Wrist Tattoos - 50 Cool Wrist Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Getting inked is a big decision as you have to keep in mind that whatever you choose to get inked will stay with you all your life. Tattoo is a way in which you get to express your personality and boldly ink it to your body for the world to see. 

Wrist is one of the coolest places to get a tattoo, especially when it comes to simple and cute tattoo designs and also short sayings and messages. Wrist tattoos are no doubt one of the most unique tattoos as they have the biggest visibility and a deeper emotional connect. Wrist tattoos are also less painful when compared to those drawn on other parts of the body. 

History Of Tattoos:

Ever wondered where these tattoos originated from? We have the answer for you! Tattoos came into existence many years ago and were mostly famous among those who went to the Sea. The sailors who were the original wearers of these tattoos believed that they helped them find their way, guided them and kept them safe throughout their journey. The most commonly applied tattoo design of those days was the nautical star.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Wrist Tattoo:

A Wrist Tattoo means getting inked on a very visible part of your body which is going to be exposed 24/7 so getting an appropriate tattoo design which you are sure you can carry away everyday in front of anyone is a must. The easiest and best way to make a decision about a wrist tattoo is to look at your life 20-25 years from now. Where do you see yourself? That deadly dagger tattoo could raise eyebrows at your Kid's parent meeting. Those cupid tattoos might look childish and not work appropriate. That skull tattoo might lose it's appeal and be rather problematic for a job interview or when you raise a toast to your In laws!  

Choose Your Tattoo Design Carefully:

Be it any tattoo, there's pain involved so you must make sure that the design you choose to get inked perfectly depicts your personality and is simply out of this world. If you are getting a permanent piercing then that tattoo is going to hang around throughout your life so the need to make a wise choice just doubles up.  In this post you will get to see small wrist tattoos, bracelet tattoo designs, butterfly wrist tattoo, wrist tattoo for couples and more.

Here are 50 Wrist Tattoos you can grab inspiration from:

1. Bracelet Tattoo - Wrist Tattoos for Girls:

Tattoo bracelet is the rage among the youth these days. Both Men and women are getting themselves cool wrist tattoos and flaunting them away. The above tattoo on wrist is simple, sensual and gorgeous. It's like your favorite weightless charm bracelet which you can flaunt all day!

2. Birds Inner Wrist Tattoos depicting a free spirit:

3. Travel tattoo on wrist for Travel bug in you:

 4. Bracelet tattoo design - Contemporary wrist tattoos: 

5. Cancer Constellation Wrist Tattoo to inspire you everyday:

6. Wrist Tattoos words

7. Infinity Love Strength Couple Wrist Tattoos:

8. Cool wrist tattoos:

9. Female wrist tattoos:

 10. Wrist bracelet tattoos:

11. Tiny wrist tattoos:

12. Flower wrist tattoos

13. Travel Unique Wrist Tattoos:

14. Diamond Wrist Tattoos:

15. Vine Wrist Tattoos:

16. Best Wrist Tattoos - Dream:

17. Star tattoo on wrist:

18. Arabic Wrist Tattoos:

19. Inner Wrist Tattoos:

20. Quote Wrist Tattoos - Get inspired every time you look at your wrist tattoo!:

21. Mens wrist tattoos

22. Best wrist tattoos which Inspire:

23. Women Tattoos - Rose wrist tattoos for a dose of love:

24. Side wrist tattoos for girls: 

25. Wording Wrist Tattoos:

26. Inspirational wrist tattoos: 

27. Small wrist tattoos for music lovers:

28. Flower cuff wrist Tattoo design for women:

29. Bracelet wrist tattoo:

30. Tiny wrist tattoos:

31. Nautical star compass wrist Tattoos for couples:

32. Dragonfly Wrist Tattoos:

33. Feather bracelet wrist tattoos:

34. Cuff bracelet wrist tattoo for girls:

35. Unique wrist tattoos for men:

36. Bracelet tattoo for a chic look:

37. Skull Wrist Tattoo for women:

38. Tribal Wrist Tattoo: 

39. Heart tattoos on wrist:

40. Female tattoos for wrist:

41. Tattoos for women:

42. Tiny Wrist Tattoos for women:

43. Small wrist tattoos for women - The cute dotted bow:

44. Sexy Cuff Wrist Tattoos for women:

45. Arrow wrist tattoo:

46. King Queen couple wrist tattoos:

47. Barcode Wrist Tattoos:

48. Butterfly wrist tattoos:

49. Dandelion Wrist Tattoos:

50. Unique Wrist tattoo:

Which of these amazing wrist tattoos do you love? Let us know in the comments below!

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