Positive Root Therapy Advanced Onion Oil Review (Is Onion Oil Effective For Promoting Hair Growth?)

Ever since I have landed into my post pregnancy state all good hair days have bid goodbye and all I see is my hair sticking to the floor all over the house. At first I tried to ignore it but later it was very hard to not worry as I wouldn't even have to tug my hair and my hair would break if I caught it in my hands. No kidding. This was the time when I was binge watching on weight loss, skincare and hair care videos. This was the period where my hair was behaving like it was on its death bed and boy how hard that was on me! And constant searching made me try this super good onion oil that has worked for my hair in many ways. Read on to know more about Positive root therapy onion oil.
It was at this time I discovered a lot of beauty you tubers raving about how onion oils have been a game changing thing in their hair care regime. I was curious and not much time has passed by and I am forever grateful to my sisters to have forced me into giving onion oil advanced a try.


INR 999 for 200 ml

Texture :

Colorless, runny and lightweight.

Shelf Life:

2 years from the date of packaging.


Has a strong fragrance due the presence of rare herbs and added fragrance mentioned on the bottle. This strong fragrance can be a problem for those with a sensitive nose.

Benefits Of Positive Root Therapy Advanced Onion Oil In The Picture Below:


Easily available at offline and online stores.
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My Experience With Positive Root Therapy Advanced Onion Oil :

I was blessed with good hair when compared to the hair my whole family had but after I finished school and started leaving my hair open in college things changed drastically. My hair had reduced to half of the size I had in schooling days. There would be hair everywhere. It came a time I tried several henna and castor oil masks even though I suffered from heavy cold after I used them on my scalp.
It was just not working, I ditched the comb and started finger combing my hair for months and started investing in good hair care products like organic shampoos and virgin coconut oils. Stopping use of harsh products was of great help and my hair stopped falling and it was recovering gradually. But pregnancy has not been nice to my repaired hair lately and I am glad to have been using an onion oil along with my virgin coconut oil.

Before I used to use almond oil mixed with virgin coconut oil but it did not make much of a difference to my hair hence I stuck to my sole hair mentor-coconut oil. But Shweta Vijay Nair (Amazing genuine beauty reviewer) once made a video on hair care must have's and included an onion oil for hair growth in it. I was very much keen on trying an onion oil from that time. I was expecting a lot from positive root therapy onion oil advanced and was not sure if it would live up to my expectations. But I really wanted it to work for me as I was having a hard time stopping my hair fall.

Here's how it fared after I used it on my damaged and dry hair. I was aware of onions being a favorite in many hair masks due to the high content of sulfur which is a very good source for growing hair. I myself had extracted onion juice by grating it several times to make a hair mask. out of it. The positive root advanced onion oil was a easier and ready to go hair mask for me and I was cursing myself for not having using a onion oil way before. 
After just my first application I saw a difference and god was I happy and relieved ? Happy because it was actually helping my dead hair and relieved that it was not just like other hyped oils in the market. Onion oil for hair growth is not a myth, the extra sulfur present in the oil derived from onion supports strong and thick hair. I am hoping it prevent my hair loss while simultaneously it promotes hair growth.

Final Verdict: Is Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil Effective For Promoting Hair Growth ?

If you are looking for an authentic onion hair oil for hair growth that also multitasks by minimizing hair breakage and thinning then you can definitely give this one a try. It is nice that it does not have that foul overpowering onion smell but instead has a mild herbal scent. Secondly I am loving the pump dispenser bottle packaging which is so easy and convenient to use, removes the right amount of oil every time I pump oil out of it. Although I cannot give my comments on the claim of dandruff reduction and scalp infection as of  I don't have any of it (Alhamdulillah). I leave it overnight and wash it away with a SLS free and Paraben free shampoo. For now I am enjoying this hair onion for hair growth and would recommend you to give it a try!

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