95+ Latest Mehndi Designs || New henna patterns to try in festivals

The art of decorating your hands and feet with Henna paste to give them a stunning boost of colour has been an age-old practice loved by women all around the globe. Mehndi has many breathtaking forms out of which Arabic mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs and Pakistani mehndi designs especially have some astounding selection of patterns full of mesmerizing trails and eye-pleasing motifs. Then come to the Moroccan mehndi designs with their own unique contemporary twist followed by the Lace glove mehndi designs which give your hands the stunning illusion of wearing real lace gloves.

Latest Mehndi Designs for diwali and festive Occasions || New Trending and Unique Henna Patterns:

You might have come across a lot of mehndi designs, some interesting while others the same old and repeated but today we have brought you a very unique and latest simple and easy mehndi designs collection full of new mehndi design latest images collection which are simple, effortless, easy and pretty alluring!

Don't forget to scroll down till the end and binge on our secret tips and tricks with a complete guide on 'How to Mehndi'!

#1  Love at First Flight - Unique Latest Bridal Mehndi Design with City skylines and Mehndi Personalisation 

We all cherish our first meeting with our Beau be it on a rainy day on a busy street, a friend's party, first day at college or a memorable flight. The above mehndi design gives you the opportunity to showcase that special meeting with a stunning city skyline theme. The intricate mehndi pattern on the palms further adds to the beauty of this latest mehandi design and makes it a great Bridal mehndi pattern to try 
  • Pro Mehndi Tip: Leave your nails bare to give the design the full peacock effect.

#2 Fairy tale Twist - Latest full hand bridal mehndi design - Write your Husband name in mehndi

The traditional Dulha Dulhan mehndi design just got a twist and now trending is the 'Latest Aladdin and Jasmine Bridal Mehndi design which is not only unique but holds great personal value for a couple who is madly in love. This in one great Bridal mehndi designs for wedding latest with intricate pattern backed with a stunning city skyline motif which makes it a very unique pick for Brides to be. The shaded rose mehndi design patti at the wrist also adds to the beauty of this bridal mehndi pattern. If you are a Bride who wants to make her mehndi a big affair with lots of personal detail with the perfect fairytale vibe then this bridal mehndi design is for you. This mehndi design also has the bride and groom names drawn on either hands so its a great idea if you want your partner's name engraved on your hands before your big day.
  • Did You Know? - Mehndi Fact: Henna plant leaves have been used to colour and beautify hands, feet and hair for over 5000 years!

#3 Breathtaking Beauty - Latest simple mehndi design for beginners

The above mehndi design is indeed breathtakingly beautiful with its minimal henna motifs and a stunning mesh pattern which brings the whole look together. This latest mehndi design is great for beginners who are just getting into henna practice and want to create designs which are easy yet stunning.
  • Pro Mehndi Tip: Leave your hands stained with henna for a longer time to achieve the best colour. Our advice is to apply it before going off to sleep and leaving it overnight for best results!

#4 The Ravishing Roll - Stunning Roll Mehndi Design Latest For Back Of hands

Roll mehndi designs or Bangle mehndi designs are gaining great popularity what with their unique appearance and thrilling charm. These are the latest mehndi designs which are one of their kind where first a curvaceous roll is drawn over the hand and then filled with interesting intricate patterns. You can draw the gota on the fingers or just outline them and leave them bare as shown in the image above. 
  • Pro Mehndi Tip: DO NOT wash off your mehndi design as doing so will not bring you the desired colour, instead, scrape it off with the help of a knife and some olive oil.

#5 Bridal Blossom: Simple Bridal mehndi design latest for Palms

Not all Brides are Full hands bridal mehndi lovers and are above simple bridal mehndi design is for such minimalist brides who want to stain their hands with Henna as part of the tradition but don't want a mehandi design which is too OTT.
  • Pro Mehndi Tip: Always start with clean hands/feet before applying mehndi. This will give you a clean canvas to work on which will eventually give better results.

#6 Bowled Over - Love quote Idiom Bridal Mehndi Latest For Full hands 

I personally love latest Bridal mehndi designs which come with a a personal touch to them. The above mehndi design showcases how madly you are in love with your Beau which makes it a perfect Bridal mehandi pick! The cute sparrows on the top coupled with the interesting mesh pattern of the mehandi make for a stunning look. You can wear this Bridal mehndi design on both your engagement day and your wedding day.
  • Pro Mehndi Tip: Have pickle at home? Well you can actually use the oil in your pickle to darken your mehndi. Sounds bizarre? But it's actually a true fact so apply some pickle oil on your mehndi laden hands and see for yourself! This is one of the best tricks to darken henna mehndi.

#7 Makeup Mehndi - Cute Fashion Motif mehndi design latest for Makeup lovers 

Women love makeup and don't miss any opportunity to get all decked up and look glamorous using all their favourite products. The above quirky mehndi design is for all makeup lovers who won't to get a temporary tattoo of all the fashion stuff they love. It's cute, trendy and absolutely unique and a sure shot head turner. This new mehandi design is best suited for teenage girls and will go well with western outfits. 
  • Interesting Henna Fact: Did you know? Henna was used as cave art in ancient days and one of the oldest henna paintings can be seen in Ajanta caves in India even today.

