131 Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

Latest And Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs To Try in 2019-2020

Who doesn't love an impressive modern mehndi design that does not require much practicing and can be done in a jiffy? If elaborate patterns and time-consuming mehndi is not your cup of tea you have new Arabic mehndi designs to your rescue!
The obsession towards Arabic mehndi design has grown 10X times more in the past decade! Every passing day we come across several creative and attractive mehndi designs but the most popular among all is the Arabic mehndi design as it does not require a lot of learning, is a little less complicated and has a minimal yet graceful vibe to it.

Latest Arabic Mehndi Design To Try In 2019! 
picture courtesy: @Apoorveshennaworks

Arabic Mehndi Designs For The Bride

It's not just us who love an Arabic Mehndi Design a tad bit more than the other mehndi designs but many of the brides who are not huge fans of sitting for long hours getting a mehndi done opt for Arabic mehndi designs for their weddings.
With Arabic mehndi being the easiest to apply and simplest for of mehndi design, it has gained a lot of popularity amongst the modern brides who love minimalist design and prefer a unique Arabic mehndi design over detailed mehndi patterns.
Bridal Mehndi takes up to 7 to 8 hours and not every bride likes to be stranded on a sofa for such a long period of time. If you are a bride to be and are looking for something chic, simple and a mehndi design that is not an OTT mehndi design then a creative Arabic mehndi design is your thing.
Each one of us is something different and not all brides are the same. If you are one of those girls who like to keep it simple and intriguing especially when it comes to your wedding you need to check out these latest and enthralling Arabic mehndi designs that you can say YES to!

131 Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs That Are Remarkable!  Latest Arabic Mehndi Design To Try In 2019

The most popular reason for Arabic Mehandi Designs being so famous and phenomenal at the same time is that they are unique, minimal, exquisite and easy to draw!
There are numerous occasions when you do not want complicated Mehandi designs that cover the entire hand, but the trick is to find and practice a simple Arabic mehandi design that has a distinct element to it. Often women choose to do their own henna and Arabic mehendi designs with their simple free-flowing patterns make it easy for mehndi beginners to give it a try.
If you are a beginner and have just started learning mehndi designs, you will love a list full of amazing Arabic mehandi design photos that are not only easy to draw but look extremely beautiful and top-notch.
Whether the occasion asks for an expressive mehndi design or a simple and easy one, we have compiled a list that caters for everyone! All the Arabic mehandi designs we have lined up will leave you awestruck and pining for more! It is time to mix it up with some Arabic mehendi design, dive into our grand collection of the most enticing 131 Simple Arabic mehndi designs!


One of the most incorporated motifs in the mehndi industry is the flower motif. Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations by God and symbolize femininity. Flowers have always been a source of inspiration for their beauty and elegance and it comes as no surprise when mehndi lovers use it in every other mehndi design of theirs.
Arabic mehendi designs are dominated by floral patterns. Let's take a look at the few of the most gorgeous yet simple floral arabic mehendi patterns to try this year 2019.

#1 Flowers In Bloom - Shaded arabic mehndi deisgn 

Another floral arabic henna mehandi pattern that has our heart is this gorgeous shaded henna done on the back of the hand. With leaf-like petals adjoining small-sized flowers, this one is great for parties and has no age limits. We think anyone can pull of this gorgeous floral mehndi design with ease.
Image courtesy: Henna_sk

#2 Little Flower - Easy arabic henna pattern

This one's just about little flowers adjoining each other! Little thick petalled flowers are drawn from the hand to the arm. Definitely a feminine design, which is also extremely gorgeous.

 #3 Blooming In The Valley - Palm arabic mehndi design 

Ever imagined how you can make a gorgeous mehndi pattern by simply incorporating three flowers in bloom?This minimalistic yet stupendous mehendi art is a great example of how less is more!

#4 Its in the details. - finger mehendi deisgns 

Love the simplicity of this upside-down flower plant mehndi pattern. It is the newest trend in Arabic mehndi art where you draw an interesting finger pattern and let it be the standalone art. We cannot help but give it a try. Thanks to its uniqueness where the cuticle is outlined to perfection!

Image Courtesy: Cinnamon _strokes

#5 The Palm Candy - Lower palm mehendi tattoo

This particular design is very rare and can be done under 5 minutes. Who would've thought a small pattern on the corner of the palm would actually look so attractive yet simple! The design on the corner takes center stage and the rest of the palm is kept fuss-free and empty. Love love love!
Image courtesy: Henna4u_leicester

#6 Wrapped Up Palm Cuff - front hand mehendi 

This one is such a great design for beginners for it looks gorgeous and is so easy to recreate! We love how it looks s complicated but can be done by any beginner without any difficulty. For a more impactful look keep the fingers clean and henna free.
Image courtesy: Thouseens_henna

#7 The glorified flower - simple mehndi deisgn 

Don't underestimate the power of a single flower be it even on a mehndi design. This one is gorgeous with thick outlines and pretty dainty designs done on the fingertips to balance out the whole design. Nothing can be easiesr and simpler than this arabic mehndi design images photos!

#8 Lotus love - gorgeous modern mehndi tattoo 

We love how a lotus flower motif is used in this design! The enchanting swirls and twirls created while incorporating the lotus Arabic mehandi design makes the design undeniably exquisite. Only the side of the wrist and two fingers are filled while the rest is kept mehendi free to get all the attention on the intricate simple lotus design. Plus it is easy for those who have started learning the henna process.

#9 Smooth And Symmetrical - Arabic bel mehndi deisgn 

This mehndi design with its diagonal floral art is breathtaking. floral patterns are topped above one other in a slant and crosswise pattern to create a unique pattern!

#10 One of a kind... - Easy back mehndi deisgn 

Nothing is classier than a mehendi pattern that is unlike any other mehendi and one such mehendi design is this below pattern with filled in small leaves and a few empty ones, all adjoining a beautiful dotted flower within a flower motif. Looks great when designed on the back of the hand. Visually appealing and extremely innovative!
simple arabic mehndi designs

#11 Acute Angle - Half and half henna design 

Constituting the same old mehndi motifs this a pretty delicate and simple mehandi design that one can never get bored of. Perfect for brides and married women, this paisley mehendi design is easy to create. Half floral patterns, curvy strokes, and paisley motifs stretch from the front of the wrist to the tip of the index finger in a diagonal like pattern forming acute angles on both hands. To balance out the symmetrical pattern, each of the fingers is adorned with curvy miniature patterns and dots.

#12 Floral Strand - Floral mehandi deisgn 

Flowers have the power to make the simplest of the simple designs to look alluring. A simple and delicate floral mehndi designs at times can do wonders, which a lot of intricately done Mehendi patterns fail to achieve. This new mehndi design with its pretty floral motifs attached to each other with dotted strands forming a diagonal chain on the backhand is an example of that.

 #13 Diagnoalley! - Latest Arabic mehndi design

If you are a paisley motif lover you have already fallen in love with this paisley arabic mehndi design, haven't you? With its intricate detailing on the inside of the two huge paisleys drawn in the center of the palm, this paisley patterned henna art is magical!

