65 Fresh and Latest mehndi designs to try This festive season

Be it festive occasions or weddings all we women just love to flaunt henna laden hands. Dont we all want the most unique and fresh mehndi designs to grace our hands and feet? Here in this post I bring to you the best arabic new mehndi designs which are trending patterns 

It doesnt matter if you are a beginner or a pro at henna application a little inspiration is always going to give better and more visually appealing outcome. So if you are hunting the internet for gorgeous mehndi design latest images you have landed on the perfect post. Just scroll down for the latest mehndi trends and some really new mehndi designs 

65 Latest mehndi designs to try  - New mehndi designs

There are many unique elements and motifs you an spot in henna patterns these days. From the really traditional lotus and jaali details to the more quirky quotes, hashtags and parrot motifs latest mehndi trends are evolving to fit the modern womens fashion definition. If you are confused about the kind of new mehndi designs trending this year in this post I bring to you the latest mehndi designs images which are fresh in its appeal and will work well for all kinds of occasions . Use this post as a reference to look into whenever you feel like getting a mehendi done.

#1 Beautiful Lotus arabic mehndi design for hands

Flowers are an integral part of mehndi designs of various kinds but lotus is a fresh new entrant. These days lotus motif has been spotted quiete a lot in henna patterns and this delightfully beautiful arabic style henna with lotus as its main attraction is a must try 
  • Mehndi design placement: You can try this design on the back hands or even the front hands without any difficulty.
  • Difficulty level:  Simple to moderate. If you have moderate level skills and have good grip on the henna cone you can easily do this yourself. 
  • Pair with: Anarakli gowns or palazzo suits with elbow length or shorter sleeves are best to show off this full hand henna pattern
  • Suitable occasion: Flaunt this at a close relatives wedding or engagement ceremony

#2 Striking and elaborate new mehendi designs for back hands

If you like henna designs which are heavier in nature and dont leave much of empty spaces then this rhombus shaped floral motifs back hand design is a good fit for you. This design looks loosely inspired from the Indian traditional hathphool jewelry, so it is best to skip all kinds of finger and hand jewellery to let this new mehndi design take center stage. 
  • Mehndi design placement: Back of the hands works best for this design which is hand harness kind of a look.
  • Difficulty level:  Moderately difficult. If you have decnt pratise with henna cone, you can pull this off. 
  • Pair with: All kinds of Indian ethnic outfits will look great with this mehendi tattoo. Longer sleeves also are okay with this pattern as it doesnt run below the wrist level much
  • Suitable occasion: Any kind of wedding related event and this design will fit right in, be it roka,  sangeet or reception. 

#3 Pretty rose and jaali palm mehndi design 

Not very beginner friendly but one look at this beautiful mehindi art and you wont want any other pattern on hands. A huge flower with light shading forms the base here with additional mesh and lines completing the design. The henna stain shows its best tint on palms and this design rests mostly on the upper hand area making it ideal if you love palm mehndi patterns. 
  • Mehndi design placement: This palm mehndi design is best suited for front hands and the shaded bits show up nicely on the white of palms.
  • Difficulty level:  A professional is recommend for the picture perfect end result but if you  have a moderately skilled friend around you can use her services too. 
  • Pair with: Indo western outfits will look amazing paired with shaded patterns
  • Suitable occasion: Your own engagement ceremony? Pick this for sure.  

#4 Bold and shaded rose mehndi designs for beginners

This design is a basic arabic henna variation which is as simple as it can get, so anyone including beginners can apply this. Bold filled in floral rest in a slope  and simple linear details grace the fingers . Thicker strokes are easier to apply and if you are starting out on henna art it is always better to choose mehndi patterns with bold thick strokes which allows lots of scope for mistake correction. 
  • Mehndi design placement: for best look try this n back or front of hands.
  • Difficulty level:  Simple  
  • Pair with: A western style gown or skirt outift.
  • Suitable occasion: You can opt for this pattern at low key affairs and celebrations

#5 Indo arabic mandala style mehandi design with chain details

This above pattern is one hell of a fusion henna design with Indian style mandala motifs scattered in a very arabic sort of placement. These mandala motifs are joined lightly with a dotted chain which adds some colour to the huge spaces too. This gorgeous hand mehndi pattern deserves lots of love and multiple repeat applications because it is just such a good mix of Indian and middle eastern henna elements. 
  • Mehndi design placement: This pattern is fit for the front hands and arms for graceful look. 
  • Difficulty level:  Simple  
  • Pair with: This will look stunning with heavy lehengas
  • Suitable occasion: Try this for festivals like eid, diwali or dussehra.

