90 Beautiful Leg Mehndi Designs for every occasion || Henna patterns for Feet

Mehndi is an age-old natural temporary tattoo art which can be applied to any part of the body. this body art is popularly applied on the front and backhand area by women. Legs are another area where women love applying intricate henna mehndi designs. Foot mehndi designs are very popular with South Asian brides who beautify both their hands and feet with elaborate mehndi designs before their wedding day.

While henna on hands is a common sight in India with girls of every age adorning their hands with mehndi patterns henna on feet isnt really that popular. Traditionally feet mehndi is considered a symbol of matrimony and women are supposed to apply henna on foot for the first time only before their wedding. After the wedding, it is common for women(suhagans) to apply foot mehndi designs for occasions like diwali, teej and karva chauth but these designs are simpler and more basic in nature.

Many of types of leg mehndi designs for brides are available these days and you can choose anything from minimal to complex and heavy patterns to adorn your feet. Personally, I always advise brides to opt for minimal and simple patterns for feet while you pay more attention to the hands with very dense and elaborate patterns. This way you can save time on your mehndi event as minimal designs get applied faster and you can enjoy a bit of fun with your relatives and before your wedding day.

90 Beautiful New Leg Mehndi Designs || Henna patterns for Foot and legs

Foot mehndi designs arent something you apply every day and most of you will probably be applying it for the first time so, the need for some inspiration is a given. I curated to you some of the best and new leg mehndi designs so that all you women and 2019 brides have a lookbook of foot henna patterns to choose from. This mehndi patterns list has a mix of minimal and complex designs and will work for every kind of women, not just brides. So whether you like simple or complex you are bound to find a design to fancy your personal tastes, scroll down and make your choice.

#1 Arabic style leg henna designs for millennial brides

If you Arabic mehndi designs for hands then you can match it up with a foot henna pattern which has Arabic influence like this above design. The ankle area has a band with an architectural dome on top and flower in the middle. The side foot area is where the real classic Arabic pattern rests while the real highlight of this pattern is the delicate floral mesh heel. 
  • Suitable occasion: This design is an ideal fit for newlyweds to flaunt at their first eid after the wedding. Newlywed brides can also try this design at weddings of close family members like brother's wedding or sister-in-law's marriage. 

#2 Trendy barefoot sandal inspired feet mehndi designs

Don't you just love the breezy beach vibe this sandal inspired leg mehndi design gives? Like a footwear strap floral pattern covers the feet in an angular placement while a dotted line connects it to the toes. This design is very trendy and easy to apply too. Ideal to apply this on you beachy vacation for picture-perfect shots at your holiday when you walk barefoot. 

#3 Amazing jaali leg mehndi pattern

The foot mehndi design image here uses a decorative net for a delicate chic appeal. The net covers half of the feet from the toe area and then there is an angular band with curves and edged with dots. This mehndi design will look great on the younger women from ages 18-30.
  • Style tip: Dont wear shoes or juttis when you want to flaunt a leg mehendi design like this as it will cover the whole toe area where the main design rests. Opt for strappy sandals.

#4 Simple and easy Indian leg mehndi design for beginners

This design is fairly easy and can be done even by novices in their first attempt on ffet. A round motif on the middle of the feet has branes coming out extending to the toes.  There is also a payal style mehndi design at the anklet area completing this pattern.

#5 Florals and checks feet mehndi design

This is an indo-arabi fusion mehndi design for legs with florals giving it a very feminine vibe. Thick bold strokes are used to etch the florals while the toes have tiny florals bordered with hecks details edged with a scallop pattern adding to the beauty of this pattern. This mehndi pattern is ideal for events like teej or diwali. 

#6 Offbeat and striking mehndi design for feet

Dulhans can go for striking and new age henna patterns for feet like this designs here which uses vertical lines with leaves in the middle for a gorgeous look. The anklet style band on the upper area looks amazing adding to the splendor. Most brides dont want to experiment with mehndi designs for hands but if you really want to have fun, feet is a nice area to get a bit creative.

#7 Mandala mania - Classic round leg mehandi designs 

Heavy mehndi designs require a lot of skill and patience as you need to sit for hours together to get them applied. If you are getting henna applied to both hands and feet the time for application just doubles up and one simple hack is to go for an elaborate pattern on hands and simple pattern for feet. This mandala mehndi design with dotted anklet style detail is a perfect pick if you want a quick yet a beautiful looking pattern. 

#8 Evergreen shaded side feet mehndi designs 

If you are not a dulhan but still want some henna on your feet then try this arabic leg mehndi designs with thick and dark strokes giving an almost stencil-like tattoo vibe. This design can be done by anyone with mid-level henna skills using two cones one cut thin and one cut thicker. Match a design like this with an arabic pattern on hands and you are ready to attend any wedding, be it a close family member or even a best friend.

