90+ Gorgeous Indian mehndi designs for hands this wedding season

Mehndi designs have become an integral part of weddings with a full-fledged mehndi ceremony being celebrated these days. Arabic mehndi designs are the most popular form of henna patterns but Indian mehndi designs have been most preferred at a wedding in India since ages as they have a more traditional touch to them blending with cultures and rituals of our country. Indian mehandi designs dont have lots of empty spaces in their patterns which is what distinguishes it from its Arabic counterpart. These patterns also use plenty of motifs and elements specific to India like mango, peacock, paisleys, elephant, checks etc in addition to the regular strokes and dots used in henna designs.

Wedding in India are a grand celebration and for occasions as big and special as this Indian women prefer heavy and elaborate patterns which give a fully covered and ornate look. Indian mehandi designs are a perfect fit at big fat weddings and they also pair really well with ethnic Indian outfits like sarees, lehengas, salwar suits and ghagras. You can find both simple and complicated Indian mehndi designs and choose a design according to skill level but most Indian mehndi patterns though elaborate are pretty easy to apply and can be mastered by all with a little bit of practice. 

90 Latest Indian mehndi designs with images for hands

If there a wedding coming up at your home or family, Then Indian mehendi designs are the most suited patterns for you. Check out this post which features a well-curated, massive list of Indian henna Mehndi designs with photos of good quality to help you draw mehndi designs without any difficulty. While some of these designs are heavy requiring professional skills, dont get bogged down as I have included lots of simple Indian mehndi designs too which beginners can give a try.

#1 Full hand lotus motif Indian mehindi designs for both hands

Etched with bold and significant strokes in combination with fine net details this Indian mehndi pattern is a sureshot stunner. Lotus is the new trend surfacing and it is used innovatively in this pattern on the wrsit area, fingertips and the arms area in shaded motifs while netted and floral intricate detailing brings about the required balance. 
Style Tip: Try heavy Indian mehndi design like this for weddings of near and dear ones but make sure to go easy on the rest of your styling otherwise your look can come across as crowded and stuffy. The mehndi pattern should be the highlight of your look with no competing elements like oversized earrings or neckpieces. 

#2 Simple Indian mehndi design for palm with peacock motif

Peacocks are an important element used repeatedly in many Indian mehndi patterns. This mehndi pattern uses a peacock motif on palms and has lots of florals, lines and dots. The wrist area has a checks pattern with dots inside and the fingertips have a unique mesh pattern giving this design a distinct look. If you are looking for a palm mehndi design which isnt too simple or too elaborate then this is an ideal pick for you.
  • Best Suited For: Festive occasions like eid and small gatherings

#3 Back hand Indian mehndi designs for wedding

A very pretty looking Indian mehandi pattern for backhands which can be tried at weddings of close relatives or friends. This design has a distinct touch to it with florals and leafy elements held together by curves. The fingertips have multiple lined bands with a half flower and dotted base. This design is simple, yet catchy and can be done even by novices with beginner skills.
  • Best Suited For: apply this for an engagement party of a close relative or a dinner party

#4 Shaded heart Indian mehandi design for engagement

Make a style statement on your big day with a shaded heart patterned Indian henna design. This henna design covers full hands and has a shaded lotus band on the arms giving an illusion of a kada or kangan. The heart which rests half on one hand and half on other gives out a romantic vibe best suited for occasions like anniversary parties, engagement or even your wedding. The fingertips are filled dak with henna while a mesh pattern and some lines fill up rest of fingers to complete this beautiful indian mehndi design fit for a queen.
  • Best Suited For: Brides will love this pattern for their wedding reception or engagement. 

#5 Traditional mandala Indian mehndi pattern 

Fuller mehndi designs look amazing but also require expert skills and lot of time to get applied. For quicker beginner-friendly patterns try the mandala design with an elaborate bangle style band pattern on the wrist. This design looks great both on front and back hands, so you can choose to apply it wherever you desire not just on the backhands like in the image here.
  • Best Suited For: For occasions like diwali, teej or karwachauh this design is the best fit 

#6 Full length bridal Indian mehndi design for front hands

This eye-pleasing design which covers the entire length of arms is sure to make all heads turn over you. Matching design elements are etched on both hands with a round flower at the base and a shaded floral band which is then followed by more florals and mesh elements. The thumb area has a decorative floral jaal detail surrounded by paisleys and swirls ending on the fingertips which have unique shaded leaf trio on them. This pattern is ideal for brides for a royal and graceful look on their wedding day. 

Difficulty level: this design requires special expertise skills as it is very elaborately detailed. You should definitely hire a professional artist to apply a design of this caliber

#7 Half and half Indian heart henna design 

Heart mehndi designs are a huge hit in wedding seasons and are perfect for married women. Newlyweds or even young couples can opt for this half and half heart Indian mehandi pattern which looks pretty complicated but is actually easy to apply as simple strokes have been used. This matching mehndi designs on both hands have shaded fingertips at an angle and checkered mango design at its base adding an interesting twist. This pattern is ideal for attending the wedding of close relatives like if it is your devar or nanad ki shaadi or even your sister or brothers wedding. Make sure to opt for a simple pattern on the backhands for a balanced look which doesnt look OTT or crowded.

#8 Checkered sunflower pattern Indian mehandi designs 

Flowers are pretty common in henna patterns but this oversized sunflower in this Indian mehndi design coupled with checkered details make for alluring visual imagery which is ideal to flaunt at weddings of close friends and relatives. I love how florals and checks are used in this pattern giving a very thick and darker mehndi pattern with absolutely no empty spaces. 
  • Best Suited For: Special occasions like your sister or brother-in-law's weddings demands a stunning henna pattern like this

#9 Hathphool style indian henna pattern for back hands

Jewellery mehndi designs is the new hot trend surfacing and these designs are totally Indian in its origin and nature. Indians love their ornate jewellery pieces like the hathphool and bangles and this single finger hathphool inspired design is perfect for youngsters who want something basic yet playful and fun. This design starts off from the wrist area with a bracelet like band and leafy branch connects it to a decorative mesh. The middle finger has leaves and dotted lines to complete the pattern which gives the illusion of wearing jewellery. When opting for this design make sure to avoid hand jewels like hathphool , finger rings, bangles and bracelet or you may end up taking the attention away from the henna pattern. 
  • Best Suited For: Want a trendy look at your besties engagement? select this mehndi ka design and floor everyone.