#6 Lotus and mesh latest mehndi design with filled in details

Jaali mehndi designs look so exquisite yet are so easy to draw. Here jaali is used as a filler around a lotus bel which makes for quiet a visually appeal imagery. If you are bored of normal flowers like roses in henna patterns time to switch to the current rage that is lotuses. 
  • Mehndi design placement: This design can adapt itself for back or front hands and will good on both sides.
  • Difficulty level:  Simple  
  • Pair with: All those heavy salwar suits with patiala pants can be paired with this design. 
  • Suitable occasion: For events which are grander in nature like wedding parties this henna design is suited. 

#7 Floral patterned arabic mehndi designs for full hands

For major events and occasions like a big family wedding you need to scale things up and opt for more elaborate and complicated mehndi designs. This full hand mehndi design uses some common mehndi elemnts like peacocks, paisleys, florals, mesh leaves and vines in a innovative way to put together a mehendi pattern which is new yet traditonal in its appeal. 
  • Mehndi design placement: Apply this on front full hands
  • Difficulty level:  Simple  
  • Pair with: An 
  • Suitable occasion: Perfect design for modern Indian brides who want an amalgamation of contemporary elements in age old henna art. This is the best bridal mehndi design for the year

#8 Simple swirl style mehndi designs 

If simple mehndi design is the only thing that works for you go ultra minimal and basic with this flowerless henna design which uses a lot of easy swirl strokes. A leafy bracelet like pattern on wrist and some dainty details on finger conclude this beginner friendly mehandi design. 
  • Mehndi design placement: You an apply this on front or back hands as per your liking.
  • Difficulty level:  Simple  
  • Pair with: A Palazzo outfit with front slits works well with a pattern of this type.
  • Suitable occasion: Apply this casually or for simple house parties

#9 Catchy and easy creeper and mesh heart henna pattern

Refresh and flaunt your love this season with henna art by going for heart mehendi designs. This simple heart at the middle of the hand with jaali filled in and some leafy vines around it is ideal for the younger crowd. You dont have to overdo the hearts, so better to use a mandala in place of heart on the other hand. 
  • Mehndi design placement: This pattern can be applied on front or back or like a tatoo on the feet or shoulder too. 
  • Difficulty level: Simple  
  • Pair with: An 
  • Suitable occasion: Any low key affair and you can just try this out in a jiff. Makes a good valentines day pattern too. 

#10  Leaves and checks henna mehndi design for hands

This enthralling new mehndi design with leaves and checks as its focus makes for a nice break from the regular henna patterns. If you are feeling the absence of florals a tad bit too much, then add them at the base in the form of roses and you have a unique and fresh pattern to flaunt. 
  • Mehndi design placement: back hand area is best suited for this.
  • Difficulty level:  Simple  
  • Pair with: An 
  • Suitable occasion: Perfect pick for wedding reception of your bestie or sister.

#11 Stunning tear drop with mesh and intricate details mehndi design  

This is for all you khafif mehndi lovers who cant get enough of intricate mehndi designs. Here really fine henna strokes are used to etch out a beautifully different mehndi pattern with a tear drop like figure forming the focal point. There is lot of empty area in this design but a chain like line connects everything bringing about a nice balance. Make sure to use a really thin cut cone to get the precision right. 
  • Mehndi design placement: You
  • Difficulty level:  Simple  
  • Pair with: An 
  • Suitable occasion: Any kind of a a happy event and this pattern will work just fine, wedding or birthday party it doesnt really matter with this versatile new mehndi design.

#12 Unique arch inspired latest mehndi designs  

Just ant stop being awestruck at this trending mehndi design which is heavily inspired from the arches of mughal architecture. The arches are etched with pretty flowers and leaves and a layer above also has mesh and swirl adding to the design. This is surely a unique masterpiece guaranteed to grab eyeballs for whoever flaunts it. 
  • Difficulty level:  S  
  • Pair with: A
  • Suitable occasion: This is a really good anniversary party design. 

#13 Geometric and artsy new mehendi design  for front hands

Geometrics in henna designs are pretty common, especially in Moroccan henna but this delightful use of shapes is something very innovative. there are squares filled with different patterns to look like photo frames which is in turn surrounded by simple shaded arabic henna for a classic appeal. The fingers are another work of art in decorative floral mesh and I cant get over the awesomeness that is this latest mehndi design, can you? 
  • Suitable occasion: Getting engaged? Select this pattern for a stylish roka ceremony look. 

#14 Delicate swirls and leaves pattern henna mehandi designs

While having empty gaps in mehndi design isn't uncommon this particular pattern uses the whole vertical band technique and comes across as very distinctive and unusual . This henna design actually gives an illusion of longer fingers and can work well if you want an elongated and sleek hand effect. 
  • Suitable occasion: Younger crowd can flaunt this at diwali parties

#15 Chic lace glove rose henna mehendi design

This mesmerizing full hand mehndi design uses the mesh technique with flowers in between. I love how this patterns covers the entire hand yet isnt too crowded or cluttered all thanks to lots of empty spacing left in between the mesh. If you are looking for a distinct, voguish and contemporary new mehndi design then your search should most definitively end here. 
  • Suitable occasion: For dinner parties at a relatives place you can give this a try. 