#9 Minimal Toes henna mehndi pattern

Another very basic foot mehandi design for non-brides which is more of a toe mehndi pattern. This design uses fine curves to form floret near toenails which is followed by leafy bits and a scallop edging with dots completes this design which even amateurs can apply without much difficulty. This pattern I would suggest for festive occasions like rakhi or holi but not for weddings as you need a bit more extra for marriages.

#10 Trendy mehndi designs for the feet soles 

There are many types of foot mehndi designs like you can apply mehndi on side of the feet, toe mehndi patterns and even anklet mehndi designs but the fresh new trend emerging is the mehndi on the other side of the feet aka your soles. This other side of feet henna is a tricky deal, like who will see design details there? But when you are going to be married why not adorn every inch of your body because it is a once in a lifetime event right? Brides have this post-wedding ritual involving feet and this design here could turn heads literally! try it if you are a bride who wants to pamper yourself to the fullest.

Simple leg mehndi designs for minimal brides

#11 Traditional mandala foot mehndi designs

If you are the traditional kind, a mandala Mehandi design for legs is a good pick for you as it is a classic pattern which blends well with all kinds of ethnic clothes like sarees lehengas etc. This design has shaded style glam round pattern edged with delicate floral strokes and some half flowers on toes and a thin band on the ankle is also added. The whole design would look empty and bare but a 9 dotted buttis are scattered all through the feet for a more fuller look making it bridal appropriate. 

#12 Curves and florals leg mehndi designs

For modern young brides who want to experiment with trends and contemporary styles this curves pattern foot henna design is a good choice. This design is a symmetric pattern which looks almost circular when both the legs are joined. Even beginners can give this mehndi design for legs a try and perfect their henna skills at home or at the Mehendi ceremony of your close relatives.

#13 Toes only leg mehendi designs with floral sprinkles

A curved floral kind of pattern is concentrated in the toes area of this design which is then bordered with thick lines and a leafy horizontal branch. Tiny florals are sparsely scattered in the rest of the foot area to finish this spectacular design which can suit women of all ages for festive occasions and weddings.

#14 Shaded and dark round foot mehndi design

This a more modern take on the classic round mandala pattern and it is also less intricate and thicker and denser in nature The lotus motif above the ankle area forms the focus of attention while an anklet like band is also present here with horizontal lines and dotted details drawn at the side area. Toes have angular strokes with a small floral and dotted pattern concluding this striking and alluring pattern perfect for brides who arent afraid of trying new things for their special day. 

#15 Arabic style side mehndi design with lots of leaf elements 

This chariot inspired mehndi pattern is playful and fun occupying the side feet area while the upper part is left blank. Here an arabic like pattern with florals, leaves, jaali and curves are drawn over a straight line while a half floret almost mimicking a wheel rest below the straight line giving a rich and an edgy look. This is ideal for close relatives of the brides to adorn their legs as wedding guests. 

Elaborate Bridal feet mehndi designs - Dulhan mehndi designs for legs

#16 Architecture inspired bridal feet henna

Dome like architecture inspirations are getting popular with henna patterns but they don't get used too much on feet. Here though an inverted dome forms the main attraction which is filled with jaal and supported well on both sides with curves and florals. I love how heavy this design looks but is actually very easy to apply and even starters can give it a try as some basic strokes and a lot of patience is all you need to master this Dulhan mehndi design for legs. 

#17 Dense decorative jaali leg mehindi designs for maximal brides

When you are a to-be-bride nothing is less and OTT is the way to go. This dulhan mehndi design for legs here has a checkered sort of pattern on feet with a peacock motif at the ankle area and leafy and paisley details above it. You can easily extend this design a bit more to reach the knee area if you are aiming for a maximal bridal foot mehandi pattern. 

#18 Gladiator sandals foot mehndi

Elaborate henna patterns are what the majority of Indian brides prefer irrespective of the amount of time it takes to get them applied. This bridal foot mehndi design is unique and equally distinct with its gladiator footwear like output and would require a highly skilled henna artist to etch it with precision. You can talk to your mehndi wali in advance and show this foot mehndi design image as a reference to see if she can bring this pattern to life. Once you have this applied on your feet, you are ready to make a bold statement, quite a stunner this pattern.
  • Pro Tip: When opting for a pattern as complex as this it is best to get it applied a day before your mehndi ceremony. With feet done you have some rest and only hands are left. On the actual mehndi ceremony day, you can get henna etched on your hand's area and also spend some quality time with your family and friends. 

#19 Intricate full feet henna mehndi design

This design uses a half mandala as a focal point with lots of mesh and linear strokes and lined details on the ankle area. A shaded rose pattern stands above the ankle area giving this design a more regal appeal fit for brides who want a bit of both worlds (mix of traditional and modern elements)

#20 Delicate peacock leg mehandi designs

If you love peacocks then why not have them as motifs even on your foot mehndi designs? This really intricate and artsy henna pattern is to die for but requires pro-level skills to get it right. Brides who have peacock motifs already present in their hand henna can try this pattern for a matching type hand and feet mehndi design which looks oh-so-gorgeous in an understated way. 

