90+ Bridal mehndi designs for every kind of bride || New dulhan mehndi designs

Henna mehndi designs are a significant part of every kind of Indian wedding these days. You can be having an intimate wedding or a grand big fat wedding, it doesn't matter, the Bride isn't ready for her wedding vows until her hands are beautified with the age-old henna art. Earlier only some cultures followed the mehndi ceremony before wedding ritual but with globalization and evolving cultures henna has gained huge prominence in marriages of all castes, religions, and cultures. Every kind of Indian and even southeast Asian bride is adorned with bridal mehndi design a day before her marriage.

Wedding is a special and the most memorable day in any girl's life and she plans every aspect of her bridal look meticulously days in advance to look like a princess on her big day. Henna mehndi is also a part of the solah shringar which bride follows to enhance her beauty. You need to pick your bridal mehndi design carefully as your hands will be heavily photographed at your wedding and a pretty looking design will add to the visual appeal. These days dulhan mehndi designs have become very heavily detailed, intricate and also very creative with lots of personalized details added in for a custom one of a kind pattern. If you haven't yet decided what kind of henna design to get applied then scroll down for loads of inspiration and you are sure to get help with finalizing your bridal henna pattern.

Bridal mehndi designs for every kind of bride || New dulhan mehndi designs

Every bride has a different taste but worry not I bring to all kinds of mehndi patterns from minimal to personalized to arabic henna patterns to suit everyone's liking. Dulhan mehendi designs these days arent simple or easy. Even the minimal henna patterns for brides have complicated and innovative details to make it stand out so only experienced professionals are hired to get the intricacies right. Here I bring to you bridal mehndi design images which you can show your henna artist for reference and get similar designs etched on your hands and legs.

Beautiful bridal mehndi designs for full hands

Weddings in India are elaborate affairs and the mehndi of the bride is also done heavy with it covering full hands. Not getting henna applied till elbows can invite all sorts of glares and raised eyebrows not just from your family but also distant relatives. If your family is the traditional kind it is best to opt for full dulhan mehendi designs with some trendy details to keep everyone happy. Here are some full hand mehndi design images to inspire you.

#1 Traditional full hand wedding mehndi design for front hands

This above dulhan mehndi design for front hands is as traditional as things can get yet if you look clearly you will spot tiny bits of personalized details at the wrist area which lend a modish vibe to it. Running across the length of the hands with little to no breathing space in between this Indian mehndi design has an adorable flower mandala at its base and some alluring paisley and florals placed on the palms. The wrist area forms the main attraction where coffee cups have been etched out with a heart motif symbolizing the couples multiple coffee dates. You can skip the cups bit and opt for your own pattern here like maybe initials of both of you or a quote or phrase which defines your relationship.
  • Mehndi pattern type: Indo-arabic full hand mehndi
  • Suitability: For brides who want full on traditional look
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Distinct detail: coffee cups motif on wrist area 

#2 Layered bangle style bridal mehndi design for full hands

If you want a full hand mehndi design for a big day but dont want it to be crowded and dense then you can select a bridal henna design like this which is a variation of bangle mehndi design. A floral mandala forms the focus here which rests on the palm and then a checked band is etched out on the wrist. This is followed by multiple bands with lots of breathing spaces left in between for a fuss-free appeal. A mehndi design like this relatively simpler and easier to apply and wont take much time either.
  • Mehndi pattern type: horizontal bands with mandala mehndi
  • Suitability:  suitable for brides who want fuss free modern pattern
  • Difficulty level: simple to Moderate 
  • Distinct detail: bangle type band details

#3 Shaded lotus bridal mehndi design for backhands

Lotus motifs in henna patterns is the hottest new trend and this back hand mehndi uses it beautifully making it the highlight. A photo frame like a figure is created by joining both hands and lotus stencil elements are etched into it making for an artistic visual which is supported well by intricate detailing around it and banded patterns on the wrist and forearms.
  • Mehndi pattern type: backhands henna with multiple details
  • Suitability:  Best for the maximalistic bride
  • Difficulty level: Very complicated, higly skilled artist is required
  • Distinct detail: Lotus in a frame 

#4 Lucid paisley mehndi design for brides

This pattern is so traditional and beautiful Indian mehndi design with paisley motifs and decorative floral jaal as its highlight.  The fingers also have a different kind of leafy bits and angular strokes but what makes this design stand out is the unfilled fingertips. The fingertips here are etched with a single rose floret giving this pattern a contemporary touch. This is one of those eternal classic patterns which will work for all kinds of brides be it modern,, traditional or even minimal.
  • Mehndi pattern type: Jaali detailed arabic mehndi
  • Suitability: For fuss free minimal brides
  • Difficulty level: simple and quiet easy for a bridal pattern 
  • Distinct detail: Floral jaali mesh

#5 Roses and mesh bridal mehandi design

If you want a stunner of a henna pattern then this sophisticated stencil type latest bridal mehndi design should be an ideal pick. Here a variety of florals in combination with net, leaves and swirls make for an aesthetically pleasing henna pattern which exudes royalty. This henna design has been etched out at back hands in this dulhan mehndi image but you can totally give it a try even on your front hands without any issues.
  • Mehndi pattern type: Intense and intricate floral henna
  • Suitability: For brides who crave elaborate and stand out henna designs
  • Difficulty level: Very difficult and time consuming
  • Distinct detail: roses trio

#6 Alluring Full wedding rituals mehndi design for hands

Want elbow-length henna pattern which speaks a story of sorts? Then this meaningful mehendi design with full wedding rituals etched out is a gorgeous option. Here both hands have intricate and artistic portraits of bride and groom performing various rituals like the varmala, sindoor application, doli etc which makes for an amazing pattern to be treasured in your bridal photo album. This design requires special henna application skills so you are advised to talk to your mehndi artist in advance if he has experience with applying these kind of henna patterns.

#7 Catchy wedding mehndi pattern with tulips and leaves

If your wedding day look is very traditional then it is best to opt for a henna pattern which blends well into your look. This paisley front hands henna design has lotus details etched in a vertical line and the fingertips have a triple leaf detail adding to the beauty. The real attraction here is in the forearm detailing which has a gist of their love story and the place where the couple first met. You can personalize it with your own places around the world which hold importance in your relationship.

Dulha Dulhan Mehndi designs - Bride-groom mehandi patterns

Most north Indian brides get the bride-groom aka dulha dulhan motifs etched out on their hands which makes for a meaningful detail signifying matrimonial bond. You can even get your own portaits drawn or kind and queen motifs for a royal touch. If these kind of regal couple mehndi patterns intrest you then scroll down for the latest dulha dulhan mehandi designs for full hands.

