35+ Latest Punjabi Dress neck designs || New gala designs

There are so many ready made kurti and punjabi dress options available these days but many women still prefer to get their salwar suits custom made to get the right fit and desired design details. If you are one of those women who love shopping for un-stitched suit materials and hunt down for the perfect and latest neck designs and sleeve patterns to go with it then this post is curated just for you. Here I bring to you a compilation of the newest and best punjabi dress neck designs you can use as reference and inspiration to give a fresh look to your ethnic outfits.

Latest Punjabi Dress neck designs || New gala designs for kurtis

Neck designs have the ability to change the entire appearance of your salwar suites and punjabi dresses. You need to choose your neck patterns carefully for an overall stylish output. If you are confused about the latest dress neck design trends then worry not because we are here to help. Just go through this entire blog post for all the new neck models.

#1 Jacket style dress neck design with doris

Jacket style kurtis and dresses with shrugs are gaining popularity these days but you cant wear jackets all year, especially in summers. here is a neckline which looks like a koti style jacket but isnt exactly a jacket. Trendy and fresh right? You just have to shop for some contrast coloured fabric to sew a frill type detail on both side of neck for a koti like illusion and bring it all together with dori tie ups. 
Even your local tailor can stitch this up for you
Best suited for printed suits and kurtis
Fun party type occasions

#2 New choker style neckline for salwar suits

This is a super trendy neckline here for partywear suits which draws inspiration from the western tie. If you are looking to try something unique for a festive suit you can give this latest neck pattern which has cut outs on the side and resembles a halter neckline. Buttons and a tie like lace detail finish off this neck design which is sure to get people to sit up and take notice.

#3 Pleated frill paan shapes dress neck designs

For heavier suits which have a lot of embroidery or stone work it is best to keep the neckline basic and subtle. Try something like this frill detailed paan shape dress neck design and you are sorted. 

#4 Asymmetric dress neckline with piping and patchwork

This neckline dosnt run in a symmetrical way on both sides making for a very edgy but an easy to carry off neck pattern. You can try this with contrast fabric patch and piping for maximum impact.

#5 Collar neck sloping dress neck design with buttons

Another asymmetric type neckline which features a Chinese collar and slope button detail. This has a very covered feel making it ideal pick for winter wear dresses. You can also try this pattern with work wear suits and kurtis.

#6 Samosa cut high neck design for churidar suits

The samosa detailing lace borders are getting very popular and these can be used creatively to spice up your dress neckline. Here a half V collar neck has this angular lace attached for a beautiful and elegant appeal. Keep your dupatta or stole away from the neck area so that it doesnt hide up the pretty neck design. 

#7 Simple boat dress neck design with borders

Boat necklines are by far the most sought after dress neck designs these days all thanks to the ease with which they can fit into any and every occasion. Here the boat neck has a contrast patch detail which adds to the overall prettiness.  You can use any kind of kundan or embroidered laces instead of patches on boat neckline and enhance its beauty. 

#8 V dress neck design with criss-cross detail

V neck is a classic well known dress neck pattern but how about adding a criss cross detail to your broad V neckline? This works well for daily wear and casual kurtis and suits. Here the same fabric of kurti is used to stitch up the cross but you can get creative and use contrast fabric too. 

#9 High collar neck design with angular cut 

If you want a full on designer looking neckline then try this asymmetric full neck design which curves into an acute angle. Piping and some loop details complete this subdued but stylish neck design. 

#10 Punjabi dress neck design with keyhole

An elongated but sleek keyhole detail is closed of with a button and finished off with contrast piping making for a striking neck design. This is for special occasions and has glam written all over it.

#11 New model side cut out churidar neck designs

Side detailed necklines are going to rule the roost this season and you better jump in and try some of this new dress neck designs fast.  A simple round neck with a side cut out detail is enough to brand you a trendsetter among your girl gang. 

#12 Bold sweetheart dress neck designs

Call it a sweetheart or a pentagon neckline which is sure to show off a lot of skin so choose wisely. If you are fine with some cleavage show these this mandarin collar with deep front neck is sure to set temperatures soaring high. make sure the neckline flatters your body type, heavy busted women will look best in this neck pattern.

#13 Full neck pattern with one side cutout for partywear suits

This full neck pattern attempts to create a bit of balance by easing out on one side with an angular cut. The end result is excitingly charming and is sure to give you a full on contemporary output. Pair this neckline up with stud earrings and a wispy bun and make a statement. 

#14 Netted dress neckline design

Net suits and kurtis are in demand these days and if you are getting a netted or chiffon kameez stitched you can play creatively with lining to make beautiful sheer neck patterns like in the dress neck image above. Here a full closed neck is made with transparent fabric while the lining has a deep V neck making for a stunning visual of a sheer neck pattern. 

#15 Angrakha with doris kurti neck design

This one is an evergreen classic which will suit all Indian women body types. Here an overlapping neckline has doris for extra allure. If you like more traditional neck designs this neckline is something you should choose.

#16 Vertical long cut dress neck pattern

Half collar neck designs are the most preferred daily wear neck pattern and if you want something extra then you can opt for a vertical sleek slit like this with your Chinese collar. This kind of a neck pattern works well to show off your curves in a subtle and effortless way. 

#17 Latest punjabi dress neck designs with cross-cross horizontal strip detail

The criss cross neckline isnt a new trend but actually a very old 90's era pattern making a huge comeback this season. You can go for a criss cross dori on your boat neck or just go closed neck and add the dori like a horizontal design detail like in the first photo here. This is quiet a fancy neck pattern you should try with casual wear or evening wear suits.

