Maximize the Maxi Dress Trend

Maximize the Maxi Dress Trend

You’ve been busy working that spin class booty to the bone all spring and now you’re looking for a little R&R. We get it – adulting is hard. Lucky for you, dressing your best self doesn’t have to be quite so difficult. Stock your closet with cute and flowy maxi dresses and let the fabric do all of the heavy lifting for your sweet and sexy style.

Quick and Flirty:

It’s exhausting being such a fun and sassy lady like you. Popular to the max, your calendar is bursting with upcoming must-dos and please-comes. As flattering as it is to have so many adoring fans, it’s also a little stressful aiming to dress to impress for every event.

Consider that last season’s problem – this summer, save your energy for small talk (we all know how brutal that can be). Stock your closet with maxi dresses of all styles and you’ll always have something to wear. From work to play, you can maximize the maxi for every occasion.

Work It:

Summer fever is too hot to handle when paying your way with a boring nine-to-five. This season, lighten up that workload by adding a couple of statement maxi dresses into your weekly rotation. Pair a striped maxi with a sweet pair of ballet flats and a blazer to enjoy the comfort of casual Friday any day of the week.

If you want to make friends at your weekly staff meeting, then bring donuts. If you want to get noticed, then dress for success with a killer maxi and let those genius ideas shine. Roll up your sleeves – or lose them all together – and let your wardrobe work for you this summer. 

Summer Lovin’:

Summer is always sweeter with a sweetheart to help pass the time. Whether your idea of a perfect date is taking long walks on the beach or dancing the night away in a starlit cantina, you won’t have to think twice the outfit that will keep you on his mind.

Flaunt that flirty, fun style of yours with an off the shoulder floral maxi as you kick it in the sand or hang poolside with a cocktail. When things get serious, grab your man’s attention with an effortlessly gorgeous cut out maxi dress paired with strappy sandals and statement earrings. With a look this good you’ll have to pick his jaw up off the ground!

Say “I Do” to the Maxi:

Nothing says summer like the make-up melting humidity of an outdoor wedding promising to turn your salon-perfect blowout into a frizzy poodle puff. Unfortunately you can’t control the weather (or the bride’s desire for a middle-of-July wedding).
All the more reason to look cute (and feel comfortable) when you bust your moves on the dance floor in a smokin’ hot pleated maxi dress.

Elevate your look with an eye-catching silver clutch or a sexy pair of heels. And have no fear -- Kanye’s beats got nothing on this flowy dress. So get down girl. Go ahead, get down. Everyone’s got their eye on you!

Vacation Must-Wear:

Whether your vacation finds you drinking wine in the French Riviera or enjoying the breezes (and fried foods) of the Outer Banks, your wardrobe doesn’t need to dictate where you spend your much-deserved break.

If a European vacation is on the agenda this summer, an elegant embroidered maxi dress just may be the most stylish way to take in the Eiffel Tower. After all, you need to plan outfits for the endless pictures you’ll be torturing your friends with on Instagram.

When in France, one must look chic, so why not take in a museum or two in a fab boho print maxi. Don’t forget to enjoy a French pastry (or three) while flirting with the locals in a silky number even Marie Antoinette would get behind (Let them wear silk!).

For vacays with sandy destinations, pack only the necessities, like a white maxi dress that looks great under any beach umbrella. Plans to stay poolside? Try a t-shirt maxi to get the pool boy’s attention for some much deserved holiday bubbly.

Wrap it:

Great things come in small packages (hello, Tiffany’s?!) and you beautiful, petite ladies are no different. If you’re rocking a smaller frame then try a wrap dress with tie to accentuate your waistline and prevent the look of excess fabric. Add a little kick to your step with a leg baring dress to give the illusion of longer legs (Tina Turner we’re coming for you). Whatever height or shape, there’s a maxi out there to fit your gorgeous, unique frame.

Wherever your adventures take you this season, don’t let your wardrobe come up short. Maximize your opportunities for a summer to remember. We promise with the help of the maxi dress, you’re sure to look good no matter the occasion.

~ Guest post by Jane J

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