40 Top Indian Engagement Dresses for Men ||Latest Groom Dress Ideas For Engagement Party

Okay, so you popped the question, she said yes ! What's next ? First of all lets take some time to admit that an engagement isn't just all about the bride-to-be. Her better half is equally important and so a little importance must be given to what the groom-to-be is going to wear. Not all men like shopping and matching their outfits according to the dress codes and themes. In short hunting for the perfect engagement outfit is not an easy task if you want to make a good impression on your in laws. So here we are helping out all those lost grooms-to-be to pick that perfect outfit!

Engagement Dresses for Men in India || Guide To Ethnic Engagement Men's Wear

Not many of them actually put effort to choose a perfect outfit for their engagement party or engagement ceremony. You might have a small function with blood relatives and close friends for your engagement but its important to remember you want to dress in a manner that shows your engagement day holds utmost importance to you.

Engagement ceremonies in India hold a special place in Indian families for they get to meet the bride or the groom for the first time. And when you have guests and special people from your close circle see you and your betrothed together for the first time- dressed in all glory, its going to make that amazing first impression on them!

Its not just the women but even men have a lot of choices when it comes to engagement dresses for men in India. The engagement function gives you a chance to experiment with new trends as opposed to your traditional dhoti or sherwani on your wedding day. We’re here to make that job easier for you men out there. Here’s a countdown of the Indian engagement dresses that encompass both the traditional and the modern styles of Indian men's wear.

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Best engagement Dresses For Indian Groom || What To Wear To Your Engagement Party  ?

If you are that Indian groom to be who is unsure as to what to wear to his engagement party- you have landed at the right place. If you are one of those who think wearing a suit or a Sherwani is a mandatory aspect for your engagement ceremony,we are here to change that. This top Indian engagement dresses for men list has everything you want and you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your needs in this lot! From whats trending on the runways to whats budget friendly yet stylish, we have it all- scroll down below to have a look at our selection that encompasses engagement dress for men in summer, top designer engagement dress for Indian groom and lots more!We know the ladies get most of the inspiration when it comes to Indian engagement outfits, so this post is just for the guys *wink*

40 Top Indian Engagement Dresses For Men 2018-2019

Our outfit ideas mostly constituent of Indian ethnic wear for turning out in a three piece suit and finding half of the men in attendance wearing the same thing is way too risky on an important day such as you engagement , the day you want to stand out from the crowd!If you are the groom to be
and stumped on how to dress for your upcoming engagement party, use this list as inspiration.

#1 Embrace Pattern

When you want to actually put out the message that you put effort in dressing up to your engagement party you want to pick something very hatke ! Choose patterned kurtas or patterned jackets/ bandhgalas in unusual interesting patterns for they are a great way to add a dose of personality to your engagement !
Stunning engagement dress for Indian groom By Anita Dongre from her Alchemy collection! Love the reindeer print in gold hues !

#2 Stylish Rajwadi Koti With Asymmetrical Kurta:

Nothing says suave like a well fitted Rajwadi Kurta suit! For all the North Indian guys out there, we found your dream outfit. This is a royal outfit that will make your features look sharp and you are bound to make an impression with this amazing Rajwadi engagement dress !

#3 Brocade Bliss- Indo-Western Sherwani For Indian Groom

You know your engagement is quite not the wedding and if you are the one who wants something fancy yet not interested in sporting something ethnic or western , trendy Indo-western sherwanis with zari embroidered Brocade is your thing.It's a nice blend of both types of clothing. Plus you can always wear this outfit again as a wedding guest outfit to someone else's ceremony! I personally feel this type of outfit is classy yet has a ethnic touch to it at the same time.

#4 Traditional Kurta Pyajama:

One can never go wrong with traditional Kurta-pajama sets. They are very ideal for a traditional engagement ceremony . Dress it up with a dark colored vest or dress it down with a waistcoat! Try Kurta Pyajamas in cotton and yo can easily wear it to your engagement party in summer.!