#8 Bird Bedazzle: Stunning Bird mehndi design latest for front of hands

Sparrow is a symbol of joy and protection which is why it is so often used in henna mehndi designs.  This is one latest Sparrow Mehndi design for palms which is minimal and stunning at the same time. The wrist henna pattern resembles a bangle which adds more appeal to this mehandi design. You can fill in the gotas or leave it as it is like shown in the above picture.
  • Pro Mehndi Tip: Keep your mehndi design wrapped overnight or for 10-12 hours. This will help darken your mehndi design and also prevent any mess on your bed by dried mehndi flakes.

#9 Mommy Mehndi - Cute mehndi design latest with personal details for Moms to be

Applying henna on Godh Bharai is a tradition and choosing the above mehndi design will only bless the moment more and make a Mom to be's day more special! The above mehndi design latest has a great personal value with showcasing the love between the expecting couple and the child yet to be born. 

#10 Classy Curves - Dotted Arabic mehndi design for back of hand

Curves make for an integral part of henna and are widely used for their beauty and their enthralling charm. The simple mehndi design showcasing a few curves coupled with a big floral motif and trendy outlined nails makes for a stunning view.

#11 Festive Feet - New Latest mehndi design for feet 

Applying henna on feet is a tradition for Brides in India which is practiced with much vigor. Mehndi on feet is a sign of 'Suhagan' and a Bride's mehndi is incomplete without applying henna mehndi on feet. The above design is intricate with some amazing floral details coupled with a stunning mesh pattern which makes it a great bridal mehndi designs pick. This design can be applied on Karva Chauth too.

#12 Hot Henna - Intricate mehndi design latest with dotted circular motifs and unique finger mehndi patterns

Finger mehndi designs have taken the limelight these days what with the ease in which they get applied and the stunning outcome they offer. Young women love applying henna only on their fingers and leave rest of their hands bare. The above finger mehndi design has a pattern which extends a little further down the fingers with intricate spiral, dotted and floral motifs. Each finger showcases a unique mehandi design which makes this mehndi design even more irresistible.

#13 Save The Date Mehndi - Cool personalized bridal mehndi design for front of hand

The best thing about henna mehandi designs is that you can get as creative as you wish and create your own unique patterns. For example the above Bridal mehndi design for front of hands is a personalized piece of art with a unique save the date theme which also includes the skylines of different cities from where the Bride and Groom belong. It also showcases the names of the bride and the groom which further adds to the beauty of this bridal mehndi design. Also take note of the cute heart gota pattern on the finger tips which brings the whole look together.

#14 Body Art - Floral mehndi pattern for shoulders and hands - latest mehndi design photos

There's no rule to keep your henna design limited to your hands and feet and you can apply it on other parts of your body too, infact, getting temporary henna tattoos on the shoulders, neck and stomach is a trend these days. If you love tattoos but can't get a permannt one then you should definitely try the above shoulder mehndi design.

#15 Goom Grace -  Latest Mehndi design for Groom or Dulha

Grooms generally don't like the idea of covering their full hands with mehndi and prefer simple mehandi designs instead which just give a hint of henna on their hands. Showcased above is a stunning groom mehndi design latest pattern with minimalist outlined box motifs and joint leaf pattern. The other part of the hand is left bare which adds more definition to the design. There's unlimited choice when it comes to mehndi design for Dulha and the above design is one real amazing minimalist pick.

#16 Classy Curve - Unique and trendy intricate mehndi pattern swirl mehndi design for palms

Not everyone is a fan of full hand mehndi designs and a majority of women prefer simple mehndi patterns which are not too elaborate but look just as pretty. The above curvy mehndi design showcases a unique curvacious pattern which starts from the thumb and is extended towards the last two fingers. This mehndi design consists of some really stunning dotted geometric patterns with a neat dotted border coupled with tiny flower motifs on the either side which complete the look. Rest of the hand is left bare. This new mehndi design is perfect for a light occasion and can also be used as a kids mehndi design.

#17 Moroccan Madness -  Linear Mehndi Designs / Moroccan Mehndi Designs For Palms

Moroccan mehndi is loved for its unique geometric patterns coupled with a mysterious aura which differentiates it from all the other forms of mehndi designs. The above mehandi design is a new Moroccan mehndi design featuring a very minimalist yet striking henna pattern.