 #14 Wallflower - Amazing palm mehndi design 

If you wish to go for mehndi designs latest that is mesmeric and easy to draw simultaneously, this one could be a perfect fit for you. Best intended for family gatherings or small functions, this simple arabic mehndi designs for left hand is easy to create on the palm for it consists of a huge wallflower like pattern with a big paisley on one side and leaves at the other along with thick swirls with little leaves heading towards the forefinger.

#15 Curves, Swirls & Paisleys

If you are planning to get ready for a grand party or as a guest to a big fat Indian wedding, this sort of mehndi design will work best for it will suit both western and traditional outfits. The most attractive part of this artistic new mehndi design is its flow of small paisley motifs along with swirls and other elements and how well all of these are placed together one after the other in a semi-circle form.


If there’s one Arabic mehndi design motif that looks set to take over 2019, it is none other than the rose henna design. From kids to young women, everyone wants henna mehndi with roses, it seems like everyone out there is obsessed with the gorgeous flower. A rose mehandi design is very flattering and appealing plus a great mehndi design for beginners as it does not require much-complicated drawing!

 #16 Branch Out - Rose Arabic Mehndi Designs for Girls

A mehndi design, unlike any other floral designs. This has two small and two big roses branching out from a finger-like in an upside pattern. Very minimal design that is perfect for just any occasion be it a party or any festive occasion!

#17 Dots And Flowers - Mesh Arabic Mehndi Designs for women 

We love a contrast Arabic henna pattern and this chic Arabic floral henna art with two totally opposite patterns featured together has our heart. A great pick for all the modern women out there who want a floral pattern but with spiced up elements!

#18 Kiss Of A Rose - Arabic Mehndi Designs for palms 

If you want a very sober flower pattern covering the whole of palm and want to keep the rest henna free, this is the ideal pick for you. It's just like your palms were kissed by a rose in bloom. Such a refreshing design isn't it?.

#19 Train Of Roses: Latest Rose Mehndi Design To Try In 2022

The beauty of the rose flower can be quite captivating. The minuscule roses along with vines used in the designs look amazing and look perfect when done neatly on the back of the hand. All you have to do is practice the french minuscule rose and once you are perfect with that, this design is a piece of cake to draw!
Image Courtesy: Cinnamon _strokes

#20 Triplets - Arabic Mehndi Designs for beginners 

This particular rose mehndi design is very easy to recreate and a fun pick with three roses connected to each other. The vines connecting the triplet roses are dotted which triples up the eye-pleasing quotient. This one can be achieved within minutes! This is one of our favorite Dubai rose mehendi design.

#21 Garden Of Roses - Arabic floral Mehndi Designs 

If you want a modern rose mehndi design where the most prominent aspect of the design is a rose then this design with three dominant roses along with some doodled swirls and chunky leaf detailing is gorgeous and will definitely get curious looks, no need to mention it's going to color your hands into a henna garden! This one with its filled in rose petal pattern can be done in a blink of an eye and will yet give you the parlor wala effect!


If you are a mehendi lover like me you will already know that the most favorite element of Indian mehendi is the paisleys! if you want a simple arabic mehendi design done on your hands then most of the times a henna artist picks up a contemporary arabic henna pattern that includes curvy paisleys along with swirls and floral motifs. Hence it is clear that the basic Arabic henna mehendi designs are incomplete without a paisley motif in it. We have pooled in some Latest Unique Arabic Paisley Henna Mehndi Designs so the next time you are looking for henna inspiration you know what to draw!

#22 Flowers, paisley and swirls: Simple Arabic side mehndi design

Side mehndi designs wherein only half of the hand is adorned cornering a pattern running along the whole length looks stunning when done on the back of your left hand. This mehndi design is composed of the evergreen arabic mehndi motifs like swirls, pansy flowers, checkers, paisleys, dots, and loops from the fingertips to the entire right side of the hand. Even though this is a side mehndi design it acts a full-coverage mehndi design due to its hick bordered outlines. The clever use of empty spaces while connecting the lower part of the mehndi pattern to the upper part has given a whole different dimension to this Arabic mehndi design. We think this one is simply bewitching and a perfect pick for you when you want a full hand arabic mehndi design for your sister's wedding or your Diwali party!

#23 Single Star - Arabic Mehndi Designs for parties

This particular design has all the limelight falling on the gorgeous single paisley drawn on top of three flower motifs, dotted veins and leafy swirls complete the whole look.
simple arabic mehndi designs

#24 Perfect Paisley -Arabic Mehndi Designs for back hands 

This is another beautiful form of paisley where intricate detailing is done on the inside of the paisley and dainty strokes and artistic elements make it appear every bit pretty.

#25 The power of Borders And Outlines - Arabic Mehndi Designs for festivals 

Who could have ever thought of a mehndi design with just flower outlines and roughly drawn paisleys to turn into such an attractive arabic henna pattern? It is all about the power play of the lovely paisleys! We are not complaining anyway. We love!

#26 Up Side Down delight - Arabic Mehndi Designs for girls 

If shading is your thing then this upside down paisley pattern along with shaded other arabic elements looks compelling and we are obsessed! The USP of this design is the thick outlines which can be achieved by either going thrice or five times the outlines with a henna cone or you could just get a henna cone cut thickly to creates some gorgeous thick-outlined henna patterns including this one for sure.

#27 Prominent Paisley -Arabic Mehndi Designs for little girls

This is a prominent and noticeable paisley henna design to use mehndi to accentuate your arm space, rather than having a full-fledged paisley mehendi design done on the entire hand.. This basic paisley pattern has a flower below and is the star of the show with intricate detailing done on the inside of the paisley motif. This particular design would be a great idea for a DIY mehndi design for smaller gatherings or for times when you are short of time.


Don't we all just love intricate, full hand designs? But once in a while, we like to change up things and opt for more minimalistic mehndi patterns. Despite being small and easy these designs are dazzling for they have a distinctness visual appeal to them. The cherry on the cake is that you won't be needing any sort of artistic skills to create this one. Ideal for lazy girls*wink wink*!If you love these you will love our 65 best simple mehndi designs for beginners too!

#28 Crisscross creeper -Arabic Mehndi Designs for novices

There's something special about simple leafy trails drawn in an interesting way. They can give that modern touch to your henna hands. Especially when it is as pretty as this one with crisscrossed leaf creeper details with a flower motif thrown in randomly here and there, you just can't let go of it.

#29 Small mehndi designs for hands 

This simple single line backhand mehendi design is fit for those who want an easy and quick pattern to flaunt at college or to a girl's day out. This is like easiest arabic henna pattern out there and can be done under a minute literally!

#30 Pendant Style Henna

When you can't decide on anything else, get a mehendi with a pendant like or even a keychain type design etched with a stupendous floral pattern like this. This one is easy to make and doesn't require too much practicing on your part. Oh so creative and very beginner-friendly! Who agrees with us?

#31 My valentine

If you want a mushy and super cute mehendi pattern to sport on a special occasion like your celebrating your first date or the first anniversary you can go for this minimalistic cute hearts finger design. It has two striped hearts dangling from a finger ring-like pattern. 