#5 Trendy Nehru Jackets

Save those heavy ethnic jackets for the wedding day. Show up to your engagement party in a Nehru Jacket. It's classy, traditional, timeless and always flattering.

#6 Mughal Inspired Outfits:

Also known as the Indian padded gown this Mughal inspired Kurta has made a comeback into the mainstream Indian fashion. I would personally get my would be groom in future to try something this stunning and royal , I really like this Mughal style engagement dress for men *crosses heart* . The silhouette is traditionally Mughal with a flared kurta overlaying it with a contrasting long jacket in different cuts over it.

#7 Ombre Outfits -Trend Arrest

In case you want to be the best dressed and want the whole crowd eyeing what you wear , settle for an outfit that has everybody going bonkers - Ombre Suits ! The gradual blending of a light color to another dark shade has become a popular feature . This is sure to make you the star of the crowd!

Modern Ombre Jacket-Kurta Ethnic Suit For Groom

Indo - Western Beautiful Ombre Drape Mens Engagement Wear

Flamboyant Ombre Nawabi Sherwani - Fresh off the runway!

#8 Cowl Kurtas

If you are one of those unconventionally stylish grooms then the most fashionable kurta of all ' The Cowl kurta' is your thing ! This oh-so- fashionable trendy kurta features an asymmetric cowl kind of drape tunic at front and looks best when paired with churidar pants. Looks absolutely stunning on men and is a great fashionable pick for engagement wear for men!

Glamorous Bandhgala With Cowl Kurta

Cowl Kurta Paired With a fun Indo-western Jacket

#9 The Midas Touch:

The groom dress for engagement party outfit gets better with this one, the gold hued outfits ! You are set to steal the show with this one fellas!  Make everyone envy with your sense of styling by wearing a gold colored patterned jacket over a Safari suit or pick a jacket in a shade of gold. Pair it with black or red pants, the best color combo with gold ! You can also go for a more glamoured look by choosing a gold colored sherwani !

#10 The Angrakha Style.

This antiquated Indian cut Angrakha style is a mix of Rajasthani and Mughal craftsmanship and looks stunning when done the right way ! The uniqueness of this style of traditional outfit makes it so versatile for engagement wear for men!

#11 Pink Power

Keep all those safe looks for your big day and try to have fun with your engagement wear ! Try wearing an outfit in pink, few shades of pink look great on men, one of the reasons men s engagement party but also adds a feeling of confidence and comfort.
I am sure, the soft yet experimental look will steal all the limelight.An outfit in pink is great for a pre-wedding function or an engagement party !

#12 Sequins:

If you are having a 'No dress code' engagement , which means you can be all dressed up, then you can go for a sequinned Royal Sherwani ! Though many of you might complain of sequins having a Feminine tag, but I think it's all about how you where it and what you accessories it with. I personally feel sequin sherwanis or outfits with a touch of sequins are very fashionable and make men look glamorous.

#13 Bandhgalas

Bandhgalas have an air of 'royalty' to them for they are made of heavy materials and are collared. They are a great way to make a statement and easily one of the favorites when it comes to engagement wear for men in India ! Pair them with trousers or Jodhpuri Pants for a festive formal llok.

#14 Elegant Indo Western Fusion Attire

A blend of Indian And western elements of fashion topped up with smart tailoring give way to a Indo-western fusion attire. they are not only elegant but look stylishly luxurious !

#15 Print On Print Traditional Attire

This one's a tricky trend but if you are a confident groom you can carry it with ease.This is one of the newest trends that has left even the most fashion forward intimidated – we are absolutely crusing over the print clash. Thankfully it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure how to do it right. The best part is that your outfit will be the talk of town for many years to come !

#16 Dhoti Style Pants

the whole fashion market is flooded with dhotis in different patterns and styles. And a dhoti is a call for festive and religious wear, what better day to sport a trendy dhoti pant than your engagement party ?!

