40 Latest Eid Mehndi designs to try this happy occasion

Eid-ul-adha is less than 10 days away and many of us are probably done with shopping for their eid clothes.  Last-minute festival shopping will, of course, continue till chand raat for us women who want our eid outfits to be uber-stylish and super perfect. Mehndi is an important part of every Muslim woman's eid look adding to the beauty and grace of hands and feet. If you haven't yet finalized your eid mehndi design then I bring to you some of the latest henna patterns to try out this year for bakra eid.

Latest eid special mehndi designs to try  || New mehndi designs for eid

Temporary tattoo henna art is used to add to the beauty and joy of celebrations. There are many occasions where women get mehndi applied and eid is one of the most popular ones. Almost every Muslim women get henna applied on hands before eid. These designs can be basic minimal patterns or even elaborate ones. Many times henna on hands is complemented with mehndi on feet too especially for married Muslim ladies. Here I bring to you fresh and new eid special mehndi designs well in time for eid . Have a look and take inspiration from these trending patterns

Latest arabic mehndi designs for eid

#1 Gorgeous shaded floral eid mehndi designs 

Next in line is this gorgeous mehndi pattern which has three artistically etched florals as its highlight which is then surrounded by circular elements and a leafy branch reaches out to the finger area. This mehndi uses the partial shading technique and the end output after henna removal is going to be really pretty with multi-hued henna art. This design will look equally pretty on the front hands and if you love designs on front hand more than backhand try this on the palm area.

#2 Stylish Arabic mehndi pattern for front hands

We begin with a simple eid mehndi pattern which uses thick strokes and ends just a little below the wrist area. This front hand mehndi pattern is quite elaborate as there is not much empty spaces and even the fingers have a floral pattern etched. 

#3 Trendy side backhands latest mehndi design for eid

Want to go really minimal and simplistic this eid? Try this experimental and unique finger mehndi design. Here simple mehndi strokes are edged on just fingers while the rest of the hand is kept bare giving a very modish vibe. You can balance a design like this with a more elaborate mehndi pattern on front hands.

#4 Netted eid special mehendi design for backhands

Using flower motifs in combination with jaali is one of the recent trends surfacing in mehandi designs. These kind of patterns are appropriate for eid as they are not too simple or heavy suits a mid-level occasion. Here florals are drawn on hand area and fingers and net details are filled in between adding to the delicate feel.

#5 Lace glove inspired contemporary henna mehndi pattern for eid

Lace glove mehndi patterns give a very chic look and work nicely if you are very a slightly contemporary silhouette for eid. The extensive detailing here is a block mesh which is placed below the wrist area. Bordering the mesh are floral patterns on both sides and fingers also have a flower and leaves strokes while the palm is left blank for a unique appeal. When you opt for a mehndi pattern like this makes sure to go for a similar netted pattern on the backhands for a full-on lace glove henna charm. Also, avoid wearing full sleeves which can obstruct the beautiful view of this arm henna.

#6 Eid special floral full hand arabic mehndi designs 

If you are looking for a full hand arabic Mehendi design to blend effortlessly with traditional attire on eid then this floral design is a good choice. The florals are present here in clusters of four with leaves branching out and this pattern is held together by horizontal straight lines on both sides. The fingers alternate between linear patterns and florets completing this eye-catching eid mehndi design. 

#7 Jaali and rose eid mehndi pattern for both hands

If you are fairly skilled with henna art then try something really striking like this above eid mehndi design pic. Here really fine strokes are used to etch net patterns which are mixed with florals for a soothing feel. One hand here has a thick rose flower on palm which for the main attraction. The fingertips also have netted details which add to the resplendent charm. Try this pattern for eid only if you are confident of your henna application skills. 

#8 Angular charm - Latest eid mehndi designs for left hand

An angular stroke is drawn at the side of palm which is filled with floral elements completely while there is swirl bordering the angle. If you love mehndi designs on palm instead of going all the way down the wrist and arm area, this could be your perfect choice. This design is edgy and fashionable so you can skip the application of henna on the right hand and it will still look good. Apply with your own right hand on your left hand if you have no one around to apply mehndi on your hands on chand raat.

