Speaking Tree Lemon Essential Oil Review & Ways to use

I love using oils on skin and I have been including more oils in my beauty regime. Almond oil for my under eyes, mix of argan oil and coconut oil for hair, Rosehip oil for face and it has all been working well for my skin. I have been hearing a lot about the benefits of essential oils from international beauty bloggers and wanted try them myself and so, I was very exited to try the Speaking Tree lemon essential oil. Today I will be sharing my experience with this essential oil and also talk about ways to use lemon essential oil for health and beauty.

Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil Review

Price and Quantity: 295 INR for 15ml
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Shelf Life: 24 Months
Ingredients of Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil: Steam distilled lemon oil

About The product:
Speaking Tree’s Lemon essential oil is 100% natural and organic. It contains premium therapeutic grade Lemon which has calming and detoxifying properties.

Packaging of Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil:

Lemon Essential oil from Speaking Tree comes packaged in a green cardboard box which has all necessary details printed on it.  Inside the cardboard box is the actual lemon essential oil bottle which is tinted blue to maintain efficacy of the pure oil and it has a screw cap which is leak proof. The bottle has a nozzle which dispenses right amount of product. The cardboard box also houses an extra empty sleek roll on glass bottle in which you can transform some essential oil and use on face, lips, under eyes or even like perfume ittar. I really like the packaging and think it was a very good idea to include a roll on bottle which I find myself using a lot.

Fragrance of Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil:

This is a pure essential oil so it naturally has a strong lemon scent and I find the scent very calming and refreshing. If you love perfumes with citrus notes you will love this oil . On the flip side this relaxing lemony fragrance doesnt last long.

My experience with Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil:

It was the first time I was using lemon essential oil so I was very excited. The speaking Tree lemon essential oil is transparent and has normal light oil like runny consistency.
Essential oils are very strong and should always be diluted with carrier oils before application on skin. I mix almond oil with lemon oil when using on skin and for hair I mix this with olive oil and it works well reviving my skin. Sometimes I also mix a drop of this oil in my moisturizer and apply on face before going to bed to even out skin as lemon has skin lightening properties.

I love the refreshing scent of lemon essential oil and use it mixed with water as a linen spray and a body mist too. The empty roll on bottle which comes with this oil is something very useful. I have filled the bottle with almond oil and added 2 drops of lemon oil in it and use on face at night, Infact I have been trying many different ways to use this oil in the past couple of days and I will share some of those with you here, right in this post

Ways to use Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil:

  • If you have oily skin mix 5-6 drops of lemon oil with rose water in a spray bottle and use like a toner. This oil helps balance oil glands and works better than most toners available in stores
  • Mix a drop of this oil in you face pack for rejuvenated, soft supple skin.
  • Dilute some drops of lemon oil with coconut oil or olive oil and use on hair to eliminate dandruff.
  • Add some drops of lemon oil in a bucket of bathing water for a refreshing aromatic morning bath.
  • Use some drops of lemon oil to remove sticky gum from floor or wooden surfaces
  • Add a drop of lemon oil in your face wash for cleansed, supple and even toned skin.
  • My favourite way to use lemon essential oil is in a diffuser to uplift mood as I love citrus scents.
  • Dip some cotton in lemon oil and put it in garbage can or refrigerator to keep bad odor at bay 
  • Lemon oil is helpful in treating pimples and acne as it has antiseptic properties.

Precautions to take when using Lemon essential oil:

  • Always do a skin sensitivity test before using any essential oil. Mix a drop of lemon oil with a spoon of almond or olive oil and apply on your inner elbow. Check for rashes or irritation and use on face after 24 hours.
  • It is good to use lemon oil during night  or indoors as Lemon essential oil is photosensitive. Do not apply this oil if you are about to expose skin and hair to sunlight.
  • Always buy pure essential oils like the Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil.
  • Dilute essential oils in carrier oil before use on skin and hair.

Whats Good about Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil:

  • Packaged nicely in a tinted glass bottle
  • Comes with additional empty roll on bottle
  • Decently priced
  • Lemony scent which uplifts mood
  • Revives skin
  • Evens out skin and lightens spots
  • Can be used in many different ways for skin, hair and home

What could be Better:

  • The citrus scent doesnt last long

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★★/5

Do I recommend Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil ?
Yes, Do give it a try if you love citrus scents or have oily skin.

Overall Speaking Tree Lemon Essential oil has many benefits for skin, hair and home and you should give it a try if you love chemical free organic skin and hair care. This oilis pure, organic and works for all skin types and a pleasant lemony aroma which can help bust stress and promote positive feelings. If you havent yet tried essential oils I suggest you start with this oil or go for tea tree essential oil from Speaking Tree. 

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