#8 Bride and groom mehndi designs with romantic details

Royal dulha dulhan motif full hand bridal henna patterns are very popular for years now. These kinds of henna designs give a very regal vibe and here the bride has a ghoonghat on while the groom is in pagdi with intricate details drawn all over the hands. The forearms have lotus details and the English word LOVE etched which makes for a trendy design detail.

#9 Love birds in a heart mehndi design for full hands

The dulha dulhan mehndi design is an evergreen classic which has been around from ages. The bride and groom portrait rest on the palms mostly but in this design, it is placed on the forearm with a heart in the middle of palms. The heart pattern is divided into half resting one on each hand with love birds drawn inside it making for a really romantic henna pattern for mushy brides.

#10 Shaded half and half heart bridal mehendi design

A mughal inspired henna design here a king and queen are drawn inside of a heart which looks complete when both the hands are joined. Not just this but lotus floral edging also forms a gorgeous attraction here and this bride had a two states wedding names of which she decided to include in her mehndi pattern.

#11 Jaimala dulha dulhan henna pattern

Instead of just the upper part of the bride and groom, a full portrait is etched here making it a stunning dulha dulhan mehendi design. The whole varmala ritual is depicted here with the couple holding garlands while the rest of the hand has complementing linear strokes supporting this portrait pattern amazingly.

#12 Classic heart pattern henna with personalized details

Bring your hands together to complete this beautiful heart full hand mehndi pattern which has florals, leaves, jaali, and many more common henna strokes. The dulha dulhan inside heart shape here aren't your normal kind queen style portraits but a normalized version looking more real and more modern giving this pattern a fresh appeal.

#13 Raja rani Indian bridal mehandi design

In the above dulha dulhan mehendi design the ashirwad ritual is etched out with amazing precision but that not the only gush-worthy detail in this bridal henna pattern. There are artistic elephant motifs, doli, kalash and vidaai ritual all included making this pattern a traditional and meaningful one.

#14 Traditional dense full hand dulhan mehendi design 

In this king queen bridal henna pattern both the bride and groom are etched on one hand while the other hand has the bride in doli depicting the bidaai ritual. The rest of the hand has mesh details and peacock motifs interwoven beautifully but it is the scallop edging on the forearms which distinguishes this full hand mehandi design from the rest. 

Bridal mehndi designs for backhands

Brides get intricated and detailed patterns applied not just on their front hands but also on the back hands area. This back hand design is also of huge important and should be chosen carefully as many photos and rasam will have your backhands in focus. Go through this specially curated backhand bridal henna patterns list.

#15 Nets and florals backhands henna mehndi design for brides

Modern mehndi designs for brides have so many unique and stunning elements but for backhands mesh and netted patterns are mostly preferred. This khafif mehndi design with an overload of mesh and subdued florals scattered here and there makes for an appreciable pattern. The centre of this henna design is a paan type leaf shape inside which is filled in detail with a single lotus flower which adds a nice visual charm here.  If your front hand and leg mehndi has a bit of netted details opt for this for the back hands and you are set to rock like a diva.

#16 Mandala flower matching bridal mehandi design 

Next in line is this clutter-free yet traditional flower mandala design for back hands is replete with curves, swirls and linear strokes with a dome-like pattern resting at the fag ends concluding the design. If you want a catchy and simple bridal mehndi design this should be your best and safest pick which gives a fuller look yet leaves in a bit of gap around the flower for a sober and fuss-free approach. 

#17 Exclusive mesh bridal henna pattern for full hands

How tasteful and enticing is this architecture-inspired back hand mehndi design with an overload of jaali work. This elbow length henna pattern has arches on the upper hand with decorative net inside and simple mesh surrounding it. A bangle style henna band again in mesh rests on the wrist which is followed by more banded elements featuring popular henna florals and branches. This over-elaborate mehndi pattern looks very complex but in reality, is actually pretty easy to apply and any henna artist can etch this design with ease.

#18 Layered multi pattern full hand mehndi design for maximal brides

Most mehendi designs for bride use the main stand out the element and develop motifs, strokes, and patterns around it. But in this above dulhan mehendi design picture, multiple intricate patterns are etched out side by side with no pattern competing with the other trying to be the central focus. On fingers along there are 3 different patterns like branched mesh, filled in florals followed by scalloped edging. The area from the wrist part has layered band style linear strokes filled in with exquisite henna details like lotuses, jaali, chakra etc making for a design which is a people charmer without a doubt.

#19 Jaali wedding mehindi design for full hands

Jaali on the hands here looks so good and it is the best mehndi patterns for brides for backhands to balance out the crowded and heavy pattern on the front hands. This jaali here is made of leafy vines and even the fingers has different kind of netted details. With a complementing glitter nail art and your engagement ring on display, this design cuts an amazingly pretty picture.

#20 Classic heavily detailed mandala henna mehndi design for brides

Mandala mehndi design is one of the most favourite patterns among Indian brides but most brides opt for this on the front hands. here mandala mehndi design is placed on the backhands surrounded with jaali. There is also branches crisscrossed at the wrist looking similar to bangle mehndi designs giving this bridal henna a jewelry design kind of a vibe.

Rajasthani bridal mehndi designs for full hands

Royal Rajasthani weddings are all about traditional ceremonies which reflect the heritage and culture of the state. Brides from rajasthan prefer the more traditional henna patterns which pair well with the grandeur of their ethnic bridal outfits. These mehndi designs are elaborate and rich with cultural motifs like peacocks, lotus, mangoes etc. Here we have listed prettiest marwari mehndi designs, have a look!!

#21 Rajasthani mehandi design with paisley motifs for full hands

Rajasthani brides opt for intricate and dense looking full hand Mehandi patterns with common Indian mehndi elements like peacocks paisleys, mango, leaves, and vines. This design uses paisleys as its central motif with its gracing the palms in pairs of two on each hands and is surrounded by mesh, florals, and vines. 
This Mehndi design is quite simpler compared to most other modern dulhan designs and can be completed quickly even by a skilled member from your family. 

#22 Fusion Rajasthani bridal mehndi pattern with peacock and lotus details

Next is this elegant and well-crafted peacock mehndi designs which also has plenty of lotus elements in it. Here not one or two but a total 8 peacock rest in pair on both hands. These peacocks in pairs represent the couple getting married and they are known to symbolize good luck, grace, and pride. The side area of the palm has lotus elements while wrist has a mesh band and arch at the forearm area concluded this superlative pattern.  If you have a thing for nature or birds select this pattern show off your love.