# 9 Eid special shaded mehndi design for hands

Another front hand mehndi design for eid which rests mostly on palm area looks ethereal and chic.  Two netted bands are present here in the middle of which are several florals with some leafy swirls. I love how stencil-like patterns are etched on the fingertips here and if you love the attention to the details then select this pattern for sure.

#10 Intricate latest mehndi design for eid 

Intricate mehndi ke design which is symmetrical and matches on both hands is also a good option for eid. This mehndi design here has almost similar patterns but not exactly the same designing if you look closely. Heart motifs with lots of jaali bits occupy one hand while plenty of florals and circular patter rests on the other hand. This is a fail-proof mehndi pattern which is sure to fetch you compliments galore.

#11 Classic full hand eid mehndi ki design

Another bail style arabic henna which starts at the bottom part of hand almost at forearm area and reaches the fingers is a nice pick for eid-ul-adha. A trusted pattern which works well for placement on both sides of hands will suit all kinds of clothes, be it western, Indian or even fusion ensembles.

#12 Shaded circular style arabic eid special mehndi design 

If heavy full hand mehndi designs are your thing then try out this shaded floral pattern which spirals around the hand and can be etched both on the back and front hand portion with admirable intricacy. This design looks pretty difficult but if you inspect closely you will see that it is actually using just some florals and leaves all over the hand and if you get those 2-3 elements right you can totally master this mehndi ki design in a jiffy.

#13 Symmetrical bangle mehndi designs for both hands

Want to try something bold and classic? opt for this matching mehndi designs which uses half florals placed in corners of the palm as a design detail. the fingers are densely covered with more floral strokes while the wrist area has a thick broad kada like design. This bangle mehndi design would suit newlyweds celebrating their first eid beautifully. 

Chand inspired eid special mehndi designs 

#14 Gorgeous backhand eid special Mehandi design with mosque and moon motif

This khafif mehndi design for eid is a feast for the eye and it is certain to look even more beautiful when the green of henna paste is scrapped off and red color shows in its full glory. If you are really wishing to apply an eid themed henna design which is also fancy and ornate, there cant be a better pattern to pick than this. here the fingers form the focus while a floret is branched out which then connects to a moon motif inside which a holy mosque is etched. 

#15 Delicate chand mehndi ki design for backhands

Moon isnt a very common motif in mehndi so it can be really tricky to put it but this design pulls off the moon element with admirable ease. The moon stroke here is edges with dotted swirls looking almost like a mosque dome. The fingers bring in a bit of normalcy with basic henna strokes sparsely etched. I love how this design looks more like a tattoo than a design giving it a contemporary vibe which actually makes it a unisex henna design.

#16 Cute kids mehndi design with stars and moon

I remember stars were my favorite thing to drawback in my early school years and only because stars were so easy to draw up in abundance. Here lots and lots of stars are drawn on both hands with a moon on the wrist area and another tiny chand on the finger of another hand. If you don't possess henna application skills but want your kids to follow the eid culture apply this kind of a pattern with a henna cone. 

#17 Striking floral chand and taare eid mehendi pattern for young girls

Another moon and stars mehndi design for eid  which is best suited for kids. Here delicate and complex strokes are used in making the chand element with a flower in the middle. This pattern is actually ideal even for elders but you may have to tone down n the stars for a more mature look.

#18 Beautiful moon henna tattoo

Try out this tattoo style minimal moon motif for eid if you are looking for a subtle pattern. Prominent strokes are used here to etch a moon which held by a dotted curve. The fingers have simple linear details and dots scattered here and there. 

#19 New moon mehndi pattern for eid  

This chand Mehendi design for eid gives dream catcher vibe and is ideal if you are going to a5tend parties this eid. Here the moon and some lantern and floral motifs are hung with dotted linear strokes all resting mostly on the palm area. This design will suit teenagers best and works beautifully with indo-western clothes.

New eid mehandi designs for foot and legs

#20 Floral half foot mehndi designs

You can go for cluster crowded floral pattern for feet but concentrate it on the lower foot area and leave the back feet bare for a balanced look. this design brings a certain grace and artsy vibe to the legs and looks so very modern. 

#21 Simple and easy foot mehndi design for eid

Not everyone has an abundance of time the night before eid. In addition to preparing for an elaborate eid lunch, you also have to finish up with cleaning chores and henna application is the last thing on your mind. For such busy women, simple and minimal patterns are best suited. This feet mehndi design here can be etched in minutes so you are free to carry on with your household chores. 