#10 Heavy Indian mehndi design for girls

This traditional mehndi art runs below the wrist elbow and so, suits wedding-related events nicely. This design is a combination of decorative mesh, and florals and curves giving a rich look to backhands. You can totally try this henna pattern even on front hands for a graceful party look. pair this design with Indian ethnic outfits like saree or ghagras and shararas. 
  • Best Suited For: Your best friend is getting married? Turn the spotlight on yourself with this mehndi ka design.

#11 Latest shaded style Mandala pattern indian mehandi 

Mandala aka the circle of life has historical significance in Indian culture and this traditional element is spotted quite liberally in Indian henna tatoos. Infact the most basic and simple Indian mehandi patterns use the mandala motif. This mehndi design uses a more sophisticated and modernized version of round mandala with thick clean and neat strokes and a leafy band at the wrist. The fingers are etched with identical geometric and leafy strokes finishing this minimal henna pattern. 
  • Best Suited For: These kinds of designs work for all kinds of occasions and festivals, especially when paired with ethnic Indian clothes. 

#12 Dome inspired Indian henna design with lots of empty space

Usually, Indian mehndi tattoos give a fully covered look with no breathing space but this design here is hatke. The design details are focussed on the wrist area while fingers have a simple matching pattern leaving lot of empty space in between adding to the visual appeal. A design like this has a fusion feel and blends well with both indo-western and ethnic clothes giving it a contemporary twist. 
  •  Best Suited For: This mehndi tattoo is a perfect pick for engagement of your sister or brother.  

#13 Dark Indian mehandi design with checks and florals

This design starts off from the fingertips and extends below the wrist area giving an amazing look to hands. This design is appropriate for women from the ages of 16- 30 for a chic ethnic charm. 
  • Best Suited For: Abundant in mesh details and florals, Indian mehndi patterns like this are ideal for wedding-related events like roka, engament or sangeet. 

#14 Circular Indian mehendi design for left hand

Multiple circular curves grace the back of the hand in this distinct henna design which gives a striking and trendy look to hands. Lots of dots, lines and curves are used in this pattern making this a suitable option for novices to start off their henna art learning journey. 
  • Best Suited For: Have a birthday party to attend? why not beautify your hands with this pattern?

#15 Unique pot henna pattern -New Indian mehndi design  

Are you the experimental kind who wants to always stand out with your unique choices? Then this pattern is perfect for you as pot motifs are very rare in henna patterns. This mehndi design features multiple pots decorated differently which some swirls and flowers coming out looking like flower vases. The fingertips are shaded with thick swirls concluding this playful and fun pattern which you can try when you are bored of the regular floral mehndi patterns.
Best Suited For: This is a unique pattern which deserves equally unique and distinct occasions like cultural events and college fests. You can even apply this design for Independence day or republic day celebrations.

Latest Indian mehndi designs for Brides

#16 Elaborate and decorative Indian mehndi pattern for front hands

This bridal henna design has a bit of Gujarati influence to it and is perfect math for your heavy lehengas. Multiple elements like net, half paisleys, leaves, curves and florals come together in beautiful harmony which is surely a sight to behold. The fingertips having leafy details giving it a modish appeal and when paired with a similar pattern on backhands this can totally take your bridal look notches higher.
  • Best Suited For: If you are having a full-on traditional wedding then this mehndi design is the right choice for you to complete your ethereal bridal look.

#17 Fusion Indian mehandi designs with shaded leaves

Love those half and half mehndi patterns which are applied in symmetry to both hands? Then this Indian mehndi design is sure to catch your fancy with its bold details and admirable strokes and elements. This mehndi design doesnt run up till the elbows like most other dulhan mehndi design but is still a very valid bridal henna design for modern young brides who want to keep things regal and glam. Talk to your mehndi artist in advance show them your design preference beforehand so you get a professional and appealing finish before your big day.
  • Best Suited For: Do you chase latest trends and dont rest until you have flaunted all fresh styles? This chic mehndi design with a blend of modern henna elements and traditional motifs is a good option for your big day.

#18 Personalized Indian mehndi designs for millennial brides

Personalized mehndi is one bridal trend you should definitely try as it gives your whole look a new meaning and special significance. There are plenty of ways brides can add a personal touch in their henna pattern, like using a hashtag, getting portraits drawn, or you could get your love story etched. Here in this mehndi design, the bride has tried something totally different by getting a caricature of the groom etched with his name on it. You could also try this for your wedding by first getting a caricature made from an artist and then asking your mehndi wali to apply the same pattern on hands making it the focal design point. 
  • Pro Tip: If you dont want mehndi all over your arm's length then try something personalized like this which ends on your wrist area but gives the impression of bridal pattern thanks to the statement design. Half hand mehndi gets applied faster so you get a lot of time to chill with your family and friends on your mehndi ceremony. 

#19 Bridal back hand Indian mehandi designs with mesh details

For brides, elaborate patterns even on the backside of hands is essential to give an ornate and regal feel. This intricate backhands dulhan mehndi design pattern with lots of jaali details blended with shaded florals is just magical and ethereal sight. You can try this design especially if you are a maximal bride who wants all things regal.
  • Best Suited For: If an artistic pattern on both sides of your hands is what you plan to get applied for your special day then this could be a gorgeous pick for back hands taking your bridal photos notches higher.

#20 Shaded lotus motifs full hand mehndi designs for maximal brides

This lotus motif Indian mehndi pattern is as elaborate and heavy as a henna pattern can get. If you are a bride who wants all things superlative then this pattern will set the right tone for your bridal look. This kind of mehndi pattern will look both traditional and have a hint of modernity in it because of the use of lotus motifs which is a fairly new henna element. Make sure to hire a well-skilled mehndi artist to apply design as detailed and complicated as this and also be prepared to sit for more than normal time getting mehndi applied as you have a stand out pattern in mind. 
  • Pro Tip: With such detailed henna pattern on hands you can bring a balance by opting for simpler and basic feet mehndi design. This will also allow you to finish mehndi application faster letting you dance at your own ceremony a bit.

