LipIce Lip Balm Strawberry Flavor Review


When I was a kid my only personal care product included a lip balm- Vaseline( the ones which comes in a plastic tub). Now that I have grown up I love my lip balms even more, can't stay without them! Eversince I started going to college I have tried a lot of lipbalms and the latest to make an entry in my life is a non tinted lipbalm from LipIce. I have used tinted strawberry lipbalm by lipIce and unfortunately it wasn’t moisturizing at all! But the non-tinted lipbalms by LipIce are a quite a treat to your lips for they have a cooling effect in them !
This lipbalm has now become my go-to lipbalm. I use it over my sticky MN lipglosses I bought recently. It works great as a lipstick base for matte lipsticks and lip creams! Every time I take a bath the first product I use on my face is a toner followed by this lipbalm!lipice 1
Price and Quantity: INR 120 for 4.3gm

Shelf Life: 3 years

Variant being Reviewed:Strawberry

Other Variants:Lemon, Blueberry, Orange and

One Word: Cooling


Comes in a clean white lip balm retractable packaging. Easy to carry in handbags.


Doesn’t feel greasy on lips. Non waxy and feels light on lips


Doesn’t hide pigmentation for it has zero tint in it. The lipbalm is a clear and moisturizes lips when applied without leaving any tint whatsoever.


Cool menthol though it strawberry flavored it has hints of minty fragrance.

Staying Power:

Lips stay moisturized for 2-3 hours after application

Shade/ Colour:Colorless


My experience:

The lipbalm was a buy when I found it was on a discounted price and I was short of a clear lipbalm. On using it I found the lipbalm to be extremely light and moisturizing on my lips. The lipbalm made my lips soft and supple but above all it has this cooling ice effect which stays for the first 7-8 minutes. And not just that, it also stays on the lips for a longer time than the other regular non-tinted lip balms.


Available in online and offline stores.

In a Nutshell:

Works wonders as a chap stick!

Pros :

  • Hygienic retractable tube packaging with the flavor outline in red color!
  • Contains SPF 15 which provides sun-protection to lips.
  • Affordable
  • Loved by men! (Atleast in my case)
  • Simply love the cooling sensation it gives post-application as it has methanol and camphor as its ingredient
  • Lightweight and doesn’t not feel waxy
  • Clear lip-balm with no-Tint or Color.
  • Works great as chap stick under your lipsticks
  • Works as a lip sealant over matte lipsticks and sticky matte glosses.
  • Light texture makes it my favorite go-to lipbalm.
  • Moisturizes and leaves my lips soft!
  • Available in 5 different flavors.

Cons :

  • Moisturizes lips only for a few hours after which reapplication is needed
  • Could never get to finish this lip balm as the men in my house would either borrow it or steal it –.- (If that counts as a con) :P

Who will like this:

If you are looking for a cooling lipbalm that works as a chap stick then this is for you!

BlingSparkle Rating:4/5

BS Tip:

This is one of the favorite lipbalms preferred by my brother and hubby for they have a cooling effect and are non tinted. Everytime they want a lipbalm(Hardly twice a year) they pick this up or worst borrow from me :P . Lipbalm for men!

Yay or Nay?

Definitely a YAY for me! Will buy other flavors in this range.

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