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Mehndi application is an age old tradition in India of decorating the hands with a thick paste made of dried henna leaves, be it for a festival, a family gathering or specially for a wedding. Mehndi is an art where the hands, feet and other parts of body are decorated with this henna paste using different patterns and designs and this practice is specially designed for the brides on their wedding day.

In India and also in several other parts of Asia its a tradition for a bride to apply mehndi on front of hands, back of hands and on feet before the wedding. It's considered auspicious and followed religiously and with full vigor by the brides a mehndi ceremony is also held just before the actual wedding day where the bride, her friends, relatives and all the other guests apply mehndi on their hands and feet over a fun day full of dance, dhol and memories.

Lately mehndi is also being used as a temporary tattoo and women are in the practice of applying henna mehndi on their shoulders, neck, hip and belly for a fun and trendy look. Henna mehndi designs are a great option for women like these who want to get a tattoo but not a permanent one.

Mehndi is an art which instantly ups the game of a woman's ethnic beauty and gives her a more trendy and traditional look. So if you are a person who would like to add more colors to any occasion and make your day more special by applying new mehndi designs, you are at the right place as today we will be sharing some really pretty and simple mehndi designs for hands with you lovely people!

 1. Arabian Charm - Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands Images

When it comes to mehndi designs there are a lot of types to choose from like Indian mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs, Pakistani mehndi designs, Indo-western mehndi designs, etc, out of which Arabic mehndi designs are a universal favourite. They have this unique charm and ease of application which instantly attracts people towards them.

This is a simple and sleek Arabic mehndi design, perfect for a beginner who loves soft mesh patterns coupled with some floral and mango motifs here and there. This easy beginner mehndi design will surely give your hands a stunning look without having you stress out much so do try it!

Mango motifs are the backbone of any Arabic mehndi design and if you want an Arabic mehndi look which is fuller and cover the whole hand without looking gaudy then you must defenitely try the above mehandi design. This is an amazing 

Here's another subtle yet beautiful Arabic mehndi pattern with a single floral motif which be great as a simple mehndi design for left hand with a stunning rose mehndi pattern which gives your hands a sleeker look. This also makes for an easy mehndi designs for eid.

Some pointers to keep in mind for beginners in mehndi art:

  • If you are a beginner in mehndi then we would suggest you to start your mehndi practice with easy Arabic mehndi designs. 
  • You can take off with drawing simple delicate mehndi patterns and progress towards more heavier and full Arabic mehndi designs.
  • Always use the right mehndi cone as it plays a vital role in how your overall look comes out.
  • Use a drawing book and some pens first to practice your favourite patterns before applying them on anyone's/your hands.
 All these designs are absolutely beautiful but the best part is they are simple mehndi designs and they do not require too much effort or time.

2. Tradition Reflection - Simple Traditional Mehndi Designs For Hands:

Applying mehndi is in itself a beautiful tradition yet there are many mehndi designs which define tradition and instantly take you down the memory lane.

The above mehndi designs are a beautiful collection of  traditional mehndi designs for hands which will look absolutely stunning on anyone and are very easy and simple to draw.

3. Solitary Assemblage - Easy One Line Mehndi Designs - Bail Mehndi Designs

One line mehndi designs are a great quick and effective way of getting mehndi tattoo. There are women who love applying full hand mehndi designs while they are also women who prefer a more polished and neat mehndi look.

The above one line mehndi designs are a beautiful curated list of single mehandi designs for hands, specially designed for women who love the idea of mehndi but don't want to go too overboard. These simple mehandi designs are attractive, easy go and very less time consuming. You can apply these simple one line mehndi designs for hands on occasions like Eid, Diwali, a friend's engagement, an office party, etc.
 You can also pair these pretty one line mehndi designs with stunning finger mehndi designs to add a little bit more glam. Don't forget to complete your mehndi look with a striking nail art or by coloring the nails using henna the traditional way.

4. Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

Like us women, kids love applying mehndi designs too, infact I have seen girls going all bonkers over mehndi and its something they look up to, be it a festival, a wedding or any other occasion.

You can take inspiration from the above amazing simple mehndi designs for kids and choose from the different patterns shown. Paisleys, florals and simple veins look best on kids, you can also try finger mehndi designs and Indo-Arabic mehndi designs as they will look equally good too.

5. Finger Fever - New Finger Mehndi Designs

If you are the one who loves mehndi but doesn't want it to be too crowded then you can try these simple and new finger mehndi designs where you apply mehndi only on the fingers and leave rest of the hand bare. 

This is a big trend specially among youngsters which is growing rapidly these days. We have brought you a stunning collection of finger mehndi designs in paisley patters, shaded patters, linear patterns and floral patterns.

6.  Flawless Lines - Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners In Geometric Patterns:

Many beginners struggle to draw the curvy and floral mehndi patterns but there's no need to lose heart as you can get a stunning mehandi look even with geometric patterns which are way easier to draw and look absolutely stunning. You can even use a scale or simple objects like bottle caps to help you draw the outlines.
Geometric patterns is a fun way to colour your hands and flaunt it away, plus it gives you that modern and classy look which you have always wanted.

7. Effortless Art - VERY Simple Mehndi Designs For Front Hands

If Easy could get any 'Easier' it's definitely with the below selection of very simple and basic mehndi designs are specially designed for a starter. If you are looking a fun and quick mehndi design for eid, or some other occasion then you should definitely try these designs.

8. Beauteous Bracelet - Simple Bracelet Mehndi Designs

We all love bracelets but what if I told you you could get one tattooed to your back hand? all thanks to Henna mehandi! Waste no time in trying out these stunning jewellery inspired henna mehndi designs which are abolutely stunning and give your hands that perfect hathphool mehndi look. You can also try these mehndi patterns if you are a Bride who wants to go easy on the jewellery and have a more fun and comfortable wedding - you can still get that traditional hathphool feel without having to actually wear hand jewellery!

9. Pigment Peacock - Easy Peacock Mehndi Designs - Mor-Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is often associated with positive spirits which is why peacock motifs are a vital part of any traditional mehndi look. Be it a wedding, Eid, Diwali, the month of Saavan or any other auspicious occasion, women of India love to apply Henna mehndi on their hands and peacock patterns are usually a rage among them. This is why we have brought to you some amazing peacock mehndi designs which you can try in 2022 and even later on!

You can apply these beautiful mehndi designs in the month of Saavan to celebrate the beauty and craze of it with some lovely peacock motifs.

10. Sculpt Sparkle - Easy and Beautiful Glitter Mehndi Designs

Mehndi and Glitter make for a wonderful combination which is getting great attention these days specially in the younger generation. The beautiful brown, orange and maroon patterns of mehndi combined with a dash of glitter here and there make for stunning art which often leaves people speechless. Today we are sharing some amazing glitter mehndi designs with you guys which are unique and a stunner for sure! If you are thinking parties or western outfits or even fun functions like a Sangeet then you should defenitely try these sparkling glitter mehndi patterns.

Final Thoughts:

From simple mehndi designs for beginners, to delicate bail mehndi art and beautiful peacock mehndi patterns, that sure was a drool worthy detailed list of the most stunning and easy mehndi collection. We hope you enjoyed it and are yearning for more! Do try out your favourites from the list and come back for more such amazing mehndi images galore!

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