#18 Party wear eye slit front neck design for suits

If you are looking to get a long gown dress or a floor length anarkali stitched then you need something really flashy and elaborate for a neck pattern to suit the grandeur of your outfit. this round neck with an almond front cut will work nicely and when combined with contrast piping it will give a full on designer touch.

#19 Simple churidaar back neck design with piping and bow

Not just front neck but also back necks need to be well thought out so that your overall dress has a well finished and balanced appeal.  You can try this bow detailed back neck design with satin lace detailing to add some drama to the back of the dress

#20 Elongated V neck design with doris

V necklines are very common and lace borders are easily attached on necklines like this. Here along with contrasting borders doris are also added for a more chic appeal. V neck is known to give a slimming effect so, more reasons for you to consider this dress neck design with all your kurtis.

#21 Fancy dress neck design with triangular cut and side tie up

#22 New model churidar neck design with halter style dori

This neck design takes full inspiration from the halter neck and is a wonderful choice for younger women who have defined collar bones and broad shoulders to show off. A unique neck pattern to choose if you are looking for a modern take on Indian fashion.

#23 Modern frill style dress neck designs

This kind of frill detail is more popular with dresses than Indian suits but if you are getting something long and flowing like an anarkali stitched then you ca opt for this breezy pattern. This has a U neck for base so it will work on most Indian body types.

#24 Patch work neck pattern with button detail

Another stylish neck pattern with some creative patchwork to suit all Indian women. This neck pattern has contrast patch attached in a way that a hole is formed and button closure is added making for a distinct getup. Try this neck pattern with your evening wear suits for all those high profile life events.

#25 Closed full neck pattern - Latest neck design for kurtis

A winter friendly neck design which has closed turtle neck like a feel is getting popular with regular outfits these days. You an opt for these neckline with your work wear outfits for a covered and professional look. 

#26 Collar neck with tie ups and cut out - New dress neck pattern

#27 Patchwork neck design with samosa style angular detailing

This is a false placket style neck design which has angular detailing adding to its allure. The samosa details take this neck pattern notches higher and it is very versatile to be tried wit a variety of suits and kurtis.

#28 Gota work neck design with elongated keyhole

A round neckline is combined with an elongated keyhole and things dont end there. The gota lace detailing extends out for an angrakha like appeal which makes this a very attractive neck pattern you can try with fancy suits and churidaars. 

#27 Half collar neck design with scoop and dori detail

The front scoop neckline with a half collar is pretty common pattern but here the scoop is given more spark with loops and dori detail setting this style high on every fashionistas must try list. The best thing about this neck design is it can work for simple plain suits and even heavy embroidered suits. So whatever style be your punjabi suit pick this neckline without any fuss.

#28 Ruffle detail neckline - Fancy gala designs

If you are a sucker for V necklines the this neck pattern with a deeper V  and frill lace detailing will interest you. V style neck patterns give an elongated illusion and are best suited for women with shorter necks. You can try this V variation with frill style laces which are hot in trend these days. This again is a party type special occasion neck design.

#29 Eye cutout front neckline for kurtis

#30 Churidar back neck model with potli detail

#31 Contemporary high neck design with side strips detail for fusion kurtas

A very stylish side dress neck pattern which is suited for sleeveless outfits only. Here a fuller neck is given more breathing space on the side with strips forming the main deal on the other side. If you are looking for a trendy neck pattern for kurtis to pair with jeans then you can surely try this. This is one of those party type necklines which wont cut it for daily wear or work wear dresses.

#32 Closed chudithar neck designs with triangle cut

Closed necklines if you have noticed are in vogue and so are angular cut outs. Here both of these patterns culminate in a serene way bringing you a pretty party neck design for any ind of punjabi suits. The triangle cut is complemented with shoulder cuts and pearl beads are added for more dressy appeal, Whats not to love? 

#33 Full Neck with webbed detail new churidar neck patterns

This is another very fresh dress neck design you can consider if are looking try something unique and new. Here you a closed standing collar style neck with the main attraction lying a bit below in the form of stripes resting together in angles. I love how this design is experimental yet simple enough for all us conservative folks to try out. 

#34 Peter pan collar netted dress neck patterns

This is clearly a very contemporary dress neck design which is going to find fans in the younger brigade. Peter pan collar, button details and sheer neck panel, this neckline has it all and looks super chic and catchy too. I personally havent seen anything like this tried with Indian suits, but wouldn't it make for a nice fusion twist?

#35 Boat neck design with one side doris - Sudithar neck design

Side neck patterns are ruling the trend charts and if you like this side detailing idea you can opt for side printed details and a simple U neck finished off with doris on one side. The stylish take on side dori details is different from the angrakha design making it an interesting choice for millennial to try. 

#36 Churidaar back neck design with elongated cut and button

Another back neck design you can try with kurtis and kameez is this elongated petal type of a pattern with button closure. Adding lace details with a front boat neck can make for an elegant and classy neckline here suitable for printed and plain suits.

#37 Latest neck pattern with slant cutout - Churidar neck designs with piping

This is an ideal piece of fashionable neck pattern to rock with any modern kurtis. If you ae looking to get the Indo-western fusion look then try this neckline for sure. Here the neck is almost closed but a side elongated cut detail with piping is enough to make things snazzy and alluring.

#38 Simple suit neck design with side button column

If you want a more modish neck design which also very simple then you can opt for the simple square neck with side button detail. These kind of side necklines are hugely favoured by women as they bring in something different and fun to the outfits.

Which punjabi dress neck designs did you like most? Tell us!

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