#16 Alluring floral circular mehndi design for back hands

This pretty mehndi design uses circle as its base works common mehndi motifs around it leaving the circle itself bare. Flowers of different kinds edge the circle and one finger here while the other finger has criss-crossing lines and Bam done. A fresh and beginner friendly pattern which can work for any kind of occasion. 
  • Suitable occasion: At family gatherings or intimate events you can opt for this design.

#17 Graceful bracelet mehndi design with lots of spaces

The beauty of well etched out florals just shines through in this modern mandala inspired mehandi design. This is actually a full hand mehndi pattern extending to the elbow area but looks so breezy and light thanks to excessive  spaciousness that you will easily confuse it for a simple henna design.  All the conventional henna elements, the mandala, the bracelet, the mesh on fingers are given a modish twist for a sophisticated fusion imagery. 
  • Suitable occasion: This makes for a very understated wedding ceremony design for the bride. 

#18 Thick florals easy feet mehndi design 

Along with hands even feet are etched with henna in many parts of the world. If you want an easy-peasy yet creative foot mehndi design then this floral side design which uses very thick strokes is a good pick. When you opt for complicated patterns on hand it is better to go simple on feet as it allows to not stay stuck  for hours together at a place getting henna applied. 
  • Suitable occasion: For karvachauth you can drench not just hands but also feet in henna using this simple pattern 

#19 Latest mismatched floral henna design for both hands

Mesh is everywhere in henna designs and this beautiful shaded design will convince you mesh is the one trend you need to flaunt. This delicate henna pattern has florals arranged in two different ways on the two hands with the jaali on fingers tying it all in.
  • Suitable occasion: There is a certain middle eastern arabic kind of a charm to this pattern making it ideal for eid parties

#20 Leaf patterned simple leg mehndi designs

This is pretty simple leafy leg mehndi design any and everyone can try. It is easy to apply even for beginners and will be done in a jiffy too. The end result is also something really hatke and fun, so nothing to loose right? Spend some extra minutes to doll up your feet with this pattern after you are done with your hands and get set to party in style. 
  • Suitable occasion: Teej is a good occasion to flaunt this design.

#21 All new full hand arabic mehndi designs  

Another full hand mehndi design which has a mix of new motifs and some old henna elemnts existing in beautiful harmony. The flowers form an exquisite base along with jaali bits on the wrist while the palm has lotus and small circles and leafy trip on finger tips to add to the overall allure. This is a must try for weddings. 
  • Suitable occasion: Sister of the bride or groom deserves to steal some spotlight and this latest full hand henna design helps you do just that.

#22 Dark and thick rose henna pattern

A lovely rose henna tattoo which possibly can be applied by anyone, even starters. A single huge rose form the main attraction in this new mehndi design with leaves surrounding it. The real spice is in the little details at the finger tips which use fine intricate strokes to etch out florets bring the whole design together. 
  • Suitable occasion: Draw it casually for daily wear or in holidays. You can use this pattern to practice designs in summer vacations.

#23 Unusual flowers and parrot cage mehndi design

Yet another refreshing and unique pattern which truly earns its place in this list of top mehndi design . The flowers and branches are taken straight out of a drawing book and so unlike what you would find in a normal mehindi design. Add to this the main main highlight here being a caged bird making this the most hottest and trendiest pattern you can try. 
  • Suitable occasion: This hatke design is perfect for those stylized parties and college functions.

#24  Offbeat beginner friendly mehendi design for palms

This leafy branches running in a slope with a floral motif at the base is perfect example of why simple mehndi designs dont have to be boring and same old. This is a fresh take on easy mehndi patterns and looks so beautiful and effortless. For all the low key affair you can give this pattern shot on your own.
  • Suitable occasion: Henna application doesn't really need an occasion , this style you can draw when your heart desires some colour on hands without any special event in sight. 

#25 Modern mehandi design with over sized roses

If you love roses this gorgeous rose mehndi design is sure to have your mind blown. Two rose are the real deal in this henna pattern but you need more elements for a well put together design . Lines, leaves and smaller flowers come into play to support the design making for beautiful mehndi pattern ideal for contemporary brides. 
  • Suitable occasion: Destination wedding in a family? This rose mehndi pattern will go beautifully with the whole traditionally modern vibe. 

