45 Trending sleeve designs for salwar suits || Baju ke design

There are many different aspects which come together for a perfect and well put together look. You need to get the mix of colours, the fit, the accessories and makeup styling and also the neckline and sleeve patterns matter for an overall desirable output.
Sleeves designs also mentioned as baju ke design commonly are an important part of the traditional Indian outfit design and it can totally make or break your look. Most suit designs are worn with sleeves unless you want to go for a really modern and a bold avatar with your ethnic wear. There are many different types of sleeves you can try to give a classy and elegant appeal from frill to button details and varying sleeve lengths the options are plenty.
Longer sleeve designs are getting very popular these days and they may make more practical sense in winters. If you are looking to try something new and unique with your suit sleeve patterns then your inspiration rests right here in this post which has a huge list of well curates latest sleeves designs which you can try with suits, kurtis or even blouses.

New sleeve designs for salwar suits || Suit ke Baju ke design

Style Trends keep constantly changing and sleeve design trends are no different. There are new sleeve patterns emerging everyday and older trends also keep making a comeback. If you are clueless about the latest sleeve designs, patterns and styles this post has an exclusive collection of the top 30 sleeve design of salwar suit for Ladies. All these are fresh and latest suit ke baju ke design with images which you can try with simple kurtis too.

#1 Three quarter suit sleeves with button and dori details

3/4 th sleeves are a raging hot trend and you can these kind of sleeves with blouses, kurtis or even suit sleeves. If you are looking for a fresh new variation to this comfortably stylish sleeve length then try adding contrasting fabric buttons and dori details for added drama. These buttons here are purely for decorative purpose and dori is added in a way that it helps gather sleeves for a cinched out effect. This whole sleeves pattern looks oh-so-pretty yet any women irrespective of their age group can give it a try.

#2 Over sized dramatic flare sleeves for suits

Want to hit it out of the park? Opt for dramatic flares and layers like this sleeves design photo above. Here two layers of contrasting flared bells are attached beautifully for an amazingly glam effect. The sleeves form a highlight of a look like this and it is best suited for party wear or vacation wear kurtis and kameez. Leave the neckline simple and understated for a clutter free look with sleeves of this kind.

#3 Sheer bell sleeve design with tassel detail

Sheers look so delicate and feminine and when added in short layers of flare like this they are bound to make a statement. You can shop for sheer fabri of same colour as your suit and attach a layer in the form of bell to increase the beauty of your kameez. Here tassel details also have been added which you can emulate. Use tassel laces or even colourful pom pom lace borders to make your sleeves stand out.

#4 Contemporary Slit sleeves for churidaar suits

The slit cut out trend is the new trend in market and you can easily try it with any kind of salwar suits and kurtis. Printed kurtis work better giving a more balanced impact with this kind of cut out sleeves where the ends of the sleeves are joined for a fresh and unique appeal. 

#5 Loops and dori detailed suit sleeve design 

Using doris to spice up necklines is a common practice but how about dori details on sleeves? Here oops have been added with doris interlaced  ending in a bow tie up. I love how trendy yet traditional this whole sleeve pattern looks and the best the best part is that a pattern like this can elevate even a plain suit to look like a designer sleeve. Try this with your plain suits and plain kurtis and dont forget to add nice little latkan details to sleeve doris.

#6 Catchy Tulip cut frill long sleeve designs

Tulip style sleeve ends make for a gorgeous look and will serve as a good break from the regular straight hem sleeves. You can try this tulip cut with different sleeve lengths from elbow length to full sleeves and add contrast or lace borders for more festive appeal.

#7 Extended shoulder cut out elbow length sleeves

Cold shoulder sleeves have been around for quiet sometime now and if you want a bolder version of it you can try extending the cut a bit more and adding contrast borders. This punjabi suit baju design is a fresh take on the cut shoulder sleeve trend and is sure to stay in trend for a while, so more reasons for you to try this. You can try this with straight cut churidaar suits or even flare anarkali suits.

#8 Criss cross dori detailed half sleeve designs

If you like to keep your salwar suit baju design very traditional and ethnic then the doris style is definitely for you. You can try criss crossing  contrasting doris in an angular slit for a summer perfect look.
Style tip:  Use fabric from the salwar bottoms to make doris so that they contrast yet give a complementing appeal.

#9 Layered scallop edge suit ke baju ke design

Scallop edges have taken over the world of fashion by a storm. You can go for scallop hemlines, scallop neckline, back cuts or even scallop edged sleeve patterns like in the above photo. Whichever sleeve length you are comfortable with add a scallop edge at the end and add a contrast layer to spice things up. This is a very versatile sleeve style which will work on women of all ages and for every kind of an occasion.