#18 Playful Peacock - Latest Peacock Mehndi Design For Back Hand - Intricate Peacock feather mehndi pattern

Pic courtesy: Divya, Instagram
Peacock is one popular mehndi motif especially spotted on Bridal mehndi designs. This National bird of India is said to bring great prosperity, joy and good luck and its feathers have a great cultural significance. This is the reason why it is considered so auspicious and a vital part of a bridal mehandi. This new peacock mehndi design is one of the latest and most unique with the peacock itself as the center of attention and the other part of the hand left bare. This is one great latest mehandi design photos which you can save for your big day! The design is easy not as complicated as it looks, infact it can be easily drawn within minutes once you get the hang of the circular dotted motif for the feathers. Start with drawing the face and the neck of the peacock from the wrist and move forwards towards the middle of the hand, drawing intricate semi-circular patterns which will form the base of the peacock design. progress further by drawing the peacock feathers one by one. 

#19 Mesh Magic - Latest Jali Mehndi Design for Back of hands - Best Jaali wali mehndi 

I have always found glove mehndi designs to be very fascinating. Their unique look excites me and the ease with which they get applied drags me towards them more. Shown above is a very stuning and simple jali mehndi design with an easy mesh pattern coupled with a floral border. The border gotas with minimalist finger mehndi pattern adds to the beauty of this glove mehnd design and makes it simply irresistible! 

#20 - Gulf Galore - Traditional Gulf Mehendi Designs for Palms

Khaleeji mehndi designs and Gulf mehndi designs showcase a similar intricate pattern which usually covers the full hands. These mehndi designs are a professionals work and not everyone can master them. The above Khaleeji mehndi design showcases a stunning intricate mehndi pattern with V-shaped gotas and a triangular mesh pattern on the palms. This Dulhan mehndi design is great for Brides and for women who mean business when they want to get a full fledged Henna tattoo!

#21 Zealous Zebra - Cute Mehndi Designs For Kids Palms - Animal pattern mehndi designs

Kids are curious beings and they love interesting stuff. The above cute animal henna mehndi design for kids will surely make your little one smile and proudly showcase her palms to her friends! This is one of the latest mehndi design  which is sure to grab instant interest.

#22 Moon Madness - Stunning Eid Mehndi Designs For back of hands 

Eid mehndi designs have seen a great evolution and the latest Ramzan mehndi designs and Eid mehndi design patterns available will simply blow your mind. The above chand mehndi designed is one such latest mehndi designs specially curated for Eid. Moon has a great significance in Islamic festivals and the above mehndi designs showcases the same coupled with a classic lantern pattern and an Arabic greeting called 'Ramzan Mubarak'. You can add your own creative bits to this new mehndi design or apply it as it is for a unique classy look.

#21 Latest Indian mehndi designs for feet - Unique foot mehndi design simple and easy for Beginners

We Indians love applying mehndi on our feet and this trend is mostly popular among married women. The above design is a great Karva Chauth mehndi design pick and can also be applied by Brides who prefer minimalist mehndi pattern on their feet.

#22 Easy unique Arabic mehandi designs for left hand with Leaf and spiral motifs

The best thing about Arabic mehndi designs is that it gives you the liberty to get as creative as you wish. The above mehndi design image showcases a stunning new henna pattern to try . It has a single vein drawn from the forefinger moving towards the wrist and an intricate henna patti is drawn on one side of the vein. The finger mehndi designs have been kept simple and the bright nail polish adds polish to the otherwise light brown coloured henna. This mehndi design is best suited for Eid, an office party, Diwali or beginner mehndi practice.

#23 Latest Sparrow Mehndi design for palms with personal detail

Sparrows are a symbol of joy and protection which is why its often used as a mehndi motif most popularly in India and other Asian countries. The above unique latest mehndi designs features a lovely mix of personal detail with intricate flower patterns with a shaded lotus patti at the wrist as the center of attention. This mehndi design is great for Raksha bandhan and other festivals with emotional value.

#24 Easy and simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand with defined gotas

Defined gotas can easily make any mehndi design pop up and the above simple mehndi design would have been so incomplete without those gotas. This easy Arabic mehndi design is great for a beginner and will look great on women of all ages.

#25 Heart mehndi designs latest for feet with shaded floral motifs

Weddings are all about hearts and more hearts so why not include a big one in your bridal mehndi too?!! The above new bridal mehndi design is super easy to draw with easy flower motifs coupled with a half and half heart pattern which makes this design very unique. It's for brides who want to show off how much in love they are in every way possible!

#26 Beautiful Mango mehndi design with intricate detail 

The above mango mehndi design is so unique a different that I just can't seem to get my eyes off it. Everything from the easy mango motifs with delicate pattern fillings to the trendy and intricate finger mehndi patterns and the simple leaf like motifs casually scattered makes this mehndi design an absolute vision to cherish!

#27 Latest Shaded Rose Mehndi design for back of hand

Rose mehndi designs are a vision in themselves and coupled with shaded henna pattern - it's just double the beauty! A single big shaded rose motif is the  star of this mehndi design with the fingers shaded with minute leaf cutouts. This design is one of the trendy latest mehndi design  which will surely make the back of your hands look gorgeous!

#28 Stunning Lace Glove Mehndi designs for back of hands

Lace glove is a great mehndi inspiration which looks absolutely stunning. Here an amazing mesh style intricate leaf pattern is combined with delicate floral motifs to form a very interesting lace glove mehndi design. The pattern on the wrist is a Moroccan style linear mehndi design which adds a nice twist to this otherwise simple pattern.