#26 Contemporary rose mehndi art for both hands

More shaded and filled in details a mehndi design has, the better the henna stain looks. If you love the bright reddish brown tint of mehndi then you should opt for thicker and shaded henna patterns like in the image above. The design has the fingers completely drenched in henna with flowers at its base. The flowers are surrounded by leaves  at the bottom which again are filled fully with henna. Such an aesthetically appealing picture especially when the hands at put together. 
  • Suitable occasion: This can easily be your top eid mehndi pick for women who want to get henna applied in under five minutes on chand raat. 

#27 Mesh and flowers feet mehndi design

If you thought you needed lots of complicated motifs and elements to come together for a nice looking mehndi design? Here just mesh on toe and floral jaal makes for the prettiest feet mehndi designs anyone can bring to life. If you are looking for heavy sort of henna for feet which gives that crowded look without being high on the difficulty level for application then this is a pattern to screenshot.
  • Suitable occasion: Bigger festivals like bhai dooj, karvachauth and diwali where you are required to deck up hands and feet in henna opt for this pattern.

#28 Artistic Parrot new mehandi design

Awestruck at this beautiful mehndi pattern which has a full blown parrot as its main focus which rests on the palm area. The wrist has mesh work and some shading bits on the corner of the palm with bare fingers complete this fuss free new mehendi design. Chic and charming, isnt it? 
  • Suitable occasion: Marriage parties of relatives like mama, chachu or cousin and this design is right fit. 

#29 Scenic swing savan mehndi designs

This back hand mehndi design beautifully captures the essence of nature, carefree fun and frolic of the yesterday years. Jhoolas aka swings, trees, swings and checks on fingers, this one is ideal for those reunion parties, summer casual mehndi application or even childrens birthday parties etc. You could ofcourse turn this into romantic henna by putting a girl and boy on the swing especially if you have known your partner from childhood. If you want henna to evoke nostalgia, this could be it. 
  • Suitable occasion: This design will add to the happiness quotient on your birthday party. 

#30 Simple and easy mehndi design for hands

 A lovely basic arabic mehndi design with the common filled in flowers and leaves also appeals to the women of today. These arabic mehendi designs are classic and evergreen patterns which wont fade away with time and you will always have people coming back to them for the sheer ease and simplistic aura they emanate.  
  • Suitable occasion: Wear this for festivals like diwali or ugadi.

#31 Stencil style swirl pattern henna

This one here uses the stencil style henna art in combination with thick swirl strokes for a bold pattern which will strike a chord with the millenials. I love how the stencil swirls ar restricted to a single finger giving it an understated yet spectacular appeal. 
  • Suitable occasion: Try this simple henna design normally just like that to add a bit of spice to everyday life.

#32 Trending and matching rose mehndi design for both hands

Looking for a full hand mehndi design which isnt traditional or done to death? It is a difficult hunt because most full hand henna patterns are actually very conventional in nature and are tailor made for brides too. Here is one design which doesnt look too bridal and covered entire hand too. The flowers grace the hand in criss cross way which means you can extend the design as much as you want. The shading bit is also very restrained here so there is nice balance with filled in leaves and outlined flowers. 
  • Suitable occasion: Big fat Indian weddings is the best time to flaunt this pretty rose pattern. 

#33 Current hot parrot mehndi designs for back of hands

Placement is what sets apart this new henna design from the rest on this long list of top mehndi designs. Angular lines cover two finers with mesh work and flowers inside them while rest of the finger run bare. The wrist also has an angular side placement of its parrot in an arch with a flower at its base. Bold outlines and delicate strokes are mixed seamlessly in this pattern which has full ability to make you the diva of  a party.
  • Suitable occasion: Major family wedding of a close cousin is a good place for this pattern. 

#34 Newest half flower leg mehndi design

This is one very easy leg mehndi design stylishly done using a half flower motif etched out repeated in a row with chains joining them. This flower is easy to draw and even if you are beginner you can try this design as it is super easy where you have to perfect just the flower strokes. If you like it simple and sweet on legs then this minimal design is just right for you. 
  • Suitable occasion: For rakhi or a family wedding try this with a floral hand henna design. 

#35 Distinct and stylish mehndi tattoo for both hands

If you want something nice, fun and hatke then you can consider this arabic mehendi pattern with flowers and leaves. Non-cluttery and elegant this henna design is perfect for fit for minimalist and subtle dreams. 
  • Suitable occasion: Simple house parties are a good time to try this. 