#21 Netted bangle style symmetrical Indian mehndi art for brides

Matching mehndi designs are pretty common with brides but this half and half bridal mehndi design is uber gorgeous all thanks to the diamond-like shapes filled with floral work forming a kada like band on hands.  This is one of those drop-dead gorgeous henna patterns which have amazing detailing and extends till the elbow area to make it bride appropriate. Pair this design with a similar back hand pattern and you are ready to steal the show on your big day. 
  • Best Suited For: Are you a mushy romantic at heart? then opt for an appropriate mehndi pattern like this half and half full hand henna which is dreamy and signifies the unity of two souls.

#22 Raja rani bridal indian mehndi art for both hands

Another half and half hand mehndi design with a heart in the centre make for a mesmerizing dulhan mehndi design. The fingers here are decorated using mesh patterns and lots of mesh and florals are used all through the hands area too but the real standout detail here is the king and queen motif inside the heart pattern which is sure to grab many eyeballs and compliments. This design is a bit complicated and will definitely require an artist with expert level skills to apply with precision. 
  • Best Suited For: Elevate your bridal look with a raja rani design like this which is an eternal classic and will look evergreen when you look at your wedding photos even a dozen years later.

#23 Mango motif full hand Rajasthani mehndi designs

This decorative Indian mehndi pattern is an evergreen design which gives a royal look to hands. Women in rajasthan have applied mehndi for all kinds of traditional events and their mehndi patterns use motifs representing their culture, folk and dance like mango, florals leaves etc. The most notable part distinguishing Rajasthani mehndi patterns from others is that the designs on both hands are mirror images of each other. Here too both hands have identical matching patterns ideal for women who love traditional patterns having an old-world charm to them. 
  • Best Suited For: For traditional kind of women, this mehndi design is an amazing pick. You can flaunt this at your own wedding, engagement or even at important weddings in a family like of your brother-in-law or sister.

#24 Bridal portrait artistic henna design 

Personalized henna is hot at the moment but portrait mehndi designs are also a raging trend you a try if you are the artistic kind. In this design, really fine strokes have been used on the fingers and shaded lotus band rests on wrist area while another shaded circular lotus is etched in the middle of the hand below which is the real allure of the pattern, the bridal portrait who stands all decked up with dupatta on head and varmala in hand. Butti like four dotted patterns are sprinkled on the palm to give a filled up concluding look.  would you get a design like this applied on your wedding day or is this too experimental for your taste? 

#25 Florals and jaal - Indian henna design for wedding

There are so many elements prettifying this gorgeous full hands Indian mehendi design. From florals, at the base to different types of mesh details on fingers and hands to shaded banded patterns on the wrist, it is pure magnificence artwork. You need a really thinly cut henna cone to bring this kind of design to life and this pattern will actually work well for both side of hands so choose whatever side you love and get started. 

# 26  Lotus love - Thick and detailed Indian bridal mehndi pattern

Brides who dont want to personalize their mehndi can opt for one striking motif to stand out and give a striking look to hands. Here shaded lotus tower out amidst multiple elements present like tiny paisleys at the base flower and mesh on wrist and swirls with empty spaces at the palm area. 
  • Best Suited For:  This aesthetically appealing bridal mehndi pattern an also be chosen by non-brides for important high-level occasions like sister's wedding or for the engagement ceremony of your brother.  

#27 Floral mandala -  Indian mehandi pattern for traditional brides

You can see how mandala motifs have evolved over time giving a posh sophisticated appeal like in this pattern here. Mandalas are usually seen on front hands but this bridal pattern uses it to add a touch of vintage glam to backhands and extends the pattern all the way till elbows giving it a royal look. This beautiful design will make everyone stop and stare at your hands amidst your bridal glow. Totally opt for this traditional pattern if you are going to wear red or maroon lehenga. 
  • Pro tip: Mehndi should be applied atleast 2 days prior to the wedding as the henna olour takes time to develop. The paste ideally should be left on hands for 12 hours and after removal henna darkens when exposed to air for about 24-48 hours. So, plan your mehndi ceremony keeping this time frame in mind. 

#28 Swans and florals - Romantic netted mehndi design for minimal brides

Not all brides want to look over the top and maximal on their big day. If your personal style is minimal and understated let it reflect in your bridal attire by opting for a modest and sober mehndi pattern like this which doesn't lack in impact because of the creative use of new-age motifs. Floral jaal covers the palm area and at the entre rests two circles on the two hands. One hand has a flower in the circle while twin swans grace the other hand circle if that was not enough leafy bits add to the splendor of the fingertips. 

  • Style tip: Minimalistic brides can pair this design with pastel lehengas for a glam look on their wedding day.

Simple Indian mehndi designs for wedding photos - Wedding guest henna patterns

#29 Florals and paisley pattern Indian mehendi designs for front hands

These kind of heavily detailed palm patterns with netted details and florals with a mango motif tucked in between will work for all kinds of occasions where you will flaunt Indian ethnic wear. This mehndi design filled the whole hand area fully but the non-shaded fingertips help it look non-stuffy.
  • Styling Tip : When going for such heavy and crowded patterns you an try this hack, dont shade your fingertips and it will bring about a crisp balance. 

#30 Paisleys pattern Indo-Arabic mehendi design for beginners 

When you have a friends wedding coming up amidst a packed and busy week try a simple and quick mehendi pattern like this which gives colours to your hands in the minimal and stylish sort of way. Here the dezine starts from the fingers and has a lot of florals and mango elements in it. The lower thumb area has a half flower forming the main attraction of this basic Indian mehndi pattern which is best suited for Indo western fusion outfits. 
  • Pro tip: Visit your parlor for manicure and hair waxing before mehndi is applied on hands. Nails ut after mehndi is applied to fingertips look weird and removing hair from hands after henna is applied can make the color fade faster. 

#31 Floral henna pattern for front hands

In this design, traditional florals are used in combination with a giant sunflower motif on the base of the palm. This flower is decorated inside with lines and curves making for a delicate and pretty design perfect for millennials who are looking for an amalgamation of tradition and modernity. 
  • Best Suited For: This design is an ideal option for college events like cultural fests, farewell parties and even for festivals. 