#21 Shaded paisley and mesh bridal leg mehndi designs 

This is such a pretty dulhan leg mehendi pattern with branched jaali and mango motifs on the leg. The toe area also has a fine mesh adding a nice distinct balance to this elaborate full feet henna pattern for brides who not nothing but heavy and dense designs for legs. the mango motifs are filled with shading and florals while the foot area uses a lighter approach which is perfect because when you wear shoes the above ankle area is what is seen while rest of feet lays covered.

#22 Bridal mehndi design for the foot with peacock motifs

Peacocks are considered auspicious and are used liberally in Indian mehndi designs for feet. Here in this dark mehandi pattern mesh is etched on the toe area while a diamond element with leafy sepals forms the design base. The ankle area has half circle filled with checks and a peacock motif placed above in a very inventive way. The sheer beauty of this dense bridal mehndi design for legs will have everyone awestruck on your big day.   
  • Style tip: Opt for sleek silver anklets with an elaborate foot henna design like this so the attention stays on your mehandi pattern while your payal can complement your bridal look subtly. 

#23 Multiple bands elaborate feet mehndi designs

This paazeb inspired mehndi designs for foot and legs takes things to a whole new level by indulging in banded layers almost till the knee area. The bands have an intricate netted detailing with a peacock motif at the center while the foot area is densely covered with Indian mehndi like patterns. If you are a bride who totally loves henna it makes sense to go all out on your big day and opt for a complex yet fascinating mehndi pattern like this.

#24 Alluring netted feet mehndi design with mango motifs

If you want a mid-length henna pattern for your big day which isnt too minimal or too heavy reaching up to knee area this leg mehandi design above is a good pick. This pattern is traditional and chic and will complement ethnic lehengas gracefully. There is a nice balance of dense details on the toe and ankle area with the middle of foot kept rather sparse with just netted details. The mango motifs here take entre stage while a four-petal floral element above the ankle gives it a distinct appeal.

#25 Latest shaded lotus style leg henna mehndi designs for brides

Next in line is this amazing foot mehndi design which has a nice blend of modern and traditional motifs. paisleys, mesh and shaded florals form the bulk of the design detailing but the subsequent highlight lie at the very top in the form of lotuses etched incised a shaded arch. This is the best option for brides who want a fusion sort of a feet henna pattern for their wedding day. A skilled and deft hand is needed to bring this design to life in its full glory. Hire an artist for sure.

#26 Traditional leg mehndi designs with elephant and peacock elements

In the above mehndi design, traditional Indian mehndi motifs elephant and peacock are used for a classic mehndi look for feer which is sure to take everyone's breath away. This opulent foot mehndi pattern is equal parts modern and traditional with the design details going well above the ankle area. If you love henna and dont mind sitting a bit extra with your mehndi wali for a resplendent design application then definitely give this pattern a try for your marriage.  

Floral feet mehndi designs- Mehndi design for foot and legs with flower details

#27 Shaded rose ankle band feet mehndi designs

All you modern brides who want a very modern type of mehandi design for feet but dont want to spend hours together to it applied then here is a fabulous and smart pick for you. This design has a simple mandala on foot while the real attraction a rose band with more intricate detailing above it lies above the ankle area. This design placement works beautifully if you plan to wear closed-toe kind of footwear options like juttis, pumps etc which will cover your feet area so having less henna there is a more practical option. Since this design has lots of empty space on the feet area it is also quicker with the application. 

#28 Roses and jaal - Mehndi design on side of foot

Florals and jaal is a delicate, chic and very pretty failproof combination. Try this design which uses rose patterns at the side of feet with simple mesh details bringing it all together while the other side of feet and most of the top foot area is left blank giving a contemporary appeal. This design works well with all kinds of western wear and fusion wear ensembles.

#29 Contrasting shaded floral side feet mehndi designs

This above design is one of the easiest to apply on feet and women can apply it themselves for low-key occasions and add to the beauty of their feet. here florals are arranged side by side on the side of the feet while the middle area and toe are left bare. The florals would look pretty boring but the shading technique used here in which one flower is shaded dark while the next one is shaded light for a dual-toned effect makes for a refreshing twist. 

#30 Classy decorative mesh pattern with florals Arabic feet henna

Another jaal and rose foot henna pattern which is gorgeous and so modish ideal for the younger brigade. The jaali detailing here is restricted to the hallux area while the rest of toes have simple leafy bits while being completely filled with henna at the tips. The jaali is followed by shaded rose which gives an artistic exceptional vibe. If you are good are etching out roses, this design should be a breeze to apply.