#36 Fresh and traditional matching mehndi designs for front hands

One very glamorous henna design which looks very traditional but interesting use of empty gaps makes it stand out. This is one of those fuller looking henna patterns which are ideal for bigger events and wedding related events. When you plan to wear something really ethnic like a lehenga or saree this design will complement it beautifully.
  • Pair with: A heavy work saree with short sleeves will look gorgeous with this design
  • Suitable occasion: Weddings in India demand something really intricate and dense like this above mehndi pattern

#37 Quirky dark and bold mehndi designs for hands

Angular lines are becoming an integral part of modern mehndi designs. This design here uses the angular technique in combination with shaded frame like details having swirls and lotuses etched in. There is also hearts extending out of the fore finger and an arch o the wrist finishing this really snazzy pattern having a stunning view. 
  • Pair with: A net saree with metallic fringe blouse. 
  • Suitable occasion: This design is a show stealer and will work for any kind of a special occasion. 

#38 Uncommon latest Indian mehndi design for backhands

Another angular stroke takes spotlight in this backhand mehndi design showcasing some florets, paisleys, leafy bits and a few swirls. This pattern is elaborate and dense with both Indian and middle eastern flair to it. 
  • Pair with: A traditional silk saree. 
  • Suitable occasion: For occasions which are more religious in nature this ethnic kind of pattern will suit best.

#39 Hot and happening feet mehndi designs with shaded dark details 

We love a bit of creativity in our henna designs and this feet mehndi design just takes things to a whole new level of visual splendor. Floral motifs combined with the distinct shading technique just makes for a delightful pattern which even brides can try.
  • Pair with: Asymmetric anarkalis to show of the leg patterns 
  • Suitable occasion: Karvachauth is when women apply henna both on hands and feet , you can select this pattern along with a shaded hand design for teej.

#40 Minimal wrist mehndi design  simple mehndi design 

Flowers arranged in the form of a hand cuff is minimal and dainty little pattern which will be done in under five minutes! Leafy branch is added on the middle finger for a more balanced look. The other hand has non identical vertical pattern which uses similar flowers in a new setting. If you love spunky mismatched stuff this one is surely for you. Teenagers and tweenagers will love this quick pattern.  
  • Pair with: Printed sarees or chiffon anarkalis.
  • Suitable occasion: Any occasion where you are a host and short of time you can opt for simple mehndi design like this. 

#41 Linear diamond patterned henna - new mehndi design 

Outlined geometric shapes look very impressive in henna tattoos and this above mehndi design image stands as proof. Here mostly linear strokes are used with a bit of flower motifs to etch out a very offbeat henna pattern. The diamond shape forms the focus and linear bands rest on the fingers and instead of shading thin lines are used to fill the rhombus. This is a matching mehndi design which when done in symmetry on both hands looks very admirable.
  • Pair with: contemporary sari inspired outfits like pant sari, palazzo sari or the dhoti drape. 
  • Suitable occasion: Opt for this pretty and modern pattern at weddings in family. 

#42 Shaded circle henna art - Mehndi design latest

Circular motifs are a rage in henna art these days and this above mehendi pattern uses a circle as its base. The circle can be outlined to perfection using a circular object and then swirls and leaves shoulde be edged around it. Some florals and mesh also feature in this shaded arabic mehndi design  which is cross between modernity and tradition. 
  • Pair with: Anarkals or salwar suits with brocade dupattas. 
  • Suitable occasion: Wear this beautiful shaded henna design for festivals like diwali or teej. 

#43 New style simple palm mehandi design

Not everyone loves full hand henna patterns and if you are one of those who prefer henna to be restricted to the palm area then this unusual mesh design is a nice pick. Simple criss cross lines are drawn on the palm and half of the palm area is filled with leafy trio for a decorative detailing. This will make for a pretty kid mehndi design or even women can try it for lighter occasions.
  • Pair with: Jacket anarkalis which have longer sleeves. 
  • Suitable occasion: For dinner parties at relatives house you can apply this simple palm pattern. 

#44 Leaves only front fingers mehndi design

If flowers arent your thing then try this leaves only pattern which uses the stencil like shading technique. this design wont take much time to be applied but that doesnt mean it wont score high on the impact value. This is a very striking way to pop out from the crowd without looking like you are trying too hard.
  • Pair with:  Long kurti with skirt outfits. 
  • Suitable occasion: For simple festivals and small celebrations you can opt for this

#45 New age henna art - Easy mehndi design  

Two swirl patterns interlock in this contemporary henna art which also has bold shaded florals as a highlight.  The dark tone here gives a complex look to this design but in reality it is very easy to etch out can be done even by newbies.
  • Pair with: An 
  • Suitable occasion: Try this design casually or at low key affairs.

