LipIce Lemon Raspberry Lip Balm Review || Favourite winter Lip Balm

Having forever dry lips means you become a lip balm hoarder and that is exactly the case with me. I own more than a dozen lip balms and I realized I havent reviewed most of them so I decided to review all of them one by one as soon as possible. Today I will be reviewing a refreshing minty lip balm from lip ice which is named Lemon Raspberry.

Price and Quantity: 150 INR for 4.3g
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Variant being Reviewed: Lemon Raspberry
One Word: Minty

Packaging of Lip Ice Lemon Raspberry Lip Balm :

This lip balm from lipice comes in colourful outer packaging of which I ave no pictures. The actual lip balm is encased in a white and yellow twist up tube. This lip balm shuts tight and has never opened in my bag. It is also very light weight and sleek making it perfect to travel around with.

My experience with Lip Ice Lemon Raspberry Lip Balm:

I like wearing tinted lip balms during the day but this lip balm from lipice is not tinted so I prefer to use it during the night. It has a slightly thick texture which is perfect for night time lip repair and hydration. On application their is light fruity scent and minty sensation both of which I totally love.
After a long day of drying matte lipsticks my lips endure this menthol lip balm calms and cools in addition to moisturizing lips which is amazing. This lip balm stays for about 3 hours on my lips after which i need reapplication.
I used this lip balm in winter and I found it healing on my mildly chapped lips. I have a feeling the thick texture helps heal chapped lips nicely making it perfect for winters. If you dont mind the presence of menthol then this could be your perfect winter lip balm.
If you are like non tinted lip balms for day time wear the LipIce Lemon Raspberry Lip Balm works well as it has SPF 15 protection as well.

Overall I find it an affordable decent lip balm which does its job of healing and hydrating along with a cooling effect. If you prefer tinted lip balms this lip balm provides zero colour, so stay away. But if you like your lip balms to be non tinted and have a minty sensation then this is a must try.

Whats Good about Lip Ice Lemon Raspberry Lip Balm 

  • Travel friendly
  • Fresh fruity scent
  • Minty cooling sensation
  • Thick hydrating texture
  • Heals winter chapped lips
  • Has SPF 15 so works well for day too

What could be Better about Lip Ice Lemon Raspberry Lip Balm :

  • Non tinted
  • Availability might be an issue

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★★/5

Would I buy this product again?
Yes, for the minty sensation and healing effect.

Do I recommend this?
Yes, if you are okay with non tinted lip balms.

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