24 Stunning Feet Mehndi Designs for the Bride

Mehndi is an important part of bride to be's adornment for the big day. Henna mehandi on hands has a lot of cultural importance in asian and gulf countries but in india even the feet are paid special importance. Toe rings, payal and intricate henna design on feet and sometimes even on the ankle upto the knee is covered with beautiful mehndi patterns to complete a brides singhaar .

Most bridal feet mehndi designs are co ordinated with the design on hands but having hevay mehndi design on both hands and feet can be overwhelming and even the bride can get tired sitting for so many hours to get the nehendi applied so it is better to get a simpler design done on feet and go over the top with henna design on hands. If you are having a big fat wedding and your elders insist on getting an elaborate design for feet then I suggest you get henna mehndi applied to feet a day before your actual mehndi ceremony, this way you will not have to stress much on your mehendi ceremony.

A stunning looking mehendi design on feet is very important for the bride because many rituals involve the bride having to expose her feet and a beautiful henna smeared feet will make things even more photo fabulous. If you are looking for inspiration then here I present to you a list of 24 carefully collected mehndi designs fit for the bride. Majority of these designs are very intricate and require an expert apply it but there are some ones too which can be applied by your sisters or cousins if you choose to go light on the feet and want to apply it a day before your actual mehendi ceremony. 

#1 Intricate Paisley pattern heavy mehndi design

If you want to match the mehndi on your hands to try this stunning design which has paisely patterns and runs upto your knees 

# 2 Beautiful peacock Henna design for feet

Going easy on the mehndi design of your feet and paying more attention to ankles this beautiful peacock henna art strikes a beautiful balance.

#3 Floral hena mehndi for feet

If you want florals even on feet then try this rose mehandi design with jaali detailing which isnt too heavy or simple, a perfectly balnced design for the bride to be.

#4 Jaali detailing foot henna art

Jalli or the netted henna is the latest trens and this mehndi design brings in a lot of mesh detailing combined with florals and peacock pattern.

#5 Huge Paisley mehndi design for feet

This is a very intricate mehndi design where a single paisley is the main focus. This design is relatively simple and will not involve the bride to sit for hours together to get it done.

#6 Beautiful henna design with florals and net pattern

#7 Unique crafted hena with lots of spaces

#8 Indian peacock henna design

#9 Simple thin lines mehndi design

#10 Barefoot footwear style mehndi design

#11 floral tikka and paisley style henna

#12 Flowers and vines henna tattoo 

#13 stunning full feet mehndi design

#14 Joint feet mehndi pattern

#15 traditional floral mehandi art

#16 Easy geometric feet mehndi design 

#17 Thick arabic henna tattoo art

#18 simple floral dulhan mehndi design 

#19 Arabic henna design for feet

#20 Net mesh type bands henna design for feet

#21 Feet henna art with lots of swirls

#22 Net Bridal henna design

#23 Simple floral henna pattern for feet

#24 Heart henna design for foot

Tips for Brides for getting Henna mehndi design for feet

  • A large intricate design on your feet means hours of sitting to get it applied and then some more time for it to dry, so be prepared
  • It is always better to get mehndi on your feet applied a day before your actual mehndi ceremony.
  • Make sure you have slept nicely and have a full stomach before you sit to get mehndi applied
  • Give a copy of the henna deisgn you have finalized to the henna artist before hand
  • Try going for organic chemical free henna cones. You can get it made at home with help of your mehndi artist
  • Call your photographer after 3/4 of the mehdni design is complete or he will leav e without taking photos of completed henna on hands and feet.
  • Comfort is the key when you have to sit for such a long time. Keep a lot of cushions, and make sure the place henna is being applied has proper ventilation and lighting. Also tie up your hair in a bun or braid so there are no disturbances.
  • Beauty treatments like waxing, pedicure needs to be done before your mehendi application. Doing this after mehndi is applied may give your mehndi design a dull faded look.
  • Dont forget to complete your feet henna design with a nice bright nail polish for your toes.

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