#46 Classy florals - New arabic mehndi design for front hands

The classic arabic mehndi design where a single line bel sort of pattern is drawn is still the most preferred mehndi design by many women. This kind of mehndi suits women of all ages for any kind of occasion too. Here the single henna has roses in a slope with leaves and spirals scattered around it to conclude this simple and harming design. If you dont want anything experimental then stick to the basics like this. 
  • Pair with: An 
  • Suitable occasion: For the nikaah ceremony of your sister or friend you can get this design applied

#47 Semi circular checks - Fresh mehndi patterns

Finger mehndi designs look good but have you tried leaving the fingers bare altogether? This is one of the new trend spotted in henna art this season where the design is concentrated on the lower part of the hand like in this design. Semi circular pattern similar to a huge mandala is drawn below the finger region extending it to the wrist area for more drama. This flower uses basic henna strokes and checks pattern so even starters can give it a try. 
  • Pair with: An 
  • Suitable occasion: For occasions like diwali, Dussehra and similar festivals.

#48 Intricate and delicate arabic henna mehndi designs

The curvaceous mehndi design starts from below the wrist area and is somewhere between heavy and simple patterns. If you want something which is moderately elaborate then you can try this pattern which is sure to suit women of all ages. The scallop detail steals the show here but also supporting it beautifully are the floret and and leaf details on fingers.
  • Pair with: Modern minimal pastel lehengas
  • Suitable occasion: For Ramazan and eid-ul-zuha you can try this pattern on hands.

#49 Fancy glove inspired henna art with bare fingers - Wrist mehndi designs

Mismatched mehandi designs is another trend which will hold strong this year. Getting two different patterns drawn on the two hands actually makes things a tad bit funky and fun. Here Mesh is used as the base with one hand having mesh work with tiny floral borders and the other hand having a huge flower with mesh playing the second fiddle. These mehndi patterns are placed pretty uniquely almost resembling a glove adding to the sassy appeal.
  • Pair with: Cape style Indian outifts. 
  • Suitable occasion: This one is for those church weddings and  events which are more modern and western in nature. 

#50 Enticing back hand mehndi pattern with jaali details

Arches and mesh share the limelight in this henna pattern which is swirls in like a breathe of fresh air. While leaving majority of fingers blank is a trend here all fingers are dunked in henna art whih is like a shift from normal. This one is very traditional but fine uses of gaps and empty spaces give it an edge of its own making it an irresistible pick.
  • Pair with: Layered or ruffle lehengas. 
  • Suitable occasion: Traditional events like godh bharai or karwachauth and this new henna design will suit it nicely. 

#51 Modish slop style mehndi designs for younger brigade

Simplicity is charming and this design speaks it loud and clear for you. An angular band of sorts is all you need to slay in style. When you are planning to flaunt designer outfits with heavy jewellery it makes more sense to go easy on the henna. Moreover if you are a working women exercising restrain with henna is better as the stain doesnt go off even after the event has ended. Something sober like this will not stand out like sore thumb with your formal wear.
  • Difficulty level:  Simple and super easy. 
  • Pair with: Dhoti outfits. 
  • Suitable occasion: Can work well for small family gatherings and events.

#52 Latest bridal mehndi design - Lotus in a frame henna

If you are one of those brides who would prefer a half hand pretty mehndi design to a full hand elaborate pattern which requires you sit idle in a corner for hours getting it applied then this above pattern is apt. The current hot trend lotus are placed inside a frame of sorts and mesh  with an arch detail covers the wrist. The finger tips also are noteworthy here which dont just have filled in caps but leafy stencils. 
  • Difficulty level: Strictly for trained artists.
  • Pair with: Anarkali gowns with three quarter sleeves. 
  • Suitable occasion: Best mehndi design for wedding guests to strike a trend. 

#53 Arabic decorative mesh and huge floret mehandi design

Palm mehndi designs are gaining a lot of popularity with the younger generation as opposed to the diagonally drawn full hand arabic henna designs. This mehndi design uses to main elements a huge shaded flower as its base and a heavily filled in decorative mesh on the upper part. When shading and filling are used in same henna pattern the end result after mehndi greens have been scrapped off is a sight to behold with different shades of brown mehndi tints gracing hand. 
  • Difficulty level:  Simple to mid level difficult. 
  • Pair with: A full sleeve outfit works better here. 
  • Suitable occasion: Celebrations like birthday events, anniversary parties or housewarming ceremonies, you can select this pattern. 

#54 Parrot passion - Enthralling New parrot mehndi designs 

The cute parrots form a chain in this fascinating mehndi design. Leafy branches form a chian link pulling all the parrots together and a scallop edging forms a border. The parrots are etched with admirable intricacy which is truly an exquisite sight. It works that the rest of the hand is left bare to let the bold outlined birds take all the limelight. Definitely not fr beginners but if you are using a professional artist get most out of your money by opting for sensational mehndi designs like this. 
  • Mehndi design placement: This pattern can be done on front or back of hands.
  • Pair with: Peplum lehengas
  • Suitable occasion: For wedding festivities of your friend or cousin, opt for this design. 