#32 Pretty palm mehndi design for weddings

This mehndi design looks so delicate and chic with intricate netted details alongside thicker florals and leaves existing in a perfect tune. Though the elements used are very common but there is a certain freshness to this pattern because of the use of bareek jaal
  • Best Suited For: Indian mehindi patterns like these are deal for the younger brigade to flaunt at occasions like roka of sister or engagement of best friend. 

#33 Exquisite and latest Indian mehndi designs for weddings

A diamond structure forms the main attraction in this henna pattern which also has a lotus wrist band and lots of jaali details. Fingers tips arent completely filled instead, there are floral stencils etched out adding to the glam quotient of this pattern ideal for bridesmaids and sister of brides. This tarditonal mehndi design is one of my favourites as it has an element of freshness in it because of use of geometric elements and also very trendy as it uses lotuses to make a style statement. 

#34 Floral and mesh detailed indian mehndi design

Did you know that florals in mehndi are the oldest motif that exists and even thousands of years back women etched florals with henna on their body parts for beautification art. Flower motifs these days evolved amazingly and this full-blown flower on palm is simple yet stunning supported gracefully by mesh and curves on fingers. The real allure here is actually the delicate swirls on finger tips with tiny leaves, Iam totally trying this fingertip style with all my mehndi designs this year. total love.
  • Style tip: Glitter in mehndi designs is getting really popular and add a fresh appeal to your henna patterns. You can try this trend to stand out from the rest at the next wedding you attend. Use body glitter, stones or even tiny bindis to add a sparkle to hands. 

#35 Mesh madness - Gorgeous mirror style Indian henna designs

Mehndi motifs and elements dont signify anything or have any meaning behind it. They are drawn just as an eye-pleasing art on hands and other body parts, so there are no limitations at all of the kind of patterns you can come up with. Here the hand is divided into two contrasting sides with one having a decorative net and other having an abundance of florals with a mango motif at the center. the wrist area has a huge flower with half on one hands and the rest half on the second hand.

#36 Floral flurry - Bangle mehndi design with florals on palm

Looking for a contemporary Indian henna mehndi design to flaunt at the wedding of your friend? Then I bring you this stellar pattern which is traditonal yet modish suiting young fashionistas nicely. You can even call this a bangle mehndi design as a kangan style band covers the wrist area while the palm has two huge florals at the corners with space in middle left empty. The fingers have common henna florals etched beautifully completing this stylish design. 
  • Pro tip: For mehndi patterns having a mix of thin and thick strokes work with 2 cones one cut thin and one cut thick for faster design application. 

#37 Trendy Indian henna pattern for bridesmaids

This Indian mehndi design etched with black henna using thicker strokes is exquisite and aesthetically eye-pleasing. for college girls to attend events like a farewell party or cultural events this ould be a befitting pattern. Many colleges also have mehndi competitions and this design if you can etch it right (which should be a task with some practice) can even win you a prize.

#38 Intricate floral back hand Indian mehndi pattern

During weddings in India not just the bride but also close relatives and friends get henna applied on hands as they join in the celebrations. Bride gets really detailed and elaborate pattern applied while others opt for moderate to simple level patterns like this design here. This pattern looks pretty difficult to apply but is actually beginner-friendly and starters can give it a try with a bit of patience. Beautiful backhands are a trend at present but I personally would apply this design on my front hands at it would look way better on my palm skin.

#39 Exquisite Indian mehndi patterns for weddings

For important events like the wedding of your sister or brother, you want everything to be special and exceptional. Choose a designer lehenga and an aesthetically appealing mehndi pattern like this to add to the joy of your celebrations and you will have a style look which will be talked about for years later.

#40 Modest back hand henna patterns for youngsters

The above back hand henna pattern is inspired by the hand harness but doesnt entirely look like jewellery design either. A wrist band adorned inside with floral jaal and an angular pattern with the leafy checkered pattern on hands make for a striking picture well suited for women of every age. 

#41 Contemporary matching indian henna designs

This pattern is a nice contemporary take on indian mehndi patterns which is heavily inspired from shaded arabic patterns but keeps its traditional elements intact by opting regular Indian mehndi elements like florals and curves.the wrist area is also quite mesmerizing with dainty linear bands and tiny mango motifs adding to the splendor.

#42 New backhand Indian mehandi design for engagements

Another beautiful Indian Mehandi design for backhands which is an evergreen pattern which has been around for years now. If your personal style is tried and tested classics and you dont love chasing trends then this design will be loved by you.   This pattern used simple strokes to give a glamorous look and is beginner-friendly too. This pattern gives a packed and dense look to hands so avoid any sort of hand jewelry or it can give a very crowded vibe. 

#43 Simple Indian mehndi design for half hands

Mehndi designs are an integral part of indian festivals be it festival of any faith Muslims, Hindus or even Christians. For festive occasions, mid-level patterns like the above indian style henna designs works nicely which is simple enough to be applied at home and ornate enough to blend with your traditional outfits.  This front hand mehndi tattoo uses florals tastefully with mango motif tucked in the side and fingertips decorated with shaky curves. 

#44 Fancy florals - Latest Indian mehndi designs 2019

Florals in Indian mehendi designs have dotted details and curves mostly but the floral pattern this mehndi design is similar to what is found in arabic patterns. These arabic florals combine with Indian design elements give rise to a catchy and fun fusion mehndi design which is both unique and pretty. If you are looking for a middle ground between Indian and arabic mehndi designs then this is a pattern you should definitely consider which has the best of both worlds.
  • Best Suited For:  Newlyweds can try this design to attend dinner parties post your wedding.

#45 Multi patterned henna design for front hands

Multipatterned henna designs have a charm of their own as they give a very contemporary glam look ideal for teenagers who want modern elements in this age-old body art. This captivating pattern has a mix of shaded florals on two fingers, netted details angular strokes and tiny hearts on one fingertip adding to the awesome imagery.  You can pair this type of indian mehndi patterns with your indo-western or even western outfits for marriages of close relatives.
  • Best Suited For:  Is your brother getting engaged? A pattern like this will help add joy to the occasion.

#46 Mirror style half and half Indian Mehandi pattern

For weddings in the family newlyweds are required to deck up almost like brides in Indian culture. If you are someone who is recently married opt for a heavy but nonbridal Indian mehndi pattern like this on bot your hands and pair with an ornate saree form your trousseau. This mehndi pattern is dense but the use of delicate thin strokes gives it a non-fussy look appealing to younger generations. Bangles or chuda worn with this design on hand is going to absolutely breathtaking. 
  • Best Suited For:  Aniversary party or even a baby show, this design is ideal fit.