#29 Beautiful mehndi designs for wedding latest collection with intricate pattern

Brides these days are often on the lookout for different mehndi patterns with a twist which grabs more attention. The above hathphool style mehndi design gives the impression of wearing hand jewellery and looks stunning with it's different combination of intricate motifs.

#30 Latest Mehndi Design for baby girl - Kids mehndi design  

Kids mehndi desighndi designs are so cute that you just can't seem to get your hands of it. The above design is a very simple cute mehndi design for kids. The gotas give this kids mehndi design a nice definition and the heart motifs make this design totally irresistible.

#31 Latest mehndi designs with Elephant motifs and heart initial pattern

The above mehndi design latest is a great bridal mehndi pattern featuring a minimalist pattern with lots of personal detail. The mesh jaali design on the fingers completes the look and adds great appeal to the otherwise simple pattern.

#32 Nice mehndi design for girls -  latest mehandi design with unique finger mehndi patterns

This a great modish design with lots of floral detailing. The petals are shaded and combined with a stunning intricate mesh pattern to add more lush to this mehandi design. It showcases different and unique finger mehndi designs which make for a pleasing look overall. This is a latest floral mehndi design which can be worn on any occasion like a wedding, festival or an office party.

#33 New Floral mehndi design for front of hand

Shading is a great form of henna art which can take your mehndi pattern to new levels of gorgeousness. The above new mehandi design showcases a simple floral mehndi pattern with shaded petals and leaves. This design is great for beginners and will go well with any of your outfits.

#34 Catchy leg bridal mehndi for Modern brides

Bridal mehndi for feethas unlimited choice but not all designs are as pretty as the above mesh style mehndi design for feet. This design is perfect for brides and will look gorgeous when coupled with payal.

#35 Portrait henna art for brides

Portrait mehndi designs are a vision in themselves with lots of personal detail and emotional value. Brides who want their mehndi to be unique and to showcase cute portraits of the bride and the groom should go for this kind of amazing mehndi design  latest images.

#36 New mehndi designs for feet - Stunning full Peacock motif on side foot

Peacock mehndi designs are not alone for hands and look absolutely gorgeous. All you need is a design inspiration like the above one which comes under new henna patterns to try i . This mehndi design is a great pick for Karva Chauth and other simple occasions too.

#37 New Back Hand Arabic Mehandi Designs with Shaded swan pattern and jaali design

Mesh Pattern mehndi designs look truly gorgeous especially when they have a stunning Swan motif to back them. The shaded finger mehndi pattern really brings the whole look together and makes this design truly remarkable. This mehndi design will look great on all occasions and will go well with all your outfits.

#38 Shaded Soul - New shaded mehndi design for back of the hand

The above shaded black mehndi design is goals with its amazing Moroccan pattern with easy leaf vein motifs. The other side of the hand has been left bare to make the pattern stand out more. This mehndi design is great for occasions like Engagement ceremony, Eid, Diwali, Office parties, casual occasion and small family gatherings. it's also a great pick to showoff your mehndi interest on social media be the ultimate Instagram mehndi design queen.

#39 Trendy new mehndi design for front hands with circular motif

Arabic mehndi designs come with quite interesting motifs and you can get as creative as you wish. The above mehndi design picture has been divided into two parts where one part graces the forefinger and the other the left side of the hand starting from the wrist and growing towards the thumb and the little finger. Gorgeous netted patterns coupled with floral motifs and intricate mesh pattern completes this mehndi look to perfection. 

#40 New age simple and easy side finger mehndi design

New henna patterns is incomplete without mentioning the above latest finger mehndi pattern which is one of its kind with it's serene side finger leaf pattern. This henna design is for women whose style is classy and minimalistic which does not cover the whole hand. 

#41 Mismatched Indo-arabic henna pattern

Indo-Arabic mehndi designs are a crisp mix of the intricate Indian mehndi patterns and the curvy Arabic mehndi motifs. The above design is a great mismatch mehndi pattern pick which looks stunning with simple linear motifs with flower pattern one one hand and a gorgeous curvaceous floral vein on the other.

#42 Double linked ring inspired latest mehendi designs

Hand jewellery inspired mehndi is everywhere but when given a stunning twist of double finger ring style it gets a distinguishable appeal to it. 

#43 Sober leaves only henna pattern for starters

If you are a mehndi starter then the above simple mehndi design is great to get started with. 

#44 Thick and bold side patterned new mehandi designs

#45 Edgy and geometric new mehendi designs for palms

Geometric mehndi patterns really make heads turn! The above geometric mehndi design screams unique and gives a new life to mehndi designs altogether. It features a stunning chain design of neat rectangular patterns moving towards the last two fingers. The Wrist on the other hand showcases a charming gota patti like pattern which looks really neat and polished. This design is great for women who love unique mehndi designs but this design I feel is specially curated for Grooms who want to get a henna mehndi pattern which looks stunning without being girly.