#55 Flower less mehndi pattern  Simple and easy henna design

Taking of creative and easy mehndi designs for beginners, this pattern is totally simple and can be etched out in a jiff. Not much time on hand but want some henna stain? Give this pattern a try which essentially just a cluster of shaded leaves and some swirls placed on one side of hand and on fingers. The effortlessness is the main highlight of this design here which is sure to find fans with mehndi starters. 
  • Mehndi design placement: A simple pattern you can apply on foot or hands
  • Difficulty level:  Simple  
  • Pair with: A Fusion saree or sari gown. 
  • Suitable occasion: Try this casually if you are fan of henna and wouldnt mind it applied on daily basis. 

#56  Paisleys and geometric - Palm mehndi designs

If you are the conventional kind who prefers traditional patterns with minor tweaks then this henna design is the best mehndi deisgn for you to try. This is basically a palm mehndi design, with the pattern ending well before the wrist area making for an interesting twist of its own. 
  • Mehndi design placement: Your palms will bloom with a pattern like this in heavy henna tint 
  • Difficulty level:  Simple and easy for starters to try out.  
  • Pair with: A churidar suit with heavy dupatta.  
  • Suitable occasion: Brides have to attend lots of post wedding dinner parties. When your bridal henna fades, get something like this applied and be party ready. 

#57 Poetry mehndi design - Latest mehndi trends

If you are a sucker for latest rends and follow it before anyone else does then this pattern is a must try for you. Quotes, couplets, poetry, hashtags and even vows and shlokas are written on hands with henna cone these days. Go for a simple finger mehndi pattern and get any and everything written in language of your choice on the middle part for a personalized mehndi which is both meaningful and uber cool. Make sure to choose your words keeping occasion in mind.
  • Mehndi design placement: The quotes with linear strokes can be put absolutely anywhere, hands legs or even at shoulder or back neck.  
  • Difficulty level:  Simple, beginner friendly.
  • Pair with: Just about anything goes with this pattern, the more minimal, the better it is.
  • Suitable occasion: This personalized pattern is so versatile and customization. Anyone can apply it on any kind of occasion with different quotes. Even men can get this applied as a simple dulha mehndi design.

#58  Bangle mehndi designs - Layered henna for both hands

This mesmerizing mehndi design takes inspiration from bangles and has band like details with really intricate work and mesh detailing. This design rungs diagnostically giving it more contemporary vibe and is best suited for women who love all things maximal. 
  • Mehndi design placement: You can try this on back hands or front hands or both sides for a bangle like effect. 
  • Pair with: A designer sari
  • Suitable occasion: For any kind of big celebrations this design will work amazingly. 

#59 Intricate floral jaal -  Bracelet style Latest mehndi design 

I simply cant stop drooling at this amazing work of art on hand which has part mesh and part jewel inspired elements. The top half of the hand has a unique mesh work with flowers fitted in beautifully and a scallop edging finishes of the this portion. the lower part begins after leaving some space in the middle and has stenciled in swirls in a bracelet kada type pattern. Just WOW.
  • Mehndi design placement: Place this on the backhands for glove like effect.
  • Difficulty level:  Moderately difficlult 
  • Pair with: A pastel or modern cut crop top lehenga
  • Suitable occasion: Rakhi or teej ? You can try this modern henna pattern. 

#60 Elaborate bird motif mehendi designs 

If you are a bride who wants a breathtaking mehndi design which makes a statement in a single look then look no further. Here is the best bridal mehndi design which features lots of parrot details which you can try on any side of the hands , front or bak wit admirable ease. This is basically a half hand design which is what most brides prefer these days but  if you really want a full hand pattern ask your mehndi artist to extend this till elbows and it should be done without much difficulty.
  • Mehndi design placement: This design I feel even more resplendent on front hands
  • Difficulty level:  requires services of professional.  
  • Pair with: A floor length anarkali
  • Suitable occasion: Attending the wedding of a close family relative? Get this design applied and watch all eyeballs turn to your hands

#61 Tulips Thrill - Arabic shaded mehndi designs 

If you like floral mehndi designs then this is the best mehndi pattern for the year  for you. For starters tulips are used here which is such a break from boring old roses and notice how prominent bold strokes gives this pattern an edgy appeal. This is an out and out arabic mehndi pattern with cuff like detail on the wrist for more quirk. 
  • Mehndi design placement: You can try this placement anywhere, even on legs. 
  • Suitable occasion: Birthday party to attend, try this pattern. 

#62 Appealing swan mehndi design for hands

This is quiet an intense and dark half hand mehndi pattern with a swan as its main feature. If you are good with drawing then etching this pattern out would be very difficult at all. You also need to work with a thicker cone for better ease. If you dont want the usual flowers in your henna birds like swan are emerging as the modish alternative any youngster can try. 
  • Mehndi design placement: Swan is sure to look good on back or front area. 
  • Suitable occasion: This is good for modern minimalist brides to try if they want a half hand but fresh and new bridal mehndi design.