#31 Minimal  Tulip foot mehndi tattoo 

Sober and modern is this minimal foot henna design with tulips as the highlight. if you are bored of the uses floral motifs, roses and lotus flowers try these designs which is a subtle but impactful pattern for low key occasions. 

#32 Gorgeous florals feet mehndi design with shaded details

If you want some henna on feet but dont want to overdo it, then this is a good pattern to consider. Here a fine mesh is intersected beautifully with flowers and leaves while toes have even finer strokes used to make jaali like floral mesh. The toenails are left unfilled bringing in nice contrast with colour play. This mehndi design for foot is ideal for those occasions where you won't move around with your footwear on, like indoor parties and events.

Side mehndi designs for foot and legs - Mehandi on the side of feet

#33 Arabic henna designs for side of the feet

Next on this list is another arabic style feet mehndi pattern for the side of feet which rungs angular to the side of ankle area too. Here florals are placed in a crowded way with tiny leafy bits proving a bit of contrast. The empty front leg area highlights the side pattern and gives this design a balanced look.

#34 Striking and simple side mehndi design for feet

This stylish mehndi design for legs looks great and uses some real basic strokes of lines and curves with leafy bits which can be applied even by amateurs omitting the need for any professional artist. If you are not the bride then this design here is perfect for you to carry off as a wedding guest with a lehenga or sharara.

#35 Delicate jaal and floret side foot mehndi pattern

Another side feet henna design with a delicate swirly jaal edged with tiny leafy bits which end in a simple thick flower at the base of the heel. This is again an easy foot mehndi design which beginners can apply but you need a really thin cut cone to get this pattern right along with a steady hand to perfect those fine strokes 

#36 Distinct dotted feet mehndi designs

Never knew just dots arranged in a creative way an make for an eye-catching mehandi design for feet. If you are trying henna application for the first few times it is important to pick simple yet striking patterns like these which can be done easily and dont have much scope for errors. This dot arranged in a triangular way between lines look really interesting and is best picks when you are short of time.

#37 Indo-arabic floral side feet henna pattern

For the younger women who want minimal yet unique foot patterns this design with florals and leaves with mesh-like filling is an ideal choice. This design can also be applied by unmarried girls if you love henna too much to restrict it to the hand area. Go ahead, break some rules and add to the beauty of your feet with this oh-so-chic design.

#38 Artistic rose foot mehndi design 

Dark and bold florals strung between straight lines on the side of the feet give a remarkable look here. If sophisticated glam is your style then this Mehandi pattern fits the bill for you. For festive occasions like eid, diwali or even dussehra you can give this mesmerizing pattern a try. 

#39 Simple and catchy swirls and florals foot mehndi designs

This side mehndi design for the foot is again ideal for starters to practice their art with minimum scope for errors. Here a dotted line forms the base above which typical henna kind of florals are placed with swirls and dotted details. This design is neither too simple not too heavy so it appropriate for mid-sized occasions and events.

Simple and easy leg mehndi designs for starters

#40  Chic oval foot mehndi design for beginners

Mandalas are round circles of life which are used extensively in henna patterns but how about we give them a slight twist and use ovals instead? Here an eye-like oval pattern is etched at the middle of feet which is fitted with mesh and borders with filled leafy bits. This simple design is supported with linear strokes and a leafy trio on toes making for a sober pattern which will be loved by women who have minimal yet different taste. 

#41 Unique Dotted mesh feet henna pattern

Nothing beats the simplicity of an understated design which can be applied by novices in the comfort of home. This above foot pattern uses straight lines and lots of dots to create such an amazingly distinct pattern which is commendable. two bands are formed one at the toe area and another slightly above it which is netted and filled with dotted florals. These two bands are connected by another basic floret which looks so hip fresh. This is ideal for the younger brigade to flaunt just casually.

#42 Simple round motifs on side - feet mehndi pattern

If you cant draw difficult motifs then try a classic round element at the heel area which looks like a henna tattoo and gives a modish appeal pairing nicely with your western outfits. Young girls who feet mehndi on feet gives a mature look can opt for this fresh and simplistic pattern for eid parties and weddings. 

#43 Dual checks and floral band leg mehandi designs

An incredible balance between minimal and elaborate is this foot henna pattern which has two netted bands with a flower in the middle almost resembling a bracelet which is connected together with dotted swirls. Tiny florals cover the toe concluding this abstract mehndi design. For festive occasions opt for a subtle leg mehndi designs like this.

#44 Swirls and round dot soles mehndi pattern

Another sole henna pattern which is so damn easy to apply. Just around filled tikki and lots of swirls on all sides of the tikki form this pattern. I have always found it difficult to apply any kind of pattern to the other side of feet but a design like this can be applied without any difficulty. 

#45 Anklet inspired feet mehndi design

Dith your leg accessories with this sober foot mehandi design with a contemporary charm. Here a simple lines and curve band is etched at the ankle area while two swirl details criss-cross from ankles to the toes completing this simple leg mehandi design. This design is ideal for girls from ages of 15-22 for a spontaneous look. 

