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Pollution has contaminated air to high levels in most Indian cities and Bangalore is no exception. Once known as garden city, this place is now witnessing rise in temperatures and deteriorating air quality. The contaminated air brings in several health problems making the city unlivable but with advancement in technology we can improve indoor air quality. Air purifiers are fast becoming a part of urban Indian homes along with water purifiers.

Do You need an Air purifier?
Air borne pollutants can trigger allergies, respiratory issues and is main cause of asthma and if you have children at your place you should definitely consider investing in a purifier.  Air purifiers make your indoor air cleaner and healthier making you and your little ones less prone to air borne diseases. You should absolutely get an air purifier if

  • You live in big cities with high pollution levels like Delhi
  • If someone at your place is asthmatic or has allergies
  • you live in an area where a lot of construction is going on
  • someone is pregnant in your home
  • You have pets 

Things to consider when Buying Air Purifiers for Home

  • Always opt for a well known and trusted brand like livpure when it comes to air purifiers. 
  • Look for a purifier which has proper HEPA filter, which needs to be changed every six months 
  • Noise level is very important because your are going to run the purifier indoors or in your bedroom.
  • To cut costs in the long run go for energy efficient, 5 star rated model air purifier
  • Consider the cost and availability of replacement filters before buying.

About Livpure

Livpure is one of the most trusted manufacturers of water and air purifiers in India. They focus on delivering superior purifiers for home and commercial use across India. Livpure eliminates pollutants from the air that we breathe and makes our environment healthier. With Livpure’s air purifiers available online for homes and cars, the experience is nothing short of feeling refreshed and healthy with the purest air you breathe.
Their product range includes RO water purifier, UV water purifier, Gravity water purifier, Air purifiers for rooms and cars, and Spares which are available for water and air purifiers separately.   


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