As we all know that it's not just the grown-ups who love sporting a good mehendi design, the kids want their hands adorned too. Be it a festival like Eid or Diwali, the kids at our home want it. But when it comes to kids, the whole process of getting them to sit down and applying it patiently is not at all easy. Kids make sure they give us a hard time while they get their mehendi done, hence it is always best to keep their mehndi design as limited, little and fancy as possible.

#32 Cute And Simple

This easy simple mehndi designs for kids step by step is so simple yet covers the full back of the hand of a small kid. Great for kids at a mehendi party.

#33 This one that looks like a hand harness

For all the mothers who want a special mehndi design for your baby girl, this is your ideal happy pick.

#34 You give me butterflies

This cute butterfly pattern henna design will make you fall in love and actually give you butterflies. Composed with a cute little intricate butterfly motif in the center of the palm this childlike mehndi design is simply fascinating and a perfect pick for your kids.

#35 True Henna Lover Kid

If your kid is a henna lover she can never say no to a traditional arabic henna pattern consisting of the evergreen paisley and the henna favorite flower pattern mehendi design. Elaborate and attractive, this simple arabic kids mehendi pattern has relatively fuller patterns covering most of the little ones hand but the best part is that it doesn't look too cluttered and can be done within a few minutes!

#36 Leaves And Swirls

A magical backhand trail design with shaded leaves and some delicate swirl patterns covering the back of the hand and is a sure shot win when designed on your little one's back of the hands.

#37 Another Smart Jewellery Mehendi Design For Kids

This one is sure to top the kids mehndi design 2019 charts. Limited and classy!

#38 Simple And Elegant Stuff

We are obsessed with this creative mehndi design for baby girl simple. If you and your princess are attending a wedding and you are on a lookout for a kids mehendi pattern that is elegant and can be done in a jiffy you can pick this design for it covers only a finger and is uber ritzy at the same time.

#39 Another distinct domes mehendi pattern for kids

We love unique designs and this baby mehndi designs 2019-2020 with its sunflower-like pattern forming a dome-like arch at the end is oh so grand for a kid!

#40 Beautiful And Regal

This mehndi design easy and beautiful has an old charm to it, with its grid-like pattern and floral elements its a wonderful floral mehndi design at the back of the hand of a kid. undoubtedly this design makes the hands look very beautiful and regal!

#41 Playful Rhombus

Cute swirled strokes along with a tiny rhombus drawn within a big rhombus are what makes this design striking and distinguished from the other mehandi patterns.


In India, weddings are incomplete without the 'mehendi' function. Be it any religion, Mehendi is an integral of our matrimonial culture. Right from the customized henna designs, to the meaning of the mehendi pattern, everything holds special importance in our marriages. Earlier times had brides and their close ones getting mehendi applied on their entire hands and feet that covered every inch of skin on the hands. But times have changed and brides, wedding guests, and family members have started to prefer modern minimalistic henna designs. Here are a few minimalistic simple mehendi designs for brides and her bridesmaids which will look beautiful and stylish at once.

#42 Half N Half

This is a very popular design among the brides as the 'milan' or joining of two hands conveys a message of bonding and togetherness which is perfect for marriage! But you can get quirky and get anything you want or a message you want to get conveyed to your partner written in between the heart!

#43 Contemporary mehendi design

A mehndi design with basic arabian mehndi elements for your back of hands, which is undoubtedly simple but also redefines elegance. The thickly drawn swirls and twirls on this mehndi design with gorgeous paisleys, leaves, and florals sprouting here and there have us swooning and caught our attention. No, seriously! Just look at entire free-flowing art going on in this mehndi design! We are in awe!

#44 The Precious

This pretty little precious one done on the palm only is beautiful and crisp. And is perfect for those in search of a unique, stylish and minimalistic arabic pattern for their wedding!

#45 Hypnotized squares

This backhand mehndi design that features sunflower motifs sprouting from intricately drawn mid-size cubes or squares balancing it with small cube patterns on the fingers is a breath of fresh air. This is differently one design that falls into the 'most creative' category for us! Perfect for the oh-so modern bride or even great to sport it for the sister of the bride or the mother of the bride on the wedding day!

#46 Packed with the goodness of flora N fauna

This bewitching mehendi photo has won our heart for it is so glam yet subtle at the same time.  The design is drawn in slant versions with a lotus vein trail covering the wrist, followed by a neat shaded leaf bel and scalloped bordered half floral motifs on the back of the palm. This again is a great pick for those who want to for the bridal feel henna pattern but want something that won't take much time to draw. Effective for a bride and the simplest mehendi art for brides to be.

#47 Checks And Roses

Comprising of many different Mehendi motif elements, the design is well complemented by leafy branches, scalloped french roses, and several well-spaced swirls. This is an inspiration worth saving for every minimalistic mehendi loving bride to-be out there!

#48 Rosy Affair

There is something about a free-flowing rose mehndi with grids and creepers connecting one another, it not only looks stunning but reminds you of decor at a summer wedding. This transfixing latest arabic rose mehndi design on the back of the left-hand looks splendid due to its thick petalled roses. This rose flower mehndi design can easily be the star pattern for the year 2019-2020


At present brides prefer a more toned-down form of mehndi and zero on a Minimalist Mehendi pattern for their feet! They prefer full hand mehendi patterns for the hands but want to keep it minimal when it comes to feet. While some brides opt for the latest arabic feet Mehendi designs, there are some who opt for minimalistic henna patterns. 

Modern-day brides want to spend time on other mehendi activities like dancing and some me-time with the family instead of getting elaborate feet patterns done. 

Some brides skip elaborate feet patterns and go for minimalistic mehendi designs as most of the feet henna patterns get usually covered while wearing sarees and lehengas. Hence we have a few gorgeous yet quick and pretty looking mehendi designs for your feet! 

Many people have a wrong conception that is mehndi on feet is only reserved for brides. Anyone can get it done and gorgeous henna on the naked flesh of your feet is must for the summers when you will be flaunting your feet at the beach! 

There are several simple feet arabic mehandi designs to choose from, some of these are very minimalistic and end up covering only your toes and ankles and others that work up all the way on your stems.

#49 Bold Borders

This gorgeous leaves along with swift curves and thick swirls look oh so amazing when done on feet and great for newlywed brides wanting a simple pattern for Karwa Chauth or a festive get-together. If you are a bride to be and plan to get this mehendi pattern you can get the same patterned drawn on the other foot too.

#50 Modern tattoo

You can also get a modern tattoo run along the side of your lower ankle and end it above the ankle where the hem of your pants does not coverup. If you swear by floral motifs that have thick outlines and regard loop motifs as eternally beautiful, then this simple mehndi design replete with a very different kind of pattern is something that will definitely catch your eye!

#51 Scalloped Sides

Side mehendi designs for the feet are back on the trending list for they are not only drop-dead gorgeous but lovable and has a pleasing effect to it. Love love love! This is famous and modern women have taken a keen interest in simple side mehendi arabic patterns for the feet as they look great with denim and slim fit trousers. Definitely among the top of the mehndi designs latest list!