Creation by Sagar tenali

#17 Graceful Long Ethnic Jackets

If there is one thing that can take your look from basic to ballin, its an addition of a beautiful long ethnic jacket. the pictures below will justify my statement.
Velvet Long jacket With Gold buttons
Classy Flowy White Jacket - Has summer written all over it!
Sleeveless Long Ethnic Jacket With Kurt Pyajama

#18  Floor length Sherwanis- Fairy tale Engagement Wear For Men 

If you want to remain one step ahead on your glamorous traditional engagement do then leave no stone un turned and wear a floor length Mughal inspired sherwani paired with a beautiful long jacket. All eyes are going to be on you- the whole freaking night!

In Rohit Bal Engagement wear For Indian Groom

#19 Paint It All WHITE

If you are the groom who likes to keep it fuss free and dressed down, you can wear an all in all white kurta -pyajama along with a Off- White Nehru Jacket!

#20 Straight Cut Kurta With Slim Fit Pants

The very traditional muslim wear kurtas are back in trending and you can never look bad or crass with this one. Sophisticated and simplicity mixed in to make you look like the perfectionist!

#21 Achkans

All the Ackans with Indo-Persian mix style of a sherwani has made a comeback into the list of engagement dress for groom in India. A long knee length coat tailored to perfection is sure to make you stand out and make look exquisite on your very special day !

#22 Pastels

If you are having a lavish engagement party in an ancestral historical periodic theme or even a royal heritage theme this is the 'perfect pastel outfit! Straight from the runway its latest and hot guys ! 

# 23 Exotic Shawls & Stoles

For all those 'kashmiri' or Rajasthani theme engagement parties, the groom has something hatke to sport. Drape a show stopper shawl or a stole/dupatta to get all attention on you!

#24 Exquisite jacket with Dhoti Pants:

Whoever thought you could rock a Jacket with a Dhoti pant and look like the boss?!!

#25 Black Beauty 

Save the whites for some other day fellas for 'black' is the new trend setting color. We all love black ! You can never go wrong with black and you can show up in head-to-toe black and still look like a million bucks. It's classy, timeless and always flattering. We are guessing All Black outfits are going to be very popular in 'Engagement wear for men in India' !
Black V/s Gold
Elegant Designer Black Indo Western Attire
A Suave Black Pathani

#26 Single Side Slit Kurta/Sherwani

#27 Trendsetting Drape Kurta

#28 Overlapping Ethnic Groom Outfits:

#29 Waistcoats :

#30 Jodhpuri Suits

#31 Roses Are RED :

Engagement Dress For Men In Summer:

Engagement dress for men in summer can be a tricky one, it requires you to wear something fashionable occasional wear yet something that doesn't leave you in a heap of sweat ! We bring you few of the latest engagement dress for men in summer styles that are not only traditional but striking at the same time. They are high on the comfort level and great for engagement parties. Other options for engagement dress for groom in summer would be linen kurtas, short kurtas in unusual colors and cuts or even a pair of dhoti pants or palazzos paired with your favorite festive kurta!

#32 Bold colors, Bolder Cuts

#33 Short kurtas With Unusual Hemline

#34 Ethnic Jacket With Western Wear

Bandhgala Blazer

#35 Interesting Neckline Short cotton Kurtas

# 36 Linen Kurtas With Denims

 #37 Short Kurtas With Dhoti

#38 Designer Punjabi Salwar Kameez

#39 Contrasting Cotton jacket With Slid Kurta

#40 Flower Power

#41 Pants Edit:

  Grooms Wear Kurta With Palazzo Pants:
 Printed Ethnic Pants- Unique Engagement Wear For men

Peshawari Salwar For Indian Groom

 Baggy Pants With Bandhgala
 Balloon Pants With Short Kurta
 White Jeans With Designer Kurta For Indian Groom
 Relaxed Silk Pants With Ethnic Jackets


Engagement Dress For Men In India : The Dos, Dont's And Tips

Now we have come across all the options when it comes to engagement outfits for men, here's a quick peek at some of the pointers you need to keep in mind while selecting the outfit for your engagement :

