40 Amazing Kurti Neck Designs With Lace and borders

Kurtis are the most preferred outfit for desi girls for casual wear. Today you can find a huge range of designs, styles and cuts in kurtis which can work for different occasions like formal wear, festive wear or even daily wear clothes. The range of kurtis is made interesting with different sleeve designs, hemline patterns and most importantly neck designs. A carefully selected and professionally stitched neckline is enough to take your kurti look notches higher giving it a designer appeal.

There are millions of latest kurti neck designs options to choose from in the present day apart from the usual scoop, square, U and V necklines. When you are getting a kurti custom made and stitched from your local tailor or at home it is common to opt for trendy laces, pretty borders or contrasting piping details to make the neckline interesting. These borders and lace are easy to attach and also give an effortlessly charming look which works well for casual as well as formal wear kurtis. Here in this post I bring to you a well-curated and sorted list of kurti neck designs with lace. Use this catlogue list as an inspiration to add a bit of jazz to your next custom kurti watch it get transformed.

40 Amazing New Kurti Neck Designs With Lace and borders

You can find many different types of lace and borders in the market which you can use to make your kurti neckline unique and beautiful. If you are getting kurtis stitched for work then just use contrast fabric patches like borders to get a neat and sober neckline. Here are some of the most amazing new kurti neck designs with lace we spotted, have a look and choose what suits your style best.

#1 Latest closed round kurti neckline with fancy lace border

Closed necklines are getting very popular with blouses, kurtis and even churidar suits as it gives a regal and elegant appeal to clothes. You can try this closed style high neck design with your festive kurtas and suits by adding fancy lace on the closed neckline area. This design pattern works best for winters or for night events and parties for an effortless glam look. 
  • Style Tip: Get a plain Anarkali kurti stitched in a bright colour and add lace to the neck area for a fuss-free look. You can opt for statement dangler earrings as wearing a neckpiece isnt an option with this neck pattern. 

#2 Square kurti neck design with contrasting lace 

For casual wear Kurtis fabric laces work best as they look sober yet stylish. You can use laces of different thickness in the same colour for a fresh and young kurti neckline like this which gives the illusion of wearing a koti. The neckline here is almost square but thinner lace is used in a curve on both sides while the thicker lace rests horizontally giving a chic look. Pair this kurti with silver jhumkas and you are ready for an everyday stylish drive. 

#3 Boat neck with sheer lace neck design kurti

Kurti neck patterns with a boat style neck are very popular these days as they give a stylish elegant look appropriate for both formal as well as casual wear. Here this neck pattern uses a sheer detailing combined with a boat neckline to add an interesting twist. Lace fabric is used at the neck and sleeve area while a plain solid fabric of same colour forms the body of this kurti design which gives an understated glam look ideal for brunch dates.
  • Pro tip: For added drama try opting for lace in contrasting colour to the kurti or just go for a contrast piping which will make for a fun element in your kurti pattern.

#4 Standing collar neck design for kurtis with lace in the middle 

A standing collar neckline looks hic and urbane and when the front area has gorgeous broad lace borders running vertically right till the hemline it gives an expensive and designer sort of an appeal. Use thick lace borders innovatively in your festive kurtas like it is used in the kurti neck design image above. Here lace is used not just in the middle but also on the sleeves which makes it an ideal occasional wear kurti when paired with subtle makeup, stud earrings and open hair. 

#5 Angrakha style neck for kurtis with borders and tie ups

Comfortable and trendy, the overlapping neckline also referred to as angrakha is desi slang is a good pick for kurtis neckline if you are looking for creative ways to add lace. You can choose any lace border of your choice and attach it along the angrakha neck border and finish off with tie-ups for a look which is simple yet catchy.  

#6 Gorgeous high neckline with half collar kurta design

Closed necklines is the new trend surfacing but this kurti neck design with laces has a closed neck pattern along with a half collar adding more zing to the look. This neck design works best with plain kurtas where the neck pattern an form the highlight and grab all attention. 
  • Pro tip: Use simple fabric lace if you want to try this neckline for offie wear kurtas or go for embellished gota patti laces for partywear kurtis.

#7 Alluring front neck design for kurti with lace and buttons

Square is the most preferred option to attach laces as it is easier to put laces on the straight lined area but here lace border is added only to the horizontal part and buttons are placed in the middle for a very trendy appeal. This kurti neck pattern with lace is ideal for workwear outfits. 

#8 Golden gota glam - Latest kurti neck designs with lace 

Partywear kurtis can do with some sparkle from gota lace borders. Use thin strips of lace creatively to form circular bands at the neckline area and add some strips even on the sleeves and you are ready to rock any high profile event in your custom made attire. 