#47 Graceful Gujarati mehndi design with mango motifs

Two mango motifs lie alongside at the center of the palm with a netted wrist band in this Indian mehndi design image is ideal to flaunt at marriages and other special occasions. The fingers have curves looking pretty and adding to the charm of hands.
  • Best Suited For:  For the wedding of your best friend this design is an elegant and graceful choice.

#48 Easy Ino-western matching hand mehndi designs for both hands

What is the use of art, if you cant have fun with it, right? Move away from the usual and try this trendy and equally simple Indian mehindi design for hands which uses basic significant strokes but plays creatively with its placement. Here the floral curves are placed at the thumb area and the finger design details extend down in an angular way leaving out lots of empty breathing spaces on the hand area. 
If you are one of those who loves to experiment and make your own rules to strike a trend this mehndi pattern works best for you.

Traditional peacock motif inspired Indian henna mehndi patterns

#49 Peacock and paisley -Front hand Indian mehandi design image

Another design which uses curves effectively to form a stand out pattern is this peacock design where the peacock is nestled near the thumb area and curves border it with leafy details. The fingers also have branches while the index finger has a shaded paisleys pattern running vertically. the wrist area another story altogether with intricate mesh and a mango motif at the base adding to the visual appeal. 

#50 Mismatched madness - Peacock motif palm mehndi designs for indian wedding guests

Are you in the mood to try two different patterns on both your hands? Then give this mismatched Indian henna mehndi design with peacocks as its center of attention a shot. This design covering the whole palm area on both hands uses thin strokes all through the pattern giving a very convoluted look but if you look closely this is an easy pattern to apply with a thinly cut henna cone.  A little practice will take you places and surely win you a lot of acclaims when this design turns out beautifully on the hands of the person you apply.

#51 Elaborate Indian mehndi pattern for both hands - Mor mehndi designs

This half hand Indian mehandi design is a classic pattern which is very versatile working for all kinds of special events. The swirls and curves strokes dominate here and the fingertips aren't shaded giving an airy relaxed vibe. teenagers and women in their twenties can give this design a try for weddings related function in their family. 
  • Difficulty level - Moderate. It can be tried by anyone even at home with a bit of prior practice on hands or paper. 

#52 Gorgeous thick and thin patterned rajasthani peacock mehndi designs 

Etched with admirable intricacy is this dual peacock mehndi pattern which keeps the palm area as its main attraction. The finers have curves and dots while the wrist area again has fine detailing with a small peacock motif at the base concluding this dainty design. This beautiful mehndi tattoo is sure to win you loads of compliments when you show it off with traditional attire like a lehenga or churidar suit. 

#53 Pretty full hand mehndi pattern for Indian brides with a flurry of peacocks

Peacocks are considered a symbol of prosperity and joy in our country and this is the reason why you can find plenty of peacock motifs blended into bridal mehndi designs. This full hand henna pattern has multiple peacock patterns along with the usual jaali, florals, and paisleys giving an exclusive look which sure fetch compliments.

  • Best Suited For:  Not just brides but even newlyweds can give this Indian mehandi design a try at occasions like their anniversary party, karvachauth, Diwali or even rakhi. 

#54 Simple and easy peacock palm mehndi pattern

This palm mehndi pattern with peacock elements placed distinctly in opposite directions is really appreciable. The use of basic henna strokes like lines, dots, and curves are what bring this design to life and it can totally be tried even by amateurs to give a gorgeous output. I love how swirls are used on the fingertips which lends a sober and subtle vibe to this otherwise filled up design. 

#55 Floral Indian henna art front hands with peacock motif 

This is a beautiful Indian mehndi pattern with a peacock at the centre you can draw on your palms.  Although there is a peacock motif florals are the richly used here with even the inside of peacock filled with floral elements making for a girly and feminine design which looks basic but is very appealing and has an eccentric vibe. 

#56  Peacock themed Indian henna design for wedding guests

Shaded details are common in Arabic mehndi dizain but this Indian henna design here uses shading technique to give a distinct look to the peacock motifs. If you are good with drawing caricatures and elements this peacocks should be easy to etch for you and combined with netted details it makes for a resplendent pattern fit for weddings. If you are not an expert with drawing art then this could be a difficult pattern to apply, so select carefully according to your skills and strong points. 

#57 Best Rajasthani peacock mehndi design image for preteens

Young girls love getting henna applied at weddings a lot. The excitement that these pre-teens show at family weddings is a memorable sight and for these girls who wont settle for basic kid mehndi designs, you need a pattern somewhere in between which not too elaborate giving a mature look or not too simple looking kiddish. This mehndi tattoo here has peacock as a central element works well for minors adding the required zing to their festive outfit ensemble.

#58 Full shaded peacock palm mehndi designs

Instead of using just some elements inspired by peacocks like the feather or the peacock head this mehndi pattern etches out a full-blown peacock on the palm. This peacock is shaded creatively and really detailed and fine strokes on all fingers complete the pattern. The end output is pure work of art and this pattern is strictly for experienced henna artists.  
  • Best Suited For: This design works nicely for festive occasions like diwali, rakhi and dasara.

Simple Indian mehndi designs for kids to flaunt at family weddings

#59 Side circle Indian henna mehndi design for kids

Mandala patterns are very easy to draw and suit kids well but they can get a bit boring. Try this side circle style Indian mehandi designs inspired by the traditional mandala motif to let your kids shine in the beauty of henna. A flower on the palm surrounded by dots and then lined circle gives an innocent and playful vibe. The finers have a combination of mesh and florals while two fingers are left bare to give a dramatic and minimal effect. This design is beginner-friendly and anyone with a starter set of skills can apply it in a jffy. 

#60 Hand harness style easy Indian mehndi designs for hands

Kids dont like wearing too much statement jewellery especially stuff like hathphools so a jewellery style mehndi tattoo works nicely for them. Here a bangle style band is made with basic strokes and flower rest in the middle of hand connected by dotted lines.
  • Best Suited For:  This simple and easy hand harness style indian mehndi ki design is perfect for kids to attend weddings of family members like their uncle, aunt or even cousins. 

