30 Stylish Potli button neck designs for kurtis and salwar suits

There are many different type of suit neck designs you can try with kurtis and kameez. If you are looking for something different then you an try potli button detailing. Potli neck designs is something different and very traditional. Today in this post I bring to you many different potli neck design patterns you can try easily with any kind of kurtis and Salwar suits.

Potli neck designs is basically a neck pattern where in a potli type of a pattern is made using fabric and thermocol balls. You can easily make this potli buttons at home and they are also available ready made which you can buy as per your colour requirement from stitching supplies shop. As per ways to use potli buttons in a neckline, there are a lot of variations and in this post I bring to you a huge list of different ways to use potli buttons to give a very beautiful and a different kind of a neck design to your suits and kurtis.

Potli button neck designs for kurtis || Traditional suit neck designs with button detail

In this post I have curated the best and latest dress neck designs with potli button detail for you You can use this post as inspiration and ditch the same old boring neck patterns  to try something new this season. Just scroll down this post to find some really gorgeous yet traditional neckline ideas which will work beautifully for kurtis and salwar suits. 

#1 Paan shaped suit neck pattern with potli buttons

The leaf neckline is preferred by majority of Indian women for their salwar suits. You can give this regular neck pattern a trendy spin by adding potli buttons in contrasting colour. This kind of a neckline can work for all kind of unstitched suits both heavy and simple. you can use the contrast coloured fabric from the salwar bottoms to make potli buttons. 

#2 Angrakha style neck design for kurtis with loop buttons detail

Angrakha neckline is a popular neck pattern where a wrap style is given and here potli buttons have been added at the wrap area for a more stylish appeal. You can try this kind of neck pattern with kurtis or even salwar suits and use lace borders to add to the beauty of your outfit. 

#3 Koti pattern potli neck design for chudidaar 

Looking for a more contemporary and youthful kurti neckline? Then you can try this koti style neck pattern which uses piping detail to give a jacket like illusion with potli buttons lining it for a trendy look. This neckline will work best with cotton kurtis but you an give it a try with cotton printed suits too.

#4 Patchwork dress neck design with double button detail 

In this almost round like churidar neck design contrast fabric patch is used to give it a more striing look and potli button duos are added for a more stylish look. This is a very popular neckline style which you can try if you are more of the traditional kind. This neck pattern flatter most Indian body shapes hence it is very common but adding variation like potli buttons make it a tad bit unique. 

#5 High neck angular neckline design with potli buttons 

Want a really designer looking kurti? Then use plain and printed fabric together to reate a neckline like this which screams chic and glam. Here high neckline and an angular plain fabric patch is attached with floral potli button details. This neckline suits anarkali type suits and kurtis better.

#6 Trendy side potli detail round neck pattern for salwar suits 

Side button details are the latest trend and when you want to put buttons on the side then decorative potli buttons work better than closure buttons. Here a normal boat neckline is given a stylish spin with addition of contrast potli buttons on one side of the neckline making for an interesting twist. If you want something new yet traditional and simple you an give this neck idea a shot.

#7 Multicolored button detail suit neck design 

Instead of going for potli buttons in single colour use different left over fabrics to make multicoloured fabric buttons and add more drama to your simple suits. This kind of a neckline looks pretty fun and flashy so it works better with heavy suits for occasion wear.

#8 Angrakha collar dress neck design with potli button detail 

Flat collar neckline in combination with angrakha style makes for a sassy design detail and if all that wasnt enough here potli buttons are added on the edging of just one side of the neckline giving it a very striking look. This dress neck design is strictly for festive kurtis and heavy work suits as it is more elaborate in its look and appeal.

#9 Simple boat style dress neck design with potli buttons

 Adding a button column with a simple boat neckline can make for a simplistic kurti look but you dont want uber simple stuff do you? Try adding buttons in group of fours on either side of a middle partition for an enhanced casual look. this will look amazing on straight cut chudidar kameez.

