The Nature's Co March Beauty Wish Box ~ Wear Your Attitude

There's something about organic cosmetics, free of harmful chemicals which never fails to impress you. We all have gone through that stage where some product or the other has harmed our skin and hence we tend to reach out towards organic products which are harmful chemical free, fab and effective at the same time!
The Nature's Co is one brand whose products I have always prided upon owning as they are simply irresistible! Everything from the cute packaging of their products to the actual product is amazing about this brand. I am sure all of you will agree with me on this :)

I am a die hard fan of all types of beauty boxes. The one from Nature's Co is one I always look forward to. The reason is there's always something interesting to try out in there and ofcourse... THAT BAG!!!! :D :*
I could go on subscribing for any number of beauty boxes if they offer such pretty reusable bags. I mean just LOOK at it!! ^_^ 

Inside The March Beauty Box: 
White pepper cleansing lotion:
A formula like never before with white pepper which ensures deep cleansing.

Kiwi hand and nail cream:
Really effective for dry hands which need care. Smoothens and enriches skin.
Nori body lotion for dry skin:
Hydrating and simply what your skin needs to stay awesome all day!
Limoncello Facewash:
Energizing, brightening face wash which enhances skin and brings out it's actual complexion. Balances skin pH leaving it radiant and glowing too. 

Black current lip lop:
One of the BEST lip balms I have ever tried. It keeps moisturized for like 12 hours and the scent is simply cool. I am definitely getting all flavors in this range ^_^

French Muguet Jasmine body mist:
One of my uber favorites! The smell is simply mesmerizing. They have included two of them and I am SO happy with their generosity! :D
Nail Polish and complementary gift voucher from Chamki:
I received the fire colour. Looks gorgeous, have kept it in the next giveaway pile. ( I am not a nail person. At all.)
35% discount voucher from Nature's Co:
Next time I am shopping from Nature's co, I can use this!

Free Gift - Quick fix kit:
This is the WOW part of the box. It includes a tissue, cotton, wipe, safety pin, rubber band and a ear bud... everything you need in an emergency! :D So thoughtful na!
My thoughts:
I totally loved the whole beauty box.  The best products I loved were the Jasmine mist and lip lop black current lip balm. It's AWESOME!! This bag is a very travel-friendly bag. It perfectly has everything you need on your journey in small little bottles and boxes! :)


This amazing gorgeous beauty wish box can be subscribed at only 595/-. If you too are looking for a perfect solution to look gorgeous always, try the subscription now at !

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