#46 Simple jaal mehndi designs for feet

This pretty Indian leg mehndi design has a lattice pattern intersected between florals ending at the ankle area giving a really attractive look. This decorative pattern is ideal for weddings for women in their twenties or early thirties.

#47 Ethnic floral mehndi designs for starters

An elongated version of the mandala motif graces the center of feet in this leg mehndi design pic and is supported well with basic strokes on the toes. If you like classic patterns which are easy to apply then this leg mehandi pattern is for you. 

#48 Geometric side feet mehndi design

Dont we all sometimes want a break from the usual and ordinary florals when it comes to henna designs? Geometric designs are your best friend at times like these to break the monotony and bring about a refreshing charm. This mehndi pattern which pays attention to the sides of the feet has angular strokes etched with alluring simplicity and would be best suited for all your low-key occasions especially for young girls who love fusion wear.

#49 Attractive and elegant leg mehndi designs

A very refined version of floral mehndi art for feet which extends discreetly in dotted and leafy swirls around the feet to resemble a payal. For the mehndi ceremony of your best friends get this design applied as it is a quick but pretty pattern which works well for weddings.

#50 Fun mismatched leg mehndi patterns

For a different and edgy look ditch symmetry and go for mismatched mehndi designs on your feet. here one leg has an angular stroke with circular elements and dotted edging while the second leg has a floral detail which looks pretty funky and fun. If you have the confidence to spark a new trend then spark one this festive season, go bold, go mismatched. 

#51 Dainty curves pattern for toes - Easy pairo ki mehndi

Not everyone wants complex intricate patterns on feet as most women want to make their hands the highlight while downplaying the feet henna. If you are one of them then try this super lucid swirl strokes henna which adds to the beauty of your legs in an understated way.
  • Style Tip: Tiered of sitting at one place getting henna applied to your front and backhands? No, energy left to sit a bit more for foot henna, try something like this above foot mehndi design image which will be done in under 5 minutes. Not much additional inconvenience yet there will be some colour even on your feet. 

#52 Foot harness anklet style mehndi design

How about foot henna design which resembles a foot harness similar to a hathphool for hands? This is one of those recent jewellery mehndi design trends which are totally a rage with youngsters. A sleek angular pattern graces the ankle area with two mango motifs at the base and a dotted line reaching a toe culminating into a toe ring style design. You can match this design with a hathphool mehndi pattern on hands a look which oozes glam. 

Arabic style feet mehndi designs  -  Middle east inspired Leg henna patterns 

#53 Side slanting leg mehndi patterns - Beginners friendly pair ki mehndi design

An angular side mehndi design which uses typical Arabic mehndi patterning with basic floral, leaf and spiral elements also looks very enthralling. this kind of design like most other Arabic mehndi designs is easy to apply and a perfect choice for modern-day fashionistas. 

#54  Arabic leg mehndi designs for brides

Classic arabic pattern which is widely seen on hands is etched here on the feet and looks quite alluring and elaborate too. A paisley rich pattern which runs across the feet all to the toe area covering just one toe is ideal for a bride to rock at an intimate roka ceremony. If like me you love arabic mehndi designs more than any other henna patterns then try this design for feet and match it with arabic design on hands for a henna look which spells your personality. 

#55 Circular and flowers basic foot mehndi pattern

Who doesn't love a classic round pattern which is easy and simple to apply, right? This wedding guest foot henna pattern here has a circular element with floral trio placed on the top and dotted lines branch out of it to go around the ankle like a foot chain.  A dotted line also connects the toe area with the circle making it a jewellery inspired pattern having an out and out contemporary vibe. Pair with Indo-western fusion outfits for maximum impact at occasions like the wedding of sister or sisters-in-law.

#56 Exquisite multipatterned mehndi design for feet

This exquisite arabic mehndi pattern running across the foot has multiple patterns culminating admirably for a look which spells elegance. This design could actually be etched any part of your body like palms, wrist, backhands shoulder or feet and it will look equally amazing. This design if you choose to apply on feet then do it before parties or family functions.

#57 Contemporary edgy leg mehndi pattern with bare feet

While most leg mehndi designs concentrate on the foot part this henna pattern runs from the ankle area and stops a little below the knee area. This henna tattoo like a western approach to mehndi design will find many fans from the younger brigade. For mehndi ceremonies these days women are opting for slit lehenga silhouettes where designs like these can look hip and happening. 

#58 Contemporary arabic foot henna design

Most mehndi designs these days use multiple patterns stitched together to give an intricate and complex look but this pattern above uses just basic florals and swirls in the toe area while the rest of the feet is left empty giving an illusion of a shoe. Pair this with a heavy lehenga or designer saree at a family wedding and ditch the shoes especially if you are going to pull off a dance on stage.