#52 Detailed simple side mehndi design for feet

If you had a liking for the one anklet style of wearing your jewelry, this mehendi art of having only one foot decorated with henna could be the thing that would work for you. With the basic swirls, paisleys and floral patterns you are sure to charm everybody glancing at your bare feet!

#53 Paisley Side Mehendi Design

How lovely is this bordered paisley and floral mehendi art? I am sure no one can say no to this entrancing feet mehendi design!

#54 Henna Socks

This enthralling simple Arabic feet henna mehendi with fishnet or jaali and bold roses on each side looks compulsive. If you fancy the jaali mehendi designs then make sure you design this henna sock inspired mehandi accordingly.

#55 Rose Grid

While this might be too much for simple arabic mehendi lovers but its delicate rose motifs are drawn in a fishnet form along with lotus motifs at the ankles are perfect for a minimal-loving bride or newly married brides!


When it comes to simple mehandi designs in the Arabic era many of the times we caught people sporting mehandi patterns only on fingers whilst keeping the other portions of the hand nonfussy and henna free. This style of henna application where only the fingers are adorned is lit, do not take much time and effort and is a favorite among young women. The best part is that this type of finger henna mehandi designs look great with jeans and denim are the goto thing for college going women. You do not have to be a henna artist to get these done and can try all of them on your own or get it done from any of your girlfriends in less than no time!

#56 Climbers

The simple use of a climber like a vine pattern drawn in a way that it gives an illusion of circulating the whole finger one after has us swooning in awe. And even before you know it, this mehandi design will be completed and you can get ready to flaunt it!

#57 Inverted Finger Art

Completely adorned with small and mid-sized loop like motifs that form a fancy inverted design on every finger, wherein the design starts from the nail cuticle and ending mid finger is a delight to look at. The filled-in dark shaded portion bordering the nail cuticle is the star of this simple finger Mehandi arabic design. Next time you want a chic and modern henna pattern that can be done before you Jack Robinson you know what to go for!

#58 Tiny And Cute Side Finger Mehndi

Who would've thought someone who just learned how to hold a henna cone can actually draw something so creative and get away with a ton of compliments. This dainty side finger henna pattern is certainly one of a kind with its paisleys and flower motifs are drawn on each side of every finger. This delectable beauty is sure to glam up your fingers in no time, the best thing being the level of ease involved in it!

#59 How adorbs is this one?

We love everything ring-like and jewelry themed simple mehndi patterns but this one particular is something we cannot take our eyes off. The whacky finger ring-like patterns with detailing on the inside is fetching like literally, as in will fetch you tons of compliments!


Talking about Arabic mehndi that has a single vine climbing down one finger or Arabic henna drawn along the index finger or the thumb! By incorporating the mehndi design in a way that has only a finger is covered in Arabic henna Mehandi patterns you get a feeling that you have tried a mehendi design that has set a whole new creative level. When you adorn only a finger and leave the rest of the hand empty, the entire limelight falls on the minimalist henna design you have drawn, this is an alluring and magical concept, we love!

#60 Webs, Circles And Dots

In this Mehendi is laden on one finger which constituents of a web-like pattern along with bold dots and one that is further connected to a circular pattern on the backside of the palm is a great design to sport on college reunions, Raksha Bandhan and mehendi for a wedding guest. This looks striking even with minimal drawing, one of our favorite from our new finger mehndi design

#61 Thumbelina

This one finger mehndi design by @queen_of_henna with geometric quadrilateral like patterns along with double crisscross network, let's not forget the rose peeking out of nowhere on the right-hand side that completed this simple yet important work. This simple arabic mehndi designs for left hand will hardly take any time and can be done on your own.

#62 Peacock feather One finger mehndi design

If you want to try something out of the box and pick a design out of your comfort zone and yet make it look as complex as possible.ant to try something different? Go for this breathtaking a single peacock feather pattern connected with a dotted line to the index finger pattern adorning the middle finger.

#63 Little hearts

Well no we don't mean the India famous little hearts biscuits but this oh so cute tiny hearts on the side of the finger. This new finger mehendi design gives an illusion of hearts being sewed to each other in a vertical direction and looks adorable. This mehndi finger designs easy and can be done by any amateur wanting to do small mehandi doodles.

#64 Stylish Waves

This is a simple yet effective one finger mehndi design that has a beautiful wave-like pattern running along the ring finger along with cute splashing tiny droplets of water is so pretty! We could summarise this one to be an apt choice for women to flaunt on casual occasions and small parties.

#65 Hanging Garden

Sometimes we end up finding gems in a sea of Mehendi designs and we have revisited another level of creativity with this particular finger mehndi style. This one here looks like a round mini garden of flowers and leaves hanging from a chain like a trio pattern, while the upper part of the finger is completed with pretty organic grid work. This one is so enchanting with its dark thick outlining and can be done in a matter of minutes.

#66 Statement Ring

How I wish we actually had an outstanding ring like this one out in the market, I would have bought one for each of my sisters and certainly spent on a few extras for the future! This one surely caught my attention every time I went across this, whattay fascinating new finger mehndi design, love, love love! The intricate amalgamation of swirls, layered flower, fishnet element and connected dots at the end is so much to take in, i is so freaking HAWT! Get this done if you have a house warming party or a festival, or even if you simply want to feel good about yourself and want something magnificent, JUST GET THIS! (On my list of henna mehendi patterns to get this month!Psst this is so beginner-friendly girls)


The concept of leaving gaps in your designs is a great way to highlight and put light on the beautiful detailing. If you are willing to get creative go for creative spacing in your intricate and detailed arabic mehendi to make it look appear fuller without having to put much time and effort. 

This type of Mehendi with spaced out patterns is goals! Spacing Mehendi patterns work great to highlight the Arabic detailing done on the hands and feet!

#67 Romantic Free-Flowing Vine

Who would have thought that arm like a cuff with attention given to every detail in it along with small flowers and romantically free-flowing vines would look so good when combined together. This spaced out, free-flowing mehndi design is undeniably eye-catchy and covers the whole arm and can be done in less than 5 minutes if you have practiced mehendi patterns for a while. Take in chic jewelry like pattern at the base, the freely scattered vines on the dorsal aspect of the hand, the fingers are adorned with tiny spring-like patterns at the end.

#68 Contrasting Little Leaves Arabic Mehendi Pattern

We love how interesting and striking this design looks! The contrast pattern of the crisscrossed lines with bold and thick swirled leaves design is stunning and the empty space left vacant is undeniably enchanting.
simple arabic mehndi designs

#69 Artistic Appeal

This is a riveting simple arabic mehndi design for the left hand. With its spell-binding shading and intricate square-leaf pattern, it is a unique henna pattern even bride to be's can consider this one for their big day. We love the space that has been left empty between the wrist and the back of the hand.

#70 Mirroring it

This simple Arabic mehndi design images photo is so pretty and unlikely from other Arabic henna spaced out patterns. A single gorgeous pattern with a significant attribute is repeated in a mirror-like image on the same hand but the other side of the same hand.

