10 Gorgeous Feather Henna Designs to try this Festive Season

Peacock henna mehndi designs are very popular but they can be a bit complicated for beginners to try. If you are starting of f with henna designs then it is a good idea to try peacock feather mehndi designs before drawing actual peacocks. Feather henna designs also have a simple chic look making it perfect for festive season when you want just a hint of henna on hands.  

Feather henna designs make for great henna tattoo ideas and will look good not only on your hands but also on your arms or back too. Here I have put together a list of some really gorgeous feather henna designs which you can try this festive season. 

10 Gorgeous Feather Henna Designs to try this Festive Season

#1 Beautiful Peacock feather henna design for hands

Peacock henna designs look very pretty on hands but they are overused. If you want something different try this gorgeous peacock henna fetaher design which can be applied to both front and back of hands. These cluster of fetahers cover just one side of hands and look very modern and classy.

#2  Feather Henna Designs for back of hands

If you are looking for a  more floral design with just hints of  feathers in a henna design then this pattern is perfect for you. This design looks best on baacck of hands ut you can try it on front too.

#3 Simple feather henna tattoo for arms

Feather tattoo on arms are hot in trend and this simple design will look gorgeous. You can go for a simple arabic mehndi design on palms and get a feather tattoo on arms.

#4 Unique feather henna design for full hands

If full hand mehndi design is what you are aiming for this unique feather henna design will rock your boat.

#5 Double feather henna mehendi design for kids

#6 Easy single finger Feather Henna Design

#7 Stunning  Feather Henna Design for feet

#8 Quill patterned feather henna design with lots of spaces

#9 Simple henna tattoo for starters

#10 Shaded feather Henna design

Do you like feather patterns in your mehndi?

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