#23 Peacock bridal mehndi design for backhands with jaali wrist bands

 A well-detailed peacock mehndi design like this is ideal for Rajasthani brides who want classic henna designs. This full hand mehndi design for back hands also has a huge kada style mesh band in the middle. This is a timeless Mehandi design which is never going to be out of style but it is also a time-consuming pattern so you will have to sit for a bit longer to get it applied.

#24 Exquisite dulhan full hand mehndi design with shaded details for both hands

Next is an architecture inspired front hand Rajasthani mehndi pattern which looks elaborate but is actually a simple bridal mehndi design which requires a bit of patience and deft application skills. Any normal level skilled mehndi artist can etch this mesh heavy pattern for you which s a conventional and safe choice to match with all your wedding and pre-wedding ceremony outfits.

#25  Full hands Rajasthani dulhan mehendi designs with king-queen motifs 

Some modern-day brides prefer subtle half hand henna patterns but rajasthani brides mostly opt for full hand designs wherein palms, wrists and the arms are covered with intricate henna strokes. This above mehndi design for brides is one such pattern which has the bride and groom etched inside heart shapes as its central focus. the wrist area has angular band type strokes which givea beautiful and effective output looking all heavy and wedding-ready. 

#26 Bride-groom motifs rajasthani full hand dulhan mehandi design

The raja rani motif has huge symbolical importance in the history of Rajasthan where royal kings and queens ruled for ages and so these elements are used in lots of variations on bridal patterns. In this above traditional full hand pattern a raja and rani are drawn on each of the palms and a swirl peacock on forearms also adds to the grace of this design.

#26 Intricate symmetrical bridal henna design for front hands

This semi-circular style almost full coverage henna design has popular mehndi strokes with a polished sophistication which gives it a trendy twist. You ould be a modern bride with fuss-free approach or a traditional bride with a liking to elaborate patterns and this mehndi design will work for all since it uses thick and thin strokes with admirable intricacy and precision for a clutter-free yet maximal pattern. 

#27 Bride and groom portrait bridal henna pattern with lots of personalized elements

Embrace the personalized mehndi designs trend and add custom details to make your mehndi pattern for wedding a one of its kind unique design. You can first pick and decide what kind of elements you want to include in your henna, it could be portraits, ancient traditions, hashtags, names or proposal story. After you have decided on the details you need to sit with your henna artist and discuss if he/she can actually bring them to life. You can use the above dulha dulhan henna pattern as inspiration.

#28 Jaali detailed Dulhan henna design for backhands

Weddings are a time when going overboard is totally allowed so why should you try any restraint? Go all out even with your henna and opt for more than elbow length mehandi designs like this bride. These kind of patterns which uses jaali as its highlight detail is among the most beautiful mehndi designs for hands and works well if you plan to wear outfits with short sleeves for your wedding and reception function. 

#29 Indo-arabic peacock bridal Mehandi design for the front hands

Using thick yet clean strokes this fusion modern bridal henna design is crafted out on the front hand's area. This is a heavy mehendi pattern but doesn't run till the elbow area and has abundant of peacock motifs etched in. If you love traditional peacock henna designs you can consider this design for your big day.

#30 Royal king and queen full hand mehndi pattern for Rajasthani brides

Raja rani elements are very common in Rajasthani dulhan mehendi designs and this mehndi design with floral shade details edging the king queen motif is pure splendor. The popular peacock motif is also used in this pattern at the base and some modern details like lotuses are added for a grandeur charm.

Dulhan mehndi designs with personalized details

If you are the modern kind of cool bride who wants to add some fun and unique elements to her bridal henna then you can surely follow the latest trend and add a personalized touch. From hashtags to your pets or proposal story, you can get any and everything etched out. Let your creative juices flowing and decide on the details you want to include in your dulhan ki mehndi. If you are not that creative then fret no because inspiration is waiting for right here, scroll down and pick what suits your taste.

#31 Modern dulhan mehndi design for doctor brides

Latest dulhan mehendi patterns are all about personalized details and fun elements. You can go crazy with the creative bits and add any and everything which is close to your heart or something which binds you and your partner as a couple. Here a traditional peacock mehndi design is drawn on palms but the wrist area has an ECG graph and stethoscope etched out depicting the medical background of the couple. There is also a filled-in skyline drawn which is followed by groom on horse back and bride in a palki with her ghoonghat on. This is one very trendy and time-consuming design which anyone can opt for but make sure to replace the doctor related details to something from your own profession. 

#32 Romantic bridal henna pattern with quotes and swan motifs

A masterpiece fit for brides who want to exude royalty and grace from their wedding look. This dulhan ka mehndi has the couple in RK pose etched out on one hands the phrase siddhart ki dulhania written in hinglish on the other palm. If you thought all this is oh-so-romantic then wait a bit because there is more. Pigeon with the wedding date and really pretty swans also grace this magical front hand dulhan design.

#33 Stenciled in floral bridal mehandi design with taj mahal motif

These days henna art has evolved hugely with lots of innovative elements added to bridal designs. This mehndi design is your regular half and half mehndi pattern with angular strokes and a mandala circle in the middle which gets completed when both hands are held together but the taj mahal motif at the end of the design is the real stunner. Taj Mahal which symbolizes eternal love could be added in your henna and even the bride and groom names are added for a personalized touch giving this design a romantic touch.

#34 Hashtag bridal mehindi design with initials in mandala

Everyone these days puts in an effort to finalize a personalized hashtag for their wedding. If you have a hashtag you can include in your wedding mehndi design like this bride. Here the other palm has a round mandala with initials of the couple etched which is a nice idea too. The other impressive details in this henna pattern are the places etched out on wrists. These locations can be of the place you first met, or where you got proposed or even your favorite cities to travel to. add a bit of a personal touch but make sure to talk to your henna artist in advance as not everyone is willing to customize designs.

#35 Shinchan dulhan henna design for the creative bride

Dainty and traditional elements in henna designs are a passe. This modern bridal mehndi has a sinchan etched out on one palm while the other mandala has a simpler half mandala flower. Mehndi designs need not match on both hands to look symmetrical like in this pattern above and yet looks so beautiful. However, there are some repeated strokes in both hands which tie the whole design together like the side shaded floral vertical line and the florals which form the base of this pattern below the wrist area. The fingertips are here left bare but you can fill it up with henna too. This is a very interesting yet simple mehndi design to try. You can actually replace the shinchan caricature with a cartoon character of your choice or just get your fiance's portrait etched out. 

