Top 10 Skin Lightening Face Washes To Remove Pigmentation|| Best Face Wash For Skin Whitening In India With Price

Flawless and glowing skin is every woman's desire , this could be the reason why fairness creams and skin lightening face washes are a rage in India. But we need to stop and understand is that it is impossible to become fair using the fairness creams and skin whitening chemical based products available in the market, in fact it is not possible even if you go the natural way. Our skin tends to lose its color and darkens over time due to pollution and stress and the use of the skin lightening face wash can help the skin color retain back its natural shade.

Best Face Wash To Get fair Skin ? Or Best Face Wash For Skin Whitening And Removing Pigmentation? Difference!

The obsession with fair skin has only gone higher in India. One must understand that skin lightening and skin whitening does not mean to lighten or make your skin appear fairer or whiter. It would be misleading to tell anyone that a cream or a method would lighten up the skin. You must know that you simply cannot go from being dark skinned  to fair looking woman like its portrayed in a lot Fairness cream commercials. Flawless skin would also mean removing pigmentation which is dark around the lips , nose and forehead. Flawless skin does not have to be fair and whitened skin , getting your natural color back and removing the tan is the actual thing and skin lightening for such tanned skin is possible with the help natural home made remedies and skin lightening face washes available in the Indian market.

Everybody hates dark, dull, irritated and pigmented skin. All of these things can be caused due to factors like Poor eating habits, medications, stress, pollution , overexposure to sun and not wearing a sunscreen. Those living in the urban areas are exposed to a lot of sun and hence need to take extra care of their skin. the most exposed area of our body is our face and hence it gets damaged easily. The best to avoid pigmentation and tanning is to use a good skin lightening and skin whitening face wash on a daily basis.

Flawless complexion and getting back the natural color of our skin is now easy for we have a lot of instant solutions and natural home remedies . Fairness creams might sound as a good option but nor do they make you fair nor our they safe for their skin on the long run hence using a sunscreen and using a good skin whitening face wash helps to make your skin fresh , clean and germ free.
In order to get naturally glowing spotless skin one must also have a good diet along with stress relief plans. Healthy skin is glowing and fair naturally , washing your face thrice or five times a day has yielded great results for me .

For me skin lightening would mean pigmentation free spotless skin and skin whitening would mean crystal clear glowing de tanned skin ! Do remember that these face washes that are meant to lighten your skin only help you getting back the natural skin tone and not make your fair.

How To Choose the Right Skin Lightening Face Wash To Remove Pigmentation?

In order to choose the best face for skin whitening and removing pigmentation one must stick to their skin type. If you have dry skin then you can go for a hydrating face wash and if you are an oily skin type then you can choose a exfoliating face wash or an oil control face wash. Another thing to take note while choosing a skin lightening face wash is that you choose a face wash which does not have harsh chemicals  A few more things to consider while choosing a best face wash for skin whitening would be the low levels of AHAs and strong fragrance emitted by the product.
Instead of using a face wash available easily its best to find the perfect face wash that would suit you and buy it online. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying stress free also help your skin to heal and get flawless.
With so many face washes and their big claims available in the market , it becomes difficult to choose a good face wash . Here are top 10 best face washes for skin whitening and skin lightening available in the Indian market.

Top 10 Skin Lightening Face Washes To Remove Pigmentation

[ 4th And 9th one are a must try!]

With these ten face washes from good brands you don't have to use OTC fairness creams and unnatural looking beauty cosmetics, these face washes will make your skin soft and leave it looking fresh and glowing !All of these yield good results. Lets take a dig into the best face washes available in the Indian market.

I myself have used a few face washes from the ones I have listed below and face washes by Pond's have worked really for my skin tone. I have really bad oily skin and the third and ninth one are my favorites.

1. Himalaya Fairness Kesar Face Wash (INR 150 for 150ml)

In India it is hard to find good skin care brands at affordable prices, and if its affordable its hard to get hold of them. But one popular skin care brand that has made a mark in the Indian market is the Herbal Company 'Himalaya'. With its affordable price range and availability its a huge HIT among Indians. I myself have used their lip balms since I was a kid and love their face washes and lotions. 
One of the most popular skin whitening face wash from the brand was Himalaya fairness kesar face wash.


This is easily the most pocket friendly and effective face wash out there.This is the most popular face wash among all the Himalaya herbal Skin care face washes. It performs really well and removes dirt and impurities thus helping in getting clear and spotless skin.Its a soap free formulation that brightens and rejuvenates skin.
Skin Type: This is a great option for oily to combination skin and helps to stay free of pimples and gives you that flawless base ! 

2. Ponds White Beauty Spotless Fairness Face Wash (INR 163 for 100g)

Pond's has few of the best cleansers and one of the most popular fairness face wash is the Pond's white beauty spotless fairness face wash.


Its a daily usage facial foam which cleans and treats your skin to offer nourishment and rejuvenates skin.This foam is infused with Vitamin B3 and is a great deep cleaning foam. It is very effective in removing sweat, dust particles and grime from the face. The best part of this face wash is that it unclogs pores to minimize the appearance of large pores on the cheek and fore head area.
Skin type: It is suitable for normal skin to oily skin.
Formula: It is a foam based face wash..

