7 Totally cool Ideas to warm up your Winter Wedding

I read a tweet last night which said India has 4 seasons Summer, monsoon, winter and wedding, lol . Jokes apart winter has arrived and so have invitations to weddings. In this post I am going talk about some fun and creative ideas which can help you quirk up your own winter wedding and add some spice and warmth to it.

I am all for winter weddings provided it isn't freezing cold. I mean who wants to be decked up in an ornate lehenga with sweat trickling down your forehead ruining all the make up?  Also winter means you can easily dress up in rich fabrics and layers of jewelry without worrying about the heat but, winter weddings aren't all rosy and fun, they come with their own set of problems and it is important to pay special attention to keep your guests comfortable and warm.

#1  Use plenty of candles and tea lights

Winter means shorter and darker days so it is very important to get the lighting right. Talk to your decorator about the lighting set up and also involve your photographer because you want your photos to be bright and fun.
Work with your wedding planner, get creative and ring up romance with lights. Think scented candles, tea lights, string lights, coloured lights and fairy lights to add warmth and create an inviting atmosphere. You can also add glowing initials to the dance floor for more jazz and funk.

#2 Offer warm drinks 

Warm soups, hot chocolate, flavoured coffee, adrak wali masala chai are must haves at winter weddings but make sure you serve them up with a twist to make it all a memorable warm affair.

#3 Serve winter friendly snacks and delicacies

Whats a wedding without yummy food fun ? Winter calls for special mouth watering delicacies to fuel your guests up. Chaats and pakoda are always a huge hit with Indian guests and in winters they taste spicier than ever. If  non veg is allowed grilled kebabs and tikkas counter will be a huge hit. Other Simple food stalls can include roasted corn smeared with green chutney and lemon juice counter , popcorn with a dash of chillie flakes or caramel , Bhel puri and french fries . You can even try having a live Maggi noodles counter too .

#4 Cozy up the Decor:

 Use decor  to creatively warm up your wedding, go for some seasonal romantic quotes for photo ops. Cozy up the chairs by dressing them up in blankets

#5 Gift warmth as wedding favours :

Return gifts for your guests are a thing these days, whether you are giving them as wedding favours or mehndi favours adding a warm twist will ensure your guests remember it for a long time.
If you are having a destination wedding some where cold then give away shawls or stoles with your initials printed or embroidered, beauty hampers with moisturizers and cute EOS balms to beat skin issues are a great idea. Warm customized gloves is also a good choice.  For mehndi favours you can give away colourful traditional juttis but make sure you have them in all sizes .
Packages of flavoured tea and coffee powder and honey also works as a nice winter favour.
For added snuggled up effect keeping with your theme in mind pack your favours in woolen covers .

#6 Give your guests blankets to Snuggle up

Outdoor winter weddings can get chilly but you can provide soft cozy blankets for your guests to keep warm. This is a very good idea if you are having a destination winter wedding. You can even use blanket sign board to add to decor of your wedding by adding some quotes like 'To have and to hold in case you get cold'

#7 Hold a bonfire 

Bonfires are getting very popular these days especially at beach weddings and they fit in perfectly into winter wedding themes. If your wedding venue permits you light up real fire , then you should definitely try this. Bonfires will keep you and your guests warm and also make for fabulous photos. 

Simple tips to help you plan for a winter wedding

  • Winter means shorter days and lesser time frame when you get natural light . If you want outdoor photo shots plan the time of your wedding accordingly 
  • Colours which work best for winter include light and metallic ones like silver, white, light blue and deeper ones like plum, cranberry, gold, ruby, emerald, navy and black.
  • Choose your wedding outfit keeping the season in mind. Go for thick fabrics like velvet or silk  to help yourself stay warm.
  • Dont compromise on comfort or style choose classy high necks and regal long sleeves if you are a winter bride.
  • Dancing will keep your winter wedding fun and warm, request for the DJ to play populat fast tempo songs and pull everyone to the dance floor.
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