#36 Hindi phrases art bridal back hand henna pattern

This dulhan ki mehndi with hindi phrases as its central design detail is different from most other patterns and makes for a special and unusual pick. This design has the words 'sada saubhgyavati bhav' written which is something brides like Deepika Padukone are incorporating even as embroidery in their bridal dupattas. This back hand pattern keeps the focus on the upper hand area which is surrounded by common mehndi strokes around it.
If you are looking for an uncommon mehndi design for your wedding then this is a suitable option to try. This latest mehndi design for bride is meaningful, exclusive yet very traditional in its appeal. 

#37 Stunning henna art front hand mehndi design for traditional brides

If you are not a fan of elaborate personalized details and fancy caricatures you can still add something personal to you mehndi pattern for subtle yet meaningful henna getup. Here a traditional Indian mehndi design is applied on the front hands of the bride and small custom details are etched here and there which makes for an adorable and fun addition. There are wedding rings drawn inside a heart on one palm, initials of the couple on the arms and also the proposal location of the couple on the forearms. Such an amazing east meets west fusion henna pattern this one, it wins everyone's hearts.

#38 Artistic bridal portrait wedding mehndi designs

Bride-groom portraits are very common these days but this henna design also etches out caricatures of the couple in their casual getup on the palm of second making this pattern an outstanding one with a highly innovative and contemporary approach to the age-old temporary body art.

#39 Contemporary shaded couple mehndi design

This lovey-dovey shaded couple etched out on the palms is surely a trendsetter. Quotes in hindi on the wrist area and some leaves and mandala details also add to the magic of this modish design which is best suited for millennial brides who want to show of their cherished intimacy and passion to the world. This could also be a nice engagement henna design.

#40 Elephant wedding mehndi design with proposal details

This mehndi design has not just the groom and bride motif but has the dulha on elephant for a royal look while the dulhan is decked up in her doli. Not all brides prefer packed full hand designs and this half hand henna pattern works for new age younger brides which also has the groom's London bridge proposal story etched in admirably. You can skip the proposal story add your own details to give a pattern like this a personal and unique touch.

#41 Quirky personalized dulhan mehndi designs

Displaying hashtags is the new trend surfacing in henna designs and why should you stay behind. Squeeze your custom wedding hashtag into your full hand design like in the above image. This mehendi design is also adorable in the sense it has the boy dressed up for proposing the girl incorporated on the palm. Don't miss the attention to minute details like the rose flower in one hand and the gift in the other. This is a design people are going to stare at all thanks to its whacky and quirky appeal.

Floral dulhan mehndi designs for hands

Flowers are an integral part of henna art. You could Indian or Arabic patterns and florals will find a way into all types of mehndi designs. Florals look pretty, chic and are safest bet as you cant really go wrong with these patterns. Florals come in a variety of kinds so choose what works best with your personality. Personally, roses are the best bet as it blends well with the romantic vibe of marriages. Choose rose mehndi designs which have a vintage appeal or opt for lotuses which are in vogue these days. 

#42 Polished roses and lotuses dulhan mehandi design for full hands

Florals in henna patterns look amazing in any size or type and this above bridal mehndi design for full hands uses lotus and roses effortlessly. This one-off mehndi design for bride doesnt uses many florals on the palm area and chooses to place it on wrist and forearms while there is a peacock, some checks and mesh on the upper half. Girls who love ornate multi patterned henna designs can surely consider this.

#43 Arabic bridal henna mehndi design for fuss free brides

Another rose mehndi design for bride which is also shaded lightly giving a rare shadow effect. This mehndi design steers clear of connecting vines, leaves and branches and just scatters roses across the entire length of hands while the fingers have heart elements and leafy bits. If you want your mehndi design to be subdued to allow the main focus to rest on hand jewellery like broad kadas, latkan bangles etc then this is a great design to select. 
Not just for your wedding, this design is an apt choice for other events like roka ceremony or post-wedding dinner parties.

#44 Classic wedding mehndi designs with filled in floret as its base

Another timeless Indian mehndi design here which is a sure shot classic but elements like a bold floret at the base and the couple proposal portrait at the center of one hand adds in a bit of modish charm. This mehndi design will be popular with not just traditional brides but also with stylish and cool young brides.

#45 Mandala style evergreen flower mehndi design 

Mandala mehandi design is the most common pattern out there and it is still popular because of its old-world charm. Here the mandala placed at the center of the palm is extended to form a flower-like element which is then surrounded by rich and fine mehndi strokes. This kind of design is ideal for Rajasthani brides as it blends well with their ethnic bridal attire.

#46 Checks pattern lotus flower mehndi design for backhands

If you dont want to go heavy on adding personal or custom details in your Mehendi but still want it to grab eyeballs then try this checks patterns backhand mehndi design. This mind-blowing pattern has filled in checks with florals inside while leafy strands and lotus stencils cover the wrist area. If you are a bride who wants drop-dead gorgeous aesthetics this design is sure to lure you in an instant.

#47 Alluring net and florals heavy mehndi designs for millennial brides

This arch backhand design is jammed with alluring netted details and dainty florals. The shaded florals which rest at the base is a work of pure art but what I find most compelling is the branches and florals forming a mesh inside the arch on the upper part. If you are getting a rose mehndi design applied on front hands you can try this pattern for backhands.

#48 Mandala inspired lotus motif wedding henna design

Mandala motifs which symbolize sun are easy to draw but this latest take on the mandala design with lotus flowers inside it brings in oodles of glam and drama. This design screams traditional but the touch of modernity fused in is hard to miss. If your wedding wardrobe consists of all kinds of Indian, western and Indo-western outfits then this design is an apt pick. It will pair well with your cocktail saree, bridal lehenga as well as your reception gown. 

#49 Lotus and mesh - Indian bridal Mehandi design for both hands 

Next in line is this traditional and a classic pattern which is an evergreen style and works nicely to spruce up the beauty of your hands. This is inspired from the Mughal era and has arches and lotuses etched out in a soothing and drool-worthy placement. 

#50 Catchy florals full hand bridal henna mehendi

Soothing nature patterns inspire this above mehndi design which has an abundant of lotus motifs but it a rose flower which forms the focus resting almost at the center of the palm. Along with flowers and leaves, lots of mesh is also used to complete this gorgeous mehndi design which has a tasteful charm of its own. 

