4 Items You Need To Take From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe!

With the trends that are in rotation in can be extremely difficult to keep up, especially when on trend pieces come at a high price! Whether you have a lack of money, or are simply struggling to keep up with the trends, we’ve come up with some essential items to can find… for free! As the fashion world moves closer and closer to unisex clothing, we’ve come up with 5 items you should be taking advantage of from your boyfriend’s wardrobe!

The Famous Hoodie

We all know that men’s hoodies are a little more snug and comfier than ours, so it’s most definitely an essential! Whether he’s chosen to buy a graphic, plain or distressed hoodie, you should consider ‘borrowing’ it, especially as in most cases it will be larger than your normal size. Hoodies are perfect for those rainy days where you’d prefer to sit in front of the fire and if you’re having one of them lazy days! So why not take advantage of it? Throw it on, match them with a pair of skinny jeans and trainers, and you’ll have yourself a new outfit to work around.

The T-Shirt

Mens t-shirts will always be in fashion, and your man will be sure to have plenty of those. T-shirts are simple enough to transform any outfit, especially as they’ll help you create a baggy, oversized or t-shirt dress for girls. Similar to, hoodies, you can mix and match them with some jeans, trainers, ankle boots and even some heels. T-shirts may be simple, but they decorate and extend most outfits!

The Famous Shirt

Shirts are becoming increasingly popular, especially as people are becoming increasingly absorbed in the smarter, or versatile looks. You can wear shirts in a host of different styles, including opened and baggy with a cute vest top, over the shoulders with a fitted tee or even tied around your waste with a pair of ripped jeans. Shirts are extremely versatile and will work with a host of different options, including skirts, vest tops, dress and midi skirt!


Blazers are a little different compared to the rest of the list, as it makes your outfit a little smarter! Whether you mix it with jeans, trousers or even a dress, blazers can smarten all your outfits. You can also use accessories, like a belt, which help you tighten up the blazer around your waist, giving you more of a fitted look.

This article is a guest post by Roman Winter.

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