#71 Climbers And Dotted Grids

This is a very unusual pattern which comprises of plain and basic bels running a slant form climbing upwards from left to right along with neatly spaced grid work and dots. Clean and chis and the space between two patterns beautify the beauty aspect of this design.

#72 Spectacular Spacing

This one with delicate and dainty detailing on the lower end of the finger and the wrist is hands down our favorite from the whole lot! Every shade of beautiful, this one right here is BAE


If you are the adventurous kind and believe that experimenting with different designs and not following the same old traditional method of decorating hands with the same pattern is necessary then you can actually draw two totally different types of mismatched patterns and get away with it if you do it correctly! Are you willing to experiment? If yes then these two totally opposed mehndi designs on either hand will serve up for some good inspiration. Trust us your experimentation won't be wasted for this is certainly going to be worth the try!

#73 Webbed Florals And Blissful Loops

This cute mehndi design with huge flower, grid work and spaced out finger motif on one hand and pretty loops forming a semi-circle on the other make for a dainty and graceful wedding mehandi pattern for the modern minimalistic bride! This is also suitable for bridesmaids and the sister of the groom. Pretty sure this simple mehndi design with its adventurous touch inspired you to save it for your big day or for your next birthday party celebration!

 #74 Up for something hatke?

Creativity begins at the end of your comfort zone. Yasss! How gorgeous is this band like arabic mehndi pattern on one hand and a scattered magnum floral motif on the other look? This is by far the bestest Arabic mehndi designs for full hands we came across when it came to simple arabic mehndi design images photos!
simple arabic mehndi designs

#75 Everything is the same, only different.

You might wonder what's so different about these two designs except that both of them have a similar concept of a flower hanging from a gorgeous detailed being composed of various Arabic mehandi elements. If you give a closer second look to this gorgeous mehndi photo you will notice that each of them has a separate set of Arabic motifs consisting of dots, swirls, shading, and swirls used in different ways. This is not just another simple basic trail mehndi but a true, painstaking art of beautifying simple patterns! The world-famous Thai expression 'same same, but different' is a perfect phrase describing this phenomenal mehendi pattern!

simple arabic mehndi designs

 #76 Trail Mehendi Designs

This bewitching set of trail mehndi patterns is surely gonna be your favorite pick for occasions that ask for subtle mehandi patterns. The easygoing vines with paisleys and thick outlined leaves and a completely different trail with meshwork plus florals, on the other hand, makes it appear every bit pretty. Bels with flowers and paisleys and mesh detailing are the best kind of mehndi design for young women and new-age brides. These varying vine trails aren't too extensive yet so eye-pleasing.

#77 Jewels And A Rose

This is a beautiful looking simple design of mehndi which is created using a lightly shaded rose in full bloom with fishnet patterns running along the index finger and with an intricate hand bracelet like pattern along with other arabic elements is done on the other hand. The entire construction of two totally opposite designs done on each hand appears to be like a creative artform traced on the back of your hand

 #78 Divergent Thick Outlined Design

This dissimilar Mehendi design with thick bordered vines on one hand and a similar patterned but different shaped pattern on the other is goals! The right-hand side one covers the entire side of the hand on the wrist with filled in dark outlines and the final effect is amazing. A similar style of filled-in dark borders on a semi-circle is done on the other hand with a technique of filling in the outsides so that the lotus flowers and swirls are highlighted is a simple, but an amazing idea. We love everything about this divergent yet simple arabic mehndi design images photos drawn in the below picture.


Mandala mehndi patterns or circle mehndi patterns incorporate circles that are large round and serve as the base around which several designs are created. With rest of the hand kept empty and filling in the fingertips gives the whole mehandi a multi-dimensional look. Mostly a lot of abstract and geometric patterns along with other arabic mehndi elements are arranged in a round fashion. Minimalistic mandala mehndi designs with a fusion of arabic patterns are perfect for brides, bridesmaids and girls who like a minimalistic modern pattern with a traditional touch The circular shape drawn to give a royal look to the hand.

#79 Embroidered Hoops

Can we just admit this is that mehendi design is one which you want to keep looking at for it has the perfect blend of modern artistic elements along with the neatness coupled with leafy vines bordering, it just has my heart! This reminds me so much of the embroidery hoops we used to get back then and I along with my mom and sisters would spend infinite time doing what we love! This can be attained in a matter of minutes and is hassle-free. So if you are one of those who want a craftmanship type mehandi pattern which can be done really fast and the final outcome to be a great one, this is the one! This design can be used as a hand decorator for any occasion for it's so versatile it will look great for any kind of traditional festival or party for that matter! If you are going to tie the knot and want a magnificent minimalist mehandi pattern, bride-to-be take notes!

#80 Chakra mehndi design

Open to different forms of simple henna designs for hands? Then this poised and subtle chakra like patterned mandala mehndi design is not only simple, compact and non-fussy but would go with a lot of Indo-western outfits. You can get this done for any party or festival or even if you have a housewarming party! Here the middle of the palm has been beautifully decorated with a simple circle with intricate leaves and other Arabic mehndi elements within it. The fingers have the same exact leaf pattern as the one within a circle drawn in a horizontal line to complete and balance out the whole design.

#81 Circles And Bangles

These mehendi patterns look like two beautiful and intricate coasters stuck on the center of the palms... With the middle having only the mandala the design is further accentuated with bangles like pattern drawn on the wrists that have curly grids and tiny swirl detailing in them. The detailing done on the inside of the bangles is repeated on the fingers to complete and beautify the whole look!


We all love the rich and dark color henna leaves on the front of the hands that is our palm but it is isn't the same when it comes to the back of the hands as the mehndi tends to not color as dark and rich as on the palms. But the fact is the back of your hands are the most viewed and the mehendi you apply there is the one getting most of the attention! If this is indeed the case then why not choose that perfect backhand mehndi design to flaunt at your next important event? I personally would decorate the back of my hands on Eid and not care for the front as only the back ended up being clicked the most and nobody would actually care to have a look at the front when we were so busy with Eid festivities. Here are a few for you to take some inspo from!

 #82 Leaf Love

This one's just about dark huge patterns! Beautiful leaf bel starting from the hand and extending to the forearm on the back of your left hand. Definitely a fresh design, which is also extremely easy. Finish it off by drawing small filled in trio leaf patterns on the fingers. As the pattern here covers the entire hand this can also be marked as a great beginner-friendly arabic mehndi design for back side of hand!
Image courtesy: Henna_sk

#83 Floral Patterned Semi Circle Mehndi Design

This semi-circle floral unique Arabian pattern covers halves of the back of hands, the flower pattern in this one is quite common but never boring to behold. Further the scalloped semi-circle glams up the design even more. A winner when it comes to the best of stylish back hand mehndi designs!
Image courtesy: Annemahazir2

#84 The Ring Bearer

This single bel like pattern is a lovely pick for beginners looking for simple arabic mehndi design images photos. It has a fresh and appealing vibe to it. Done on the ring finger of the back of hand this one is great if you are not wearing any jewellery. One of the simplest and finest when it comes to backhand mehndi designs 

Image courtesy: Henna_Jebari

#85 Prett Paisley And Flirty Florals

A very minimalist Arabian pattern with paisley and perfectly drawn flowers and dots have our hearts. The below pattern is an innovative simple Arabic mehandi design that also exhibits a modern vibe. A great choice if you are looking for back hand mehndi design bridal!