#10 Elegant churidaar sleeves for winter suits - Full baju

A sleeve design which has been around for almost forever and which will stay in trend always is the classic full length sleeves. you can go for a simple full sleeves design or opt for extra long sleeves which bunch and pleat up to form chudis giving a very elegant regal vibe. These kind of sleeves are very sober and elegant in its appeal and will work well for party wear suits and formal wear suits too. For winter wear suits these kind of sleeves will be very warm and comfy in addition to looking fashionable..

#11 Fancy overlap baju ke design with pom pom detail

If you like short cap sleeves you can try this overlap sleeve pattern with pom pom detailing for a fun twist. These kind of sleeves look great with printed suits and you can try it with formal wear suits and kurtis too by skipping the pom pom lace. 

#12 Three quarter sleeves design  Sheer sleeves with frill detail

This is a basic bell style baji ka design which you can try with almost any kind of top be it kurti, blouse, salwar suit, anarkali or even T shirt tops for a chic look. Here sheer fabric is used in the sleeve area and printed opaque fabri is used to make the bell part which gives a very designer kind o a vibe For your simple suits shop for  sheer fabric of half meter in same colour and give them a whole new look with this kind sleeves. 

#13 Long Sleeves design - Triangular detailed kurti ke baju ke design

This is an evergreen style long sleeves which look good for daily wear outfits and also office wear suits. Here contrast patch in a triangular shape is added like sleeve borders to add to the visual appeal. If you want a simplistic and elegant salwar baju design then choose this.

#14 Button wale gale aur baju ke design - Neck and sleeves with buttons 

Button detailed necklines are pretty popular and if you want a more syncchronized look you can try adding button details to sleeves too. Here in this neck and sleeve design piping and buttons are added beautifully for a clean fuss free look. This sleeve pattern will look amazing on plain silk suits.

#15 Latest Tulip cut sleeves with buttons

Another button detailed sleeve and neck design which will work nicely for plain suits. Here the sleeves have a tulip like cut with a pair of buttons adding to its fancy look. This sleeve pattern is very simple and can be complemented with a stylish neckline for balanced look. 

#16 Short Cape sleeves - Umbrella style baju ke design

If you are looking to turn heads in a unique new baju ke design then try this all new cape style sleeves. Here the sleeves are shaped like an umbrella but they are shorter in length giving the cape effect. This sleeves will require more fabric than any normal sleeves so shop for extra fabric in advance and dont compromise on the flare bit which is the real charm of this design. 

#17 Full sleeves design - Classic long sleeves with potli detail

If you love long sleeves design then this simple design addition to your long sleeves pattern an make for an interesting getup. Just add contrast piping and some potli button detail in the middle of the sleeve and done you have a wow worthy sleeve which will please fashionistas and traditionalists alike. 

#18 Shirt style cuff detail sleeves for office wear suits

Rolled up cuff style sleeves are better suited for kurtis but if you want to give your salwar sits a more formal look, you can give this sleeve pattern a try. This will look good very good with work wear suits but ou can also try it with casual wear kurtis and kameez with fun button details.

#19 Beautiful Umbrella baju ke design - Full flare sleeves

The umbrella sleeves style baju design is my favourite style for party wear ethnic suits as it has drama and grace. This is one of those old era trends which vanish away and then make a huge comeback. Umbrella sleeves were a rage decades back and now they are increasingly being brought back with a new name called cape sleeves. If you love flare and flounce to your outfits then select these sleeves for sure. 
Pro tip: Umbrella baju design is best suited for special occasion wear suits and shouldnt be tried with daily wear suits at all. The umbrella flare can be quiet fussy and prove an obstacle in performing your regular household chores. 

#20 Gathered and cinched short bell sleeves pattern

Get a simple and subtle frill bell detail with cinched detail on sleeves for a chic look. Works well with plain and embroidered suit designs. A boat necklines works in elevating the visual appearance of sleeves with short frill detail in ways more than one. 

#21 Bow tie ups sleeves design - Dori wale baju ke design

Give your normal three quarter sleeves and bow addition for it to pop out in a crowd. You an add this kind of ow detail not just to new suits and kurtis but also to existing older kurtis to revive them for a fresh new appeal. Contrasting coloured bow detail works better and going for a bow tie up neckline is also an idea which gives more synchronized vibe. 