#9 Boat neck design for kurtis with side border

Lace and borders need not be attached just on the neck area or in the middle of kurti. These days style variations are plenty and one such variation is the side placement of border and button details. If you are using old sarees to stitch up kurtis, this neckline is a perfect fit where you can use saree borders effectively as a side design detail.

#10 Patchwork kurti neck design with side potli buttons

Another interesting neckline option to try is to ditch the laces and use a patch of printed fabric on the neck area like in the above kurti neckline image and add some buttons at the side for a stylized charm.

#11 Trendy neck design for kurtis with collar and brocade border

V neck design is another popular neck pattern which facilitates easy attachment of lace borders. Here brocade lace is used but you can use any lace of your choice and it should look equally alluring.  

#12 New deep V kurti neck neckline with triangular fabric and pearl details

This graceful neckline which is a version of V neck design for kurtis is an ideal choice for day events. Contrast fabric borders are used to add a bit of spark to the kurti but the real highlight is the pearl details and the triangular edgings in multiple colours. Total and pure love. 

#13 Round neckline kurta design with lace front detailing

If you like the simple and classic round neck designs then you can still try playing with laces by going for front neck patterns below the neckline instead of edging the round neck area. This neck pattern looks really regal and will suit women of all ages. 

#14 Patchwork front neck design for kurtis with horizontal border placement

Another innovative way to use lace in kurti is to go for a contrasting patch neckline and add lace below the patch area like in the kurti design photo above. Are you thinking about making a Kurti from saree?  Then try this neck pattern with lace for sure. 

#15 Modish angrakha inspired salwar kurta neckline with vertical border and tie-ups

Want a more exciting way to add a border to kurti neck pattern? Then try a simple curved V neckline with vertical border in angrakha style. For added oomph add doris and contrast tassels. 

#16 Boat kurti neck design with mirror lace

Switch to the mirror madness this festive season. Get your festive Kurti stitched with a boat style neckline and add mirror work lace and voila you are ready to rock any happy occasion. 

#17 Contemporary neckline kurta design with a triangular cutout

Triangular cutouts in the front part of kurti is another raging trend use contrast borders effectively to make maximum impact with a quirky and playful kurti neck pattern like this. 

#18 Sheer sweetheart salwar kurta neck design

The sweetheart neckline is not something you will see more often in kurtis but with lace sheer panelling at the neck area, this works nicely for festive wear. You can try this neck design and add lace the top boat style neckline area with kurtis, churidar suits or even salwar outfits and anarkalis.

#19 Mandarin collar neck design with lace and buttons

Chine style collar neck designs look gorgeous on formal wear kurtis and you can add a bit of zing to these necklines with a sober lace border in the same colour. For regular wear go for a pop of colour with a contrasting lace border and some trendy buttons. 

#20 Square front neck design for kurtis with lace detail

Add borders to the simple square neckline which is the most comfortable way to flaunt borders for regular wear kurtis. This is a classic style which wont go out of style ever.

#21 New neck design for kurti with short v and border patchwork

Printed fabric cut into strips to look like borders and laces is a nice way to spruce up a kurti neck and sleeve. Here the printed strips are used in a rectangular way on the neck area and as a single strip is added to match on sleeves too. 

#22 Latest kurti neck designs with lace and latkans

Neck designs for kurtis add a lot to the garment changing its whole look. here tie ups along with fancy lace in two colours is used to make this sober kurti attractive. This kind of a neckline when stitched by a professional with right finishing touched and appropriate styling can make for fabulous festive wear for occasions like diwali, holi or dasara. 

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#23 High neck design for kurti with front V slit

A slit sort of V neck for formal kurtis can also use lace border vertically giving a  confident and well put together look. 

#24 Trendy neck designs for kurti with collar and colored borders

This stylish half collar neckline for kurti uses printed fabric as border lace and contrast piping details to add more colour. the same fabric is also added at the sleeve borders to complete this gorgeous kurti design. Try this pattern with your casual wear kurtis and you are sure to fetch compliments.

#25 Chinese collar neck design for kurtis with floral lace and buttons

Most women may find a standing closed collar kurti neck design stuffy but when done right this makes for a good neckline for winters. Here beautiful floral lace is used in the neck area which makes for a drop dead gorgeous look along with buttons in the middle. 

#26 Stylish off-shoulder neck design with embroidered lace

Off-shoulder Kurti neck designs are emerging rapidly at parties these days. You can also give it a try if you have well-chisseled collar bones a to show off. Go for a plain kurti with floral embroidered lace on the off-shoulder neckline and you should steal the show. 