Image courtesy: Henna_by_sumayah

#86 Arabic Mehndi Designs For full hands

We are spellbound for sure ! from the finger detailing to free flow of florals all the way down makes this an extravagant piece of artwork! can be termed as Arabic mehndi designs for full hands that can be achieved on your own!
simple arabic mehndi designs

#87 Domes And Archs

Arabic mehndi designs have been my favorite since childhood, but this with its fine dome-shaped arch and floral motifs is super loved. Just remember to use a thicker cone tip to get the desired effect.

#88 Cactus Mehndi design

This simple arabic mehndi designs for left hand with its cacti plant like patterns has got us to stop and stare, just give this one a try! It's so intriguing!

#89 Sunshine And Sunflowers

Henna art turns even more beautiful with this where huge sunflowers form an intricate pattern along with tiny detailing compromising of network and loops. Undoubtedly this tops our list of the simple arabic mehndi designs for hands that are exotic! Get happy and sport for festive occasions.

#90 Intersecting Art

This simple arabic mehndi designs for left hand has the use of thick borders and has very minimal use of arabic motifs. The dotted intersecting line drawn is the star of this design.

#91 Hanging Heart

Everything about this heart-shaped mehndi design shout GLAM AND ROMANCE! How many of you agree?

#92 Chained beauty

This chained jewellery inspired mehnadi pattern is one of the finest when it comes to simple arabic mehndi designs for left hand.

#93 Parallel Adventures

Florals, dotted lines, and compound leaf patterns come out exceptionally pretty with Arabic mehndi designs. When all of these are used along with other great patterns like circled flowers and wrist style patterns it adds up to the overall look.
This type of Mehandi designs arabic also work very well when drawn in parallel line method. This concept of drawing mehendi vertically running perpendicularly along the whole of the back of the hand and reaching till the fingertips is eccentric and gives a new twist to the arabic henna mehndi design you are already familiar with.

#94 Shades Of Black

There are so many different shades of black used and a lot of bold lines has gone in the making of this mehndi design. It is surely gorgeous. With the slighlty shaded flower emerging from the wrist like a bold bracelet, th inner portion of the bracelet like motif is further shaded fully with thick henna for a more darker shade of blackish orange mehendi color. You can easily opt for something like this if you want a sophisticated and an arabic mehndi design with several different shades of mehendi color on your hand.

simple arabic mehndi designs

#95 Compound leafy vines

The clever use of floral, leafy and swirled motifs int this latest mehendi design has completely bowled us over. This mehndi design is all sorts of AWESOMENESS for the unique use of the famous black walnut leaf branches in a curvy way to cover three empty fingers on the front. We love how the majority of the three fingers is kept clutter-free with henna everywhere else to give a new dimension this latest henna mehendi design.


Some people like their mehndi to be simple as they want to add the touch of glam with a little glitter because 'we women want to shine bright like glitter', just kidding. The addition of glitter and rhinestones actually beautifies the appearance of your mehndi ten folds and it is amazing when you want to try something out of the box. The sticking of glitter and rhinestones is, of course, temporary but the effect it creates is worth it babes! Lets quickly have a glance at all the shining and bright glitter mehendi designs you give a try when learning the art of mehndi!

#96 Glamour touch

 You can also get a modern tattoo done your wrist and embellish it with a single huge blue rhinestone or some blue glitter to get all the sparkling attention to your mehendi. This is amazing for it doesn't require a lot of sticking and has the effect that of a jewelled bangle.

#97 Not afraid to sparkle!

If you love everything bright, sparkly and pretty you can get this amazing henna design with blue glitter done on the back of your hand. Make sure you add rhinestones and glitter to get an ornamented feel.

#98 Dash of sass

If you are not up for anything messy like using glue to stick glitter or rhinestones then simply opt for different colored henna as there are various colored henna availble in the market. This gives the effect of a glitter Mehndi due to its shading like effect. We love the ombre effect this easy arabic henna mehndi design 


One of the ways of expressing your creativity is through henna tattoos that are fun, simple and can be done under 2 minutes. If you are one of those who find the whole process of henna application tedious and time consuming then these minimalistic henna tattoo mehendi designs or shall we call them minimalistic small mehendi patterns are the thing for you. Come fall in love with them and the next time you want something temporary tattoo that resembles the traditional method of getting a tattoo done will love these for sure.

#99 Simplicity

This henna tattoo looks great if you have long arms and can be drawn on the center of the arm to draw maximum attention to it. Its a non-fussy and uncluttered henna tattoo pattern with two small veins adjoining a small pretty flower from the opposite side.

 #100 Arm Candy - Modern Henna Designs

 White henna does feel beautiful, lovely and free and hence we can understand why many boho inspired ensemble and looks have hands or any other body parts adorned with this decorative art. 
simple arabic mehndi designs

 #101 Dotted Cuff

The netted design combined with swift wave-like swirls and curves gives the arm a lacey net look which is stunning!
simple arabic mehndi designs

 #102 Love is in the air -Minimalist Henna Tattoo

If you are going through that special romantic phase in your life and want something that is lovey-dovey and cute yet stands apart? This design with two plain hearts intersecting each other is the answer. Just draw a few filled in tiny hearts above and below the hearts motif and viola, you have the perfect design showcasing what you feel!

 #103 Tattoo treat 

Take the tattoo mehndi design a step further with this lace-like design formed with the help of swirls and loops. This henna tattoo mehndi is an exact interpretation of simplicity, and modern artwork imbibed together. All it requires is the correct cut tip of your henna cone and a little practice with loops and swirls. We found it very easy, what about you?

 #104 Basic And Beautiful

If you want a girly soft floral touch which is basic and beautiful at the same time then get a tattoo done similar to the one below where a small flower pattern is decorated with two vines growing out from each of the sides. This is a super easy and simple henna designs for hands.


We, women, love jewelry be it hand jewelry like rings and bracelets or payal for feet, same goes for necklaces and pendant sets. But if hand jewellery that has inspired millions of henna art creators it's the hand jewelry! The intricate jewelry pieces resemble and look like hand harness, bangles, statement huge rings or bracelets. The jewellery mehndi designs are really a great option if you don't like to wear much jewellery.
Its popularity has increased ten folds among women of all ages and cultures. No wonder why they have become an essential beauty embellishing feature for weddings and other ceremonial events. The mehndi application has evolved and given ay to modern art and young women prefer getting hand jewelry inspired henna done instead of wearing heavy gold or silver pieces!

#105 Jewelled Glove

This sophisticated design has loads of arabian elements infused in it that form a jeweled like glove on the back of the arm. Super quirky and very beginner-friendly!