#46 Newest checks and florals mehndi designs for both hands

Checks pattern is not just a shirt thing and it looks absolutely stunning on the back of hands to as shown in the image above. This design showcases a very bold and straightforward net mehndi pattern with only a single rose motif to add an element of interest to the design. The gotas in this mehndi design are neatly done without covering the nails.

#47 Fresh and stylish mehndi design for front hands with empty spaces

An empty space in an Arabic mehndi design is not an empty space but actually an element of style which adds beauty and compliments the design drawn. The design here has a lovely look with a curvy leaf vein with neat floral motif pattern on one side and the other side is left bare. 

#48 Classic and fashionable mesh mehndi design for hands

Mesh mehndi pattern is a very widely loved pattern of mehndi designs which looks absolutely gorgeous and takes the look of your hands to a next level. Here the design showcases a unique Mango mesh pattern with a single big rose motif. The finger mehndi pattern is very unique with different mehndi patterns coupled together.

#49 Best mehndi design with net and roses

If you are in the mood to try something bold and striking then you should definitely try the above unique mehndi design which is minimalistic and classy at the same time. The amazing jaali finger mehndi pattern is combined with a single rose motif each to give a visually appealing look to the fingers. Rest of the design consists of a semi triangular rose vein outlining the fingers and an intricate linear pattern on the wrist. 

#50 Contemporary full hand fuss-free henna pattern

Netted patterns are one of the hottest henna mehndi trends lately which can make your hands/feet look absolutely gorgeous. Here a very simple and broad mesh pattern is drawn which is combined with an intricate floral pattern on the top and the bottom of the mehandi design. This is one of the latest mehndi designs which is easy to draw and gives a classy look to the back o the hands.

#51 Stylish architectural style mehndi designs

Intricate mehndi designs are not a Professional-only designs and they can be drawn by anyone wih just a little practice and inspiration. The above mehndi design is a stunning easy intricate mehndi design to get started with. It has a lovely architectural style pattern with the design mostly covering the fingers and the other side of the dome has been left bare. You can continue the design further or leave it as it is for a stunning look.

#52 Lotus motif new mehndi designs

Lotus is one of the widely used mehndi motifs which looks exceptional especially when used in Indian style mehndi designs which fill up the full hand. The above design features a stunning shaded Lotus motif coupled with intricate spiral floral motifs on one side and shaded flower motifs on the other side. A single curvaceous floral vein is drawn between the two distinct patterns to complete the look. This design is absolutely gorgeous pick which is one of the new henna patterns  and this mehandi design is suitable for all occasions like Bridal mehndi, engagement ceremony, Eid, Karva Chauth, etc.

#53 Shaded floral henna pattern for hands

Floral motifs mostly form the base of any mehndi design and we women just can't seem to get enough of it. The above new mehndi design photo is easy to draw with a combination of different shaded floral patterns and unique dotted shaded gotas which complete the look. This is one of those mehndi ke design which instantly grabs attention and makes you look irresistible. 

#54 Pretty and modern peacock motif new mehndi designs

Peacock is the National bird of India, no wonder why its spotted on Indian mehndi designs so often. It's one the best birds in terms of beauty and chastity and is a symbol of prosperity, survival and good luck with its feathers having great cultural significance. Using peacock motifs in your mehndi designs instantly gives them a traditional touch and adds a great element of interest to them. The abov design is apt for mehndi design beginners who are just learning the art of drawing mehndi and want to try a peacock mehndi design. Peacock motifs are mostly spotted on Brides hands where they are seen embellished with pride and adding to the beauty and the joy of getting married. The above design features a stunning mesh pattern with minute peacock motifs hanging on one side. This pattern is a great mehndi design for the back of the hands but will look great on the palms too. 

#55 Hand harness style new age backhand mehndi designs 

Hand harness style mehndi design is gaining lots of popularity lately what with its unique appeal and ability to drag instant attention. Thedesign here showcases a stunning intricate shaded mehndi pattern which resembles hand jewelry. The bordered gotas look gorgeous and complete the look while the rest of the hand is left bare. 

#56 Jaali heel and sole mehndi designs

Heel and sole mehndi designs are great for women who want to get a complete mehndi experience. Here a stunning jaali mehndi design with a netted pattern is showcased on the heels of the feet and an identical intricate pattern is drawn on the sole. This design is great to be used as Bridal mehndi and can also be worn on a beach side vacation.

#57 Symmetrical full peacock mehndi pattern 

Peacocks are stunning creatures which add instant element of interest when drawn as a pat of any mehndi design. In the above new peacock mehndi design two identical peacock patterns with delicate detail are showcased while the rest of the feet has been left bare. This design looks very unique and will look very gorgeous on any occasion you would want to apply it for. The subtle red nails complete this mehndi pattern and give a stunning complete look.

