Tassel Hangings: Addicted To The Latkan Accessory ? #TraditionalTrends

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Tassels or Latkans have a way back in history from being a staple part of outfits for Mughals to being embellished in ramp walk collections by Indian fashion designers in almost all of their ethnic outfits!
If a dress is simple a hanging tassel or a latkan with embellishments or a studded latkan can add the required needed grandeur to that dress !
Latkans embelished in blouses
Latkans have now become  major part of Indian outfits. Be it heavy lehengas, cholis, blouses or dupattas – Everything is now adorned with latkans ! Ever since the Anarkali trend overtook the Indian fashion Industry by a storm , latkans were used to decorate these dresses in every possible way !
Accessories to accesorize lehengas and skirts   Latkan trend
Latkans come in different shapes, colors, materials and sizes ! Garments in India are embellished with a variety of latkans. Latkans ranging from INR 5000 per piece to lakans at INR 50 per piece ,people have a thousand choices now!  Not to forget latkans coming in Judas or bangles !
Indians are addicted to tassels! Latkans are made of sequins and fringes including metal, moti, wool, feathers, beads,kundans , crystal, pearl, velvet , studded and beaded !
Lovely tassels or latkans
Girls at my place shop for latkans at exclusive stores and get them stitched to their kurtis, blouses and anarkalis. It’s a trend caught up with all the leading fashion designers in India. Gone are the days where latkans where a part of home d├ęcor. My favorite ethnic wear brand ‘rain And Rainbow’ has introduced the concept of latkans in almost all of their kurtis and anarkalis.
Latkans in bangalore
Hanging tassels/ latkans Fashion Trend has been a rage ! Bollywood fashionistas flaunting their dresses with latkans in them have caused the girls to follow up their steps. Women all over India continue to embellish their outfits with Beads and stones hanging from the ends of the tassel of dupatta or the bodice which do wonders to adorn the bare gaps in the back of an anarkali or a blouse. readymade garments are now coming up with unique and quirky patterns in latkans that will be adorned on the garments. 
Latkans in ethnic wear
The tassel at the back of dress or attached to a sleeve or a lehenga  prettifies the whole outfit! The latkan tough adds the grandeur touch to an outfit altogether ! Ensembles that are adored with this amazing piece of attraction are mostly found on the four ends of the dupattas, the end of the back string of a blouse, at the back attached to the tie ups in an anarkali or salwar kameez, at the front attached to the tie ups in designer suits,in long skirts,  in a belt at the bottom of a lehenga or the two ends of a saree pallu.  But with the innovation, ‘latkan’ or a tassel can be in any shape or size.
Entrepreneurs have even started selling these colorful accessories online.  the Latkan trend is no longer limited to the younger generation. Many women in their graceful 40s and early 50s are also accessorizing their blouses with these beautiful tassels.
Trend alert : tassels
I myself have a dozen plus outfits with grand latkans embellished in them and  have shopped like crazy for latkans during my elder sister’s marriage. I love the whole idea of customizing a dress with the help of accessories and one best favorite accessory to add glamour to an ensemble is none other than hanging tassel !
colorful latkan accessories
So have you shopped for latkans or tassels or are they part of your favorite ethnic ensembles? Temme !
Until next time
Najmun Nissa
Note: Pictures other than the watermarked ones are from pinterest.

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