in the inner portions of the pakistani mehndi design with red henna ! That's it, it couldn't get more simpler !

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #11

I found this Pakistani mehndi design to be on the cuter side rather than the creative one for it has these super cute zig zag patterns with a diagonal floral pattern in the center. It looks so chic and is a welcome change from all the complicated designs in the pakistani art of mehndi . This is a very simple design and if you want something you can try on your own , then you have to look nowhere else,try this one and you will be happy with results .

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #12

We love our Indian mehndi designs and adore the arabic patterns but when they both are combined in a creative way and a little extra is tossed into it, the result would be something like the Pakistani mehndi design below. Very extraordinary and unlike you might have seen before. The addition of the purple color add up to the beauty of the whole design.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #13

This one's a design which is not for the faint hearted, which means it requires very delicate and clean strokes for it is a very complicated design. Arabic mehndi patterns in a semi circle cover the arms whilst small floral and paisley patterns cover the fingers. It is an upbeat and coming-of age pattern for contemporary bride's.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #14

One of the most exclusive and famous mehndi design in the pakistani form of mehndi is the round wreath or circle shaped mehndi design with a little detailing on the fingers. This kind of circle patterns with intricate and small detailing within the circle look lovely on the back of the hands and are mostly seen on the Pakistani bride's. Very apt for women who are getting engaged or getting married,

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #15

Another form of the circle mehndi design would be the semi circle mehndi design which is joined with other elements like the cris cross and dotted patterns. As pakistani women love wearing their hand jewelry, this beautiful Pakistani mehndi design is a perfect ten on ten. Very new and trendy, give it a try today !

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #16

This might not be everyone's cup of tea , for it has a very modernist approach with no flowers or feminine touch to it. Its very edgy and bang on creative. A great design for those who want something no other woman has ever got it done *wink*

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #17

Love, love ,love this pakistani mehndi design ! Can we take a momnet to adore how lovely this is? the thick outlined borders, the presence of flowers and traditional Indian bel motif makes it a very quirky yet wearable pakistani mehndi pattern. Bride's who want something bold and beautiful, you have your answer right here !

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #18

Elaborate floral patterns with swirly kind of creepers on both hands and legs make this a beautiful and traditional pattern. Its best for brides and young girls should stay away from such elaborate patterns.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #19

The difficulty level and the beauty level of this design might be the same for its damn stunning yet very very difficult .small thick bordered flowers and minute wave detailing makes it a very remarkable pakistani mehndi design. Amazing yet distinct.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #20

Black henna bordered floral patterns with inner ed shading, another signature mehndi look of the pakistani style of henna application!

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #21

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #22

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #23

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #24

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #25

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #26

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #27

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #28

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #29

This is a beautiful half and half pattern where half of the back of the hand is left empty while half is decorated with jaali patterns and middle of the pattern is an arabic mehndi design.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #30

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #31

A  classic pakistani mehndi design which looks absolutely stunning when done with bracelet like designs on the hands. the circle patterns and the intricate detailing makes it very eye catchy!

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #32

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #33

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #34

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #35

This is a simple yet very breezy pakistani mehndi pattern for starters . Now even beginners can have a taste of the Pakistani mehndi designs !

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #36

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #37

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #38

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #39

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #40

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #41

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #42

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #43

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #44

Pakistani Mehndi Designs #45

Different Patterns Found In The Pakistani Mehndi Designs Form Of Henna:

1.Circles :

 Most of the Pakistani kehndi designs have circles and round wreaths with intricate detailing in them.

2. Grids /Jaali :

 Anything with jaali patterns beautifies the mehndi, and pakistani mehndi designs have an overload of them, which we really love !

3.Flowers : 

Flowers symbolize happiness and well being plus they are a universal symbol of ectasy which makes it a favorite among the women. Floral patterns are the most used motifs in the Pakistani mehndi design art of henna application!

4.Paisleys : 

Pretty pasileys have a good meaning to them and paisleys make any mehndi design more beautiful. Arabic mehndi designs would be incomplete without paisleys in them . Thus Pakistani Mehndi designs mostly constituent of these small paisleys.

5.Leaves and Bels:

 leafy creepers look very elegant and most of the bridal pakistani mehndi designs have small leaves and thick leafs on a bel like creeper.

6.Squares :

 Just like the circle pattern even the square looks wonderful. Most of the Pakistani women like to get a circle pattern on hand and a square pattern on the other, making it a geometric piece of art!

7.Ripples : 

The addition of the ripple motifs enhances the mehndi to the next level. Many Pakistani mehndi designs have ripples as the main element!

8. Shading: 

Signature Pakistani mehndi motif would be the red inner shading in the mehndi patterns. The shading takes the pakistani mehndi design to an another level. Shaded pakistani mehndi designs are elaborate and cover the whole hand. This is the most chosen way of coloring the hand when a bride is getting her hands painted. Shading also enhances the mehndi design as the shaded part is in a different color in the pakistani mehndi design.

Hope we have given you a lot of inspiration and many photos of latest Pakistani mehndi designs to choose from. Do you have a favorite? 

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