#58 Mehndi mandala design with a modish twist

Mandala mehndi designs for hands are an ancient traditional style of mehndi designs practiced even today in some of the middle east countries. India is one such country where the mehndi mandala tattoo is loved and practiced by women of all ages. Showcased above is a classic mehndi mandala design with a single flower motif at the center of the back of the hand, an intricate linear pattern mehndi design on the ring finger and a minimalistic dotted vein pattern which connects the two patterns. This design is easy to draw and will look gorgeous when worn on any occasion.

#59 Simple mehndi design with empty space

Empty spaces are elements which add more beauty to any Arabic mehndi design. Let's just say that empty spaces and Arabic mehndi designs go hand in hand. The above mehandi design features a stunning intricate mehndi pattern consisting of tiny semi floral motifs drawn back to back on one side of the back of the hand while the rest of the hand is left bare apart from simple spiral motif on the fingertips which complete the look. This is one of the latest mehndi designs which is not too loud but will surely make heads turn. This design is great for Ramzan mehndi design and can be worn on any other occasion too.

#60 Alphabetical latest mehndi pattern for baby shower

Being a mother is one of the most wonderful things in this world and a Mom to be deserves only the best for her baby shower which is why we have included the above amazing and unique mehndi design for baby shower. The above mehandi design features a stunning alphabetical pattern with cute Panda motifs to welcome your little bundle of joy. 

#61 New model dome inspired mehndi pattern for backhands

Dome inspired mehndi patterns give you that instant royal feel which you have always been yearning for. The above latest mehndi design shouts gorgeous in many ways what with its minimalist yet striking dual dome pattern coupled with a leaf vein which gives the impression of wearing jewellery. The domes have been filled with intricate patterns and defined with borders to make the pattern stand out. This mehandi design is great pick for mehndi starters and can be applied on all occasions.

#62 Thick and bold amazing floral mehndi design

Thick bold floral motifs are a great way to create an instant quick mehndi design which gives a great colour payoff and looks totally irresistible. The above latest Arabic mehndi design is quite unique with big floral shaded motifs which fill the full hand. This design is easy to create and will look effortlessly gorgeous. 

#63 Glam Floral patterned circular henna mehndi design

Semi circles are widely used henna mehndi pattern for their instant appeal and beauty. The above new mehndi design screams GLAM in every way. The intricate mesh pattern coupled with the shaded floral pattern makes this mehndi design truly irresistible. The lovely shaded leaf gotas on the fingers and the striking nail art only add to the beauty of this mehndi design making it more unique and a must try. This mehndi design will be a great pick for Bridal mehndi, engagement and party mehndi designs and also Eid or Karva Chauth mehndi designs. You can start with creating the scalloped semi circle in the center first as shown in the image above and proceed further by thickening it and drawing floral patterns, the other two semi circles and the intricate mesh patterns on the either side. This is surely one of my favorite mehndi designs from the lot! 

#64 Butterly mehndi design for kids

Kids are curious little angels who are on the constant lookout for interesting stuff so why not choose the above unique butterfly mehndi design for kids the next time! This design is super easy and looks very cute on little hands. The star motifs add to the beauty of this design and the dotted pattern completes the look.

#65 Full hand rose mehndi design for new-age brides

Roses are red, violets are Blue, this design is just priceless, I bet you! Bridal mehndi designs are a rage in South Asia with unlimited choice of patterns to choose from. The above stunning mesh cum floral dulhan mehndi design is perfect for weddings, engagement ceremonies and other important functions. The stunning shaded leaf gota pattern adds a great twist to this mehndi design and makes it totally irresistible! the stunning lantern patterns also add light to this stunning mehndi design and make it more glorious!

#66 contemporary back neck henna tattoo art

Henna tattoo is not a hands and leg only art and you can draw it anywhere you wish to flaunt it. Lately henna mehndi is being widely used as a temporary tattoo in western countries and youngsters are feeling the urge to get a trendy henna tattoo mostly on their wrists, back of neck and other parts of the body. The above design is a great intricate pattern which will look great as a tattoo for back of the neck.

#67 Finger ring netted henna tattoo

Love statement rings but love comfort more? Than why don't you get the above stunning mehndi design done for yourself?! It proudly showcases a stunning imitation pattern of jewellery and you can flaunt it all day long without compromising on comfort! This is one of the latest mehndi designs for fingers with cute heart and mesh pattern ring style mehndi design.

#68 Chand and taara eid mehndi pattern

Chanda ne poocha taaraon se, Taaron ne poocha hazaaron se, Sabse pyaara kaun hai? (Moon asked the stars and stars asked thousands of people, who's the most beloved?)- The above mehndi design for sure! This design featuring a stunning Moon motif and cute star motifs is minimalist and stunning at the same time. It has it all without being too loud yet having the power to turn heads towards you! This design is a perfect moon mehndi design for Eid. It can also be drawn by anyone who loves the cute motifs of the moon and the stars.

#69 Latest Bridal mehndi design for front of hands new collection mehndi

The thing which distinguishes Bridal mehndi designs from others is that they are more elaborate and dense in nature. The above design is a great combination of intricate florals, mesh detailing and shaded sweetness which form a stunning mehndi look which can instantly give you the wedding ready look.