#63 Bird beauty - Cool new mehndi designs for millennials

If you have an artistic flair then this bird motif mehndi design which rests entirely on the palm area should catch your fancy. Bird motifs other than peacock are becoming increasingly popular in henna patterns these days. Bird in henna is one hot mehndi design trend which you can vouch for. If you love following trends then select patterns with unusual motifs in them. 
  • Mehndi design placement: This is best drawn on palm of the hand
  • Suitable occasion: College events or cultural festivals

#64 Asymmetric and funky mehindi designs 

Want something really unique and bold ? Move away from the normal and opt for a asymmetric henna pattern like this which has full potential to stand out on its own. Not everybody can carry off this spunky mehndi tattoo which looks loosely inspired by the Eiffel tower and the fingers here are left totally empty giving you very contemporary vibe. If you plan on a fusion wear outfit, try this for sure.
  • Mehndi design placement: You can try this pattern on both front or back hand area
  • Suitable occasion: Very unique mehndi design works best for youngsters parties, sangeet nights and anniversary parties.

#65 Contemporary chains - Jewellery inspired henna mehndi design

Jewellery inspired henna designs arent exactly a new trend but this trend has come back hugely this season. There are hathphool mehndi, bangle mehndi designs, finger ring henna, payal henna, and lots of jewellery henna patterns which you can try. Here in the above photo is a striking and unique henna pattern which has a bit if a bracelet cuff , some finger ring inspiration and a bit of modern hand harness style. You can try this design if you want to avoid wearing jewellery for parties and festivals.
  • Pair with: An Ind western gown 
  • Suitable occasion:  Best suited for wedding guests and special occasions like festivals

Top Henna design trends: Trending Mehndi design 

Wondering what are the latest mehndi design trends you should give a try? Here I bring you a trend report of sorts compiling all the elements and patterns styles which are set to make a huge splash in henna art this year.

Bare fingers:

 Arabic mehndi designs anyway left aleast 3 finger bare but the whole blank spaces bit is going too far this year. Many modern henna designs leave 4 or even all the five fingers empty. Refer design number 24, 64, 63, 51 , 47, 49 for inspiration on this new mehndi trend. 

Tempting tulips

Roses are used extensively as delicate henna motif but with evolving trends you can spot the increasing use of tulip flowers which are replacing roses these days. If you want something distinct yet chic and girly with florals then try tulip mehndi designs instead of the normal roses and henna mandala florets. Refer design number 61. 

Lively Lotus:

Unarguably the one most sought after trends in mehndi designs this season really is the lotus motifs. Lotuses are incorporated in all kinds of designs be it simple or elaborate, more or traditional lotus can adapt to all forms making it a hot favourite. Brides are also opting for lotus mehndi designs and if you want to really follow the trends then try a lotus henna pattern right away. Refer Design number 1, 6, 52,21, 37 for some lotus mehndi design ideas right in this very post. 

Birds Bloom:

Birds are also an age old henna motif but it was mostly just peacocks that found their way into mehndi designs. These days many different kind of bird motifs are getting popular like parrots, sparrows and swans too. If you have a thing for unique motifs or birds you can try bird mehndi designs . Refer designs number 28, 33, 54 60, 62, 63 for some fresh bird henna patterns.

Palm perfect: 

Mehndi looks gorgeous when it contrasts the white of palms and slowly with arabic designs being heavily preferred henna started becoming a full hand thing. Now the trends are changing and designs are getting back just on the palms. Women who prefer minimal and pretty designs love to opt for designs which rest fully on the palm area. If you love designs entirely on palms then you are in luck, this is the new trend surfacing . I have included some real beautiful palm mehndi designs , you can refer design numbers 26, 63,43, 44, 53 for more. 

Lace gloves:

Henna patterns which resemble a lace glove on hands? Very modern, chic and pretty. If you are planning to wear a gown these kind of glove style mehndi is a huge trend which you can totally consider. Refer design number 49 

Geometric elements:

Had enough of flower and leaf patterns in henna designs? Well geometric shapes are here to serve as a much needed break. Different kinds of shapes from squares, circles, to rhombus are making an entry in mehndi patterns to give this ancient art a contemporary spin. This geometric motif will be particularly huge. Refer design number 13, 16, 37 , 52, 47, 42, 41. 


Adding personal details to mehndi is a nice way to convey a message through artwork. Anyone can do this and it is such an interesting way to go about expressing your message of love. These quotes, couplets, poetry or even hashtag and name initials are coming strong . You can give it a try even if it expressing love to just a friend, parents or siblings. Refer design number 27 

These are the latest mehndi designs to rule this year, which design is your favourite? 

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