3.Clean And Clear Fairness Face washes (INR 105 for 80gm)

I happened to use this recently and its a mild face wash which brightens up skin instantly. leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. One of the most affordable skin lightening face wash in the market. This is great for its price factor and is one of the best face wash by the clean And Clear Brand.
Skintype: Dry to combination skin

4. Pond's Pure White, Deep Cleansing Facial Foam (INR 99 for 50gm)

Ponds is the most loved skin care brand in india. i have loved moisturizing creams by ponds and I have loved their skin care products since I was a child. I personally love this face wash by ponds as it leaves my skin clean, smooth and whitened ! I have seen a lot of difference in my skin and it actually helps me remove my makeup which is great added bonus !


It refreshes my skin and I love the black glossy packaging if this face wash. i love it that it comes in travel size tubes for those who love to carry it while travelling. I have been using this for a long time now. its a favorite among my family members and I would totally recommend it to oily to combination skin types. It is one of the best face wash available in India that help in skin lightening and skin whitening!
Formula: Its a foam based facewash and I love foam based face washes as it works great for my oily acne prone skin., Dry skinned beauties might want to use a small amount of this and follow it up with a moisturizer! 
Deep Clean Invigorating Ultra-Foam Cleanser refreshes your skin and awakens your senses with a super tingly foaming lather that deep cleans down to your pores.

5.Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash: (INR 165 for 100gm)

Garnier shampoos and face washes are quite popular and one great facewash by the brand is the Garnier Light fairness Facewash


This facewash leaves your skin healthy , glowing and spotless!! very effective when used on a daily basis , this face wash by Garnier Skin care has pure lemon essence that helps in exfoliation of the dark cells and hence helps in lightening the skins complexion.

Skintype: Suitable for all skin types
Formula: It has a liquid gel like texture that is quite runny.

6.Kaya Skin Clinic Fairness Face Cleanser (INR 390 For 100 ml)

Kaya Skin Clinic is very famous for its luxurious range of skin care products that work beautifully on women. I once used their serum and a foam based cleanser and was very impressed by the quality of it.
Bright fairness skin which glows and looks young is easily doable when you use this face wash on a daily basis. This luxurious facial cleanser exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells unlike other harsh scrubs available in the market.
Formula: The skin whitening face wash is one of the best luxury products and has a non-foaming formula that gently cleans the skin. It has whitening beads in it which help in making the skin glow. Your face will feel moisturized as there is Vitamin B3 in it.

7.Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser (INR 380 for 200ml)

Neutrogena is a well known brand when it comes to producing the most qualitative skin care products. This is a great skin lightening face wash for dry skin ans its gentle and does not strip the skin off all the moisture.


This is an amazing skin whitening face wash for people with sensitive and dry skin.The best part about this facewash is that it cleanses your skin without removing the moisture away. It helps in cleaning and removing impurities without harming the skin. It is full of anti-irritants like Chamomile and Vitamin E which provides gentle yet effective cleansing without leaving a filmy residue that can clog pores. Using it everyday will leave your skin healthy and happy!

Formula: It has a soap free hydrating formula and its a cream based face was and not a foam based one.
Skintype : Best for sensitive skin as it does not irritate and dry skin out. This is a gentle face wash and leaves your face feeling soft, smooth and clear!

8. Lotus Herbals White glow 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Skin Whitening Facial Foam Face Wash (INR 195 For 100g)

Lotus Herbals is one of the most popular and leading skin care company.Using Lotus Herbal products ensure that we get completely natural products there are not much chemicals in their products. Lotus Herbals White glow 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Skin Whitening Facial Foam Face Wash
is one of the products which has been loved by the Indian audience since its introduction in the market.


Lotus Herbals  controls the production of sebum on the skin and helps in cleaning away the excess impurities released by our skin.It helps in fighting acne, skin infections and the presence of oak bark helps in healing as it has astringent properties. All of these ingredients help in skin whitening and removing the dirt! great way to get your face back to its normal shade !

Skintype : Oily skin tend to get more pimples and pigmentation due to the oils released by the skin and hence a lot of face washes cater the needs of the oily skin type, this face wash by Lotus herbals leaves your skin fresh and non greasy!
Formula : Its a foam based face wash.

9. Lakme Clean Up Fresh Fairness Facewash (INR 190 for 100gm)

One beauty brand I can swear by is Lakme ! Lakme products are affordable and are qualitative at the same time. Lets take a dig into this beautiful face wash by the House of lakme


the face wash works two ways- it cleans skin and gives radiant fairness at the same time. It has glycerin which hydrates the skin and the presence of vitabeads soothes the skin and preserves the natural complexion. It also helps remove dirt and grime. Using this face wash daily will leave your skin glowing and looking radiant!

10. Loreal Paris Dermo Expertise Pearl Perfect Facial Foam: (INR 290 for 50gm)

Loreal is world's renowned and largest cosmetic beauty company and is a partner at Cannes . It has a lot of celebrities endorse its brand and it does have few of the most amazing beauty products. This face wash is from the house of Loreal Paris !


The Loreal Paris Pearl Perfect facial foam brightens and lightens the complexion and helps in removing the dead cells effectively. It cleanses the skin thoroughly and thus reveals brightened up and luminous flawless skin.A little goes a long way as a little amount of the product produces lather enough to wash face at once. The skin does not feel rough or tight and actually feels brightened.
Skin type: Suits normal to combination skin.

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