Matrikas Paper Products Review

I have had a habit of encasing every significant part of my life in the form of words and have maintained a personal diary since my childhood days. Two of the five diaries I wrote exist even today and are secretly hidden in the mess of my wardrobe's top shelf. They are the most nostalgic pieces of paper I own from my past and whenever I am feeling down or just want some 'me' time, I turn to these diaries and they never fail in making me smile! 

I love writing and creating my own creative stories, poems and Shayaris. During High school, my friends used to always praise whatever I wrote and encourage me to keep writing. Back then, my favorite pass time was to scribble my feelings in my personal diary and that habit has not changed even now. It's just that I have resorted to a virtual diary aka my personal blog now and mostly share everything there.

Having a personal blog blog for a diary has its Pros but I for sure miss that unbeatable feeling of penning on paper and often had that urge of owning a diary again. A few months back I happened to come across a lovely set of diaries sent to me by MatrikaS Paper Products and took this as an opportunity to rediscover my lost love for offline writing. MatrikaS had sent me a lovely set of four different and unique diaries two years back and this review post has been pending ever since* lazy alert*. I have been using their products for quite a while now and wanted to finally share my experience with you folks!

MatrikaS - About the Brand:

The name matrikas-White derives from the Sanskrit word for "MOTHER", denoting the powerful energies.

In donning this name, we take inspiration from the creative energies aiding in the process of ideation, innovation and expression. Validating the name through attributes, our range of Paper Products presents you with the premium space to stimulate your mind and unleash your creative best. Our range includes exquisitely designed and Diaries, Products that you would love as much to just hold on to as to flaunt.

Products Offered by MatrikaS:

From Notebooks to Journals and office stationary, MatrikaS is the answer for all your paper needs! Their products range from desk planners, business organizers, visitor's register, deluxe notebooks, woman's journal, etc - you name it and MatrikaS has it!

What Is So Special About MatrikaS? My Experience and Review:

My favorite diary out of the ones I received was the cute light green coloured 'CUBE WORKS' aristocratic diary cum journal. Honestly, I have never used a diary as luxuirous, pretty and of superior quality as this cube works one. It's just too cute and addictive and I use it to jot down my important notes. Being a blogger who juggles between two blogs is not an easy task and this diary comes in every handy for me to keep a track of pending posts. I also use it to register any new blog post ideas which I get when I am offline. I love how this diary is designed with a hard bound outer cover which is velvety and soft to touch. It also has this pretty 'lock me' elastic strap which keeps things more organised and discrete. This diary has 256 pages and covers all the needs of a writer, encouraging him/her to write their heart out. The other diaries I received are equally amazing but i didn't get the opportunity to click their pictures. Would just like to say that I am in LOVE with the products which MatrikaS has to offer! They have a lovely range of unique and fun printed diaries and books for every taste and every product by them works on getting back the creative writer in you.

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Do I recommend MatrikaS Paper Products?:

Yes! Absolutely! The diaries and journals I ave used are of the finest quality and the best thing is that all the products by MatrikaS are priced very reasonably. I can't seem to get enough the diaries, notebooks and journals which I own from MatrikaS and totally recommend the brand to you folks!

Where To Buy MatrikaS Paper Products?:

I want to repurchase this cute 'cube works' diary and try more products from MatrikaS hence checked them up on online stores and luckily, they are available on Amazon, flipkart, Snapdeal and Paytm. You can checkout their full range of products and get their code directly from their official website which is

Bling Sparkle Rating: 5/5

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