Top 8 Beauty Essentials for Women with Dry Skin

Having dry skin means you dont have too many acne and pimple problems which is a good thing but dry skinned beauties have their own set of skin issues to deal with. Flaky and patchy skin especially during winters is what I have had to deal with having dry skin . I need to give extra care and nourishment to my skin for it to glow and be properly hydrated. When it comes to makeup up I love dewy looks which gives me a healthy diva like feeling  and over the past few years I have tried some fabulous beauty products which work well for dry skin  helping me fake a natural glow. Wheather it is making your dry skin glow or keeping flakiness at bay, here is list of beauty essentials which is a must have for beauty enthusiasts with dry skin.

 8 Beauty Essentials for Women with Dry Skin 

#1 Hydrating moisturizer:

Dry skin tends too look flaky and patchy in any season so it is essential to use a good moisturizer to keep skin hydration levels optimal. if you have dry skin you should look for a more hydrating moisturizer and steer clear of cream with labels like oil-free. Look for terms like nourishing, soothing or replenishing when buying a moisturizer and also make sure it has Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin in its ingredients list.

#2 Cleansing milk or oil based cleanser

Most face washes which are meant for oily skin are harsh and strip off moisture from your face so it is important to use a mild cleanser if you have dry skin. A gentle cleanser or face wash will not only clean your face but also leave it with a soft hydrated feeling. It is better to use cleansing milk instead of face wash for dry skin. Most gentle cleansers dont remove waterproof makeup properly so it is better to use cleansing oil and follow up with your regular cleanser for double cleansing without making your skin dry and patchy
Recommended cleansers for dry skin
MAC cleansing oil
Lotus herbals lemonpure cleansing milk
Almond oil

#3 Face Scrub:

Dry skin gets patchy easily and it becomes important to exfoliate atleast once a week with a good face scrub. Use a gentle scrub on face to do away with all uneven skin and dullness to reveal brighter, smoother skin.

#4 Highlighter:

Making your face glow is easy even if you have dry skin with a highlighter. A cream based higlighter is best suited for dry skinned woman. You can mix a bit of liquid highlighter in your foundation for a natural dewy glow. Even powder highlighters work well for dry skin if you have prepped your skin well before applying makeup but one thing is for sure dont skip on highlighting if you have dry skin as gives you a healthy nourished look.
Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream
Revlon Highlighting Palette in rose glow
Becca Cosmetics Illuminating Skin Perfector in 'Champagne Pop'
Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Highlighter
MUA's Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in 'Iridescent Gold'
theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

#5 Dewy setting spray

Everyone loves their makeup to look fresh and to last all day too. Oily skinned women use setting powder to make their makeup long lasting but on dry skinned women powder can make up look flaky and unnatural so it is better to set your makeup with a setting spray which is dewy and gives you a luminous finish. I used to set my makeup with powder but now I use powder only to set my concealer and the Loreal setting spray works amazingly for me but now Iam eyeing the NYX spray which is specially formulated for dry skin..
NYX Makeup Setting Spray - Dewy Finish
L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray and Set Makeup Extender
Makeup Revolution London Makeup Fixing SprayMAC Prep+Prime Fix+
Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix

#6 Eye cream

The area around your eye needs special care and attention even if you have normal skin becuae it is thinner and very delicate. To keep area around eye hydrated use an eye cream and combat fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Eye cream or gels also help smoother application of concealer when applied before makeup, So dry skinned beauties should consider investing in a good eye cream.

#7 Face oil 

If every moisturizer out there is not nourishing enough then it is best to give facial oils a try. Dry skinned woman need extra boost of moisture and oils are the way to go. You can depend on simple oils like rosehip seed oil or go for a blend of oils like the serum in oil from The Body Shop. Personally the texture of my skin improved a lot after I started using oils. You can use a moisturizer in the day and opt for a face oil at night.

#8 Beauty blender

Most women use a buffing brush or just fingers to blend their foundation but for dry skin this is not the best way to apply makeup. Buffing brush can make your foundation look patchy and is best suited for oily skin. For dry skin it is best to use a damp beauty blender which blends like dream and gives a very dewy finish. I totally love the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge which has transformed my makeup application process. I use it to blend my foundation, set my concealer , blend my cream blush and to pat down my setting spray too. If you have dry skin do give make up sponges a try.

#9 Nourishing Lip balm

Dry skin also means forever dry lips so a nourishing lip balm becomes an essential. Go for non tinted lip balms for the night and for the day use light weight lip balms under your lipstick. If you find your lips getting super chapped avoid lip colours and use a tinted lip balm. I find Maybelline baby lips range both affordable and moisturizing but they only protect. For healing chapped lips you need something more hydrating. Maybelline baby lips Berry Sherbet is a nice tinted lip balm which shows up even on pigmented lips and works well for Indian skin tones.

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