#61 Conventional mango motif Indian henna design for preteens

Kids from the age of 8- 15 arent satisfied with simple single line henna patterns on hands. They demand a full covered hand pattern especially when the occasion is something really big like their chacha's wedding or maasi ki shaadi. For times like these opt for a simple but fairly elaborate Indian mehndi pattern like this with paisleys and floral curves. This beautiful design is also a nice pick for teenagers who want to keep things sober and subtle.

#62 Alluring contrasting patterned Indian henna designs for hands

For little girls in their preteens, they want a more mid level mehndi pattern which isnt too heavy or too simple. This mehndi dizain will fit the bill nicely for younger girls at weddings of close relatives. A feminine and chi pattern there is two contrasting design elements here with one side featuring branches and the other side having florals and paisley along with a jaal band on the wrist area.

#63 Indo-arabic paisley pattern mehndi tattoo for back hands 

Kids of the age 10-15 are huge fans of henna and they want something really pretty and fairly elaborate on their hands for occasions like eid or weddings. This back hand mehndi pattern with paisleys and flowers is best pick for kids of this age as it fits into their small hands well and is not too complicated or simple satisfying tiny hearts henna desires. This design looks a bit arabic but the fingers having linear strokes and dotted mesh give it the India touch making this an ideal fusion mehndi pattern which works well with indo-western outfits girls these days wear. 

#64 Simple leaves and branches indian mehendi design

This design brings back a lot of old memories for me because when I started off mehndi application during my school days I used to apply patterns similar to these. The palm ara has leaves decorated with lines and strokes inside while the fingers have leafy branches running over them This mehndi pattern is very common and looked great on hands of kids. If you are an amateur with mehndi cone then try this design for your kid's hands which is easy to apply and also looks great on small hands. 

#65 Happy hearts - Cute smiley henna design

In this digital era, we all express emotions using emoticons and smileys are the most used icon. Here this uber pretty and cute henna pattern used a smiley as an inspiration. A smiley is drawn on the middle of hands and multiple simple smiling faces line the wrist and fingers area. This is one is a really creative and new age mehndi pattern, not just kids but also youngsters can opt for. The best part is drawing smileys is easy peasy and doesn't require any sort of special skills;
Tip:  Use round objects like a bottle cap to get a perfect round circle outline for a crisp and clean circular stroke. 

#66 Basic paisleys Indian mehndi design for kids

Are you looking for an artistic yet simple mehndi design for kids which works well for family weddings? Then give this design a try which uses basic henna strokes and is rich in paisley details. This kids mehndi tattoo can fit into the small hands of your little one but you can add more paisleys at the finger area and extend it a bit more to use it as an adult mehndi design too. 

#67 Heart and mandala henna pattern for little ones

How pretty do these simple mehndi designs for kids look? One hand has a tikki design while the other hand has a heart-shaped pattern with all the fingers left bare giving a very minimal and cute touch. This is one of those typical kid mehndi patterns which is easy to apply by amateurs and wont take more than a few minutes.

#68  Paisleys and swirls - Easy and simple mehndi design for kids

Adorable paisley in the middle of a tiny palm surrounded with lots of swirls and curves makes for a fancy Indian mehendi design for kids. The fingers also are covered in this design along with the wrist area which has a half flower looking pretty and sweet. This design is perfect for girls under 10 years and baby girls of ages 6 months to 1 year also can be applied with a version of this design at weddings of their aunts or uncles (maasi or chacha ki shaadi).

#69 Pretty florals and net backhand mehndi for girls

Composed with the most traditional strokes and elements of florals bordered with dark filled up florets in this mehndi ki design takes cuteness to a whole new level. The fingers have simple jaal and leafy trios finishing this kids mehndi designs which is super adorbs.

#70 Offbeat mehndi design for baby girl

Ditch the florals and etch your little one's hands with a leafy pattern like this. This neat and elegant mehndi tattoo has an angular branch intersected beautifully with a delicate curve having dotted leafy bits. The fingers have more leaves drawn around the nail bed. I love how this design is unisex and can be applied by boys or girls on both side of hands. 

Latest Indian mehndi designs - Trendy and unique henna patterns 

#71 New leafy branches mehndi design for millennials

Do you have a really distinct taste in fashion? Then try this branched mehndi design for front hands which will make you stand out from a crowd at any party. The finger area of the hand is completely filled with dark henna in an angular stroke while three branches cover the lower palm part. The side part of fingers actually has leafy stencils adding more drama to this unique design which you avoid or etch depending upon your taste and time availability. What makes this pattern so enthralling is the contrast of white skin on palm against the shaded finger area which makes for an alluring picture. 

#72 Netted backhand Indian henna design for beginners

For all you teenagers who want something fun and classy for your backhands this leafy netted Indian mehendi pattern is your answer. I have a thing for mesh and netted details so this design actually ranks right on top of my favorite Indian mehandi designs list. The ease of application of this design is also something you can consider as anyone in your family with beginner level skills can apply it hands in a jiffy. 
  • Pro Tip: Tie your hair up in a braid or bun before mehndi application as the flyaways can be bothersome when you have henna paste smeared on hands

#73 Mesh band mehndi design with curves and lines 

This Indian mehendi dizain is must try for women who want a blend of traditional motifs in a fresh modern output. Jaali is used innovatively here along with circular curves for a style experiment which turns out looking ah-mazing. A mesh band on the wrist is bordered on both sides with circular strokes decorated with florets inside and a horizontal line separate this pattern from the finger area. The finger uses only linear patterns and mesh details to finish this henna pattern which is sure to give a flattering look to hands. 

#74 Angular palm mehndi design for Millenials 

This design is an example of how a mehindi design can look spectacular even when not covering the entire hands till the elbow area. Two lines at a 90 degree angle are drawn from the ring finger area to the area above the wrist and it is fully filled with delicate florals and jaal. The borders of the angle have swirls pattern with dotted florals giving an oh so gorgeous output which is going to turn all eyeballs at an event straight to hands. Get ready to handle all the extra attention when you opt for this design. 