#51 Lotus back hand mehandi design for brides

This beautiful bridal mehendi design is loaded with such brilliant features including jaali, lotuses, paisleys and leaf strokes which is both captivating and appealing. If you want your back hand henna to be equally glam and compete neck to neck with your front hands choose a pattern like this. Make note a well-qualified henna artist with a deft hand is of prime importance here.

#52 Stunning floral mandala bridal henna

A circle mehndi design with plenty of lotuses this front hand dulhan ka mehndi is for women who want to stick to the traditional styles and patterns. Lotus is ethed inside the round mandala and at the base of the pattern on forearms. The wrist area has curved leafy branch and mesh-like band which brings an old-world charm. The fingers have a plethora of motifs etched along with lotus and leaf bits.

Dulhan mehndi designs for legs 

Mehndi application on feet of the bride is considered auspicious an essential part of solah shringar of the dulhan. In fact in many cultures unmarried girls arent allowed to apply henna on feet and the wedding is the first time mehndi is applied on legs. If you dont want to get henna applied to the feet you can still opt for simpler patterns but if you want to go overboard, by all means, opt for an ankle-length full feet mehndi designs. Check out some really beautiful leg mehndi designs which is sure to leave you awestruck.

#53 Multiple peacock motifs leg mehndi designs for brides

Multiple peacock motifs are lines together in this fusion mehndi design for legs which runs way above the ankle area. If you are a bride who prefers all things extravagant and maximal then this pattern is ideal for you. You can pair this with a similar Indo-western mehndi design on hands or even go for an arabic hand mehndi design. pick a hand design with some peacock elements in it is the key to bring the whole look together is mesmerizing harmony. 

#54 Checks dulhan feet mehndi pattern

Stay ahead of your style game with this latest dulhan mehendi design for legs which has the new age jaali with floral work inside it. This jaali can an angular ending at ankles where paisley motifs and swirls form the ending. The toes are adorned with simplistic swirls and lines looking like leaves giving an overall chic and urbane vibe. This design is so simplistic hat it can be applied even by beginners, yet it gives a very bridal appropriate flattering look.

#55 Clutter-free arabic bridal mehndi design for legs

Striking an amazing balance between minimal and complex mehndi designs is this arabic style leg mehndi design for brides. The toes have a mesh pattern with a scallop edging while the centra have popular mehndi elements resting diagonally with a flower forming its focus. The ankles have a beautiful jaali band and paisley with some swirls rests on the top completing this simple mehndi design for legs. Anyone with moderate henna application skills can draw this design. It can be your skilled friend or even your cousin who etches this out while you chat about all random stuff for some girl bonding.

#56 Bold roses leg mehndi designs for bubbly brides

Rose mehndi designs are such a huge hit with youngsters these days but not many add roses to their feet henna. If you are in the mood to break some norms and strike a new trend then opt for this bold rose leg mehndi design. This modern bridal mehndi for feet uses thick strokes to etch up the rose flowers while a thinner cut one is used to draw curved vines. There is also a jaali like an arch which is shaded lightly giving a gradient effect which is sure to grab eyeballs at your wedding.

#57 Thick strokes netted dulhan mehandi design for legs

Thicker strokes look alluring but bold in henna designs. when the henna paste is scraped off this whole denser looks gives a striking appeal. This feet mehndi design uses really chunky henna strokes and jam packs them closely giving a very prominent appearance.  Different kind of netted details are mixed in this pattern along with a few swirls and curve making this full leg mehndi design one of the easiest designs to apply even by novices, just make sure to use a thick cut cone.

#58 Indian leg mehndi design for traditional brides

Taking you back to royal era of kings and queens is this architecture-inspired overboard mehndi design for legs. If your always dreamt of a palace wedding with a regal charm then get your henna pattern to match the mood. Select this leg pattern which is heavy yet non-fussy and attractive and make sure to complement it with equally elaborative hand mehndi patterns.
If you are having a fairytale destination wedding in palaces of jaipur or udaipur this henna design is an ideal fit.

#59 Peacock and elephant motif leg henna design

Look closely and you will find a lot of ornate details and traditional motifs in this complex bridal mehendi design for legs. The toes have a diamond style jaali and there is also a peacock branching out with more mesh details and the leafy shaded strip is given a diagonal placement. There is a linear band at the ankle area above which is a fascinating full elephant which ends in an arch which has impressively filled in details and florals. Every feature of this pattern is gush-worthy but make note this requires lots of time to get done. So be prepared to sit for hours together with lots of patience. I suggest you get the leg mehndi applied a day before your actual mehndi ceremony to save on time.

#60 Floral mehndi design for other side of legs

The hottest trend on the block is this latest leg mehndi design where the soles of the feet are adorned with henna patterns. Dulhan ki mehndi is heavy and detailed covering the entire hands and legs then why not add some henna on the other side of feet too. These florals wont take much time and you will get prettier photos of you sitting. This looks so fancy and when your feet are in focus for the multiple rasams and rituals then you wont regret sitting that extra time one bit. 

#61 Classic royal rajasthani bridal mehendi design for legs

if you want to match the elaborate pattern on your hands with an equally heavy design on your feet then you should definitely give this dulhan mehndi design for legs with elephant motifs a try. Elephants symbolize prosperity and good luck and they also give out regal charm which fits right into the wedding celebrations mood making this design a total winner. 
While most leg mehndi designs end at the ankle area this pattern goes a little higher adding full elephants along with umbrella which is sure to catch peoples attention. 

#62  Graceful fusion arabic leg henna pattern

If you have a classic mehndi pattern applied on hands then you need to match it with a traditional design on feet too. This Indo-arabic fusion mehndi design is clutter-free, easy and quick to apply by anyone. Also if you have opted really complex patterns for hands then it makes perfect sense to balance things out with fuss-free designs on legs. 

#63 Mirrored heart simple leg henna design

This is one of those easier and simple mehndi design for legs which brides can opt for to balance out complex full hand mehendi designs on hands. This symmetrical design has a split heart as its main highlight which gets completed when both the legs are joined. Florals cover the toes area while paisleys form an alluring design on the ankles but what lends this Dulhan mehndi design for legs a sober and breezy vibe is the butti style dotted fillings in the heart shape. After sitting for hours together to get mehandi designs applied on front hands and backhands you should really consider something like this for legs which will be applied in less than an hour.