#70 New Independence day Mehndi design with shaded pattern for palms

We are proud Indians and our hearts have great importance towards the Indian Independence day. If you are looking for a mehndi design which you can flaunt on your school/college Independence day celebration than you can go for the above unique Independence day mehndi design!

#71 Baby Shower mehndi design latest with cute Personalized mehndi motifs

This is another baby shower inspired mehndi design which a Mom to be can flaunt. It has all the elements of interest backed with cute sayings and wishes for the soon to be born child. You can wear it as a God bharai mehndi design or simply wear it on any day of your pregnancy to just lift your mood.

#72 Easy mehndi design for feet - Payal mehndi design for feet

Payal or anklets are such a lovely piece of jewellery which look stunning on any woman who wears them but they are absolutely uncomfortable which is why many women refuse to wear them is this fast world. The above design gives a stunning impression of wearing anklets which makes it a special and unique mehndi design. 

#73 Hearts mehndi design - Arabic mehndi designs latest  

If you are beginner in mehndi and want to learn mehndi step by step then you can stat practicing with one heart motif on the above Arabic mehndi design. Once you have mastered it you can create a full hand mehndi design by randomly drawing the heart motif that you practiced all over the hands as shown in the above image. This design is a very stunning Arabic mehndi design which does not require much effort and will look absolutely stunning once drawn!

#74 Beautiful mehndi design for hands latest collection

The above red mehndi design is a beauty to behold with its unique shaded circle pattern outlined with stunning intricate motifs. The best thing about this mehandi design is that it can be worn both on simple occasions and on rand occasions and will go well with any of your outfits!

#75 New mehndi designs for Eid - Chand mehndi design for back of hand

This design is a more intricate version of the chand mehndi design shown before. I like this mehndi design more specially the lovely dotted detailing which really makes this mehandi pattern stand out.
This design will be a perfect Ramzan mehndi design and will go well with any of your ethnic outfits.

#76 Latest shaded mehndi design for palms - Shaded Peacock mehndi design for front of hands

Peacocks are lovely birds with special personalities and mind blowing beauty. They don't just look stunning in person but also make for great mehndi patterns. The aboe mehndi design features a stunning pattern of two identical peacocks on either hands showcasing their mesmerising shaded feathers. The intricate patti on the wrist and the jet black gotas on the finger tips complete this mehandi look and give an amazing outcome. 

#77 Glove mehndi design for back of hand

Glove style mehndi is simply class apart from other mehndi designs and it really stands out with its unique concept and mesmerizing beauty. The above design featured a lovely mesh glove mehandi pattern which is not too loud and has just the oomph needed! You can wear this mehandi design on parties and family gatherings.

#78 New Henna patterns to try 

New henna patterns are always a welcome especially when the are like the above stunning a minimalist mesh pattern mehndi design. This design is great for beginner mehndi parctice and will look lovely when paired with ethnic outfits. 

#79 Easy simple mehndi designs for kids' step by step

Children love butterflies and they will surely love the above cute mehndi design for kids. The abovedesign features a stunning butterfly motif filled with different intricate patterns. Draw this design n your little one's hand and watch her jump in joy!

#80 Latest mehndi designs for palms with new mehndi pattern shaded design

The above mehndi design gives me that fairytale feel where Rapunzel waits for her Prince Charming to rescue her from the secluded tower. This is one the new mehndi design latest images with a Disney twist to it. Identical shaded leaf patterns on the fingers completes this mehandi design and gives it a stunning look.

#81 Floral galore - Rose mehndi design latest images

Speaking of new rose mehndi design  the above image showcases a stunning rose mehndi pattern with lots of shaded detail and dual tone art. I am completely in love with the beauty and unique factor of this mehandi design!

#82 Latest Arabic mehndi design images photos for inspiration

The above stunning bridal mehndi design features an intricate Arabic mehndi pattern with lots of detailing and an elaborate design with a combination of floral motifs, linear motifs and curvy motifs.

#83 Latest Arabic mehndi design for back of hand

Featured above is a very pretty and latest Aarabic mehndi design for the back of hand with mixed floral patterns. The shaded leaf patterns and the stunning intricate circular pattern complete the look in this design.

#84 New finger mehndi design for back of hand mesh pattern

This is one those unique finger mehndi style which can drive anyone crazy with its simplicity and beauty. this design features a very simple linear mesh pattern which gives the impression of wearing a hand cuff which gives your hands a stunning look.

#85 Cute smiley mehndi design for baby girl on palms

Smileys are something which instantly attract a kid's attention and this design features cute smileys mehndi pattern which will look lovely and make for a great mehndi design for baby girl!

