A Marriage Made in Heaven Or Online?

It's impossible to foretell who will marry whom. Two people who meet may fall deeply in love but not end up marrying each other. At the same time, two people who do not know each other at all may end up tying the knot and enjoy a happily ever after.

Destiny - It puzzles.. It thrills.. It leaves you speechless!

If you ask me if marriages were made in heaven, I would say both yes and no. Yes, there's no doubt the role of a divine being in bringing people together and turning their marriage into a sacred relationship but No, Marriages are not made in heaven or hell, infact, they are made very much on Earth. You and your life partner are the ones who will MAKE your marriage Heaven or Hell!

Remember that not everything is a piece of cake and the choices you make today will reflect back on you tomorrow. Only you can make or break your marriage. It's about the purity of hearts, the urge to make things work and the right choices - That's what matters.

Marriage is a big decision of our lives and finding a genuine life partner whom your family approves of can be a tedious and a very time consuming job. Then comes the factor of trust which makes things more complicated. The hunt goes on for days, months and sometimes even years together until you finally find someone who can give you butterflies, someone whom you can call your own, someone who both your family and your own heart approves of!

While you can obviously not find your match by sitting idly, you can sure as hell find him/her from the comfort of your own home, thanks to Online Matrimonial websites like LoveVivah.com

Online Indian Matrimony Sites are just like those traditional Marriage brokers who help felicitate an arranged cum love marriage, a more smarter and technically equipped version at that!

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A marriage is not just a union of two people but a coming together of two families, two social networks. Keeping the same in mind, Love Vivah, a Matrimonial match maker brings single Indians across the world on a common platform and offers services which ensure that you find your perfect match without facing any discrepancies.

The major flaw with Online Matrimonial websites which people have complained about time and again is the authenticity of the profiles. LoveVivah.com has Boycotted just that and emerged as the first and only Matchmaking website with 100% verified and trusted profiles where the UIDAI Aadhaar verification check is a mandatory process. This is a revolutionary feature and will ensure you find your life partner. LoveVivah serves to all Indian communities in India and abroad with prime focus on USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Singapore.

There are currently 2000+ Online match making portals in India and trust me when I say that only a few selected ones are genuine and actually help you find compatible life partners. According to a survey, 80 percent of the total online Matrimonial website users feel that online matrimonial sites are unsafe and the same percent agrees that the addition of Aadhaar verification will revolutionize the whole online matchmaking  process and boost a person's confidence, fetching out more concrete results for people who are genuinely interested in finding a match!

Why choose LoveVivah.com?

  • It's the first and only matrimonial website with UIDAI Aadhaar verified profiles
  • They offer quick and easy profile sharing. You can send invitations to your preferred profiles within seconds.
  • Their photo gallery feature allows you to share pictures of you, your family, friends, workplace and more to help your prospective partner connect with you on a more emotional level.
  • Customer centric approach and lovely customer care service.

So what are you waiting for? Go create your profile on LoveVivah.com right now and find your life partner hassle free!

Remember, it's not about where your match is made but what matters is what YOU make of it!

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