Boroplus Antiseptic Cream [Review & Ways to Use]

Winter is here and so are chapped lips and flaky skin. Today I am going to talk about a multi purpose antiseptic cream from Boroplus which has been around for a long time and I have seen even my mom use this cream.

Price and Quantity: 55 INR for 40ml

Shelf Life: 3 years


Packaging of Boroplus Antiseptic Cream:

Boroplus cream comes in a plastic tube with a screw cap. The packaging is travel friendly  and I love the white and voilet tube.

Texture: Thick consistency

My experience of Boroplus Antiseptic Cream:

Boroplus Antiseptic Cream is a multi purpose cream which can be used in a variety of different ways. The thick white cream  can be applied on chapped lips, cracked heals, minor burns etc and is good antiseptic cream to have in house in all seasons not just winters.
Since the consistency of  Boroplus cream is thick it takes time to get absorbed into skin and I dont prefer using it during the day. I apply this cream on rough heels, elbows and knees in winter and it definitely softens and hydrates them.
There is a nice floral scent which lingers on when I apply this cream on chapped lips. On lips it leaves a whitish layer which I am okay with as I use it like a night time lip repair when my lips are very very chapped. I havent used it on wounds or burns so I cant comment on it but my mom says she has used it on minor kitchen burns and it has worked well for her.
I have also used it on my face when my face has very dry patches in winters and it has worked well but left my face greasy. I have dry skin still this skin made me look greasy so I recommend beauties with oily skin to not apply it on face

Availability: Easy

Whats Good about Boroplus Antiseptic Cream:

  • Very affordable
  • Pleasant floral scent
  • Multipurpose cream
  • Has been around for a long time and trusted by many
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Good for elbows, knees, chapped lips and heels
  • Easily available

What could be Better about Boroplus Antiseptic Cream:

  • Doesnt get absorbed quickly
  • Makes skin a bit greasy 

Ways to Use Boroplus Antiseptic Cream:

  1. Treat chapped lips by applying a thick layer of boroplus cream before going to bed and wake up to softer and smoother lips
  2. Hydrate dry patches like elbows and knees with boroplus antiseptic cream
  3.  This cream can also be used to repair cracked heels but it takes some patience and regular application. You can also soften rough heels with this cream
  4. Boroplus cream helps cure minor burns and you can also use it to treat sunburns
  5. Nourish your nails and help them grow better by massaging this cream on your nail cuticles
  6. Helps heal common skin rashes
  7. Use boroplus to cure cuts and minor wounds

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★★/5

Final Verdict:
Boroplus Antiseptic Cream is a very good multipurpose cream available easily at an affordable price so it is a must have in all houses especially for winter

How do you use  Boroplus Antiseptic Cream ?

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