18 Beautiful DIY Henna Art inspired Candle Designs : Home Decor Projects

Beautiful DIY Henna Art inspired Candle Designs

Mehndi has been a favorite of mine since childhood. All most all of my cousins are experts in drawing beautiful henna patterns . I would never miss a chance to participate in Mehndi competitions held annually in my school.I love anything inspired by henna designs, and adding personal touches to a wedding  or for my home, these DIY henna art inspired candles was like a breath of fresh air!
Mehendi ,tattoo is a popular art of making beautiful intricate designs on hands, feet and many other body parts of a woman. It is made with henna leaves . A paste is made from henna leaves after drying the leaves which is mixed with other ingredients like eucalyptus oil, and filled in a henna cone. Mehendi is often seen as a mark of celebration. Women around the world adore their hands with mehndi at times of weddings, festivals and parties.
 For many years henna art has been a favorite to be applied mostly on hands. In India mehndi holds  scared place in wedding celebrations, and it is believed the darker the mehendi color on the bride’s hand the better her life will be after marriage.
Henna Art is put on hands and feet mostly but creativity has lead to using henna patterns to decorate other things. Beautiful patterns and designs include traditional designs which cover every inch of your hands, geometric, beautiful arabic floral designs, Moroccan, floral and more. However creative non traditional forms of Henna art have caught up the trend and many talented henna artists  are using swirls,shading, paisleys, geometric shapes, Arabic/ Muslim architectural designs and motifs with western symbols, signs and characters as well. Drawing henna patterns onto candles adds an inexpensive touch of Indian culture to your decor.

With so many of them in love with creative mehndi art ,it is obvious for henna art inspired handmade projects to hit the market. The latest and hottest henna inspired art projects are beautiful candles decorated with henna! Creative Henna art is not limited to the body, here are 20 henna art designs that can be crafted with henna cones on your own or can be bought from shops .

How to DIY these henna crafted candles:

Candles have been a favorite when it comes to home decor but henna inspired candles just raise the glam factor of the decor by a huge sum. The most common type of candle used for drawing these patterns is a white or ivory pillar candle as these candles have ample space to showcase huge intricate patterns and the light colored background is perfect to showoff the designs..
If you are using natural henna then you need to leave it to dry overnight or the henna design will smear off. Once the henna mehandi has dried you need to seal the design, which can be done by a water based sealant like mod podge or decoupage. You can also you a spray sealant to seal the mehndi design on the candle. And if you are using acrylic paint then you can leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes and then seal it with mod podge. The addition of kundans and gems in the middle of the henna patterns makes it even more beautiful and the candles sparkle even more. You an place the gems and kundans with the help of tweezers and stick them on the candles with glitter glue.
Handmade projects with Mehndi designs has been a craze lately and now its your turn to make some beautiful home decor or just add some pizzazz to those lonely plain candles. Let me share some of the best Henna art designs or patterns you can draw on candles:
mehndi photo

1. Simple Moroccan Mahandi patterns:

Moroccan patterns work best on square shaped candles which are either white or cream in color.

2.Easy Henna Patterns on long Candles:

The most common candles found in India are these thin pillar candles in white. Decorate these candles with simple patterns and place gems in between to make them even striking!

3. The Royal Peacock design of mehndi:

Cream colored candles with peacock motifs looks absolutely wonderful! These patterns are mostly seen on hands of a bride but look even more beautiful when done on a candle.

4. Floral Henna patterns:

Floral patterns which are minimalistic are a craze for they cover up the whole candle without using much of your time. Floral patterns in henna mehndi look stunning , this is a must try!

5. The Flowered Twins:

Most of the art mehndi henna hand patterns have floral motifs in them and why not flowers make or break a mehndi pattern. This floral mehndi patterns looks uber sweet when done on two candles.

6. Latest Mehndi Design With hearts and flowers:

Arabic mehndi designs are very popular among asian brides and what better than a catchy pattern between an arabic mehendi design such as an empty heart surrounded by intricate floral patterns?

7. Blue Jewels henna Inspired Candle decor:

mehndi designwith dots and blue gems will look gorgeous when used as decor on table centerpieces.
beginner henna designs

8. Lotus henna tattoo Pattern:

A lotus is the national flower of India and is a pattern loved by many. try drawing a single lotus with intricate patterns within it .

9. Geometric Prints Henna Patterns:

Geometric patterns are often preferred for dulhan mehndi design, hence this is one of the most sought design if you are drawing henna pattern for candles for a wedding!

10. Unique henna tattoo designs:

What could be more unique than this?A moon and a star within a pattern of a sun? Excellent right? I think this is a creative design. What say?

11. Paisley mehandi designs:

Flowers crowded at the crown with paisleys? Love! This is simple yet brilliant. Just begin from the bottom and end it in the middle.

12. Its All About Dots:

beautiful mehndi designs clean dots and floral extravaganza. Super love!
arabic henna design - by mehndi boutique

13. Flowered petals:

You can easily notice that most of the best mehndi designs have an array of flower patterns connected to one another in a climber pattern. Draw them on thin and thick ivory white candles for extra zing!
arabic indian henna mehndi design

14.arabic henna mehndi designs:

Arabic henna mehndi designs for hands have huge paisley filled with intricate motifs which is exactly what this candle has on it. This is better tried by those who are experts in mehndi application.
arabic simple henna latest mehndi design

15. Sunflowers and Dots henna pattern:

simple henna designswith two huge flowers starting from the bottom of the candle, yes please!
best henna mehndi design collection

16. Personalized inscriptions henna design:

Want to gift something unique to your loved one than this is what you have to go for! What better than a handmade personalized gift? that too done with beautiful henna paste! LOVE! Also this is amongst one of the most easy henna mehndi patterns.
henna inspired art

17. Feather Henna mehndi design:

Feather henna is one thing which is trending on instagram and pinterest these feathers of peacock drawn one above the other is fantabulous ! Make it stand out by placing light blue colored gems in between.

18.Trendy Owl Henna pattern:

For all those who are looking for some hatke design, this owl design filled with beautiful intricate henna motifs is a must! I found this to be the most different and unique amo

Acrylic Paint henna patterns:

If you want something more colorful then you can even try acrylic paint to draw henna patterns on candles just like you do for white mehndi. Candles decorated with acrylic paint turn to be beautiful centerpieces to place on your tables in the living room or make for perfect presents for guests at a wedding!

Seal You Henna Candles Properly:

It is important to seal the henna crafted candles after the henna has completely dried. You must know how to seal henna candles in order to make perfect henna inspired candles. I am not sure if local stores have Mod Podge but dipping a paintbrush. The most common way is to use a spray sealant but if you are willing to save a buck and not buy a spray you can always try a lengthier process where the candle with henna is covered with a wax paper and melt the wax paper over the candle with a heat gun. Though this requires a lot of precaution at the end it works as great as a sealant, or even better! Do you have any other ways of sealing a henna inspired candle other than Mod Podge, Heat gun+wax paper and spray sealant? Please share with us!

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