Top Makeup Trends from the New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of the leading events in the fashion world. It dictates trends that spread all over the world. And this includes both the clothing and makeup. According to the styles shown there, the next year will be full of bold colors and designs. However, the natural look remains one of the main trends, so you should focus on skincare that will give you good complexion.

Top Makeup Trends from the New York Fashion Week for Spring 2019

#1 Barbie doll look

Brandon Maxwell models hit the runways rocking the Barbie doll look that is sure to make it to multiple parties next year. The makeup comes from the classic doll’s design, meaning pink eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. Don’t forget that those lips need to be plump and dewy, so a pink lip gloss is also a must.
As the selection of pinks on the makeup market is huge, you will definitely find a combo that will complement you perfectly. Despite its name, this makeup style can be quite subtle and elegant. It’s perfect for formal events or romantic dates.

#2 Elegant 50’s

According to the Marc Jacobs show in New York, the lovers of subtle pastels and the 50’s style will fit right with the trends for next year. However, to rock this look, you’ll definitely need to learn some natural skincare tips. It’s essential for your complexion to be perfect as the makeup from this designer is focused on natural beauty. And you’ll be complementing it with matte eyeshadow in pastel pinks and peaches. Add the 50’s style winged eyeliner and you get a sensual look that will make a lasting impression on everyone.

Because this makeup is the opposite of bold, you can use it to enhance your elegance and femininity at various business and formal events. Note that the eyes are the focus on this makeup style. Therefore, you should stick to a transparent lip gloss or a very light nude lipstick. Skip the blush and highlighter altogether.

#3 Monochromatic looks

The Savage X Fenty show during the latest New York Fashion Week brought the monochromatic look to a new level. It’s definitely here to stay for the next year, so you should start learning how to apply this kind of makeup. The trick you can pick up from Rihanna’s makeup artists is using a single product for eyes, lips, and cheeks.
This look is bold and allows for a lot of creativity with the designs. You should choose this style for wild parties and any events when you want to stand out and defy the norms of traditional makeup. Choose the products in deep rich reds to create a most sensual look.

#4 No-makeup makeup

Another variation on the natural look trend is the no-makeup makeup that you could see at Anna Sui shows in New York. This style is truly gorgeous and helps bring out your natural beauty to the fullest.
Despite the peculiar name, it’s actually a makeup, but it aims to look as if you aren’t wearing any. To create a look like this, you’ll need a light foundation that will make your skin look dewy and a blush in the exact shade as the natural flush on your cheeks. Use a brown or black mascara that blends perfectly with the natural color of your lashes and find a lipstick that matches the natural color of your lips.

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