#10 Contrast patch with potli button row neckline for cotton suits

 This is a common neck design for cotton suits where the plain fabric from salwar bottoms is used in the neck area and to making piping and potli. If you are getting cotton printed suits stitched which comes with plain bottoms you can consider this neckline for a simple everyday look. 

#11 Leaf shape suit neckline with piping and button detail

Another simple suit neck design which will work nicely for any kind of salwar suits and even kurtis. If you are an office going girl who wants simple an modest neck patterns for formal suits this is an ideal option where in piping details is added with decorative buttons.

#12 Half collar neck design for suits with potli button detail

Half collar neck designs are hot in trend these days they make perfect practical sense in winters where you dont want complete cover up. These kind of necklines are modest and also look stylish making it a very popular option for working women and college going girls. You can opt for collar necklines with any sort of kameez or kurtis and give a potli detailing for a newish appeal.

#13 Slit boat suit neck design with button detail

The classic boat neck gets a tiny slit detail with buttons also thrown into the mix. This kind of neckline steals the show and keeps emphasis on the upper kurti area becuase rest of the outfit is kept rather plain. Try this with straight cut kameez or kurti and pair with palazzos or skirts for more fancy appeal. 

#14 Designer slope neckline with contrast potli buttons for kurtis

With anarkali style kurtis try something fun and extra like this slope piping detail with potli buttons bordering it. This is a full on new neck model  which is best suited for the younger brigade. If you are a college going girl then get your printed kurtis stitched in patterns like these and flaunt your divalicious aura.

#15 Collar neck design for plain suits

Collar necklines come in many different kinds but for kurtis and suits the flat collar or half collar is most preferred. Here a full flat collar is added and potli buttons form the visual interest element. This neckline is an amazing choice for working women to try with formal wear kurtis.

#16 Fancy patch work neck design for chudidaar suits

For all you conservative women who crave for trendy variations in the same old traditonal dress neck designs this above suit neck design is pure delight. It works well with all kinds of suit sets where in the bottom fabric is added in neck area with button detail. This will work beautifully for all kinds of heavy party wear suits and simple cottons suits too.  Try this with your embroidered suit sets and churidar suits for a chic everyday appeal. 

#17 Swirl style suit neck design with potli buttons

A high back collar neck design which extends like an angrakha detail subtly in a swirl style. This is a quite bold neck pattern with good amount of skin showing so you can easily add necklaces of any kind and try it with bridal suits or daily wear kurtis too. 

#18 Boat neck design for simple suits with contrast buttons

Boat neck patterns work well for both party wear and formal wear suits and if you are looking for a slight variation with this kind of a neck design you can add a column of potli buttons in the middle . This kind of neckline works better when you have  defined waist in an outfit like anarkali kurtis and suits.

#19 Trendy contrast piping and button neckline for plain kurtis

This neckline looks a tad bit over designed as there are too many competing elements from fabric buttons to piping details, a small cut out and not to forget the tiny potli button details too. Since this is a plain kurta , it all comes together as a balanced neck pattern which anyone an give a try. If you want to make your plain kurtis and suits stand you need to add more than one design element to make a mark and this kind of necklines are ideal. 

#20 Elegant and traditional neck pattern for heavy suits

This is the kind of a sober and simple neckline which you an try with any kind of heavy suits for an elegant appeal. All your heavy suits in silk and fancy fabrics are in itself very beautiful, so they dont want a real fancy neck pattern to add to its beauty, so simplistic necklines are better choices. You an try a piping and button combination neck pattern like this if your heavy work suits comes without a defined or embroidered neck design. This neckline is pretty deep allowing you to add any kind of necklaces be it chokers or traditional bib neck pieces and dont forget to add doris at the back and finish off with oomph worthy latkans.