#22 Side feet mehndi ke design for eid

Side feet mehndi designs are the trend these days for festive occasions like eid. Rock this amazing arabic inspired foot henna pattern which has swirls with florals in between. this is one of the most popular and classic patterns for feet and that is mostly for the ease of its application. Even if you are an amateur don't get bogged down and try this pattern for eid.

#23 New mehndi ki design with leafy swirl for legs

If you are one those women who don't like side henna patterns for legs but still want something minimal then this swirl above toe area is a nice option. This Curves looking like footwear band has leaves edging on one side and florals edging the other and is so very modern in its approach. This is ideal for the younger brigade to try this eid.

#24 Lucid thick curves feet henna tattoo

Tiered after sitting for mehndi application on hands? Want to skip the feet this eid? Don't do that, instead, opt for a basic pattern like this thick stroke curves on the side of feet. This mehndi pattern hardly takes time but adds to the grace of your legs and complement traditional silver anklets nicely.
  • Style Tip: with a simple design like this wear heavy anklets or paazeb to complete your ethnic eid look.

#25 Swirl style leafy side mehndi pattern for feet

This is another easy foot mehndi design which is again on the simple side but I have noticed women rarely apply complex feet patterns for feet as they are reserved mainly for weddings. If you are married and looking for leg mehndi design you can apply on your own pick this side henna pattern which uses thick strokes of swirls and curves.

Simple and easy mehndi ke designs for eid

#26 Floral and jaal front hand henna for beginners

This jaali mehndi design has a decorative triple dotted floral etched into it and bordered with a floral bail reaching well below the wrist area makes for an enthralling design to apply for eid. The fingers are mostly left bare except the tips and the index fingers which again are etched with flowers. 

#27 Diamond pattern backhands mehndi ki design

If you plan something more modish and contemporary this eid then opt for a design which blends with the modernity. This eid mehandi design here which takes shape of a diamond figurine etched inside with florals can totally drag your fusion eid look notches higher. To get a balanced appeal skip mehndi on front hands and feet and let the backhand pattern be your only body art form which remains the main focus of your look. 

#28 Minimal finger mehndi designs for eid

Regal full sleeve outfits are back in trend and if you are wearing one such dress for eid then make sure to opt for appropriate mehndi designs. This finger mehndi design is a nice option which doesn't run to the wrist area only to lay hidden below sleeves. Try this on the front or backhands or better still try it on both sides and watch heads turn.

#29 Architecture inspired eid special mehandi designs

If you are looking to reproduce a fancy mehndi design which isn't done to death well try an architecture inspired design like this.  This design looks lovely and is easy to apply as well. The dome shape will look fabulous on backhands but wont look so good on front hands so avoid getting experimental and trying out this pattern on palm area.

#30 Mandala Magic - Indian mehndi design for eid 

Mandalas have a traditional feel and if you prefer Indian mehndi designs over their Arabic counterparts then give the gold old and classic round mehndi pattern a try.  The mandala here isn't your regular one but uses fine and intricate detailing with a kangan like a band on the wrist area. Wearing something really ethnic like a saree or salwar suit for eid? Try this mehndi ke design to effortlessly pair with it. 

#31 Shaded splendor - Simple single line arabic pattern 

This breathtaking shaded arabic mehndi design is an evergreen classic which will suit women of all ages. These kind of patterns are very common and much preferred for eid but the whole shading technique takes this design notches higher and it can also be extended with the same elements to the elbow area making it into a full hand eid henna pattern. 

#32 Catchy and chic roses with net mehndi ke design

Bored of the same florals and mandalas? Then try roses instead. This aesthetic mix of rose and jaali on fingers is a sure-shot stunner and is best suited for young fashionistas to elevate their fusion eid look. 

#33  Multi patterned mehandi design for eid  

Multipatterned designs are my favorite kind of patterns as they allow you to experiment with so many elements. Here the fingers have a dense floral pattern while the lower hand part has an arabic like bel. This balanced design looks so well put together without going overboard.

Kid mehndi designs for eid 

Children are most excited about eid and they cant contain their happiness on chand raat. I have personally been witness to kids running around with henna cones a day before eid asking neighborhood aunties and didi's to apply mehndi on their hands. If you have to apply mehndi designs to your kids hands yourself then try one of these simple and basic patterns which will fit nicely into the tiny hands of kids. 

