A Bright Strip: How to Wear and What Can Be Combined With

You can find a strip almost in every season, it doesn’t lose its popularity but its performance changes all the time. One of the favorite prints of the legendary Coco Chanel is full of a pops of color. Bright colorful stripes, as well as single girls online, are in vogue now.

Let's talk about the details.

Almost all the year round, girls of fashion can afford to be extraordinary. A strip is incomparable in any variations: wide and narrow, vertical and horizontal, direct and with the effect of optical illusions. The black and white classics are especially popular, but colorful stripes are more relevant than ever. Interpretation of retro-motivations in combination with non-trivial fashion trends of the present is the unbreakable and stylish alliance.
One of the most wearable and dynamic trends of the modern times is beautiful by itself, and therefore, it is important not to overload the silhouette with the additional accents. However, the combination of stripes with another print is a fashionable constant and very interesting choice.

Striped dress: the art of being bright.

The colored strip will put up with any length, so it has a loyal character. Many women choose relevant dresses-shirts, "painted" in color strips. Knitted midi is another leader in the fashion race. Stylish silhouettes, which are also striped, include an A-shaped cut, straight dresses, dresses with asymmetrical hem and flared skirts.
The striped dress is self-sufficient, but if you want to get some diversity then a denim jacket or a bomber jacket together with sports shoes (for example, with lacing) will be the ideal accents for creating an urban look.

Striped shirt: stylish and contemporary.

The ideal pair for a shirt in multi-colored stripes is jeans. The duet is rather ordinary, but it is practical for all ages. The actual models of denim are shortened and flared jeans that create a trendy image. Variants with a skirt also have the right to exist.

Let’s drop anchor in the style bay: striped skirts and trousers.

The horizontal stripe at the bottom of the image is the favorite of girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight and like to experiment. Iridescent skirt-pencil or divided skirt will fit for the office style. Pleated skirt as well as trousers made of light flowing fabrics are a win-win element of the everyday wardrobe. Striped skirts and trousers work fine with a monophonic top, an embroidered blouse or a striped shirt. Everything acts exactly the opposite when choosing the top with motley lines.

Bright striped coat: feminine and elegant

Striped coats, trench coats, and bomber jackets make women of fashion literally fall in love with them. Horizontal wide and vertical narrow stripes are at the peak of popularity. Rainbow coats, combined with a monochrome base or stripes on the outer clothing in the color of the skirt or trousers, look really amazing.  If you want something more boldly, you can experiment with a combination of prints and textures.

You can surely find something for yourself that will match your own style, image or just mood. Don’t afraid to look interesting and stand out from the crowd.

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Image credit: Pinterest

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