10 Latest Nude lip colors For Indian skin tone ||Best Nude Lipsticks Available In India

We all love nude lip colors and the image of a perfect nude pout is enticing and exciting. Of course we women love our reds and pinks but nude lip colors is an all time favorite for it gives us that polished and sculpt look. First of all why a nude lip color when you can go the natural way of going bare lips? Well ladies we all know that not all of us have those pretty pink pouty lips. There are many of us who have pigmented lips, of lips with a hint of pink in them or red lips , and it is why we prefer nude lip colors because they help us hide the pigmentation and yet give us the no lipstick look by making our lips look alluring and giving it a MLBB thingy.

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best nude lipsticks for indian skin tone

What Qualifies as a nude lip color in the first place?

Basically a nude lip color or shall we say a MLBB shade is a lip color which is when swiped on lips but does not disappear into your skin , it actually makes your lip fuller and has pink or other color undertones it which makes it a MLBB shade . A nude lip color is definitely not a light pink or a light red if that what’s your natural lip color is. Its actually a right bang on nude with slight undertones to it. Nude lip colors are pale and give a muted look, best for those who love having something on their lips  even when they have a lot of dramatic eye make up going on their face. Nude lip colors can also be those muted lip shades you chose to wear with your smokey eye look. A nude lip color which compliments a smokey eye look can also be the perfect nude .
Nude lip colors can never go out of fashion. At present nude lip colors are the most bought lip colors in the world. We women love our nudes and not just women even men love nude lip colors on women as it gives a subtle sexy look to his/her girl! If you are one of those who want to let their facial features to be the show stopper then a nude lip color id the thing to achieve those understated lips.
Indians have mixed complexions, from wheatish to olive to dusky to yellow , its confusing and difficult to choose the correct MLBB shade of nude lip color for Indian skin tones. Many of the Indian women prefer neutral shades for Office or a muted lip color for daily wear. Its obvious for women to love nude lips as a nude of neutral lip color gives a nice look to the lips with a MLBB feel and do not wash out our skin tone like most of the nude shades from foreign brands do. Its important to choose the right nude shade as a wrong nude can make you look like you have applied concealer on your lips or even a ghost.
Hence today I present you a full post on neutral shades which can easily pass away as a MLBB feel on the lips. Here I present you some of the most beautiful latest neutral lip shades available in the market easily, these lip colors are ideal for Indian skin tones and almost all of them can be worn across a lot Indian complexions.

Do you want to pull off that Bold dramatic catty eye look and emerge out as a winner? These 17 Latest neutral lip colors are the way to go! These lipsticks go absolutely well with elaborate eye make-up & can also be used every day for a natural look.

1. Lakme 9 to 5 weightless mouse lip & cheek color in Blush velvet:

nude lip color for indian skin tones
The Lakme 9 to 5 lip and cheek mousse was a huge hit once it was released in the beauty market, they have this amazing mousse texture which makes it easy on application and has a good staying power to rave about. That’s not it they come in loads of shades and one of the pretty neutral MLBB shade would be Blush velvet. Blush velvet will be a great nude lip color for fair to medium skin tones . A mousse lip cream with a great affordable+ price makes this a favorite of mine! Another shade named’ Coffee Lite’ would be a dazzling nude for deeper Indian skin tones.

2. Nykaa So Matte Nude Lipstick In Caramel Mocha:

best nude lipstick (8)
This is a peachy nude hue colored lipstick and comes in a gorgeous magnetic cap packaging. The color looks great across almost all Indian skin tones and this is a perfect MLBB for Medium to dusky complexions. This is one of the best nude lipsticks out there for Indian skin complexions.

3. Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless Matte lip color In Red Chaos:

This was my first lipstick from the amazing 9 to 5 Lakme absolute range, and it turned out to be a pretty MLBB shade on me ! I love love love this lipstick. Will suit medium to deep skin tones. I would further end by saying as this lipstick is a must own in every Indian woman’s vanity! Its affordable and amazing ! There are many nudes i this particular range and another beautiful MLBB shade from this range would be Toffee Nexus that would compliment medium to fair Indian skin tones. I would definitely repurchase this as it can easily be termed as the best nude lipstick from Lakme. Read the review of lakme 9 to 5 ceaseless lipstick in red Chaos here.

4. Chambor Liquid Lipstick 481

best nude lipstick (9)
Now a liquid lipstick that stays for a longer period of time in a nude color is something all would go nuts about, which is why the Chambor long lasting liquid lipstick in the shade 481 is such a huge HIT! Most of the shades from this range our on the neutral side and hence you can find your nude shade not matter which skin type you belong too. But the shade 481 would wash out medium and dusky beauties, suits fair skinned beauties the most! This peachy nude shade would be a great nude for fair to medium complexions. One of the best nude lipsticks in the liquid lipstick range.

5. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Rosy Nude

Stunning Lip colours for Indian skin tones 1
This is my all time favorite and the most reached out nude when I travelled as it has a velvety soft texture, the only downside of this rosy nude lipstick would be the staying power. It stays for about 3-4 hours and is a perfect rosy fresh nude for women who want a lip color that is a soft nude and glides on the lips like a dream.If you are one of those who dislike pinky nudes for the pink undertones or browny nudes because they might end up making you look way too mature then this is a lipstick you must invest in. The lipstick gives just the right amount of rosy hue to your lips making it a nude for dusky Medium to dusky Indian skin tones. All in all I would sum up this one as a great moisturizing lipper that would work across a lot of Indian skin tones.

6. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick In Bare :

This beautiful velvet brown color which peach undertones lipstick might just be the perfect nude lipstick out there which would suit most of the indian skin tones. It does not wash out my facial features and is the perfect My lips But Better lip shade. A favorite among neutral lip colors in India. Another shade named ‘Over The Top’ which a little darker than the Bare one will be a MLBB shade for deeper skin tones when swiped just once.

7. Maybelline Color show Lipstick In Mysterious Mocha:

best nude lipstick (10)
This lipstick is for dusky skin tones as it is straight nude brown with no hints of pink in it. Its a moisturizing lipstick apt for every day wear and would compliment a lot of Indian skin tones. This would be a great nude shade if you want to pair it up with bold eyes or are looking for a neutral everyday shade in the brown nude category. The best thing about this lipstick is keeps your lips hydrated and feels very comfortable on the lips. This lipstick is a perfect nude for olive or tanned skin tones. One of the most bought and raved product on online websites , mysterious mocha is the best nude lipstick out there guys!

8. Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Lip Crayon In Holly Go lightly:

This silky matte finish crayon by Sugar Cosmetics is a gem of a nude for Indian skin tones! It has peachy undertones to it which makes it a wearable lip color for everyday . Also a great lip option if you want to pair something with a dramatic eye look! This one’s a perfect nude for wheatish skin tones ! This nude crayon is sure to suit a lot of Indian skin tones and is one of the most sought after lipsticks as it suits Indian skin tones so well! Read the full review here

9. Maybelline Cream Matte Lipstick- Touch Of Spice

best nude lipstick (11)
Maybelline has always been one brand to bring the most affordable and quality products and one another lip range is the creamy matte lip colors. Smooth , velvety and moisturing , their lip colors are what they claim off! But the gorgeous shade ‘Touch Of Spice’ is a perfect nude for medium skin tones and would suit medium to dusky beauties. If you are nude lip color lover you simply need this in your vanity girl!

10. Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream In 31:

best nude lipstick (12)
The soft matte lip creams that have been breaking the records on youtube and instagram are none there than from the House Of Miss Claire. These are a clean sweep dupe of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. They are soft and mousse like on the lips and stay for an impressive amount of time. Everything from pricing to variety of shades is impressive. There are quite a few neutral shades from their range but the ones that would suit Indian complexions and come out out as a pinky nude would be shade No 31. I mistook 17A for a nude but it turned out to be a deeper nude for me but 31 is a shade that would be a great nude for office goers! This is the most affordable lip color among all the ones I have listed down.

11. Revlon Just bitten Balm Stain in Honey:

best nude lipstick (13)
I remember my siblings going gaga over this neutral balm stain by Revlon. It was quite a favorite when it was released in India and even after Revlon released its matte and lacquer balms, the original just bitten balms are the far most best from the brand in the chubby balm range! The shade honey is a neutral dusty pink crayon with subtle mauve undertones, its a perfect crayon to carry in your purse ! This is one shade that will work for a lot of Indian skin tones. This a very wearable shade and would flatter medium to dusky Indian skin tones easily.

12. Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick 168 Desert Rose

best nude lipstick (1)
If you are into thickly pigmented creamy matte lipsticks , this is already going to be a favorite of yours as the texture of this lipstick is amazing and this lipstick is a perfect nude ! It is a peachy nude and the thick pigmentation of this lipstick makes it a great lipstick for office goers! This would complimented all Indian skin tones.

13. Maybelline New York Lip Gradation - Mauve 1

best nude lipstick (2)
Don’t go by the shade name for this one as its a more of a pinky brown color and hence looks absolutely stunning on Indian skin tones ! All the lip colors from this range can be classified as lipsticks for indian skin tone, amazing!

14. Cinnamon Brown Lakme Enrich lip Crayons

best nude lipstick (3)
The newest and the most affordable lip crayon in a neutral brown color is from the house of lakme ! Yes you heard it right, it retails only for INR 185 and comes with a free sharpener ! The shade cinnamon brown in a pretty nude shade and would suit medium to dusky skin beauties and guess what it might just be the most bought shade by college girls soon!

15. Sugar Cosmetics Vivid Pout Lipstick in 02 Breaking Bare

nude lip color for indian skin tones (2)
This has been on my wish list for quite sometime now. A beautiful mauve-nude with pink undertones , this shade of lipstick will suit all Indian skin tones.  But it turns out to be a perfect MLBB shade for deeper or dusky skin tones ! Its a shade you can wear on a daily basis and carry off with almost all of your everyday wear !

16. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream In Stockholm

best nude lipstick (6)
Who doesn’t love soft matte lip creams by the house of NYX cosmetics? they are amazing, glide like a dream on lips and dry into a matte texture without drying out the lips. The Nyx matte lip creams have a lot of neutral shades in the range but the one that would be a nude for Indian skin tones would be ‘Stockholm’ which is a mix of soft pink and beige. The color will not wash out yet come across as a deep MLBB shade for fair complexions and a perfect nude for medium to dusky complexions. Other few neutral shades from this range would be Zurich, san paulo and Cannes.

17. MAC Nude Lipstick – Velvet Teddy

best nude lipstick (7)
Now now we love affordable lipsticks but I simply couldn’t resist adding a MAC nude lipstick in my list as its quite a favorite of many Indians.It is a matte nude lipstick with pink undertones and would suit skin tones with NC40 Velvet Teddy by MAC is a great nude lipstick with amazing texture and is perfect to pair with a smokey eye. Other MAC nude lipsticks that would suit Indian complexions would be MAC hug me,MAC kinda sexy, MAC Mehr and MAC Mocha!
Which among these neutral lip colors is your favorite? I so wanted to finish off the top 10 but ended up listing 17 gorgeous lip colors that would suit Indian complexions.

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