Dating in the digital age is fine

In recent years it may be hard to remember what dating used to be like. Back in the day, if you have not met your beloved other half at high school or university - you probably met him/her through friends, at a home party or at a bar, despite the imposed stereotype of not being able to meet anybody trustworthy at a place like that, it still happened.

Have you ever found yourself reminiscing about how it all was going in the good old days? When a guy would approach a girl he liked, ask her phone number, jot it down and only then he would call her and ask her out on a conventional date. It was some sort of a tradition…a plan involved. It was made in advance, when both sides agreed to meet at a certain time and place. If they truly loved one another, after a certain period of time they both made their feelings clear with no hesitation. It used to be a seamless, natural flow of events, with minimal thought behind it. You got to know someone you liked and you ended up with him/her in a healthy long-term relationship. Nowadays single individuals have a whole another approach to dating. Online love has taken its shift.

All this digital dating revolution all started with such a source of communication as text messaging. Being able to share thoughts in such a simple manner, at any time or any place paved the way to a lot smoother type of connection. The contemporary digital generation developed as single people gained the opportunity of reaching out to their dating options at night or simply in the spur of the moment. Making a phone call or even arranging a private meeting takes more courage and could possibly be considered rude, but hitting some buttons and forging a nice greeting message is not a big thing and is never disruptive. These days people even got used to break up with each via messengers and video chats, or sometimes not breaking up, but just turn a deaf ear to each other’s messages. Isn’t that plain easy? No conversations on high tones, no awkward eye contacts - just temporary unpleasant feelings of rejection and confusion for the person, being ignored, still everyone moves on eventually.

Whatever gadget you’re using – a laptop or a smartphone, digital dating has become a solid alternative to conventional dating as it is much easier and usually leads to better results. From what we’ve come across while getting this article prepared, romantic meeting online is much more effective as it gives you more control over who you are chatting to. And since a great deal of dating sites and apps come up with special filters that enable users to point out what type of potential match they want to meet and what personality types they don’t wish to see at all. Yeah, there are particular downsides of online romancing, especially if you have a problem navigating through low-quality profile pictures and messages drown in poor spelling and grammar and (it comes in a separate row) the use of CAPS LOCK. Nevertheless, digital dating gives that convenience and flexibility that is missing from ordinary dating. Dating online, you can meet an attractive person almost anywhere, at any time and, if he/she turns out to be a mismatch, move on to the next with a simple swipe. You can do it even when at the bar with friends!

Unlike the pre-digital era in romantic dating, when the biggest worry was whether your crush would call you back or not, today we are provided a truly amazing chance to find a worthy partner without even stepping outside the room. And once we land the partner and proceed for a relationship, there are also quite a number of online opportunities the traditional dating can never ensure. Thanks to our friends from ukrainian video dating for providing this article.

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