21 Simple Yet Gorgeous & Graceful Mehndi Designs For Beginners 2021 / Easy Mehndi Designs For Starters

Mehndi is an important part of most of the festive occasions in our Indian subcontinent. Be it the festivals like Eid, Diwali, and Karwa Chauth to weddings and anniversary celebrations, women and little girls adorn their hands and feet with beautiful and intricate henna mehandi designs. Every Joyous event or celebratory event is incomplete without the application of mehndi in India. If you are one of those who love mehndi but are afraid to try it out then you have stopped at the right place!

This mehandi designs post will give you some major henna design inspiration that is beginner-friendly. With the Covid wave hitting the world, its difficult and hard to get your mehndi done by a mehndi artist or even walk out of your home to get it done by a mehndi pro which is why this might be the right time to learn the simple skill of mehndi application on your own!  I have curated some of the most simple mehandi design images, that are easy to draw and yet beautiful simultaneously! So, if you don’t have a professional mehndi artist to apply henna during these hard lockdown times, all you will need is a mehndi cone and some sass to pull of a beginner-friendly mehndi!

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Be it a festival, wedding or any other function, mehndi has always added extra awe to the occasion. And 2020 and 2021 saw many of us trying the henna application on our own, thanks to the covid wave*rolls eyes*. For ages, we have adorned our hands with henna, and this year shouldn't be any different! So if you want to apply mehndi to an event happening at home, it's high time you pick a mehndi cone and get started already! There is absolutely no wedding or festival that is complete without the application of mehndi and if you have just started the henna application then we are here to help with these mehndi design easy and beautiful !
  • Always practice: Practice on paper or a glass sheet and draw a lot of Arabic mehndi patterns and simple mehndi designs that include basic floral, peacock, and paisley motifs.
  • Hold the cone the right way! Invest a little time in learning the correct way to hold a henna cone 
  • Use tissue papers: As a begginer you are bound to make mistakes but just be quick enough to wipe away those messy lines as the henna is going to leave stains if not wiped for a longer period of time!
  • Be easy on yourself- Starting with omplex and difficult mehndi patterns might not be the right thing to doas you are in the learning process and it will add to your stress and demotivate you, resulting in giving up.
  • Go slow- The best way to begin is to start by choosing up a simple henna mehndi design that is creative yet beautiful and the outcome is sure to boost your confidence.
  • Be positive: stick to people who will encourage you to become a pro. You can also take inspiration from mehndi books that have plenty of mehndi design photos printed on them. You can buy them easily from a bookstore or find tutorials on youtube.
  • Watch a tutorial: Youtube is brimming with simple mehndi designs tutorials , just watch a few of them by searching for simple mehndi design video, it surely makes things more easier trust me!
  • Patch test: The store brought henna mehndi cones do have chemicals in them, do a patch test on your skin if you are allergic or have sensitive skin. Also, it's best to avoid henna mehndi application on freshly waxed skin as the pores are open and henna application may cause irritation and damage to the skin.

How To: Guide to master and perfect the mehndi application art for beginners

the current covid situation having most of us locked up at homes it is harder to meet friends and family and celebrating a joyous moment is not the same anymore, but that does not mean you should not make most of the moment. Now that we are locked away with our families and no one around to get our hands stained with mehndi, this might be the right opportunity to jump into the henna mehndi bandwagon and try it for yourself! I have compiled a gorgeous and amazing list of 21+ SIMPLE MEHNDI DESIGNS. Hope you like the best mehndi design easy and beautiful list!

21 Simple Mehndi Designs That Are New For Beginners /Starters OF 2021

This collection of the most amazing and latest 20 simple mehndi designs for beginners for the year 2021 are here! These beginner mehndi designs might look a little difficult but trust me I had no problems and i am just a beginner and started my journey recently! My favorite from the entire easy mehndi design collection( Simple yet effective: Between I drew Design no 12- check it out and do try it on your own)!

#1 Stunning simple mehndi designs for front hands

Here's hoping that you like have shortlisted popular simple mehndi design with images to ensure that you look your best even in these tough covid times! Ig mehandi designs and henna application is something that lifts your whole mood then definitely try this gorgeous simple mehndi designs for front hands.

#2 Flowers & Hearts : Romantic Simple Mehndi Design That Is Also New

Keep your mehndi game on point by getting this romantic easy mehndi design done on your hand. This pattern is something which has never been spotted on beforen and is top on our must-try list. What do you think do tell us!

#3 Soothing Arabic Mehndi Design For Back Hands

This one is minimalistic and all goods things bundled into one kind of a mehandi design! Youtube is full of simple mehndi design video that have detailed tutorials on such arabic back hand mehndi patterns that have multiple uses of arabic mehndi motiffs such as the paisley and vines.

#4 Creeper King : Simple Mehndi Design For Begginners

This henna mehandi pattern has a simple bel ala creeper climbing on the back of your palms, plus it is so easy to draw!!

#5 Ornamental Bliss: Beautiful Easy Mehndi Design For Beginners

One of my personal favorites when it comes to mehndi designs 2021 new style simple.

#6 Floral Magic: Stunning Arabic mehndi Design For front hands

This mehndi design is one of the best mehndi designs of 2021 for its pure magic with its combination of thick borders and thinner intricate designs done on the inside of the patterns.

#7 The Hand Harness New Mehndi 

If you are finding hard to draw this one then do take help from hundreds of simple mehndi design video you can find on youtube *wink wink*

#8 Minimalist To The Core : Simple Mehndi design That Wins The Title Of BEst Finger Mehndi Design Of 2021! 

#9 Bel Bahar Mehandi Design : Dreamy Leaf Easy Arabic Mehndi design For Back Hands

#10 Simplicity In Every Stroke : Amazing Easy Mehndi Design If You Are An Arabic Mehndi lover!

simple mehndi design 2021

#11 Back Hand Easy Mehndi Design With Paisleys And Flowers

Simple mehndi design 2021

#12 The Garden Of Roses: Rose mehndi design easy and beautiful for back hands 

#13 Shaded Affair : Stunning back hand mehndi design that is so simple!

#14 Sophisticated Creeper Best And Easy Mehndi Design of 2021

#15 Buds And Blossoms :mehndi design easy and beautiful with small and big arabic mehndi motifs 

#16 Border Detailing : Easy And Begginer Mehndi Design For Back Hands

#17 Spring Style Mehandi Design: simple mehndi designs for front hands

#18 Finger mehndi Design Of 2021: Gigantic Single Flower mehndi design easy and beautiful

#19 Spaced Out- Unique Arabic mehndi designs that are easy and perfect for beginners!

#20 Dome Art : Persian art inspired Arabic mehndi design that easy simple and easy 

#21 I Heart You: simple mehndi designs for kids

Something that has currently been trending these days is the simple mehndi design video with hacks that include props which you can find at home easily. There are no limitations when it comes to perfecting your mehandi design. Mehndi designs 2021 new style simple keep varying from the most delicate to the most elaborate designs. When it comes to begginer friendly mehndi you have to work with a little patience but you get to choose from a lot of options ! Many of you’ll prefer a minimal simple mehndi designs for front hands while some of you would opt for a traditional simple mehndi design/new! But what you do need to remember is that mehandi designs with never fail to add that extra glam and aura to your entire look for that important occasion.

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