15 New Arabic Mehndi Design Ideas For Eid

Be it any occasion, wearing mehndi design is always a welcome for us women. I just love applying Henna mehndi especially during Eid as I feel it takes the joy of the festivities to a whole new level! Henna designs have been loved and adorned by women from all over the world for years together and continue to be on the favourites list.

Mehndi design ideas for Eid or be it any occasion are endless. There's a sea of Henna designs to choose from and sometimes it really gets difficult to find a design which you truly love and want to apply. To solve this for you we have bring to you neatly categorized lists of only the BEST mehndi designs for different occasions which vary from Bridal mehndi, Moroccan Mehndi, Feet Mehndi designs, Henna mehndi, Arabic mehndi, Peacock Henna mehndi, Rajasthani mehndi designs and so on.(Check all the posts HERE)

Eid is that time of the year when there's happiness and joy all around you, so why don't you express yourself through a pretty mehndi design? Here's a list of 15 new and unique Arabic mehndi design ideas for you to have a look a grab inspiration from!

1. Unique Arabic Mehndi Design for Eid:

2. Floral Arabic mehndi design for hands:

3. Simple Arabic mehndi design for Eid:

4. New Arabic mehndi design for Eid: 

5. Trendy Bracelet Arabic mehndi design for Eid:

6. Simple Arabic mehndi design:

7. Easy Arabic mehndi design

8. Hathphool Arabic mehndi design

9. Mango Arabic mehndi design

10. Unique Arabic mehndi design

11. Mesh Arabic mehndi design

12. Diamond Arabic mehndi design

13. Hand glove mehndi design:

14. Spiral Arabic mehndi design

15. Heart Arabic mehndi design:

Which of these do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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