#106 Mandala Hathphool Mehndi

If you are familiar with traditional mehndi patterns then you must be very much aware of the Mandala mehndi patterns as they are a quintessential part of traditional mehndi designs. But when this mandala is combined with arabic elements to form an indo-fusion mehndi design you know you have a design that scored full marks in the stunning field.

#107 Handcuff And Bracelets

Another gorgeous jewelry mehndi design that has a handcuff like a rose pattern on the wrist. The rest of the back of the hand is left empty whilst the one finger is decorated with a gorgeous bouquet of rose flowers and rose leaves. The dotted line pattern on the wrist and finger is the icing of this mehndi pattern. The other hand can be kept simple by just drawing a simple leaf chain bracelet like design and a few midi rings designed patterns on the fingers.

Image courtesy: Fatima_bint_sa3d

#108 Double finger ring

I love statement pieces of jewllery and this double finger ring with chain detailing has me star struck!

#109 Handharness

If you love all things floral then this simple henna designs for hands with simplistic mehendi motifs drawn n a hand harness style will get you excited in not ime!

#110 Dorsal handcuff

Jewellery with chains are all about festive glam - go crazy over them. If one mehndi design that will be attained in a blink of an eye then this simple arabic mehndi designs for left hand ranks among the top five!

#111 Two finger chain ring

Finger ring-like henna patterns decorated with swirls is a favorite among many but when the same is achieved in 2 minutes on your own, the beauty just doubles! You agree?

#112 Flower ring

Another jewellery style mehndi design we are in lust with is this beautifully done with a chain connecting the ring and the index fingers. The rest of the fingers have matchy-matchy patterns while there is a huge floral motif below the middle finger.

#113 Moroccan Tribal Jewellery Design

Did you know people in Middle east gulf countries are also very fond of Hathphools and hand jewelry? You will find many women in the gulf sporting designs that are relatively simpler and have these geometric patterns in them called Moroccan henna designs and this hathfool below is also something along the same lines. Try this.simple arabic mehndi designs for left hand and leave others wondering in awe!

# 114 Modern Jewellery mehendi designs for hands

With various Arabic motifs, this single hathphool like hand jewellery mehndi design is worth a try for auspicious occasions. Plus a design that mimic and resembles hathphools, in general, is pure love!

#115 Eternal G'love'

This right here is a brilliant example of making a masterpiece even if you are a beginner and learning mehendi art! We are mesmerized by this simple arabic mehndi designs for left hand which anyone can try doing on their own!

#116 Showstopper

This one with beaded chains and funky grilled artwork is ravishing! Beautiful Arabic henna art augments a woman’s natural beauty and what better than jewellery inspired mehndi pattern on the back of your hand to add a touch of elegance! This simple arabic mehndi design for left hand is a show stopper for sure!

#117 Bows And Hearts

A girlish and very unlikely jewelry mehandi pattern that is so cute, that giving this try this valentine is a must! Use this mehndi as a form of expression for love and get creative adding up your own elements to customize the whole design for your loved one! Incorporate the feeling of love with this stunning simple arabic mehndi designs for left hand!

#118 Bejewelled Fingers

Arabic mehndi that can actually give real jewelry a run for their life? Yes, please! Don’t forget to use a thickly cut henna cone to get the desired effect and to make even more breathtaking!

#119 Hand Architect Inspired Jewelry Design

Henna Mehandi designs are temporary but that doesn't mean we cannot indulge in a little creativity every now and then. This masterpiece right here is one more reason why we are loving jewellery mehndi patterns so much and getting it every time we have an occasion to apply mehndi. This in itself is a very inspired pattern that looks like a medieval architect. Here you can see that the mehndi design is concentrated on the side giving a hand accessory vibe while other parts of the hand have been kept clear to highlight the patterns. It is best to avoid and hand jewellery when you have such a gorgeous pattern already etched on your hands!

#120 Bohemian jewellery

This style of jewellery mehndi design is a favorite among boho loving women. Bohemian style incorporates accessories that are quite free-spirited and love free-living motifs and simple hathphool patterns. If this is also your style then get this minimalistic jewelley pattern adorned and get boho chic with this beautiful design,

#121 Twin Sisters

This simple arabic mehndi designs for left-hand covers the pinky finger and the very next finger which is the ring finger. Both of these adorned with gorgeous flower and other pretty arabic mehandi elements to give a modern aesthetic appeal to the one flaunting it.

#122 The mountain peak

All those who love an extraordinary handcuff design that is completely different with tiny loops and coffee bean-like motifs can try this latest mehndi design variation which is delicate and minimalistic! What say?

#123 Domed Handcuff

This domed shaped handcuff like henna pattern with filled in swirl motifs is definitely worth a try for those who loves to experiment and have a creative streak, the addition of a wreath-like pattern connecting the handcuff makes it a stunning jewelry mehandi design that will ensure you stand apart when it comes to mehndi design latest.

#124 Revamped Midi Ring Trend

Super stylish and super cute midi ring style mehndi pattern is revamped here when the midi ring is connected by a chain-like strings giving it an appearance of a double finger ring. If you are a beginner and find it hard to replicate the inner detailing done in the midi rings then just opt for completely shading them to make it look oh so gorg!

#125 V Heart this.

Adding an interesting twist is to the bracelet jewellery pattern is this V-shaped detailed bracelet. If you plan on getting a distinct bracelet style henna pattern done, get this one done this instant! We are so crushing over this simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand!

#126 Jewellery Mehandi Design For Kids

Well as the saying goes that the art of henna is born young (who else can relate to this? I am sure it is not just us!) At present little girls love a cute little hathphool pattern on the back of their hands. But as we all are aware of how little patience kids have, this simple and easy design is perfect for kids. Don’t you agree this is the most adorbs mehndi design for your kids?

#127 Magnum Pom pom

Single finger henna design where the whole finger is decorated and the free end is connected to a huge pom-pom like detailed pattern gives an illusion of a beautiful pom-pom ring which are the in-thing at present!

#128 Full Finger Articulated Designer Mehindi design

This is a wonderful yet a mehendi design for starters as it looks super stylish and fashionable, requiring very little effort and creativity to draw! This articulated full finger detailed mehindi pattern has the best finishing touches with its three pearl chained talons ending with floral motif! Get this beautiful design and beautify your hands in the most beautiful manner!

#129 Reflections

This particular Arabic mehindi pattern ranks top when it comes to the level of easiness. The upper part of the mehndi is drawn in a way that it gives an appearance of reflective mechanism and the whole design in itself is very impressive! Absolutely in love with this full hand back jewellery henna design!

#130 Gorgeous Palm Cuff Style

This is more of a free spaced out henna pattern with henna detailing done on the left side of the hand and another small detailing is done on the far end of the other side. This piece of mehindi henna art s great to make a statement without wearing any statement jewellery! Minimal and chic, It forms a shape of a palm cuff and one that works for all events and can even be used to accessorize with any of your desi or western attire!

