Different Ways to reuse Old Sarees

Different Ways to reuse Old Sarees

Dressing in sarees all time around makes you end up with so many sarees that you won’t wear or may be damaged or just not your type any more. Keep the sarees they are very useful and here what you can do with old sarees.

Reuse and restyle old sarees with these easy tips to add more fashion styles to your closet or you can use them for anything else rather than just clothing. Home decor items with old sarees or use them for furniture as upholstery fabrics and much more. Get creative with ideas to reuse an old saree.

Fashion Tips – 6 Different Ways to Reuse Old Sarees:

Now it’s not that there’s always a silk saree lying old in the closet, there may be other kinds of sarees like georgette, chiffon or even cotton. So we are just going to go with basics and we shall let you know which best type of saree you can use to restyle a look or just recycle the sarees.

1. Cut it out to make a kimono, a cape, poncho, cover up

These days the capes and kimono are so much in trend. For a simple DIY to create a cape out of a saree is easy. You will want an old flowy saree and not silk. You can use net, georgette, crepe or satin. Or go for a Kimono cover up, use your cotton saree or georgette saree in prints to get the perfect look of a kimono cover up. You just need to know ways to style after you re-style the saree.

2. Make a lehenga from a saree

This is being very popular and most of us have worn our mums old saree as lehenga after getting it custom stitched from the saree. This still is a bib trend, all you need is a heavy silk saree for a heavy lehenga or a lightweight plain silk lehenga for a plain look.

3. Make a gown out of a saree

You can get a saree a new look with a saree gown, get those plain, and flowy sarees stitched to perfection. Designers today make the saree gown trend so perfect and elegant with drapes, cowls and pleats constructed in a harmonising couture. All you need is to get it made into a saree gown, by pre-pleated lower drape or making in stitched to kali skirt and the rest as a drape in cowl. Attached blouse and that’s all to get your saree a new look.

4. Make a dupatta from a saree

Most of the Indian fashion going on today relies on the Dupatta look. The silk dupatta has been trending way high, and all you need to do is take that old silks saree and make a dupatta out of it. Add lace borders or trim and stitch sides that’s it. Style with Kurta, salwar or lehenga.

5. Saree Blouse out of a Saree

Fabric from a saree being saved up can be used to make a saree blouse or a lehenga blouse to match a look. Get a perfect custom tailored blouse to accompany your Indian lehenga and you have a new outfit out of the saree. Silk saree and party sarees will always be useful to make an elegant blouse outfit from it.

6. Tops & Maxi dresses designed from Sarees

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Some georgette, crepe and printed sarees can be perfect for maxi dresses or a-line dress from a flowy saree fabric. Add more style into your closet with cutting out cotton saree or georgette and crepe sarees to make tops that trend today. This will save you a lot and you can make more than one top from one saree.

So re-style a saree or reuse an old saree and get it chopped or stitched up to get new fashion outfits from it. Uses of sarees are just not limited to dressing. Sarees which are not so old but maybe torn and damaged can also be reused for making new outfits from it. Or you can also buy saree online on sale prices to reuse them for your very own designed custom outfit with the tips given above.

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