#86 Latest arabic mehndi designs for hands  

#87 Curvy Arabic mehndi design for back of hand

#88 Latest mehndi for cocktail with Wrist henna mehandi pattern

Wrist mehndi designs are a very interesting form of western mehndi designs which look absolutely stunning. The above wrist style latest mehndi pattern features a stunning shaded leaves pattern to form a bracelet which looks outstanding. This bangle style mehndi design is perfect for your western themed parties and outings.

#89 Latest Mesh pattern mehndi design for palms:

#90 New floral mehndi design for left hand

#91 Stunning Rose mehndi design for back of hands:

The above mehndi design stands out among all the other rose mehndi design patterns for its uniqueness and fullness and it no doubt makes for a great bridal mehndi pick.

#92 Zigzag mehndi design latest for back of hand

#93 Easy bajuband mehndi design - Bridal bajuband mehndi design:

Bajuband mehndi designs or armlet mehndi designs are a traditional art of mehndi patterns mostly seen on brides. The above bajuband mehndi design showcases a lovely intricate pattern of henna with an inverted mango motif and lots of other details. 

#94 Bridal Rose mehndi design - New rose mehndi design for Christian weddings

The act of applying henna mehndi on their weddings is not just limited to Asian brides and a lot of western brides are practicing it too. The above stunning new rose mehndi design will look mesmerizing when paired with a white Christian wedding gown. 

#95 Anklet mehndi design - Feather style western mehndi designs for feet

Feathers make for lovely western mehndi motifs and add that dreamy factor to any of your mehndi designs. The above mehandi look features a stunning anklet mehndi design with minute star motifs which complete the look.

#96 Moroccan henna designs for palms - Gents mehndi design  

Shown above is one of the latest groom mehndi design  for all the Dulhas out there who want to surprise their brides on their wedding by applying henna mehndi on their hands. Usually Grooms shy away from wearing henna mehandi but the above latest mehndi design is so classic, macho and non-cheesy that I am sure no man will be able to resist it. This design will surely put a smile on your girl's face!

So that was our curated list of some stunning latest mehndi design photos which you can try on festivals, family gatherings, small functions, office parties, etc.

How To Practice Mehndi At Home - Mehndi Learning Tips and Tricks

The best thing learning mehndi is you don't need to take mehndi training courses to learn how to practice mehndi at home, you can just follow our simple mehndi learning tips listed below which will help you be a Pro mehndi artist within no time.

First Step - Start with practicing Outlines:

As the old saying goes 'Practice makes perfect', so practice is exactly what you need to master the art of applying henna mehndi. We suggest starting with learning how to draw mehndi outlines and progressing further by learning different shapes and motifs. You need to have a Henna cone handy and practice mehndi on paper, your own hands or a friend's hand whenever you get the time and opportunity!

Start With Learning New Arabic Mehndi Designs:

Arabic mehndi designs are the best way to start learning mehndi for beginners. They are easy and don't require a lot of care and attention and one can get quite creative with the designs too. So Starting with learning Arabic mehndi designs first is  great idea on how to practice mehndi at home.

Few Things To Keep In Mind:

 There are a lot of ways in which you can develop your mehndi skills and create amazing designs effortlessly. A few vital mehndi learning tips are listed below:

1. Hold Your Henna cone right: 
  • Cones are a great tool for beginners as they are easy to use and quite efficient. Not just beginners but professionals use cones too apply mehndi too as it plays a great role in getting the desired pattern. Cones are free of mess, they save time and avoid any mess which applying henna can otherwise cause.
  • Learning the right way to hold a cone is very important as it has a great impact on the design being drawn. 
  • Nestle your mehndi cone between your palm, your forefinger and your thumb and gently press as you draw the design. This is the right way to hold your cone. 
  • Use cushions for support and keep a waste cloth handy. 

2. Use The Right Mehndi Cone: 
It's important to use only chemical free henna cones which will not harm your skin and give true henna colour. Nowadays a chemical called P-Phenylenesdiamine(PPD) is added in most henna cones available in the market to give a more dark henna color but this chemical is harmful to the skin and is known to cause several skin allergies. 
You can make your own mehndi cone at home by drying fresh henna leaves and making a paste out of it. Making henna cones at home is a traditional practice which gives better henna colour and a purer form of mehndi.

How To Darken Mehndi After Washing:

If you ask me 'how to darken mehndi after washing?' then my first answer would be to ask this question to yourself even before applying henna mehndi as that is when the actual trick starts. Listed below are some amazing ways which you can use to make your mehndi last longer:
  1. Clean your hands before applying henna as this step will make your hands free of any residue and give you a neat and clean canvas to start with which will not have anything interfering with your henna mehndi and thus give better results.
  2. Apply a few drops of Eucalyptus oil before starting.
  3. Use a fresh mehndi cone
  4. Apply sugar lemon syrup on your mehndi design once it dries. This will revive it and give it more intense colour.
  5. Let your mehndi sit on your hands/feet for long as possible. The more the better. The best time to apply mehndi is at night so you can leave it to settle overnight and remove it in the morning. 
  6. Do not use water to remove your mehndi. Always remove with your mehandi with oil, preferably Olive oil or Eucalyptus oil.

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