10 Best Lip Balms for Dry Lips in India|| Say goodbye to chapped lips

Lip balm is the first ever beauty product I used and that was ages back when I was in school. I used to carry a Vaseline tube with me and it did a decent job of saving my young chapped lips and then  I slowly started experimenting with different lip balms like Himalaya, ayur etc. Back then I wasnt a beauty junkie but now I have become a lip balm hoarder of sorts specially since I seem to have forever dry lips.

I have used many different lip balms from various brands over the years and today I will be listing down some of the best lip balm for dry lips easily available in India. If saving chapped lips is your main concern you should go for lip balms which heal and protect rather than tinted lip balms which add colour to your lips. You can apply these non tinted lip balms in the night before going to bed and use a tinted lip balm with SPF during day time. If you have peeling and flaky super chapped lips you should try exfoliating with a DIY lip scrub atleast twice a week along with applying lip balms.

10 Best Lip Balms for Dry Lips in India

#1 Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balms: Best lip balm for Dry Lips in India on budget

Maybelline's Baby lips range is a best seller range and these are by far the best lip balms available in India. The Baby lips colour range has a lightweight, smooth texture which glides easily on lips. These lip balms have SPF 14 for sun protection and also gives a nice tint to lips. Being a tinted lip balm doesnt mean these dont work on chapped lips, I have used these lip balms overnight and they have worked nicely healing my dry lips. If you are looking for a good affordable lip balm for dry lips maybelline should be your pick and these are easily available online and offline in chemist shops.
Price: Rs. 150 for 4 g
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#2 Burt's Bees BeesWax lip Balm : Best lip balm for dry lips in India and globally

This lip balm in a tin tub is a cult favourite worldwide and is now easily available with Sephora's arrival into Indian market. Burt;s bees lip balm is clear balm which moisturizes lips without feeling heavy. This also has a bit of peppermint oil so there is a minty sensation after application. If you prefer twist up tinted lip balms Burt's bees has launched twist up tinted variants too. These lip balms hydrate and nourish your lips deeply and you dont need to reapply atleast for 5 hours. For women with very dry lips I suggest you try this internationally raved product atleast once.
Price: Rs.400   for 4.2 g
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#3 Kama Ayurveda almond and coconut lip balm: Best lip balm for dry lips in India which is organic

Packaged in a plastic tub this lip balm from Kama Ayurveda has organic coconut oil to help heal chapped and dry lips. The texture is light getting absorbed easily into lips and it has a very pleasant almond kind of smell. If you want to treat your lips to something natural, organic and herbal this lip balm is perfect though it is priced a bit high. If you want quality I guess you need to pay more
Price: Rs.395 for 5g
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#4 Nivea fruity shine Lip Balms: Best lip balm for dry lips in India which is tinted and affordable

If you like your lip balms to be tinted the nivea fruity shine range is best to protect your dry lips in addition to giving a hint of colour. There are six variants in the fruity shine range and I have used them all. I find these lip balms amazing having fresh fruity scent, nice tint and decent moisturization. This should be used more like a day lip balm and you may need something more healing for night if you have chapped lips. If you have just dry lips this range should work nicely for you. For school girls and college goers who dont use lip glosses or lipsticks this range is perfect.

#5 The Body Shop born lippy strawberry lip balm : A celebrity favorite lip balm

The Body Shop has the best skin care range and their lip balm is equally good. The born lippy range has lip balms in many fruity flavors and they come packaged in both pot and stick for. I prefer stick form for hygiene reasons and the strawberry variant has a nice pink tint which will be visible only on non pigmented lips and a delicious strawberry scent too. This lip balm is decently moisturizing and the effect lasts for 4 hours. On the flip side these lip balms are a tad bit expensive and dont have SPF in them.
Price: Rs. 275 for 5g
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#6 Nivea Lip Butter In Raspberry Rose:  Cutest tin Lip balm for chapped lips in India 

I am not a fan of lip balms in a tub but this clear lip butter from nivea is packaged in a super cute tin and I couldnt resist buying. This lip butter turned out to be the most nourishing and hydrating lip balm I have ever owned.  These lip butters come in 3 variants and have a very pleasant scent. The texture is thick but feels pretty light weight on lips and I mostly use this lip balm at night to repair my lips.
Price: INR 189 for 16.7 g

#7 Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer : Best lip balm for dry lips in India with SPF

If you like fragrance free clear lip balms then this lip moisturizer from neutrogena will float your boat. This lipbalm has SPF in it, so it is best suited for day time and you can use it under your lipstick because it has a no waxy , non sticky formula. The stick packaging makes it hygienic and this lip balm also is very affordable making it ideal day lip balm for soft, hydrated lips.
Price: Rs. 175 for 4g
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#8 Lotus Herbal Lip Therapy: Best lip balm for dry lips in india which is herbal

If you are looking for a herbal lip balm the lip therapy range from lotus herbals is perfect. The texture is very soft and lips feels hydrated, soft and supple after application. This lip balm has SPF 15 for sun protection and is available in 6 flavours. At a reasonable price lotus herbals lip therapy range provides moisturized lips with a hint of colour making it a good lip balm for day time wear.
Price: Rs. 175 for 4g
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#9 LipIce lip balm: Best lip balm for dry lips in India with minty sensation

Packaged in a retractable twist up tube LipIce lip balm are extremely moisturizing and affordable. I love this range of lip balms for the soothing minty sensation they give my lips on application. On super dry lips the cooling effect is very calming and I get a feeling like my lips will get cured soon. This lip balm is clear but comes in variety of flavors so you can take your pick and decide which scent you want. I have used strawberry variant and now I am addicted to LipIce Lemon Raspberry Lip Balm which i use all the time. During the day under lip sticks this lip balms works beautifully as it has a non waxy texture and SPF 15, and in night i sometimes use baby lips or if i want a minty sensation after removing matte lipsticks I turn to lipice lip balm.
Price : 150 INR for 4.3g
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#10 L’occitane – Ultra rich Shea Butter Lip Balm : Luxury lip balm for dry lips

On the more expensive side is l'occitane shea butter lip balm but if you have extremely dry lips or looking to pamper your lips this is a good buy. This lip balm is a savior for dry chapped lips as it very nourishing. Having no fragrance and colour this lip balm is best suited for night time or to heal dry lips when the weather gets cold. The non greasy texture makes it suitable for application under lipstick so you can ofcourse use it even during day time. The moisturized effect lasts for about 5 hours and it is also free of parabens making it an absolute must have for beauties with dry lips.
More lip balms for dry lips which are not easily available in India

#1 EOS Lip Balm Sphere
#2 Carmex lip balm
#3 Kiehl’s No.1 Lip Balm
#4 Sun Bum Lip Balm
#5 Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate Lip Butter

More ways to treat super dry lips

  • Pure ghee : when my lips get chapped and nothing seems to work I turn to good old ghee and apply it on my lips. This used to happen often years back when i neglected my lips a lot. Now i keep them properly moisturized and prevent them from getting overtly dry or chapped. 
  • Mix equal parts of glycerin and pure rose water and apply on lips.
  • Dont forget to exfoliate your lips properly to get rid of dead skin and get super soft hydrated lips. You can try my 3 Ingredient DIY Sugar Scrub for lips Recipe.
  • Your body goes into repair mode in the night after you sleep so apply a good hydrating lip balm in the night before sleeping and wake up to soft smooth lips.. After you start using this you will find amazing results naturally in a week or two.
  • Always choose a lip balm with SPF for day time wear to protect lips from harmful sun rays.

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