10 Science Backed Tips to Loose Weight Fast and Safely

I have always been the slim girl not putting on weight easily thanks to my genes but post pregnancy things have changed a bit. Yes just a bit and not much thankfully but the fact is I couldnt fit into my old clothes. I needed one size bigger. So did I go on a shopping spree sand shop for outfits in a different size? Nopes! I decided to loose weight and six months after my C section I have shed a lot of flab ( although my stubborn belly fat refuses to go)

Everyone wants to loose weight fast but let me tell you there are no shortcuts. You can shed kilos with a crash diet and over exercising but it never works because once you are back to your normal routine the weight is going to come back. Crazy crash diets is also risky to your health so the best way to loose weight is to follow a strict diet and exercise plan.

Here are some science backed tips to get rid of the extra kilos and loose weight fast

#1 Show more love to Vegetables

Starving yourself is the worst weight loss plan anyone can ever have. Eventually your hunger is going to rule you, making you give in and you will end up eating way too many calories. Keep yourself full, eat vegetables which will ensure your health as they are fibre and nutrient packed. Fibre rich foods also ensure that you feel fuller for a longer period of time meaning lesser hunger pangs and lesser calories consumed.  Bring in variety so you dont get bored of vegetables, more colours is always better.

#2 Embrace Ghar ka khana

Restaurant meals are super tasty and they are also high on sugar, fat and refined grains. Stick to home cooked food you will save a lot of money in addition to not stuffing your body with unwanted calories . If you dont know how to cook and mom isnt home look for healthy options to eat like the Eatonomist who deliver some very healthy and nutritious food without compromising on the taste. (All their meals are under 500 calories)

#3 Dunk The Junk

This is a no brainer, if you really are serious about loosing weight you need to stay far far away from junk food. Processed food, foods with high sugar content, carbonated drinks and fried stuff all need to be dunked. If you dont have a strong will power then junk food will sure lure you in soon so I suggest you dunk all the junk from your kitchen and refrigerator.  Midnight cravings will now not mean extra calorie stuffing.

#4 Snack Right:

Working all day does make you hungry and if you are a person who snacks a lot giving up snacks isnt really required, just find healthy snack options and avoid unhealthy stuff. Snacking right can also help you loose calories by eliminating hunger pangs which can lead to over eating. Healthy snack options include almonds, grape fruit, pop corn, carrots etc.

#5 Eat slowly, chew nicely:

It takes approximately 20 minutes for your stomach to get signal from the brain that it is full, so it is best to eat slowly and enjoy every bite of your food. Eat with your better half or with your siblings, discuss your day and take your time to complete your meal and remember to chew properly.

#6 Have a protein rich breakfast:

Skipping breakfast is not at all good for both your health and your weight loss regime. Eating a high protein breakfast reduces cravings throughout the day. You can also include a protein drink in your diet to give your body required energy while you follow a strict diet. Iam currently using whey protien from myfitfuel.

#7 Zero Alcohol

Alcohol and weight loss can never go hand in hand because the body treats alcohol like a toxin and consumption of alcohol messes up with metabolism. When alcohol enters your system the body stops burning calories from your last meal and indulges in breaking down of alcohol to get rid of it as fast as it can resulting in fat buildup. you can ofcourse drink lightly (and smartly) and try loosing weight but if you want to shed the calories quickly then alcohol is a big NO.

#8 Water Overload

Water is good for your body and it also helps weight loss by helping with faster metabolism meaning you are speeding up the calorie burn process. Target nothing less than 8 glasses of water in a day.

#9 Lift Weights

You hate gym? Everyone hates gym but if you are serious about your weight loss plan trust me home work outs wont work out! Lifting weights is the fastest and the surest way to loose weight . Start of with warm up, do weight training and then stretch. Lifting weight isnt for men only even women can give it a try, Get inspired from Sheena's weight loss story on Thedelhibride 

#10 Indulge in Green tea

Green tea is known to help with burning calories as it has metabolism-enhancing antioxidants known as catechins. Personally I feel green tea helps me keep laziness away and I am more active during the day which can help with weight loss.

Additional Tips to loose weight fast and safely

  • Eating food in a smaller plate can also help trick your brain into feeling full faster and prevent overeating. 
  • Working out while watching TV is the new fitness trend. Many people are using their TV show addiction to make workouts enjoyable. Make yourself a promise that you will watch your favourite TV show only while you are working out or at gym. If you skip gym you skip your show too. 
  • If you want to really eat less, then drink a glass of water before you start eating food. Water in your stamach will not only help you feel full but also helps fat burn process.
  • As if eating calories isnt enough , we end up drinking them too. You should not only watch what you eat but also what you drink. Dump sugar rich drinks and opt for plain water instead.
  • To look slimmer in photos try poses in which your chin is forward and hold arms away from your body. Slight side poses with one foot in front of another also gives an illusion of slim frame.
Want more hacks for weight loss? Watch this video.

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