#75 Dark florals and checks - Indian mehendi design for front hands

Dark, dashing and bold is what this Indian mehndi design is all about. This isnt your normal henna pattern with florals and shading, this stellar design gives the shading technique a trendy new spin and goes overboard with it giving a stencil-like effect. Curved lines form different parts in this design which is then filled with florals and checks. This pattern is no kids play and will require a reputed and skilled henna artist to etch in its magnificent glory. 
  • Pro Tip: Wear something breezy and comfortable when getting mehndi applied as you cant move around much or change after henna application. sleeveless outfits are best if you want full hand patterns.

#76 Moroccan mania - Geometric mehndi design  

Looking for a geometric style mehndi design for front hands? Try this striking mehndi pattern which uses lines creatively in thick and thin versions and the end result is appreciable sophistication. Straight lines run diagonally over the hand area in this henna design and the insides are filled with angular strokes and florals which are again geometric. The fingers bring about a balance by using really bareek strokes to form diamond structural vertical patterns. A design like this is very intimidating and not everyone can carry it off, so make sure you have confidence and charisma before you opt for this pattern. 
  • Style Tip: If you love wearing western attire then this mehndi tattoo is suitable for you as it will complement contemporary silhouettes nicely. 

 #77 Quirky curls -  Mehndi on other side of fingers 

How do you make an impact with simple and basic mehndi strokes? Play with the placement of the design like this henna pattern where staple mehndi strokes like swirls and curves are etched on the side of fingers and Bang done!
  • Style Tip:  with a design like this avoid backhand and heavy front hand henna patterns. Finger rings also should be kept away as it will take the attention away from the creative genius that this Indian mehndi design image is. You can opt for a simple mandala or tikki design on the palm area or just leave it bare for sophisticated oomph. 

#78 Rich radiance - Geometric mehndi art 

Are you bored of the usual florals used in every other mehndi design these days? Well fret not there is enough variety in henna patterns to last you a lifetime. Here this gorgeous new mehndi design using the mandala technique in a geometric way to come up with a different and dainty pattern. A flower is etched inside a square which is bordered by a diamond-like structure which is again edged with dual squares in very neat and crisp strokes. The wrist area also deals in angles instead of the usual circular band while the fingertips have some delectable florals finishing the pattern. This backhand pattern will look drop-dead gorgeous on both sides of hands and will work for all kinds of occasions paired with modish clothes. 
  • Pro Tip: After you have removed henna paste of your hands apply some Vicks vapor rub on coloured hands which will darken the henna stain

#79 Shaded florals mehndi design

If like me you love more filled in shaded mehndi designs then this henna pattern is an amazing pick. Here are so many gush worthy details competing to grab attention, from the vertical shaded line running all the way till the tip of the middle finger. to the jaal on one side and the florals on the other. The wrist area isnt short of magnificence either ad a beautiful band is drawn there with circular curves and leaves ending the pattern. When you want your hands to speak for itself this design does the job for you. 

New Indian Mehndi designs for fingers 

#80 Intricate finger mehndi designs for backhands

Thin strokes and delicate details make this finger mehndi design an ideal pattern for modern young women who are a fan of all things minimal and chic. While most finger mehndi designs follow the same matching pattern on all fingers, here all fingers have really different elements running across them giving it an interesting twist.
  • Style Tip: Pair finger mehndi designs with statement hand harness and indo-western clothes and showcase your fierce fashion sense. 

#81 Thick and dark floral Indian mehendi designs for fingers

This floral finger mehndi tattoo which uses thicker strokes makes for a fabulous mehndi pattern for women who's personal style is minimal and effortless chic. You dont need to cover your entire length of arms in henna strokes for a pretty look and this design stands testimony of the fact. Creative finger patterns can be a savior for women who have lots of work on hand before an important event.
  • Best Suited For: This is ideal if you are hosting dinner parties at your own home and want some quick henna on hands 

#82 Creeper spirals mehndi design for fingers

Bored of florals? then opt for leaves as a design element which will look equally pretty and will give your hands an unusual look grabbing all eyeballs. In the above design, leafy branches spiral around the fingers while the rest of the back hand is left bare. this kind of a pattern can be paired with a relatively heavier pattern on the front side of hands for a special occasion appropriate look. 
  • Best Suited For: Want a casual mehndi pattern to practice the mehndi art on a daily basis, try this.

#83 Single finger mehndi design 

A pretty and basic single finger mehndi design which even novices can apply and master in one shot. Flower details are held together by a leafy branch with more flowers scattered around to complete the look. Can it get any simpler?  Nopes.  If the henna art intimidates you, stress not try something simple like this at the start of your henna learning journeys and bid bye to your fears in a jiff.

#84 Intricate finger mehndi design 

The above mehndi design for fingers with jaali bits, leaves and roses is another level of gorgeousness. If you have a thing intricate and khafif mehndi designs try a pattern like things which concentrates on the finger area while leaving rest of the hand bare. The empty hand part acts as a breather and helping your design not overpower your entire party look. If you want your outfit or jewelry to be the highlight of the look and henna design to just complement then these kinds of henna patterns are a good idea. 

Simple and Easy Indian mehndi designs for starters

#85 Distinct circle and curve Indian henna pattern 

Young women love all things stylish and understated giving an effortless vibe. This mehndi ki design perfectly falls into this category and will suit all simpler occasions like dinner parties and family functions. Here a circle and circular curve are etched and filled with floral details separated by a dotted swirl. Lines and dots at the base of nails complete this modest pattern which will look good at the back of hands with all kinds of clothing, be it Indian western or Indo-western.

  • Pro Tip: rub eucalyptus or mustard oil before henna application which helps with better color staining

#86 Linear and curves Indian mehndi ki design for left hand

Next on our list is this another beginner-friendly pattern which is for front hands. here a thin cut cone is used with precision to imprint paisleys, florals, curves and lots of tiny linear details only at the base of the hand and index finger. Three fingers and some area below it is left bare fora clean sober look ideal for simpler occasions like rakhi, cultural events or even an intimate roka in your family. 

#87 Pretty heart henna tattoo style mehndi pattern 

Beginners should always start practice on paper and then use their own left hand as a canvas to test waters. Using your right hand you should try a lucid pattern like this heart tattoo and see how good is your grip on the henna cone.  This heart mehndi ki design has a netted filling and lined and dotted edging which is further borders with swirls. How cute and adorable does this design look for casual everyday application? 
  • Style Tip: Low profile events like anniversary parties and valentines day can also be celebrated with the beauty of henna applying basic patterns like this. Stun your better half in a sensuous western dress and a romantic heart henna tattoo.