#22 Alluring slit suit sleeves with pearl work

Pearls are so sophisticated with a vintage aura to them. You can use pearls in sleeves in various ways to give them a designer look on a budget. Here pearl is added like a button to hook up slit sleeves making for refreshing baju ka design. Would you try this kind of pearl sleeves? 

#23 Designer gathered dori sleeves for plain suits

You can go for gathered doris which pleat up a bit for a messy casual vibe. This is a nice variation to the regular dori sleeves and gives a trendy touch to simple and plain suit sleeves. Makes sure the sleeves you are working with are plain for this baju design to actually look alluring. you can try this with formal kurtis too as it looks quiet subtle and manageable at work places

# 24 Glam Layered flare bell sleeves pattern 

Bell sleeves are ofcoure the hottest sleeve trends out there and why should you settle for just one? Add layers to the bell frill and draw all attention to the sleeves. Layers can be of any number you like, 2 layers work nicely, triple layers are also a delight which have been spotted quiet a few times on celebrities and you can increase it further more if you like sleeves to be the focus. These frill sleeves are best suited for festive suits and kurtis. For daily wear you can try it with shorter bell flare if you desire. 

#25 Bold Strip sleeves - New full baju ke design

This strip detail goes well with the ethnic salwar suit charm and looks very creative and bold. All you have to do is add a slit to sleeves and join it up with contrast strip details. Longer the sleeve here , more visually impacting will be your end output. try this with your printed cotton suits for casual or vacation wear.
Pro tip: This style has quiet a fun vibe to it and is best avoided with work wear kurtis.

#26 Traditional 3/4 sleeves with dori details 

Girls with a hatke taste who want the delight of both doris and slit packed into one can try this striking new sleeves pattern which looks so conventional yet glam. This baju design will work for all seasons , giving you more reasons to opt for this with both your kurtis and salwar suit. Make sure to keep doris short for a more practical daily wear sleeves idea. 
This can be done even by your local darzi without much hassle, show this photo to your tailor and get a designer look on a budget.

#27 Trendy asymmetric frill sleeves pattern

Frill and bell sleeve trend has surfaced like a storm and it is found its way into sleeve designs of every outfit style, be it western or ethni,c casual or festive. If you want to flaunt these bell sleeves in a totally different style then opt for asymmetric bell instead of the normal umbrella bell.
Here in the image above a printed kameez has three quarter printed sleeves which end in a bell pattern having asymmetric design done in plain fabric helping it stand out even more. A must try for heavy work festive suits.

#28 Cold shoulder slit sleeves for indo-western kurtis

Combining two hot sleeve trends in a delightful mix is this ultra modern pattern which helps you grab all the attention at any event you attend. Give your sleeve a cold shoulder cut and add a slit detail from the elbow area. Looks so pretty and if that was not enough button details have also been added for added oomph. If you like minimal plain suits and kurtis and want to cuts and design details to talk for you you should definitely give this a try. With velvet , satin or silk suits this sleeve pattern works amazingly.

#29 Stunning slit sleeves with pearl buttons

Slit sleeves is a nice way to give a contemporary edge to your simple punjabi suits. Here slit sleeves are also given a button detail to enhance the aesthetic appeal. If you prefer something which is trendy yet within your comfort zone then this a pattern you can surely consider. Add some buttons to the neck design too and you have a winner suit neck and sleeve design. 

#30 Stylish frill detailed Sleeves design

Change the game of your simple sleeves by adding a frill edge to it like in the image above. This is a pattern women of any body type can carry off and it keeps you ahead in the fashion department without looking like you are trying too hard.

#31 Fringe edged full churidaar sleeves 

Bored of the same old borders and laces on sleeve edges? Then try the new fringe style feather detailed lace borders. This looks all so furry and unique perfect for winter vibes to kick in style. This is perfect for youngsters who want a stand out pattern which screams fashionable. 
Pro tip: For that added edge make sure to follow the above sleeve image properly and add borders to a asymmetric aka tulip cut sleeve and not to a straight cut. 

#32 Chic Layered cap sleeves design

This one is a summer special for women who prefer smaller sleeves or want to avoid it altogether. This cap sleeve inspired pattern oscillates between being mini sleeves and sleeveless and gives such chic and modern vibes. A layered half frill detail looks pretty with dresses, kurtis and anarkali suits for the younger brigade.

#33 Loop detailed elbow length sleeves

Another sleeve pattern the conservative and traditional kind can try which practices a lot of restraint yet has a subtle charm of its own. Daily wear cotton suits, simple kurtis or even cotton saree blouses will look great with this elbow length sleeves having a loop type edging details.

