40 Beautiful Peacock Mehndi Designs || Mor mehndi designs

Henna mehndi designs have a lot of lines, dots, curves, vines, flowers and motifs in them. Animal motifs in mehndi designs is getting very popular these days especially in bridal henna as brides want to keeps things unique and exquisite.

Peacock is one very popular motif  spotted in many bridal henna mehndi designs. The national bird of India is associated with prosperity, good luck and survival and its feathers have a lot of cultural significance. With peacock being considered so auspicious it is only very natural for it to be used in henna mehndi patterns for a beautiful design with a traditional touch.

Intricate peacock patterns required skilled hands and is not for beginners but with little practice you can yourself put on beautiful peacock mehndi designs. Here I bring to you latest peacock mehndi designs for inspiration so go get practicing!

40 Beautiful Peacock Mehndi Designs || Stunning Mor mehendi designs

#1 Simple peacock mehndi design for hands

If you are beginner with mehndi art and want to try peacock mehndi designs, this simple pattern is what you can start off with. This mehndi design will look good both in the front and back of hands for occasions like eid, Diwali etc.

#2 Gorgeous bridal peacock mehndi design

Peacock motifs in bridal mehndi designs look alluring and this netted henna design looks gorgeous. In this mehndi design the double peacock motif on each hand is centre of attraction.

#3 Breathtaking  peacock mehndi design with lots of spaces

Mehndi designs with lots of spaces are in vogue these days and to flaunt this trend you can try this stunning peacock mehndi design which has a lot of intricate curls, swirls and jaal. Peacock as its base and vines accompanying it, this mehndi design is best suited for back of hands but you can give it a try even on your palms.

#4 Stunning peacock and bangle mehndi design

If you like bangle mehndi designs then give this arabic inspired peacock mehandi design a try. This design has a peacock at bangle base and one at centre of palm and is relatively easier to sketch. Beginners can give this design a try for simple occasions

 #5 Thick peacock mehndi design for foot

Thick pair of peacocks form a gorgeous foot tattoo which is a good change from the normal feet mehndi designs. If you like your henna designs to be thick and dark try this on your feet.

#6 Cute peacock mehndi designs for palms

This palm mehndi design with peacock as its centre of attraction is best suited for school kids and the accompanying ashoka chakra gives this pattern a very patriotic vibe.

#7 Traditional peacock henna design for special occasions

This is an indian style peacock mahandi design which covers the entire palm area and extends to the wrist area giving a very exquisite and heavy look.This design uses very thin fine strokes and is ideal to flaunt at weddings.

#8 Latest mehndi design with peacock as central motif

#9 Contemporary shaded peacock henna art for new age brides

#10 Trendy dancing peacock mehndi design for back of hands

#11 Shaded mehndi design with lots of peacock motifs

#12 Symmetrical peacock mehndi designs for both hands

#13  Simple peacock mehndi design for little girls

#14 Delicate peacock patterned henna design for eid

#15 Amazing front hand  peacock mehndi designs for weddings

#16 Trendy Indian style peacock  and pea hen mehndi designs

#17 Indian peacock mehndi design for front of hands

#18 Minimalist unique peacock mehndi design for feet

#19 Elegant peacock inspired tattoo art

#20 Pretty simple peacock henna design

#21 Rajasthani Peacock Mehndi Designs

#22  Paisley inspired peacock motif bridal mehndi design

#23 Traditional mehndi for hindu weddings with lotus, elephant and peacock motifs

#24 Feet  peacock mehndi design with henna mandala art

#25 Detailed  peacock mehndi designs for diwali

#26 Peacock themed bridal mehndi design

#27 Intricate bridal feet mehndi design with flurry of peacocks

#28 New half and half peacock mehndi design

#29 Cool peacock mehndi tattoo for kids

#30 Unique peacock mehndi design for back of hand

#31 Amazing  peacock mehndi design with jaali detailing

#32 Contemporary shaded peacock mehndi design for feet

#33 Simple and easy peacock mehndi design for beginners

#34 Mughlai peacock mehndi design with empty spaces

#35 Artistic peacock mehndi designs for feet

#36 Complete peacock henna tattoo for arms

#37 Distinct peacock mehndi design for palms

#38 Bridal mehndi design with peacocks and name initials

#39 Simple peacock only feet mehndi designs

#40 Thick henna tatto with peacock motifs

Which peacock mehndi designs do you like most? I personally love #20 and #37 because they are so distinct and new age.

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