#88 Playful chic- Architecture inspired Mehndi designs for parties

When opting for mehndi patterns it is a wise idea to go for a heavy pattern on front hand while the backhand an have more sparse and subtle design which brings about a nice balance. Here this backhand design is simple, structured and striking which going overboard. The wrist area has a band edged with florals while main center part has architecture inspired pattern which is again bordered with dainty florals. The fingers have a basic line and flower details finishing this sober pattern ideal for teenagers.

  • Best Suited For: Occasions like cultural fests and farewell parties are a good fit to flaunt this design

#89 Easy round mehndi designs for starters

This round mehndi design with checks filled inside is easy to apply and doesn't require a skilled professional to be hired for the job. For smaller events, you can get this design applied on hands by cousins or neighbors. This design has a fresh and young feel to it making it best suited for girls in the age group of 12-20. Though this pattern is drawn on the backside in this Indian mehndi dizain image you can definitely try it even on the front part and I am sure it is going to look equally pretty. 

#90 Mesh details dark backhand Indian pattern

Now creative use of empty spaces is something you will rarely find in Indian mehndi designs because the majority of Indian patterns have a filled up look. this backhand pattern comes across as a breath of fresh air where 3 fingers are left empty while the hand area has mesh etched with precision and a bunch of florals and paisley also lie adjoining completing the pattern. The paisley is also filled with net giving a very contemporary vibe which is surely going to be a hit with youngsters.
  • Best Suited For: Engagement party of a friend or sister.

#91 Round simple and easy Indian henna mehndi design for beginners

I have also adviced people newly starting out with mehndi art to try mandala style round mehndi patterns first. These patterns are easy to draw and there is very fewer scope errors too. Simple and easy patterns like these you can practice on hands of kids in your neighborhood or your nieces. Using your own left hand as a canvas and applying with your right hands is also a good option when no one is around. when you have perfect simple designs like this you an move onto mid-level patterns. 

  • Best Suited For: This makes for a gorgeous kids mehndi design at weddings of close relatives

#92 Personalized play- Heart with initials henna tattoo for starters 

Personalized mehndi designs are gaining popularity these days but all personalized henna patterns need not have to be complicated. Here I present to you a simplistic tattoo-like design with a heart at its centre inside which you can etch any alphabet of your choice. Couples can in fact opt for dual letters (initials of themselves and their better half) for a romantic vibe. 
  • Pro Tip: Add initials in a plus form for maximum impact. If your name begins with A and your partners with M then write A+M inside the heart and watch everyone go green with env on the open display of your affection.
  • Style Tip: Even men can try this henna pattern for their wedding or engagement as it makes for a great dulha mehndi design.

#93 Vintage glam - Lace glove Indian henna design

Mehndi has come a long way from the usual traditional designs now gaining importance even in the western world as a trusted temporary tattoo option. This lace glove inspired henna design has its origin in the western world which gives a delicate and feminine appeal to hands. This pattern is an ideal fit for all those low-key occasions you will be attending this year like house warming parties and dinner events. 

Significance of  henna mehndi in Indian culture and weddings: 

If you are confused wondering what is the difference between henna and mehndi then let me tell they are both the same thing. Heena is the arabic word for mehndi derived from 'hina' while Mehndi is the Indian way of referring to henna which is derived from the Sanskrit word 'mehndhika'.  Mehndi is more than thousand-year-old body art form which many believe to have been originated from the Indian subcontinent as references to Mehandi are found in ancient Vedic texts. This body art is considered auspicious in Hindu culture and is a sign of good luck. Most Indian weddings have a mehndi ceremony which is a pre-wedding ceremony held  1 or 2 days before the wedding rituals.

Why do Indian brides wear henna

Indian bride is decked up in 16 adornments known as sholah shringar to enhance her beauty for the special day. Mehndi is one of the 16 adornments and no Indian wedding is complete without the application of henna. Elaborate and full hand mehndi patterns are etched on the hands of the bride by a professional artist or a skilled family member while the groom mostly gets a minimal pattern drawn as a shagun ki mehndi ritual. The bride gets mehndi ke designs applied not just on the hands but on the back hands, wrist area up till the elbow portion and on the feet too till the ankle portion.

It is believed that the darker the colour of the bride's mehndi, the more love she will receive from her in-laws and husband. This is of course, a myth as the colour development of henna depends on several factors like the quality of the henna, individual skin types and the amount of time henna paste is left on the body parts for the stain to develop well.

More details about the Mehndi ceremony :

This ceremony is a very intimate affair organized by the bride's family with only close relatives and friends present. But these days mehndi ceremony has been celebrated with grandeur where both the bride and groom join in for a day of joyful singing, dancing, and celebrations. The mehndi applied on the bride's hands is supposed to be sent from the groom's side. Small intimate weddings also have the mehndi ritual as this is a tradition which is never skipped in modern-day Indian weddings. If a separate mehndi ceremony is not organized at a wedding, henna mehndi is still applied a day before to the bride's hand. Not just the bride but all other female relatives and friends also get their hands drenched in intricate henna patterns as a mark of the beginning of celebrations.
Mehndi also has medicinal properties which cool and clam the nerves and its application to the bride helps relieve the bride of her wedding stress.
The initials of the groom or the whole name itself is hidden in the intricate bridal mehndi pattern which the groom has to search for. This makes for a fun post-wedding ceremony in many parts of India. 

Occasions where Indian mehndi designs are applied in India:

Almost all kinds of celebratory occasions in India mehndi is used to beautify hands and legs. For weddings more elaborate and dense patterns are preferred while women also get mehndi designs applied for festive occasions like Diwali, dussehra, holi, karva chaut, teej and rakhi.
Muslim Indian women also get mehndi designs applied for eid and other religious occasions. Culturals events in colleges and schools also see the use of henna.


These beautiful indian mehandi designs will ensure that all eyes are on you at any event you attend. Each of these henna patterns have something unique to offer and there is something for every kind of women, from minimal to experimental you can find all kinds of designs in this massive list.  Pick what you like best and get ready to grace yourself with an overload of compliments, because they are heading your way for sure. 

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