Speaking Tree 100% Pure and Natural Peppermint Essential Oil Review..

I have a thing for beauty products with mint in them. I love how refreshing, cooling and calm mint flavored bath scrubs and lip balms are and so when I got a chance to test out peppermint essential oil from Speaking Tree I said yes in a jiffy. I have been using this essential oil in several different ways for the past two weeks and now here I bring to you a detailed review.

Speaking Tree Peppermint Essential Oil Review

Price and Quantity:  310 INR for 15ml
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Shelf Life: 24 Months
Ingredients of Speaking Tree  Peppermint Essential oil:

About The product:
Speaking Tree’s Lemon essential oil is 100% natural and organic. It contains premium therapeutic grade Peppermint which has many benefits for your body and soul.

Packaging of Speaking Tree Peppermint Essential oil:

Peppermint Essential oil from Speaking Tree comes packaged in a green cardboard box which has all necessary details printed on it.  Inside the cardboard box is the actual Peppermint essential oil bottle which is tinted blue to maintain efficacy . The oil has a white screw cap which is leak proof and a stopper nozzle to dispense oil drop by drop.  The cardboard box also houses an extra empty sleek roll on glass bottle in which you can transform some essential oil and use on face, lips, under eyes or even like perfume ittar. I really like the packaging and think it was a very good idea to include a roll on bottle which I love using.

Fragrance of Speaking Tree Peppermint Essential oil:

Peppermint essential oil has a very strong minty aroma. The minty smell is fresh and natural and kind of calms and relaxes you.

My experience with Speaking Tree Peppermint Essential oil:

I have used many mint infused beauty products, the cooling sensation and aroma is just divine. Speaking Tree Peppermint oil is 100% pure and steam distilled having a strong minty aroma. I find the fragrance very strong and quickly dilute the oil in almond oil to lessen the intensity of minty scent. Peppermint oil from Speaking Tree is transparent and has runny texture and it gives a soothing and cooling effect when applied on skin but essential oils should always be diluted before application. 
There are many ways you can use peppermint essential oil. I mostly add a drop of this oil in my hair oil and apply into my hair for a cooling and relaxing hair massage. I find massage with a mix coconut oil and peppermint oil can help when Iam very stressed or have a light head ache. This oil also works nicely like a massage oil soothing muscles and providing pain relief. For massage I add some drop of peppermint oil to olive oil.
Peppermint is widely used in hair care as it helps keeping dandruff away and also promotes hair growth.  I added few drops of peppermint oil in my regular shampoo and it felt heavenly almost like hair spa at home. If you like mint infused shampoos give this DIY peppermint in shampoo a try for relaxing bath.
This oil is pure and the aroma is a lot stronger than minty scents you might have smelt in other mint related products . The place where I store this essential oil smells strongly of mint even though I keep the bottle tightly screwed so, I have put the bottle inside a drawer .

More ways to Use Peppermint Essential Oil 

  • Peppermint oil has a refreshing scent which can be relaxing especially in summer. Use some drops in your diffuser to relieve stress
  • Add a drop of peppermint oil ina spoon of coconut oil and apply on forehead to sooth headaches
  • Fight bad Breath with peppermint oil. Add some drops of oil to a cup of water and use like a natural DIY mouthwash
  • Mix a drop of peppermint oil in your body lotion for cooling sensation
  • Wet a cotton ball in peppermint oil and place in corners of home to repel insects and bugs.
  • Sooth tired or swollen feet with a relaxing foot soak. Add some drop of this oil in warm water and soak your feet.

Whats Good about Speaking Tree peppermint Essential oil:

  • Packaged nicely in a tinted glass bottle
  • Comes with additional empty roll on bottle
  • 100% pure and natural oil
  • Decently priced
  • Strong minty aroma
  • soothing and calming
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Has many medicinal benefits

Cons of Speaking Tree peppermint Essential oil :

None I can think of

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★★★/5

Do I recommend Speaking Tree Peppermint Essential oil ?
Yes, This is a very soothing multi purpose essential oil which everyone must have in their home.

Final Verdict:
I am totally loving Speaking Tree peppermint Essential oil which is a miracle soother in a bottle. You can use this oil in variety of different ways and I add this oil to my face pack, hair oil, body scrub, shampoo and face wash too for a fresh soothing beauty treatments. This oil relaxes me and i cant get enough of it. If you love your beauty products to be mint infused, use Speaking Tree peppermint Essential oil which is 100% pure, natural and decently priced. This oil is also good to be used for medicinal purposes.

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