#34  Short slit detail three quarter sleeves for formal kurtis

For office wear kurtis less is always more. Avoid indulging in too many design details but dont go all simple and basic either. A three quarter sleeve like in the sleeve design image above has a small slit detail is a sensible pattern for formal wear suits for a graceful appeal. 

#35 Floor length slit sleeves for party wear anarkali suits

A magnificent way to complement your festive anarkalis and suits is to opt for full on drama with floor length slit sleeves. These sleeves are designed to help you slay in style. This is only suited for party wear floor length suits for occasions like sangeet and reception night. Here sleeves are kept extra long and a slit is added from the elbow area to give a cape like vibe. 

Pro tip: You may need extra fabric to get these kind of sleeves stitched on to your regular kameez and anarkali suits. Shop for extra 1-2 meter flowy fabric in same colour as your dress and ask your local tailor to stitch this up for you on your regular floor length anarkali dresses

#36 Split sleeves pattern with bow details for a unique look

Fancy some bow details on kurtis or kameez? Try this ultra adorable sleeve pattern which features a slit detail held together by multiple bows in same fabric. This is a more westernized take on sleeves and will work on plain kurtis nicely giving it a fresh indo-western vibe. 

#37 Criss cross joint long sleeves pattern for simple suits

Another new way to style sleeves is to go for a horizontal split and add dori details in criss cross way for some drama with your traditional churidars. This works well for cotton suits and kurtis. You can even give this a try with satin, brocade, raw silk and Georgette suits.

#38 Modern cold shoulder frill sleeves design - Cut shoulder baju ke design

The cold shoulder sleeves trend isnt fading but lets face it, this trend has been done to death. If you still are obsessed with this exciting sleeves design you can try different variations like going for an extra big shoulder cut which is both edgy and bold and finish it off with frill detail like in the baju image above. 
Pro Tip: With such bold skin revealing sleeves opt for higher necklines for a more balanced classy look. 

#39 Striking Elbow cut out simple baju ke design 

Move over cold shoulders elbow cut outs are the current rage. These cuts looks pretty and can work for formal as well as casual wear because the cut is subtle and not too flashy. You can try this sleeve design on any kind of suit or kurti , be it plain embroidered or even embellished and it will work on all body types too.

#40 Pretty button wale half baju ke design

With basic neck designs like round and V patterns you can try more elaborate sleeve patterns like this loop and button detailed long sleeve design. This button baju ke design steers clear of skin show yet gives such a fancy appeal that you will want to try it on more than one suit. The buttons give an overall crowded look so make sure you sleeves are plain to try this pattern also contrast buttons work better.

#41 Short frill detailed gale aur baju ke design

Frill is a new trend surfacing and it isnt going to fade out anytime soon. If you dont like dramatic frills you can try subdued short frill detailing like in the sleeve design image above. Your sleeves can be half, three quarter or even sleeveless and adding a short frill will elevate them. You can go for frill detail on both neck and sleeve or opt for contrast coloured frill detail too. 

#42 Contrast patch work detailed gale aur baju ke design

A simple and classic baju ke design is this three quarter sleeves with contrast fabric strips adding to the beauty of the long sleeves. Commonly fabric from the salwar bottoms is added like borders on the sleeves but here more than one strip border is added which makes for a comfortably stylish end result. This trend is something even more mature women can give a try as it fits into comfort zone of women of any age. PAir this with a catchy asymmetric suit neck design and you have a gorgeous suit to flaunt. 

#43  Slit detailed umbrella baju ke design

A flare type bell sleeve pattern is given a flashy spin with a slit detail. This is similar to  the cape sleeve trend with a slit detail for a more impactful and modern feel. If you want a more fusion feel with your kurtis and suits then definitely opt for a similar kind of sleeve pattern. 

#44 Slit sleeves with double buttons - Full baju design

Slit sleeves is a nice trend anyone can can emulate in their preferred way. If you want a striking bold look you can keep the slits wide open or add button details like in the baju design image above for a more conservative approach.  This is a very fashionable yet traditional sleeves style which works well for both kurtis and salwar suits.

#45 Multiple cut outs half baju design

Half sleeve with slit held together by pearl beads actually is a very pretty and bold sleeves pattern for any kind of suits and kameez. This kind of baju ke design can work well for partywear kurtis and tunics. If you want to glam up your plain kurtis and suits try this pattern either with deep neck or a boat neck for a fancy output. 

Which baju ke design from this list of latest sleeve designs is your favourite? Would you try these latest trends with your salwar suits? Tell us in comments below. 

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