#27 Koti style kurti neck design 

 I love the short kotis which are the female versions of nehru jackets on kurtis but with Bangalore getting hotter than ever wearing layers is almost impossible. The more practical way to wear the koti trend is to create a waistcoat illusion using lace borders like in the above kurti neck design picture. Laces of two different colours curve from the shoulder area while the neck part is left plain making for an offbeat neckline ideal for partywear kurtis.

#28 Scoop neckline with golden lace

The classic scoop neck pattern has a charm of its own and looks more beautiful when edged with lace borders like a golden one adding to the glam quotient here. This neckline is versatile and suits women of all body shapes nicely. 

#29 Short V slit kurti neck design with lace front detailing 

Another interesting way to use lace or gold borders is away from the neckline but at the front neck area like in this kurti above where two different lace types are used to create and design detail. This kind of necklines are ideal for younger brigade for events at colleges. 

#30 Asymmetric kurti neckline with contrast border

 A zig zag style version of angrakha neckline with contrast lace is also gonna look hip and modish working nicely on the modern young women. Try this kurti neck patten with your plain cotton kurtis.

#30  Round neck design for kurti with border and buttons

 A round neck pattern is the most common neck pattern but for office wear Kurtis normal and sober necklines are safe and modest picks. You can get a bit experimental even with round pattern by adding a middle slit and bordering it with similar tones lace and basic buttons.

#31 Deep V illusion neck design 

V necklines are pretty common but for anarkali style flared kurtis you can try a different kind of V which reaches the waistline area and gives an illusion of plunging neckline but is actually not deep with a fabric patch in middle. This will look beautiful on round faces.

#32 V neckline with two different borders 

For a V neck pattern, kurti use two different lace borders and make it loook unique and fun. Use a plain style muted tone border on one side of V and a more darker toned border on the other side of the V neck for a departure from the usual without looking like you are trying too hard. 

#33 Geometric pentagon neck design for kurti with lace

If you have a pear-shaped body with a small bust area a wide geometric neckline like this can be a good choice for you. If you have a narrow shoulder this neck pattern gives an illusion of having braoad shoulders and a longer neck. You can add laces of your choice to the neckline area go for fabric laces for formal kurtis or mirror work lace for festive appropriate kurtas. 

#34 Stylish asymmetrical neckline

This is a distinct kurti neck design with subtle use of simple gold lace which you can try if you are bored with all the regular necklines. Here the lace detail is attached in the normal way but the horizontal part extends all across the kurti in a slope to form an offbeat and trendy look. 

#35 Wrap V neckline for casual kurtis

With V necks adding lace border is a breeze but have you considered a short collar style V neckline where the border runs even at the back area? sounds exciting? Give it a try. 

#36 Angrakha wrap style neckline for kurtis

 I have already mentioned angrakha is a nice way to add lace borders (refer design number 5 )but unlike short angrakha detail, you can go for lace running vertically right till te hemline for fierce fashion appeal. 

#37 Simple V kurti neck design with contrast borders

A Sleek V kurti neck design gives a slimming effect and will suit round and square faces nicely. You can go for plain border laces in a contrasting colour to add a bit of allure to neck area. You can alter the length of V from broad to sleek and from long to small V depending upon your personal taste. Also women with long faces should avoid this neckline as it can make your face look even more elongated. 

#38 Trendy festive kurti neck designs with gota patti lace work

If you have a heavy bust area opt for closed neckline this and use lace to beautify the front part of your plain kurti. These kinds of lace attachments which run vertically ending in a V at the base in the waist area makes for amazing festive attire. 

#39 Catchy kurti neck pattern with brocade borders

This is a good neckline for women of all shapes and sizes especially the younger brigade. Opt for fabric in muted or pastel shades for your kurti and add a burst of colour at the neckline with vibrant borders and laces. Here two colours of orange and pink are used beautifully for a stylish and striking appearance which can work well for occasions like date lunch or a birthday party. 

#40 Lace detailed Peter pan collar neck design for kurti 

Use scallop-edged lace like collars on your flared kurtis for a chic and cute kurti neckline which is sure to stand out in a crowd. But be careful as kurtis like this have a playful vibe which is appropriate for casual wear not for work wear.

Now that you have gone through the whole list Iam sure you might have already selected your preferred kurti neck design with laces to be used when you get your next kurti stitched. For all you women who love getting Kurtis custom made or who stitch it up themselves at home, you do know that laces act as the best adornments to plain or even printed kurtis taking its appeal o a whole new level making it look unique and almost like it is has been purchased from a designers den. So, ditch the regular round or squares for lace attachment and try one of the necklines above and watch people praise your design skills.
Which of these kurti neck patterns with lace and borders are you looking to try this year? Tell us in comments below.

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