#59 Easy arabic mehndi designs for feet - Simple pairo ki mehndi

Rock this amazing mehndi for legs which rest on the side of the feet where in florals line the heel and leafy strokes branch out for a more fuller and crowded look. This nature-inspired mehndi design is wild and pretty, infact the prettiest feet pattern that exists for low key occasions. 

Indian leg mehndi designs - Indian style mehndi patterns for feet

#60 Captivating half sun pair ki mehndi designs

If you have a simplistic and traditional personal style let your henna design reflect your persona. Opt for a mandala style design on hands and finish up with a half mandala feet pattern. Round mandalas on feet look pretty and are popular but thee half mandalas look even better giving a sun-like elemental vibe which oozes out positive energy. Easy to apply and pairs well with every kind of outfits, do you need more convincing? Just try this design  ASAP!

#61 Mesmerizing heavy Indian dulhan mehndi designs for legs

 A little bit quirky Indian leg mehndi design which is totally for brides who want a balance between complicated knee-length patterns and super brief designs. This pattern reaches just above the ankle area and has a vertical strip in between with swirl pattern inside. The area around the strip has enticing latticework and the toe area curve florals cutting an insta-worthy picture. this design looks quite difficult at first glance but give a closer look and it is sure to lend confidence even to beginners to apply it with precision. 

#63 Pazeb style foot mehandi design

Payals have a place of their own in India's rich culture. In north India anklets are a symbol of love gifted to her by her husband which she wears almost every day after her marriage. These anklets are mostly made of silver but if you are not a fan of silver payal you an get a paazeb type heavy anklet feet mehndi design done. This kind of a feet henna eliminates the need for heavy anklets at occasions like weddings but you can opt for simple single line anklets if anklet is symbolically important for your in-laws.

#64 Enthralling Indian mehndi designs for feet with bold strokes

Mandala mehndi patterns for feet are a huge hit and Iam telling this with experience. Women opt for round elements on feet to balance out the complex hand henna patterns. this mehndi design for foot above is an extension of the mandala motif as two smaller florals are added on both sides and a bordered edging is drawn. The toes also have linear strokes with dotted leaves which looks quite traditional and classic.  

#65 Modish mandala pattern feet henna design

A traditional mandala is splashed with modern-day oomph to give birth to this cute feet mehndi design which also has anklet like details. The toes have a design detail of their own while scattered dots give this pattern a fuller look. This mehndi design can be a perfect choice for you if you are a traditional kind who wants some blend in of modernity. This design can make for a fabulous engagement mehndi design for the bride or even a gorgeous foot mehndi pattern for bhabis for their devar ki shaadi. 

#66 Artsy full peacock henna tattoo on the side feet 

This artistic peacock image on the side of the feet is so adorable and eye-pleaser. If you have a flair for drawing and painting you can easily etch this design up in a jiffy and grab everyone's eye.   This mehndi design screams modernity and urbane chic ideal for girls from the age of 14-21.

#67 Mellow mandala - Subtle round Mehendi pattern for legs

An evergreen mandala with circular curve florals on the toe area arranged in an angular way is all you need for feet at special occasions other than weddings. If you have shopped for a new pair of anklets its time to show them off and make them the center of attention. A design like this adds to the beauty of your feet but doesn't draw attention away from payals. 

#68 Mismatched magic - Edgy non-matching mehndi designs for foot and legs

Dont be afraid to try out new things as art really does set you free. Henna on hands can be with popular patterns but for feet experiment a bit like this mismatched pattern. Here an anklet style band and round motif covers one leg while the other has an oversized payal design. This mehandi design for legs really has the pizzaz and if you chicken out you can just cover it up under your lehenga. 

#69 Mesh detailed dulhan mehndi design for legs

Jaali as an anklet and more decorative mesh in the lower foot area forms the crux of this design where a floral motif rests at the middle of the foot.  This Arabic leg mehndi pattern is exceptional for reasons more than one and can work for both brides and non-rides too at occasions of bigger scale like family weddings. 

#70 Half and half symmetrical feet mehndi designs 

This mehndi design is half and half pattern and is as ornate and intricate as a feet henna pattern can get. A deft hand with needle-like precision is what you need to etch this pattern with perfection on feet which runs just above the ankle but can still make for a fabulous dulhan mehndi design for feet. The sheer gorgeousness of this pattern which has jaali, lotus motifs, leafy elements, and more florals is sure to win you endless complements if you zero in on this design.

#71 Indo-arabic fusion leg mehndi designs

A few regular henna motifs strung together in an arabic style reaching the calf area gives this design a very complex and fuller feel. Plenty of mango motifs are used here but the finer strokes bring in a sort of soberness which makes it an appropriate wedding guest henna pattern. This design though elaborate isnt very difficult to apply. anyone with basic henna skills can apply this with a bit of patience. 