#131 Dotted And Disconnected

Some jewellery mehindi designs only steal your heart right from the moment you lay your eyes on it! And this disconnected hathfool patterned circle mehindi design fall in the same category! This would look gorgeous when done even on the front of the hands.

Simple And Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Of 2019

Be it a small event or a big function we Indians love applying mehndi and never miss a chance when it comes to flaunting mehndi. It's obvious the love for mehndi is maximum over here and we enjoy looking for interesting and unique Mehandi designs that suit our occasions and are pleased as it grows darker with every passing hour :P
The year 2019 has seen the tremendous rise of women flaunting Arabic mehndi patterns drawn on their own which is why 'simple Arabic mehndi designs for the left hand' is the most searched thing on the internet! This year has seen the tremendous rise of mehindi lovers who love an Arabic mehindi pattern!
Not all of us are accustomed to drawing perfect strokes and elaborate mehndi patterns and definitely do not have the amount of money to spend on mehndi artists every single time we have an occasion to apply mehndi which is why the simple Arabic mehndi designs have gained more popularity among the masses. Let us have a look at a few of the features of Arabic mehindi designs and why it has gained popularity throughout the world...

  1. Many find the entire process of applying mehndi very painful as it requires a lot of time, practice and patience which is why modern variations of it struck a chord with women of all ages and have become the reason for the stupendous popularity of Simple Arabic Mehandi Designs. Another reason for the popularity of simple Arabic mehandi designs is the fact that they are not that intricate and are very easy to replicate, thanks to the simplicity of mehndi patterns.
  2. Arabic Mehindi design is very different from the Indian mehndi design where the whole hand is decorated with intricate patterns. Best known for their free-flowing nature and decorous appearance, Arabic mehindi designs are a breath of fresh air to the traditional form mehndi patterns.
  3. They are modern and have a distinct property to them which makes them the most adored and sought after mehndi patterns in the whole world. 
  4. As the name 'Arabic Mehindi Design' itself suggests its origination is from Arab countries like Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Arabic mehndi form of art is less intricate and combines floral patterns with geometric patterns.
  5. These mehndi designs usually have bold outlines and consist mainly of various-shaped leaves, connecting dots, paisleys, flowers, vines, and checkered patterns.
  6. The prominent element of this design that has a lot of empty spaces along with edgy patterns drawn in a free-flowing style starting from the fingers to the arm. They are not only gorgeous but make for amazing mehandi designs suitable for almost all occasions.
  7. It is not a surprise that women in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh swear by these designs and find it the most creative and experimental form of mehndi art!
  8. Be it a party, a wedding or a festive occasion, the latest Arabic mehndi designs have paved a way into every celebration in Asia!
  9.  The simplicity and artistic appeal of Arabic mehndi has given way to its worldwide popularity in 'Mehendi designs latest list' and our top favorite is the shaded Arabic mehndi patterns with bold borders.

Tips And Tricks To Make Your Arabic Mehndi Design More Unique And Interesting!

If you are searching for mehndi designs that are stunning but don't take forever to be applied, Arabic mehndi design patterns will come to your rescue. But the most important part of an Arabic Mehndi design is its uniqueness and originality! In order to be able to draw and apply the perfect simple yet innovative Arabic mehndi design, we bring you ten useful tips that will help you get that ' Gorgeous Arabic Mehndi Pattern ' right! All these tips are something I personally love doing when I want to apply mehndi. Be it a bride or a kid excited to get an Arabic pattern for Eid, you are bound to love these tips for they are going to make your mehndi application so much simpler!
  • Use Old Cotton jholas to keep your mehndi intact and prevent it from smearing: 
 When I was a kid I used to wrap my hands in a plastic bag while I went to sleep but they used to get steamy and watery because the plastic would not let my skin breathe, hence I recommend you use old cotton bags or jholas to cover your dried mehndi applied hands before you retire for the night.
  • DIY a spray bottle with a lemon+sugar solution:
If you love following the age-old tradition of applying sugar and lemon juice solution to your dried mehndi with a cotton ball you are going to love this tip. The sugar & lemon solution is a lifesaver when your mehndi starts to chip even before your 2 hour drying time frame. Getting a clean spray bottle filled with lemon and sugar solution is very handy and so much easier to simply spray the solution over the hand and the spray nozzle assures the right amount of solution is sprayed evenly over the mehndi! 

  • Pick up fuss-free designs :
 If you are a beginner its best to start with simple and uncomplicated arabic mehndi designs for beginning with a complex henna pattern will only demotivate you if you do not get it right. Ornamental small arabic mehndi patterns are a great option for beginners who want something easy yet creative! More and more brides are considering simple fuss-free arabic mehndi designs instead of a full-fledged mehndi pattern covering the whole hand which meant breaking their backs for 7 hours.
  • Go For A Jaali Work Or Fishnet/Mesh Arabic Mehndi Design:
If you have perfected drawing neat lines then drawing a jaal mehndi pattern won't be a task for you and a fishnet pattern is a mehndi design that looks like a very gorgeous time-consuming mehndi pattern but in reality, not that much time and hard work goes into the making of it! Meshed patterns cover a lot of space and are one of the best out-of-the-box Arabic mehndi designs.

  • Throw in Some Glitter/sequins On your mehndi:
If you really want to add a very 'Hatke' element to your arabic mehndi, stick some glitter or kundans in your mehndi design. Although the glitter effect is temporary it is eye-pleasing and will capture a lot of attention on your beautifully decorated hands. The best part about adding in some glitter or sequins is that you can match the color of your outfit with the sequins to add some extra pizzaz! We recommend you use safe body glitters and stick it with the help of body glitter glue or eyelash glue.

  • Finger Talk For Hurried Occasions:
If you are the host of a party or if you are the one having guests over your house and have very little to deck up we suggest you indulge in the easiest and the most interesting arabic henna patterns which is the finger mehndi design. It won't take more than 7-8 minutes to get your fingers adorned and with a unique finger henna pattern, you are sure to make news in the whole party! Looks very appealing and absolutely gorgeous plus it can be done with a few minutes!
  • Practice, practice, and practice!
If you cannot get the mehndi design right or if you are unable to draw clean and neat lines it is best you don't get demotivated and give up but to keep practicing as practice makes a man perfect! Go through our list of Arabic mehndi design images photos 2019 and find a unique mehndi design that you can accomplish easily!
  • Don' keep it overnight:
Unless you are a bride and do not want to risk the color of your mehndi I would suggest not keeping your mehndi for long. The actual color sinks into your skin within a span of 2 to 3 hours and its safe to scrape off the dry mehndi with a blunt knife. The recommended time to keep your mehndi on your hands is a maximum of 6 hours and not more than that. As Arabic mehndi patterns consume less skin space and mehndi it dries down much quicker and you do not have to keep it overnight!

Well, if you are on a spree looking for alluring artwork that can also double up as Simple Arabic mehndi designs (for foot, hands, full hands), your quest ends here darlings! We hope all of the Arabic henna Mehandi designs we have enlisted above will leave you breathless and wanting for more! Which is your favorite simple Arabic mehndi design from our curated list of the latest best Arabic mehndi design? Please do let us know in the comments!

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