Peacock inspired Bridal mehndi designs

These days henna patterns have evolved a lot and you can find all types of bird motifs like swans, parrots, love birds etc but it is peacock which still remains the most popular motif. This Indian national bird is associated with prosperity, good luck and survival and it easy to see why it finds its way into most bridal henna mehndi designs. The feathers of peacock also have a lot of cultural significance so, if you dont want a full peacock on hands you can just add a few feather details here and there too. Now without further delay lets look into some of the most fascinating peacock mehndi designs with images

#64 Royal full peacock mehndi design for brides

A beautiful amalgamation of arabic design placement with Indian mehndi elements is done in this above mehndi design for a fusion getup which will find many fans from the younger brigade. A full-blown peacock rest right in the middle of the palms with arches and bride and groom figurines etched out on forearms.

#65 Fancy stencil style lotus mehndi pattern

This catchy mehndi design using mostly thicker strokes is truly going to take your breath away if it comes out this magnificently. Peacocks a symbol of fertility and lotus a symbol of purity form the main elements in this no-elaborative design. Circular strokes and swirls cover the fingers while peacock rests below the index finger. After a bit of gap is lotus details with a slant mesh and a half mandala concluding the design. If you are a bride who prefers simple and easy mehndi designs, lets face it, basic patterns is not something you can try for your own wedding but you can definitely give something innovative like the above design a try which ends just below the wrist.

#66 Royal and dense mor mehndi pattern

Majority of bridal henna designs are complex and this above pattern is n less. Though this is a half hand design has the peacock motifs etched out with significant bold strokes which is quite a stunner. The wrist area has swans drawn in a horizontal line which is followed by a dancing mor looking absolutely resplendent. 
If you are those experimental kinds who dares to strike a new trend you can choose this dulhan ka design.

#67 Cages and plenty of peacock motifs dulhan mehandi design for both hands

If you have always wanted to be the traditional Indian bride with complete solah shringar and heavy full hand mehandi designs an Indian pattern like this one brimming with auspicious peacock motifs and lotuses is a good option. One palm of this mehndi design infact has an eccentric brid cages etched out which is sure to steal hearts of onlookers.

#68 Checkered circles and flowers bridal mehendi design for full hands

This complex bridal henna pattern features full peacock motifs ar the wrist part and has a circular element with a checkered filling at the centre of the palm. This is not just a full hand mehndi design but also a heavy on the eyes and overboard pattern with minimal empty spaces. This design is adorned with plenty of henna motifs with needle-like precision making it look more like artwork on display.  
Younger Rajasthani brides can give this pattern a try for their wedding day for a blend of tradition and modernity. 

#69 Matching peacock motif matching dulhan mehndi design for hands

Peacocks in mehndi look really royal and fun. This half hand mehendi design for the bride has a mirror style effect with both hands having a same pattern and they look delightful when the hands are held together. There is half circle on palms filled with lines and branches which is surrounded florals and a peacock motif. The fingers have a variety of henna strokes while the fingertips have a polished look with stenciled in swirls and leaves. The prettiest detail in this henna design for me is the wrist roses which looks spectacular to say the least. 

Latest Bridal mehndi designs for hands and legs

It is important that the mehndi design on your hands is in sync with the pattern on feet. Even if both your hands and legs henna designs dont match perfectly but having some common motifs and elements helps it complement each other. Another thing is to go elaborate on hands and minimal on feet for clutter-free approach. Here we look into some real brides mehndi designs for hands and legs to get an idea of how to balance things out.

#70 Heavily detailed alluring dulhan mehndi designs for hands and legs

There are exquisite and ornate bridal henna designs and then there is this dulhan mehndi design for hands and legs with so many praiseworthy elements. There is dulha dulhan portraits on the palms, floral wrist band, a groom on the horseback motif and also the varmala ritual etched out on forearms. If the hands have such exceptional details how can legs not follow suit? Ankles have a band with khafif details and an arch filled with lotuses. The real highlight, however, is the full peacock drawn on each foot surrounded with simple dotted clusters.
This design requires high-level expert skills so hire your artist after proper research if want a complex pattern like this.

#71 Mesh bridal mehndi design for hands and legs

Matching your dulhan mehndi designs for hands and legs is always a good idea instead of going for multiple pattern styles for front hands backhands and feet which gives a cluttered look. This particular bridal mehndi design image above uses bold and significant strokes to etch out checkered details on palms and branches on fingers while wrist has some cute elements like a mickey mouse finished off with dotted net in the end. This dotted mesh is used even in the feet on the ankle part with a mandala placed the center all resting together in striking o-ordination.

#72 Captivating dulhan mehandi design for hands and legs

In the latest bridal mehandi designs for hands and legs, I have noticed there is a regular pattern of heavy on hands and light on feet. This trend makes sense because feet are covered under flared lehengas but henna on hands can be showcased in its full glory without any issues. The design on hand has lotus elements, a panda and penguin also etched along with common mehndi motifs while the feet have mostly mesh detail with lots of leafy details.

Arabic Dulhan mehndi designs for full hands

The most popular henna patterns at the moment is Arabic mehndi designs which give an elegant speed out appeal. Most Indian brides don't prefer Arabic patterns as they dont give that heavy densed out look brides aim for but things are rapidly changing in recent times with minimal arabic henna patterns getting huge preference. If you love arabic designs then you can carefully select a pattern which looks bridal appropriate yet sophisticated for your wedding look. Most middle eastern brides select Arabic designs for their nikaah. 

#73 Spiral latest arabic bridal mehendi design for full hands

This one is a very gorgeous and latest arabic bridal mehandi design which even brides can opt for since it covers the entire front hands are till the elbows. Like most Arabic patterns even this design has empty breathing gaps left in between but all the fingers are heavily detailed with a variety of leaf, swirls and netted strokes. The design on the wrist also spirals around the hand giving an illusion of wearing bangles or kadas. Try this semi-heavy looking bridal henna design if you have a thing for arabic designs. This design is also a good option for brides from middle eastern Muslim countries.

#74 Multi flower shaded arabic dulhan henna design

This elegant and artistic rose arabic mehndi design is strictly for bold brides who dare to take the unconventional route and experiment crazy with every aspect of their bridal look. If you have chosen a very indo-western kind of silhouette for your wedding day then this kind of a henna pattern is your best bet.

#75 Indo arabic fusion henna pattern for new-age brides

A mix of Indian mehndi details and arabic elements is this contemporary bridal henna design with intricate detailing will look gorgeous on both sides of hands. These kinds of heavy but spaced out patterns work well for other occasions too like a wedding of a close relative or even for your roka ceremony.