#72 Graceful mango motif feet henna mehendi designs

This pattern with dual paisleys is also very unique and not very simple either. Here an annular band is etched on the foot which is topped by paisleys on the upper part and floral motif in the lower area. The toes look really cute with tiny paisley on each and dotted details. This is a fresh mehndi pattern for foot which would look really cool on special occasions giving a nice twist to your ethnic look.

Unique and offbeat foot mehndi designs for modern young women

#73 Distinct leaves only side foot mehndi tattoo

Florals look so feminine and chic but the problem is they are done to death and can get so repetitive. everyone is surely flaunty a version of floral henna design at festive occasions and parties and if you want something different try eliminating flowers completely and opt for leaves only foot mehandi pattern like above. This pattern uses authentic thick strokes to etch out leaves placed together in harmony on the side of feet. This design looks so artistic yet is so damn easy to apply.  What's not to love? 

#74 Checkered henna design for the other side of the feet

Another sole mehndi pattern which is surely going to lure into getting henna applied on the other side of feet. Here chessboard inspired checks are drawn and the white area is filled with small dots looking oh-so-appealing. This won't require much time at all especially if you work with thick-cut cone and you can elevate your bridal look in an instant. Would you spend a little extra 10 minutes to beautify your soles before your big day? 
  • Pro Tip: This photographs really well so do put some thought and get henna applied on both sides of feet before your wedding. This henna pattern will mean you won't be able to walk around for a few hours but trust me, it is going to be totally worth it. Also, it makes perfect sense to get henna applied soles of feet 2-3 days before the wedding and concentrate on hands and legs on your actual mehndi ki raat.

#75 Lucid slant foot henna design for beginners

 A delicate and pretty mehndi pattern for feet which can be drawn in a jiffy is perfect for festive occasions like eid. Here a slant kind of a band is etched which ends in a half floret at the corner. When you join both the legs this flower looks complete and appeals to all kinds of women. This design gives a simplistic look without going overboard. 

#76 Bold feet henna tattoo - New mehndi designs for legs

This is a contemporary mehndi design which has shaded thick leafy trokes as its prime focus. These leaves are placed around circular curves at the side of the foot area for a graceful appearance which gives a bold output. This design resembles a tattoo and is ideal to be paired with Indo-western or western outfits for occasions like dinner parties or date nights.

Heart detailed leg mehndi designs - Romance on the feet

#77 Abundant hearts foot mehndi design 

Fancy lots and lots of hearts on your feet? Slay everyone with this striking abundant hearts foot mehndi design which used really bold and thick strokes. So many hearts on legs can sound very dramatic but it actually translates pretty nicely in this design without looking like a lovesick puppy and actually looks very aesthetically appealing. Try it for a romantic type of occasion for maximum impact, like maybe this could be a good engagement foot mehndi design for the bride? 

#78 Fancy Payal style florals and hearts Foot mehendi design

Bold florals etched like an anklet at the feet with hearts stringed out like tassel details make for an amazing pattern which gives an illusion of wearing real flower jewellery on feet. The toe area has slant lines with thick lines, floral motif and a heart bordering it. This design is best for bridesmaids to get applied at the mehndi ceremony of their sister or bestie. 
  • Style Tip: Pair a design like this with a glam indo-western dress like a palazzo cape, multicolored lehengas or asymmetric hemlines as mehndi ceremony outfit and floor everyone with your fashion sense. 

#79 Symmetrical heart mehndi designs for both legs

I have a soft spot for symmetrical mehndi designs like these. Here half heart is drawn on each foot which completes itself when both the feet are joined together making for an eye-pleasing picture. The heart swirl is edged with tiny floral and the toe tips are fully filled with henna accentuating the whole look.

#80 Beautiful heart legs mehndi pattern with delicate details

Half and half symmetry on feet excite me a tad bit too much. Here the design actually has an underlying meaning with mushy love. A heartbroken in two equal parts beating as one, how warm does it sound? This design is edgy, contemporary with a youthful charm and since it doesn't have an ankle design it is an ideal canvas to show off those gorgeous silver anklets you own. 

#81 Heavy dulhan foot mehndi design - Dulhan pairon ki mehndi

Brides who want to flaunt their love openly can opt for heart henna designs for both their hands and feet. This very densely concentrated hearts foot mehndi design is all things amazing and is sure to fetch in plenty of compliments on your wedding day. A big flower is placed on the ankle area while jaali is decorated inside with heart shapes. The toes also have a jaali like a pattern with some heart elements placed even there. Totally adorable? 

#82 Full Indian leg mehndi design for brides with half and half heart 

You've got to check out this ornate leg henna design for brides before finalizing your wedding mehndi design. This design uses florals admirably in a netted pattern on feet with symmetrical heart motif strung in the middle. The ankle area also has a leafy shape filled with simple jaali topped with more florals in a circular curve, finished off with a round flower at the top. This design is delicate using real thin fine strokes so it doesn't look very crowded and gives a fresh output. 

