Incredible Traditional Indian Clothing That You Should Check

If there is a word that perfectly describes India, it has to be ‘diverse’. India is a land of diverse religions and cultures. The customs here significantly vary from one another throughout the country. And this difference in religions and the cultural heritage of the country is not just imprinted in the thoughts or the way Indians live their life but also influence their clothes.
While the Western culture is now greatly influencing the youth of the country, when it comes to clothing, nothing beats Indian clothing. Fortunately, online portals too now understand this and they are now coming up with Indian clothes with some Western twist. To help you select, we have listed some of the most popular Indian clothing options for men and women.
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1. Saree

Sarees have been a staple for Indian for hundreds of years. The long, unstitched, patterned cloth is draped around the body and is worn with a blouse and petticoat. There are many different types of sarees which belong to different parts of the country. For instance, there are Kanjivaram Sarees, Banarasi Sarees, Patola Sarees, Pochampalli Sarees, Silk Sarees, and much more.
Even the draping style differs in different parts of the country. If you are looking for the latest collection of beautiful Sarees, Myntra can be a great option. You can also find Myntra Coupons to buy the best of Sarees at amazing prices.
2. Salwar Kameez
While Salwar Kameez originated in Northern parts of the country at places like Haryana and Punjab, they are now preferred by women throughout the country. They consist of a Salwar which is a loose trouser and a Kameez which is a tunic or a long shirt. A Dupatta is often worn with Salwar Kameez.
This Indian attire is made from many different types of materials and is now available in innumerable designs, patterns, and colors.
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3. Kurta or Kurti
Kurti can be defined as a long shirt or a blouse which falls below waist or the knees. They are commonly paired with Salwar pants, Churidar pants, Leggings, and even Jeans. In the past few years, there has been an increasing demand for Kurtis among online shoppers as they are perfect for daily and office wear.
Heavier or designer versions of Kurtas can also be found which are perfect for festive and formal occasions. Voonik has an amazing collection of trendy Kurtis which you can buy at hugely discounted prices with the help of Voonik Coupons.
1. Kurta Pyjama
If there is one Indian attire which is worn throughout the country, it is Kurta Pyjama. No matter if it is a traditional occasion or a festival, Kurta Pyjama is a go-to option for men in the country. A loose Kurta is generally worn with a Pyjama or sometimes with a Churidaar too.
A slightly different version of Kurta Pyjama is Pathani Suit which is commonly found in areas like Srinagar. However, it has now become a popular trend in most parts of the country.
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2. Sherwani
If it is a traditional occasion, a Sherwani can be a great option for men. While Sherwani is commonly worn by men of Northern descent, they are now a popular option throughout the country, especially in marriages and engagements. It is commonly teamed with a Dupatta which further enhances the beauty of the attire.
Sherwani’s are now available in a number of trendy designs, colors, and patterns to suit the taste of online shoppers. There is also a different version of Sherwani’s known as Achkan which is a jacket of knee-length.

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3. Bandhgala Suits
Bandhgala Suits originated in the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. This elegant attire generally comes in two different variations- one that is worn along with a Kurta or Shirt on top or ones that are designed like Nehru Jackets which can be directly worn. They are paired with thin pants as the jacket is short and ends near the hip. This makes the legs appear longer and creates an illusion of having a tall and slim physique.
There are also many different types of accessories available for Bandhgala Suits, like Juttis or Mojaris, Stole, and Turban which can be paired with the suit to complete the look. Search r ShopClues Coupons to buy Bandhgala Suits at best prices.

If you are looking for the best Indian clothes, the clothes that perfectly demonstrate the bright and vibrant culture of the country, the options available above are definitely worth consideration. And with free coupons available at online stores, you can buy these amazing clothes at a price much cheaper than you’d imagine.

~ This article is a guest post by Naveen Raja

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