#76 Catchy circular half hand arabic henna mehndi pattern for minimal brides

Florals are feminine and chic and they always find fans with women for any occasion and wedding is no different. This is afresh henna pattern which helps the bride draw attention not just to her henna but also to other details like jewellery giving a well put together vibe. If you are wearing a full or a three quarter sleeve blouse then it practical to opt for half hand henna designs. Even if you are wearing smaller sleeves most brides wear full hand bangles so it actually better to opt for patterns like these.

#77 Thick stroked Arabic henna pattern for experimental brides

A bride generally prefers a unique pattern to help her stand out in the sea of women having henna laced hands. This arabic mehndi design uses thick and bold strokes which gives a very distinctive appeal. This isnt your normal dulhan mehndi ka design, it very different and requires a daring heart to actually consider something so contemporary as your bridal mehndi. If you are a middle eastern or a Pakistani bride then this could be an easier pattern to finalize on.  

#78 Mesmerizing fuss-free florals Arabic henna for hands

Arabic henna designs for bride is a relatively new concept and more and more young brides are embracing this trend as minimalism and subtle weddings are preferred. Arabic patterns are not just easier to apply, they also help break the rules with experimental patterns and serve as a break from traditional heavy Indian designs. This floral shaded design with leaf detailed fingertips is ideal for brides having an intimate destination wedding in the hills or on beaches.

Minimal half hand simple bridal mehndi designs

Not all brides want elbow length full hand mehendi designs for their big day. Moreover, if you are having a winter wedding with full or three quarter sleeve outfits then full hand mehndi is pretty pointless. Mehndi is also a temporary tattoo which wont fade immediately after your wedding and it could be odd wearing western clothes with heavy mehndi laed hands, co consider your post-wedding routine before deciding up on henna designs. If you are one of those brides who is looking to keep it simple, minimal and classy then here are some half hand mehndi designs you can choose from.

#79 Spaced out Lotus and jaali bridal henna pattern for front hands

Dulhan ki mehndi need not be elaborate full hand henna patterns. You can totally opt for a half hand mehndi design if you prefer minimalism. This bride in the above bridal mehendi design image opted for a shaded lotus pattern on palms with lots of jaali details. The jaali aka net in this pattern are presnt in many variations like a floral jaal on the palms and chequered net on fingers and a linear dotted mesh below the wrist which all come together in total harmony forming a drool-worthy dulhan design.

#80 Leafy half hand mehndi design with swan motif

When you want to go subtle with your henna design for your big day it is important to try innovative and trendy patterns which will make your Mehendi standout despite not being a full hand design. This backhand henna design uses a swan portrait placed inside an oval shape surrounded by leafy mesh. The fingers have stencil-like leafy bits with a floret at the tip just below the nails. This back hand pattern is an instant head turner and will be the talk of the town for sure.

#81 Latest bridal henna design with lotus elements

This half hand khafif mehndi design is pure awesomeness with plenty of lotus details sprinkled everywhere on palms, fingers, and wrists too. Other spectacular details in this dulhan mehndi ka design include intricately etched elephant motif, parrots and peacocks too. This mirror style mehndi pattern is an ideal modern bridal mehndi which will pair nicely with both Indian and indo-western outfits beautifully.

#82 Peacock and Heart henna design with initials for both hands

A traditional Indian mehndi design with peacocks jaali, swirls and leafy details form a striking picture in this medium length bridal mehandi design. The most impressive element in this pattern, however, is the heart shape which gets completed when both the hands are joined and inside it is the groom's name etched. This design is subtle yet catchy and modern young brides can totally consider this.

#83 Fun and contemporary henna art for destination weddings

If you are having an intimate destination wedding with just close friends and family present then your mehndi design should match the whole subtle and sober vibe. This lotus mehndi design above is as kitsch and quirky a henna pattern can get. It has the couple portrait on one palm and a mandala style flower with destination details inside it. This wrist length henna pattern has lotuses at its base and the couples name written. If you are one of those minimal brides who doesnt want to go overboard with things and isnt afraid of creative designs then this is an apt choice for you.

#84 Matching rose mehndi design for back hands

If you love roses you can get a pattern like this applied on the back hands and opt for a simple mehndi design like mandala pattern on the front hands. Three roses are etched here with leaves and really light shading is done which is surrounded by decorative mesh and an angular wrist band. There is vertical lines consisting of tiny hearts which complete this pattern. If you are one of those brides who don't want to sit for hours together to get henna applied then opt for designs like this

Latest wedding mehndi designs for brides - Unique and trendy details

If you are a millennial bride who wants to do a totally modern take with temporary henna tattoos then mixing trendy new motifs with western elements could be the best way forward. These kind of modern mehndi designs not only grab eyeballs at your wedding but they will also bring in a fun and relaxed vibe into your chilled out mehndi ceremony. While you are at it don't forget to get your groom to join in the celebrations with simple male mehndi designs.

#85 Impressive identical Couple dance mehndi designs for both hands

Next is this masterpiece of a dulhan mehndi ka design where the couple dancing portraits are drawn and the palms have a diamond ring as its main highlight the center of which is filled with the phrase 'good vibes only' . This design is all about the eternal magic of love which is ideal for new age young fashionista brides.

#86 Fun and enticing Parrot henna mehndi design 

If you are looking for a really unique and modern bridal mehndi then look no further. This parrot henna pattern is stuff dreams are made of. It is chic, contemporary and so pretty that everyone is going to definitely have the second glance at it. 

#87 Half and half simple and easy personalized heart henna 

This is more like an engagement mehndi design for brides where the wedding dates are all etched out inside a heart shape.  If you are looking for half hand dulhan ki mehndi hen this design could be an apt choice you just have to get something different like a quote or even florals to replace the dates here. the base of the mehndi has architecture marvel but you can get your henna artist to draw a caricature of your maika and sasural or even your own proposal location and show off in style at your wedding.

#88 Glam glitter dulhan mehndi design

Indian weddings are all about bling, sparkle and over the top madness. You can opt for some glitter details in your mehndi design to make it more spunky and fun. These details can be done in any colour to match your outfit or contrast it making a statement of its own. This is also a good option for bridesmaids to consider. You can skip glitter and add sparkly stones to mehndi designs too.
  • Style Tip: I as a teenager shopped for those tiny stone bindis and stuck it up on some dotted henna details on hands after removing the henna paste completely. It looked absolutely stunning. You can try it too, fuss-free, glue-less sparkle option.