  • Smart Dressing: Engagement outfit ideas for men can be quite a task as they're somewhere in between casual festive wear and wedding attire. Whatever you choose to wear, dress the SMART way !
  • SIZE Matters: Choose the correct size. Period. A right size or a well fitted outfit is a MUST for nothing screams ‘I don’t have my life together’ than an ill-fitting outfit.
  • Comfort Love: If comfort is the goal for you and you can opt for solid Pathani or a traditional Kurta Pyajama. Or even a draped cotton kurta will work. Pair with jeans and your favorite juttis for a laid back look.
  • Elevated Simplicity: If you are the minimalist types and want to keep it simple that's perfectly fine. You can wear what you'd really wear on a good festive occasion and get away with it. Sometimes one of the best option is to wear what truly represents your everyday glamour style.
  • Ethnic Power :You engagement party is definitely not a time to experiment with questionable Sherwanis or over styled suits. It's a case for tried and tested Indian wear but that doesn't mean you cannot have a little fun while dressing up. Embrace patterned kurtas and try different styles of ethnic jackets for a relaxed formal look.
  • Statement Savior Wear :You probably want to be taken seriously at this point. If you want to sport the look that shouts ' Not to be taken for granted' go for indo-western fusion for it is sure to give you that suave look and set you apart! Classic Indo-Western Wear is the best when it comes to groom dress for engagement party!
  • Embrace Balance: If you are having a small affair for your engagement ceremony its best to not go for an over dressed look or its going to put you in the group of 'grooms that tried very hard' , instead opt for designer suits that are light yet have a contemporary feel to them. You engagement outfit requires striking the right balance between a night out outfit and a wedding outfit – you need to look formal yet glamorous, but you want to save the big guns for your actual wedding outfit. Phew !
  • Stick To Your Budget : You don't have to spend thousands to get your hands on the perfect engagement wear for men, just choose a style and get it stitched from your favorite tailor or boutique. You are sure to look smashing in a traditional outfit if the color suits your complexion and its stitched to perfection!
  • Basics To Balling:When in doubt about what to actually wear for your engagement, start with six essential items: traditional pants, well tailored kurta, perfectly crafted jacket,printed vests, and a great pair of shoes ! These quality basics will give you an effortlessly classic and put-together look fellas . So if unsure about engagement clothes for Indian groom, just stick to those sophisticated basics and you simply can't go wrong.
  • Do Coordinate; Don't Match: Another great way to put 'groom wear for an engagement party' woes to a rest is to coordinate your outfit style with your fiance's outfit. But remember to coordinate but not match your outfits,the key is to coordinate by style and not color.
  • Follow Dress Code: Dress accordingly,if its a formal affair with colleagues and your boss its best to wear a Kurta Pyajama or a Jodhpuri suit or even a Achkan. If you want to go all glam and its more of a fun engagement party then you have endless option from donning a Mughal inspired sherwani to sequinned indo-western fusion wear.
  • Look Photogenic: Its your engagement and there are going to be a lot of photos clicked hence its best to choose outfits with materials that photograph well. Pick an outfit that feels as good as they look in photos. Avoid silk and velvet if you are going to be clicked a lot.
  • Wear A Jacket: Choose between a Bandhgala, waistcoat and Nehru Jacket for a Jacket can be your greatest weapon when it comes to dressing for your Indian engagement. Almost all kurtas look great when topped up with an ethnic jacket or even a blazer. You can throw a jacket over cowl kurtas, Punjabi suit, printed kurtas and will elevate the whole outfit. Having a top layer dresses up your ethnic Indian outfit, and you’ve got a built-in second look just by removing it! Voila !
  • Key Point: Finally remember to Plan your event well beforehand, its best to choose a theme and dress according to it. It just makes your engagement wear for groom selection process much easier. Do not break the bank and stick to your budget guys. Get tailored and HAVE A BLAST, after all a man gets engaged only once !
Do you have more Indian Engagement dress For groom ideas? What is your choice of attire when it comes to your engagement ceremony? Do share it with us.
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