#21 Gorgeous swirl style suit neck design for plain salwars

This above suit neck design image features a broad U neck design with swirl style patch work detail and some button additions. If you are hunting for a universally flattering neckline this fits the bill amazingly suiting women of all shapes and sizes. The neckline here is quiet wide and if you have a heavy upper body build you can alter the width a bit to make it look more modest .

#22 Closed kurti neck design with horizontal piping and potli detail

Closed neck designs are a hot new trend these days and if you havent noticed already this trend has been spotted in suits, kurtis, and blouses too. Here an almost close neckline has a contrast border with the potli and piping detail resting in a horizontal curve well below the neckline You can try this of a neck pattern with your printed kurtis of all kinds, be it Aline kurtis, straight cuts or flared ones. Even with printed suits you can consider this pattern especially if you are a medium to heavy bodied person.

#23 Contemporary kurti neck design with cutout detail and button slope

This all new and striking dress neck design is for women who really want to hit it out of the park. A side neck detail with buttons and dori with an unusual cut out makes a glam statement yet is traditional and youthful. This is a nice variation to the angrakha style dress neck designs which you can try with flared kurtis, Anarkali suits and Aline dresses too. 

#24 V style kurti neck design with gota patti and buttons

The V neck is a gorgeous neckline for any kind of body type and the length and the depth of the V cut can actually be altered as per your comfort. Here gota patti lace detailing has been added in combination with same coloured potli buttons for a distinct appeal to the classic V neck design. This makes for a nice subtle kurti neck design idea.

#25 Deep V suit neckline with slope buttons

For suits and kurtis where you want a timeless and understated neck design you can consider the classic V neck with a slip and button twist. V neck gives an elongated effect acting to make your frame look slimmer and also has ample scope to add neck jewellery if you are looking to try this neckline of festive or special occasion suits.

#26  U neckline with potli detail on one side for churidaars

The scoop neckline can be made more decorative with addition of potli buttons like in the suit neck design image above. Here potli buttons are added just on one side of scoop making for a tasteful output perfect for college going girls. 

#27 Latest full neck design with patch work and buttons

Playful and so very hatke is this neck pattern with patch work. If you want to give a designer to look to your plain kameez or kurtis then try this closed neckline with swirl patches detailing and potli button added . This strategic placement of buttons and patched making for a fun twist with the end result being prettiness overload. Would you give this new model neck pattern a try? 

#28 Standing collar neck pattern with side buttons

If you really are in the mood to experiment and try something new you can give the closed standing collar  dress neck pattern a try. Here the collar is made form contrast printed fabric adding to the unique factor and to top it all are side potli button detail giving it a contemporary vibe. this is more of a winter party wear kurti neck pattern but you can try it with any suit or kameez with your own cut variations.

#29 Chinese collar neck design for kurtis with piping details

Chinese collar necks are hot in trend these days and they make perfect sense as they work well as all season necklines. Infact you can even flaunt them to parties or work places with equal ease and minor styling tweaks. Here the collar neck has been stylized with contrast piping and potli button detail on both sides of the piping. Subtle and graceful choice for traditionalistas. 

#30 Striking piping detailed neck design for salwar suits

There are a thousand possibilities in which you can add potli buttons to your suit neckline. The one with piping is the most preferred and popular choice as it give clean and fuss free look. This catchy pattern makes interesting uses of piping and adds potli buttons subtly for an understated elegant getup. 

Neck pattern plays an important role in defining your whole outfit and has great impact on your look. Choose your suit and kurti neck models carefully and opt for potli button details only if you are going for a more traditional vibe. Potli buttons tend to give a very Indian fell to any outfit which works well if you want to keep things modest and very ethnic. You can also opt for cut outs in combination with potli details for a modern fusion twist . Choose carefully according to your personal style but remember to keep your body type and your comfort factor in mind. These neck designs here are more suits for churidaar suits, salwar suits and punjabi patiala dresses but you an try it with kurtis too.

Which of these suit neck designs with potli buttons did you like most? Tell us in comments below! 

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