New age Lotus inspired leg mehndi designs - Distinct mehndi patterns for feet

#83 Lotus stencil and fine mesh foot mehndi design

For all your small family functions try a fine mesh pattern on the toe are followed by lotus and leaves outline which resembles a stencil. The rest of the feet is left empty giving an effortlessly stylish appeal which will look good on both young girls and even mature women. 

#84 Paisley patterned with lotus stencils leg henna tattoo

If you are a bride who has opted for minimal mehndi pattern for hands then match it up on your feet going sober and simple even there. This big mango motif at the middle of foot shaded in with lotus motifs and swirl curves cut an alluring picture. The toes also have an angular stroke and floral motif ideal for minimal brides. 

#85 Enticing dark and shaded lotus foot henna designs 

This really hatke bridal mehndi design for feet leave the toe area almost bare while going all dark and filled at the ankle part with a round floral motif to complete it. This mehndi design contrast dark filled henna with empty toe area making for a very striking picture. The lower feet area isn't really bare as four dotted buttis are scattered sprucing up the whole look. 

#86 Catchy huge lotus motif foot mehndi design

Adding lotus to your mehndi is hot new trends and it can look very aesthetically appealing too. Just look at the leg mehndi design image above where a lotus forms the entre of attention which is etched inside a shaded leafy pattern. The Toes here are left blank while a floral motif is between two toes at the upper feet area giving a very offbeat look which is sure to spruce up any of your festive looks. 

Minimal and basic henna mehndi designs for toes

#87 Checks and florals - Fresh feet mehndi designs

For bridesmaids, this above design with jaali and florals is an ideal pattern which you can get applied within minutes from any family member or friends and get set to enjoy the mehndi ceremony of your close friend. This design is beginner-friendly and won't require a dedicated mehndi wali to come and apply it for you.

#88 Simplistic leg mehandi designs for toes

Add some spark to your festive look with this easy peasy mehandi design for toes. Women generally dont apply henna to feet unless they have a wedding to attend but why not live life to fullest and celebrate every occasion with great passion? Start with a simple pattern even on feet for festivals eid and watch yourself glow in the brimming small joys of life.

#89 Bold and glam foot mehndi design 

This elegant leg mehndi design has multiple patterns in it but doesnt run even till the ankle area as it is densely packed around the toes and above it. Toes start with net and then there are delicate florals edged in a scallop. Angular partitions are made which again have flowers and netted elements and stencil-like leafy branch borders this whole pattern. Concluding this design is a vertical leafy floral branch which gives a very sophisticated vibe. Women can get this design applied at their own wedding if you prefer something distinct and subtle or save it handy for the wedding of their near and dear ones.

#90 Adorable checks toe mehndi design

If you love mesh details in your mehndi design then this foot mehndi image here is a must save for you. Here a jaal band is drawn on the foot with basic lined florals on toes. A half flower over the jaali completes this pattern which depicts understated glam. This is a fancy mehndi design which is easy to apply and will suits occasions like dinner parties and cultural events best. 

Which mehndi design for foot and legs from this huge list do you like most? 

Tips on selecting the right leg mehndi design

  • Match it: Most women finalize the hand mehndi pattern before deciding upon the foot henna. If makes perfect sense to get a matching or a similar pattern for feet if you have already applied mehandi design to your hand. If you have a mandala mehndi on hands opt for a mandala pattern for feet too. If you like arabic designs then bring about a balance by opting for arabic style henna for both hands and feet. You don't have to go full-on matchy-matchy, even a little similar pattern can give a well put together look. 
  • Go minimal on feet: Mehandi looks so gorgeous after removal but getting it applied can be a real pain as you are allowed to move around of even shift your hands or feet. To minimize the discomfort I always suggest opting for an elaborate pattern for hands and minimal and simplistic designs for feet. Simple doesn't mean boring, so choose wisely and make an impact with the less is more mantra.
  • Footwear matters: Before finalizing your foot mehndi pattern make sure to keep your footwear in mind. If you are a bride then you may have already decided on the footwear for your wedding day. If you plan to wear shoes or juttis then select henna designs which have more detailing above the ankle area. (refer design number 27 and 85 )
  • Jewel it: When you want to flaunt the beautiful foot mehndi pattern you got applied complement it with discreet jewelry like sleek payals, toe rings or even toe chains which will help grab more eyeballs. 
We hope you loved this mammoth compilation of leg mehndi designs. These mehndi designs can be applied for all kinds of occasions including weddings, festivals, and parties. Foot henna is mostly a bridal thing in India but style trends are evolving every day and even unmarried girls are accepting feet henna as a form of body art adorning themselves in pretty but basic patterns. Take a pick from this compilation and get started with beautifying your feet because attention to details is the best way to do fashion. 

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