#89 Off-beat white henna pattern for western brides

The concept of white henna designs is very new for Indian brides but if you are having a non-traditional destination wedding you can surely consider this option. White henna is actually temporary body paint with no traces of mehndi leaves in it but the patterns etched out closely resemble mehndi designs. This is more popular in the west and can be an apt choice for Christian white weddings.

#90 Trending bridal henna mehandi design with multiple motifs

Elephant and peacock motifs are an absolute favorite with brides and this full hand dulhan ki mehndi has both. Not just that but the proposal is also drawn at the base of the pattern and on the wrists are love quotes written which bring in a bit of quirk and meaning to this henna design. You an even etch out your wedding vows instead of quotes.

#91 New and unique dulhan mehndi design with bride-groom potraits

Personalized details in weddings are a rage these days. People are getting everything from their cake to churas to lehenga embroideries and blouse tassels customized with bride-groom initials or names. How an henna patterns stay behind, even here lots of personal details can be added for a memorable pattern which can be cherished forever in the pages of your photo album. Here in above mehndi design the bride has got caricatures of the couple etched out while the other hand has a phrase bringing in positive energy to the pattern. This design needs a high-level skilled professional as an amateur can end up spoiling the caricatures and you dont want anything less than perfect on your big day, do you?

#92 Ornate full peacock bridal henna pattern

This mehndi design for the bride is brief but alluring and the distinct figurines here sets it apart from the rest. Move away from peacock motifs and get a full-blown peacock etched out on your palm and add some circular mesh and lotus flower trail in slant slope and you are done. This arabic fusion mehndi pattern isnt your conventional dulhan ki mehndi but if you are a cool millennial bride who wants to try something very hatke you can opt for this latest mehindi design.

  • Mehndi pattern type: Peacock and lotus arabic mehndi
  • Suitability: For brides who want classy yet traditional look
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Distinct detail: full peacock on palm

Tips on choosing the right bridal mehandi design for your big day

  • Keep wedding attire in mind: When selecting your bridal henna design keep your wedding and reception outfit in mind. If you plan to wear traditional silhouettes on both days a Rajasthani style or Indian mehndi design is your best option. if your styling for wedding ceremony is traditional and for the reception, you want to modern with Indo-western silhouette choose a design with a bit of modern details like an arabic mehndi pattern.
  • Elaborate designs take more time to apply: Most bridal mehndi designs take atleast 5 hours to be applied on both sides of hands and feet. If you have chosen a really intricate and heavily detailed pattern for both hands and legs then you could have to spend some additional hours. If you are not comfortable spending 5-8 hours of your own mehndi ceremony sitting in a single place opt for a mid-level pattern or just go easy on feet and heavy on hands. Another hack brides are trying these days is getting feet henna applied a day before to make design application easier and more comfortable.
  • Hire an experienced artist if you want exquisite patterns: If you want your bridal henna to be a memorable one with lots of personalized details then make sure you hire a skilled professional who has done personalization themed designs before. Most henna artists these days have Instagram accounts but the photos there are not always their own, so do your research well.
  • Figurines and portraits cost higher: Discuss the kind of design you want to get applied in detail with your henna artist in advance. The mehndi wala can quote you a flat price for full hand design but if you wish to include interesting and personal details like a portrait of full baraat figurines the costs may go considerably up, costing almost the double amount in some cases.
  • Get your manicure done before henna application: It is best to finish off with your manicure and pedicure sessions before your mehndi ceremony as buffing nails after henna is applied on them spoils the beauty of henna. Even waxing of hands and legs should be done prior to mehndi as it can lighten henna if done after designs have been etched out.

Darken your bridal mehendi design with these proven tips and tricks

  • Keep a mix of sugar, lemon and water ready and when your design starts to get dry lightly dab this mixture with a cotton ball on your hands. This helps design stick to your hands longer resulting in better colour pay off. 
  • Dont wash your mehndi design with water. It is best to keep henna away from the water which helps it darken after henna has been scrapped off. Use a blunt butter knife to remove henna instead of water., or just rub your hands against each other to scrape it off.
  • After you have removes the reen henna paste completely, you can try the cloves trick. Just heat some loves on a tawa and hold your hands over it to let the smoke work its magic on deepening the henna stain. Do this for both your front hands and backhands.
  • Apply Vicks vapor rub balm on hands after henna has been scraped off as the mint in it helps gives your mehndi stains a huge boost. 
  • Lastly, give your henna some time, mehndi continues to darken for atleast 24 hours after removal. But if you dont like the really dark and deep brownish henna stain then skip all these steps and you will have a gorgeous maroon shade to flaunt.

Popular age-old beliefs Indians associate with the Bride's Mehndi

  • Do you know why people are obsessed with dark mehndi colour in our country? It was believed that the darker the colour of dulhan ki mehndi more she will be loved by her future husband. This, of course, is a myth but girls still love and desire their wedding henna too stain in the darkest of the dark colour.
  • The color of mehndi is some cultures is also associated with the depth of love and affection the bride will be showered within her in-law's place, especially her Mother-in-law.
  • The intensity of  the henna colour also represents good and prosperity to the newlyweds. Longer the henna colour stays on the bride's hands it is believed her marriage will be a happy one filled with love and lots of divine blessings. This is again just a sentiment but if you have really traditional in-laws make sure to give more importance to the quality of mehndi used which is what actually helps the colour stay longer without fading.
  • In some parts of India the bride is not expected to perform any kitchen duties or household chores until her henna stains last, so girls go dark and deep.
  • Bridal mehndi designs always have the name or the initials of the groom hidden in its intricate patterns which the groom has to search for on the wedding night. this is a popular post-wedding ritual in some cultures which helps to break the ice between the couple after the wedding.
  • Mehndi is a symbol of not just beauty, joy and adoration but it also represents fertility. Henna also has healing and cooling properties which is known to help calm the tensed nerves of the bride-to-be. 


I hope you find this huge list of mehndi designs for every kind of bride helpful. You can finalize your wedding henna pattern as per your personal style to match not just your bridal attire but also your overall personality. Remember the wedding is once in a lifetime experience so, make sure to have fun and add adorable details in your henna design even if you choose the most traditional of designs. If you want some custom details added tell your artist clearly before the henna application process begins. Whichever design you like, just screenshot it on your phone and show it to your mehndi wali for reference beforehand so she will charge you accordingly. Most importantly enjoy your day and the whole getting inked with henna process to the fullest.

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