#34 Florals and swirls eid mehndi pattern for young girls 

For pre-teens who love henna on hands this kind of thick stroked floral pattern for hands is an apt choice. Kids who are a bit older will not go about soiling their mehndi patterns while it is still fresh and this design fits their medium-sized hands perfectly too. 

#35 Sober empty paisleys mehndi designs for young girls

This latest mehndi design for little girls has the paisleys left bare while floral patterns surround it. The empty paisley details are attractive and form the highlight of the design here. This pattern is fairly elaborate and wouldn't be appropriate for girls under the age of 9 or 10. Pre-teens and teenagers can try this design which is catchy and striking. 

#36 Sweet flower motif henna tattoo for babies 

Why leave your babies out when it comes to henna for eid? Most babies keep their hands tightly closed so front hand patterns are an impractical idea. A simpler version of mehndi mandala on the back of the hand for baby girls is enough to make an adorable statement this eid. 
  • Style Tip: pair a minimal design with some tiny bangles on your baby's hands and watch people drool over the cutesy visual of your little girl. 

#37 Single line chand mehandi design for eid

How effortless and non-fussy is this single line henna design which is an eid special mehndi pattern for kids. The moon motif at the middle gives eid feels while the curves and leaves admirably support it without going overboard. More strokes are added on fingers and a star rests on the little finger to add to the cuteness factor. This design I would ideally draw on the front hand of my daughter or niece but you can try it on any side of hand.

#38 Adorable smiley mehndi designs for kids 

Little ones are so adorable and cute and so I present to you a mehndi design to match their cuteness. This kid mehndi design is adorbs to the highest degree where a smiley is drawn instead of a round mandala on the middle of palm which is supported well with more smiles on fingers and wrist area. The fingertips here are filled with henna adding to the depth of the pattern. You can use a round cap to get the perfect circular stroke here. 

#39 Alluring eid special mehndi designs for teens

A horizontal dotted line on wrist area is surrounded by common mehndi elements like florals, leaves, paisley, jaal and curves. the little finger has a decorative jaal while the index finger has floral trio leaving the other fingers empty. This appreciative floral henna design is beginner-friendly and works well for young girls who want henna applied for eid. If your daughter or niece is from the ages of 7-14 try this mehndi design on her hands.

#40 Basic and easy arabic mehandi design for eid 

Arabic mehndi patterns are easy to apply and run across the whole hand giving a very subtly stylish look. For kids try simple Arabic patterns minus all the shading and thick strokes like in the eid mehndi design photo above. This henna design can be drawn on both front or backhands as per your personal preference.

Significance of henna mehndi for Eid festival

Night of eid also referred to as chand raat is when women of all ages from the Islamic community get henna applied to hands. The henna tattoo ritual is observed with passion countries like Indian and Pakistan and also alot of middle eastern countries which are dominated by the muslim population. eid is celebrated with great fervor as it comes only twice a year. The Ramzan eid with is also called Eid-ul-Fitr is considered the bigger eid but Eid-ul-Adha also referred to as bakra eid is celebrated with equal joy these days. For eid, women shop for ethnic clothes and plan menus mostly consisting of non-vegetarian dishes and sweet delicacies. But can a girl imagine her eid look without henna laced hands? A big NO is an answer. 

What kind of mehndi designs do women prefer for eid? 

While the kind of mehndi designs preferred for weddings of close relatives and friends are more heavy and complicated in nature eid mehndi designs are simpler and more minimal. In fact the majority of women arabic patterns for eid as it goes well with the whole traditional festival theme. These days including Islamic motif elements like the mosque, dome, and even moon are hot in trend but classic patterns also work well.  You can of course apply whatever kind of mehndi pattern you like, simple or elaborate Arabic or Indian but mehndi you definitely must apply. 
Most marriages mehndi artists are hired to apply henna but for eid mehndi is mostly applied by cousins, relatives siblings or even neighbors who possess basic henna application skills. These days women have started going to mehndi artists even for eid but these artists don't charge a bomb because henna is relatively easier and simplistic for eid festival.

Which of this eid special mehndi designs are you looking to try this year? Tell us in comments below.

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