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If there is a store for which I would happily skip online shopping and prefer shopping in person instead, it has to be the Shoppers Stop store! 

If you want to look out for me during the time of sales, you'll find me inside the Shoppers Stop stores! The three things which drag me towards this store is the wide range of collection, great quality and wide selection of brands

I was very elated on hearing that now they have opened an online store too. A few months back when I checked it out, the products available were not that impressive( the site had just launched) but a couple of weeks back when I checked it out, I was delighted to find that the same wallet which I had lusted at their store was available. YAY!

Shipping: Unlike other websites, the shipping is free even if you purchase products lesser than 500 Rs. (Cool eh!) But however, I didn't find the shipment so impressive as my order reached after a good span of eight days. I am not sure whether they do the same with bigger purchases but all I know is that by the time the parcel reached me, I was regretting ordering it online when the ShopperStop store is just a few blocks away from my house... I hope they improve this bit.

As you can see in the above images, the product reached me safe and sound wrapped in a pile of bubble wrap and a neat plastic bag.
Overall: If you don't have a SS store near to your home( which is very rare) or if you want a wider range of products to choose from or just for the joy of shopping online, shop from them! The quality is fantastic and the shipping is free, so there's not much stopping you from shopping at their online store!

Website Rating: 4/5

Psst! You can read about the melodrama which went behind me buying this wallet HERE.

Much Love,

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